Shades of the Heart

Shades of the Heart WHEN PAST AND PRESENT SECRETS ARE REVEALED ONE THING IS SURE THINGS WILL NEVER BE THE SAME All was well in Blake Montgomery s magnificent world He was actively involved in ministry at church employe

  • Title: Shades of the Heart
  • Author: Ann Marie Bryan
  • ISBN: 9780985146849
  • Page: 287
  • Format: ebook
  • WHEN PAST AND PRESENT SECRETS ARE REVEALED, ONE THING IS SURE THINGS WILL NEVER BE THE SAME.All was well in Blake Montgomery s magnificent world He was actively involved in ministry at church, employed by a great company, and to top it all off, he was happily married to Gabrielle, and awaiting the new addition to his family.Gabrielle found the love of her life From theWHEN PAST AND PRESENT SECRETS ARE REVEALED, ONE THING IS SURE THINGS WILL NEVER BE THE SAME.All was well in Blake Montgomery s magnificent world He was actively involved in ministry at church, employed by a great company, and to top it all off, he was happily married to Gabrielle, and awaiting the new addition to his family.Gabrielle found the love of her life From the moment they met, their chemistry was undeniable But, Blake had to work tirelessly to tear down the wall she had built up against ever loving again, and she was glad he did They shared a love they attributed only to the grace of God on their lives a love so rare.When a dramatic turn of events disclosed shocking secrets, everything changed As their marriage explodes and their lives shift in unexpected directions, both must learn to relinquish control and trust God in order to embrace the future.Life altering struggles can be the pathway to new beginnings Will they find the courage to forgive and create a love for all times

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    1. Riveting, compassionate and thought provoking all describe this book about Gabrielle and Blake Montgomery. Blake was an IT professional who loved his beautiful wife. Gabbie was a HR manager who loved her husband. However, one night after a long nite at the office, Gabbie changed her life. Blake rushed home to have some private time with his wife only to come face to face with a nightmare. Gabrielle had committed adultery with her boss. Devastated beyond belief was the heart of this man.The story [...]

    2. Nothing is perfect even among God-fearing people. Nothing is set in stone even the mistakes we make as fallible human beings, that's when faith has to take the wheel. This is the arc of Ann Marie Bryan's story "Shades of the Heart."

    3. Shades of the HeartWow! I'm impressed. Most Christian novels don't want to deal with the subject of infidelity and the ones that do mostly show the couple ending the marriage in divorce. But, Shades of the Heart shows the real struggles of a couple who have been devastated by the bomb of infidelity, but are willing to seek God about how to proceed forth in their marriage. It shows that it is not an easy journey to restoration and healing, but it is a worth while journey. There is a great [...]

    4. I truly, truly enjoyed this book so much. I was going to wait and put up my review but something won't let me do that. I have NEVER read a book that I have connected with on so many levels. To me, this is a raw and emotional tale about pain, suffering, hurt, loss and love. The turmoil and guilt that Gabrielle goes through is something that I have experienced myself, along with the devastation and hurt from Blake. Ms. Bryan does an amazing job of conveying all of the emotions that these two indiv [...]

    5. Where do I begin? Engaging comes to mind. I thoroughly enjoyed this novel and all the emotional turmoil that I went through while reading it. The story flowed in a way that was right. Blake and Gabrielle are married and “their perfect home” was disrupted by secrets - past and present. It’s a great lesson on forgiveness and love. I cheered on Blake and Gabrielle as I read, hoping that they would make it…and start afresh. (Can’t say whether or not they did made it. Read and find out.) It [...]

    6. A really page-turner! An emotional yet romantic read. The story of Blake and Gabrielle touched my heart as it unfolded. This story reminded me that love and faith can endure all things. It underscores the importance of surrounding yourself with people who genuinely care about your well-being. Loved it

    7. Shades of the Heart was a true pager turner. Ann Marie Bryan has an incredible way of drawing you in and making you feel part of the story. This work was not only heartfelt and moving, but it reveals the truth about love and the pathway we sometimes take along this journeyGreat Work!

