Her Cowboy Protector

Her Cowboy Protector Cruz Montes can t believe her DEA Agent brother is abandoning her on a dusty isolated ranch in West Texas with a cowboy she s never met Carlos swears Niall is the only man who can keep Cruz and her u

  • Title: Her Cowboy Protector
  • Author: Roxie Rivera
  • ISBN: null
  • Page: 338
  • Format: Kindle Edition
  • Cruz Montes can t believe her DEA Agent brother is abandoning her on a dusty, isolated ranch in West Texas with a cowboy she s never met Carlos swears Niall is the only man who can keep Cruz and her unborn baby safe but she isn t so sure One look at the rough ex soldier and Cruz wonders if she wouldn t be safer on her own Rancher Niall Campbell isn t thrilled with the pCruz Montes can t believe her DEA Agent brother is abandoning her on a dusty, isolated ranch in West Texas with a cowboy she s never met Carlos swears Niall is the only man who can keep Cruz and her unborn baby safe but she isn t so sure One look at the rough ex soldier and Cruz wonders if she wouldn t be safer on her own Rancher Niall Campbell isn t thrilled with the prospect of babysitting his best friend s sister, especially when he learns she s marked for death by an infamous drug cartel assassin But he swore a blood oath with Carlos in the heat of battle and always keeps his word He ll defend Cruz and her unborn baby with his life Cruz quickly realizes she isn t the only one being followed by a ghost She s drawn to the haunted Niall As she chips away at his emotional armor, Niall dares to dream about what it might be like to have a family of his own, to keep Cruz and her baby in his life But all those dreams will remain unrealized if he can t protect her.

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    1. Anything written by Roxie Rivera has been nothing but superb! She did not disappoint with this either! She rates in my top 10 Favorite authors. This book doesn't have much ranching going on so if you are not into Cowboys do not fret you will love this book. We are dealing with an ex military alpha male that any woman would dream of! I highly reccomend trying this out or any series from Roxie. She doe not dissapoint. A few typos in this one but not too distracting as her others do not have typos [...]

    2. I so loved this amazing adventure. So very exiting suspense. When we met Cruz, a women who has been raped and now pregnant has met Niall Campbell. He is a very good friend of her brother and has arrived to protect her from gang called the Scorpion. She knows they will kidnap her baby Felix that's she s carrying. Both Niall and Cruz end up having to travel around Texas keeping them safe and it was such an amazing book which I enjoyed.

    3. Cowboy cartel Girl has cartel hitman chasing her, so her brother asks his friend to protect his sister who is also heavily pregnant. The story ensues, really fast paced and very entertaining. There's danger, romance, car chases and a bunny boiler what more could you want.I liked this, good characters and dialogue. A few errors I picked up see chapter three first page, otherwise an enjoyable read.Love the Russian stories the best

    4. Cruz got a phone call from her brother Carlos who was working undercover in a drug cartel for the DOD. The assassin called The Scorpion was headed her way. Carlos told Cruz that he was sending someone to care for her and keep her and her unborn child safe. Cruz had been raped by the assassin but left alive. The reason had not been clear but the assassin had told her he would be back. Cruz was now eight months pregnant. A rough cowboy, Niall showed up at her door as soon as she had packed. He was [...]

    5. The main character is pregnant, which we learn came about because of a violent rape she endured. Her brother, an undercover cop, fears for her safety and sends her on the run with a special forces buddy of his, who, naturally, falls for the pregnant beauty. There were some elements of this that I enjoyed, including the generally respectful way she was treated by the cowboy, but overall it was too full of cliche and too lacking in accurate detail or tension to keep my interest. Cowboy feels like [...]

    6. terrific & suspensefulLoved this story-so much going on it was very hard to put down. Carlos(undercover DEA agent in a gang cartel) took his pregnant sister(who has a hit out on her) to stay with his best friend from the service-Niall, a cowboy who has his own farm that he's building up. Cruz(the sister) was only weeks away from delivery-a boy she has named "Felix". Cruz after much therapy is finally feeling more her old self after having Been targeted 8 months ago by the cartels enforcer. H [...]

    7. Cruz Montes is the sister of a DEA agent. Her brother Carlos has been working undercover to try to take down a drug cartel. Cruz gets raped and brutally attacked by their leader. He leaves her pregnant and he tells her he will be back. She is scared for her life. Her brother wanting to keep her safe calls on his army buddy, Niall Campbell. He is a rancher in Texas and Carlos knows he will protect her life and her unborn baby with his own life. This story is full of action and suspense as Niall a [...]