    8. Blake and Gabby takes a journey that will test their love, faith, and future. The Author did an awesome job on the process we must go through toward forgiveness. The story touch my life in so many ways. Get your copy today!!Angela Y. HodgeAuthor of Daybreak: A Prayer Book for Children

    9. Through the fire I absolutely love the love between Gabrielle and Blake. I smiled and cried while reading. I recommend any and every believer to read this story.

    10. Awesome book. There are times when secrets will destroy a relationship. Blake and Gabrielle was happily married. Blake was ready to start a family, but Gabrielle was not ready just yet. Gabrielle had a lapse in judgment and slept with another man. Once telling Blake that she has contracted a STD from another man, Blake leaves. Blake was so hurt and upset he did not want to forgive his wife. We have to lean and depend on God…

    11. Shades of the HeartThe journey of Blake and Gabrielle and the healing power of forgiveness blessed my soul. This was a story of healing where a marriage had been violated. Rehashing and confronting the past was a first step. Keeping a box of Kleenex handy is next. Thank God for friends and a prayer circle to keep you uplifted in prayer and being there for support is awesome.Can't wait to read the next book in the series. My first read by this author and definitely won't be my last.

    12. Ann Marie Bryan has thoughtfully crafted characters that are complex and realistic. Gabrielle and Blake are immersed in a storybook marriage, but when the scars of Gabrielle's past resurface, their storybook marriage is threatened. It is brought to the brink of collapse. Through the turmoil, Gabrielle and Blake turn to their friends, family and faith for guidance and support.The story is beautiful! It is rich in character and story development. Ann Marie Bryan does a fantastic job of bringing th [...]

    13. Pure Life ChangingShades of the Heart absolutely took my breath away. Through tears, smiles, heart palpitations, and prayersI experienced every emotion as if I were a friend of Gabrielle's. I found myself rooting for her heart and her healing.The author takes you through a series of counseling sessions, as you watch the affects of infidelity from the perspectives of both: the cheater and the one cheated on. She reaches deep into the reality of this matter, pulling prime emotions that causes her [...]

    14. Shades of the Heart is my first read from this author and it was a good one. Blake and Gabrielle have a solid marriage until a huge mistake throws their world into disarray. They are a Christian couple, which I thought would make the resolution of their problems easier, but not so. Unforgiveness is a major hurdle that Blake can’t seem to cross. The story is realistic in that it points out our human failings and how in a moment we fall victim to weaknesses and make bad choices. No matter that w [...]

    15. Shades of the Heart by Ann Marie Bryan is the first book in the Encounters of the Heart series. The plot is clear from the first couple of pages. Gabrielle is married to the love of her life Blake. They both are successful professionals and have a growing relationship with God. However, Gabrielle has a moment of weakness with her employer that changes everything. This story deals with real topics like infidelity, rape, forgiveness, and most importantly faith. The story has a challenging message [...]

    16. Jesus take the wheel by Denise AndersonWow what can I say about Blake and Gabriella, this novel was very emotional I cried and was thanking and praising God through out the novel.e main characters were Blake and Gabriella they had to deal with betrayal, infidelity, forgiveness, trust, understanding and yes pain .Gabriella kept a secret for twenty years which led to her insecurity and trust issues. Blake did not know how to handle his pain which led him to heartbreak. Yes I felt their turmoil and [...]

    17. Shades of the Heart, written by Ann Marie Bryan, is a compelling story of about a married couple that go through the most difficult struggle in a marriage…infidelity. This is my first book read by this author and definitely hope to read more by her. Gabby & Blake. Gabby is a soul that has a lot of past hurts that she has yet to deal with and because of that, she finds herself in a terrible situation in her marriage. Blake is a man deeply in love with his wife and when she tells him of this [...]

    18. I received this book from in exchange for a review.Blake and Gabrielle’s marriage is perfect…almost. The only thing missing is a baby. So when Blake receives a phone call from his wife asking him to come home, he walks in the door expecting to hear the joyous news that Gabby is pregnant. What he hears instead is that she was unfaithful and as a result, has contracted a STD. Devastated, Blake moves out.For most couples, this would be the end of their marriage. But for Blake and Gabby, they t [...]