    8. Love a romance by Roxie Rivera!! This is an excellent surprise of a story. Cruz is on the run from the brutal attack by the cartel boss. Now she fears her safety and that of her baby. Her brother Carlos is undercover, but his Special Ops friend, wonderful cowboy, Niall, will protect her with his life. She hides out at his ranch, until they are found. Then they are on the move. Twists and turns keep you guessing, their attraction and love for each other slowly burns. She is strong and smart. He i [...]

    9. Never disappointedRoxie Rivera is one of the top ten authorities I love. Reasons? Her style of writing. The natural flow of words, emotions, plot, erotica. Cruz is a woman who has survived a traumatic horrific event. Naill is an honorable hero with his own demons that vows to protect her. Add PTSD, drug cartels and my beloved Texas and what's not to like? Together, they make a successful book I didn't put down from start to finish. Again, I'm never disappointed in RR's books. Her Russian Protect [...]

    10. Roxie Rivera gives us another enjoyable read. I am a big Fan of Ms. Rivera's books This story began with a young woman who was the survior of an attack. It is discovered that her attacker may be back for round two. Her brother sets up a protector for her from an army buddy. Cruz is a strong womanwe all wish we could have her backbone. & Niall a new book boyfriiend we all wish we had. This story had it all. Suspence, Excitement, Romance and a couple of crazy obsessed people. Overall a very go [...]

    11. great bookI really e keyed this story by Roxie Rivera! Her characters are always ones that you learn to love, despite rough edges or bad situations they come with. Her heroine Cruz is a brave woman who endured an awful assault, became pregnant from it and then had to go on the run. The hero, her brothers best friend, Niall is a tough but sensitive former Delta soldier that takes on the responsibility of her and her baby's safety. I'd recommend this book to anyone who enjoys a sexy romance with s [...]

    12. This was a good story, it had some twists and turns, but nothing too crazy. Cruz and Niall were likable and interesting. The whole premise for the story was something a little different, and it played out differently than I expected. All was okay, and that was the only problem I had with the bookNothing was wrong, everything was okay. No highs, no lows, no real heat between the Cruz and Niall. It felt like a stroll through the woods, nothing interesting, but nothing wrong either. I just didn't f [...]

    13. Aww such a great story.Cruz Montes was upset her DEA agent brother was leaving her and her unborn baby's safety to a cowboy she has never met. He is Niall Campbell and is her brothers best friend. He is not happy about the situation either. She has been marked for death and her baby was in danger. They both have been damaged by life and the things in their past. Niall will do everything in his power to keep them both safe. I loved this book. I hope her brother gets his own story.

    14. This one didn't hook me until a third of the way in. At first, I didn't connect with the characters and the first few chapters felt less developed and sophisticated than I was expecting. The rest of the book was great. The plot was complicated and interesting, and though it was a bit predictable, it was well done. I enjoyed the evolution of the relationship between Cruz and Niall also. I am really looking forward to Carlos's story, if it is on the way.

    15. Her Cowboy Protector was thrilling, exciting, rough, raw, sweet and sexy as hell. Roxie Rivera is an amazing author. She brings her readers books that hook em from the very beginning. She keeps it interesting and real, while her characters fall in love during all the excitement. I am always looking forward to another book from Roxie and I can't wait to read more books from her. Keep up the fantastic work.

    16. Roxie does it again. Another amazing book that leaves you wanting more. I loved Cruz. She's one fantastic woman with strength and a survivors spirit. Niall is the prefect fit for her. Both have broken pieces that only the other can fix. I would recommend Roxie's book Close Quarters if you like true heroes and amazing women. Highly recommended authorAdult read

    17. What a fabulous romantic suspense novel. It was interesting from start to finish. They were both though hell and back before the story began, yet during the story they not only became close, but healed each other.

    18. This was another great book by Roxie, the story was good and kept the reader interested. I like the fact that it has included an additional character whom I hope will be the main character in the next book in this series. The book was well written but a few spelling/grammar errors.

    19. What a roller coaster of goodness!!!This was recommended to me and I must say, what a great story!!! I loved the characters and their struggles they had to endure. I am so glad Cruz and Niall were able to beat the bad guys and get their happily ever after!!!

    20. I've loved Roxie's work for quite a while now and this one is no different. It reads a little like a harlequin, being a little tamer but still hot, but it's still a great story with entertaining characters. I hope Carlos gets his own book one day. I really liked his character.

    21. InterestingThe story was well written. It kept you in suspense, glued the entire time. The couple were well matched. Enjoyed the story from the beginning to end.

    22. This was a nice surprise release from Roxie that will (hopefully) hold me over until the next installment of the Russian Protector series is out. Thanks, Roxie!

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