    19. In Shades of the Heart we meet Gabrielle and Blake. Gabrielle did the unthinkable and cheated on her husband Blake. Blake couldn't believe that Gabrielle did what she did and he didn't want to hear anything she had to say. Throughout the book Gabrielle knows that she needs to get help with issues from her past. Blake also goes on a journey of forgiveness with help from his friends and the Bishop at his church. I thought this was a great read. I really enjoyed reading about Gabrielle and Blake an [...]

    20. I really enjoyed this book, in no small part because of the excellent narration. It flows splendidly, mixing current events with flashbacks in a way that is neither jarring nor irritating (two traits that always seem to plague flashbacks). As far as the love story, I kind of had a love/hate relationship with it, in a good way. At first I wanted Gabrielle and Blake to just get over each other, but as Gabrielle’s secrets and background got revealed that really changed. I loved how human both mai [...]

    21. We have all come short of the Glory of God. Gabrielle surely did when she betrayed her husband. But there is a question that lingers, Did she betray her husband? I am not sure she did. However, I am positive that her husband, Blake Montgomery betrayed her. He was so stiff-necked until I wanted to slap him. I don't like to give away spoilers; I am going to stop with what I already put out there. I recommend this book to anyone who has been taken advantage of and are blamed for not being strong en [...]

    22. This book in one word: POWERFUL! As a married woman, this book ministered to my soul. I loved how the author took us through every emotion of dealing with the extreme lows in crisis to the extreme highs. The personal battle to move towards forgiveness, restoring, rebuilding and ultimately the true meaning of love were all brought in full circle showcasing that love truly endures all things. This is an excellent display of how our faith and relationship with God can develop and the importance of [...]

    23. Shades of the heart is a beautiful written captivating book. Looking at the amount of stars I expected a good story, my expectations has been exceeded. This story has led me to a self reflection of my life and it's alignment with God's will. I loved this read, it contains real life situations and issues but most of all I love the underlying theme of God's love throughout the story. I think that even though it sounds simple " God loves you (no matter what)" is a message people need to hear. I wou [...]

    24. Captivating - comes to mind after reading this book! I was hooked from the first chapter. Blake - a handsome, proud, and successful man who simply adores his wife Gabby. Gabby is poised, gorgeous and also successful, makes a dreadful error because of her secrets. I hated Blake for being stubborn - Gabby for being too weak; then loved them, then prayed that they would weather the tornadoes that threatened to shred them and everything they believed in. Hats off to the author who expertly keeps you [...]

    25. EXCELLENT READ - GREAT CHARACTERS!I enjoyed reading this book; it mixed all the heart and turmoil that can be felt in a marriage when infidelity happens. It was well written in that it let you "IN" on the pain - the memories of the past - and the healing that went on with the couple. It was also a good reminder of how important "support" is.My only hesitation was wondering if there was a way for the "lust" that caused the problem - and the flashback to what a good marriage they had previously ha [...]

    26. Love, betrayal, infidelity, secrets and forgiveness are all gripping emotions in this book. Looking from the outside one will think that Blake and Gabrielle had a marriage from heaven, simply perfect. This book confirms that there is no perfect marriage. Marriages must be built on God's strong foundation. Val and Quincy provided a strong support system, without being judgmental when friendship was needed. Secrets can be detrimental to a marriage. I traveled through the pages of this book with sm [...]

    27. I won this book during a giveaway by the author. This has in no way influenced my opinions. This is a Christian Romance When Gabby strays due to a moment of weakness, her husband is devastated. Will their marriage end there or will they work things out? This story hit me on a personal level. Ms. Bryan made the characters so real that I felt their highs and lows. I also cried a whole lot.Warning: This book has sexual situations both inside and outside of marriage. It is tastefully done and is an [...]

    28. Mesmerized from the beginning to the end. Ann Marie Bryan delivers a powerful story on infidelity in a Christian marriage. My emotions ran high as I read this storytration, anger, dislike with Larry, Blake and Gabrielle. Each has a place of brokenness from which they needed healing. I also found myself praying for them, that the love of God that they each had would guide them back to the place He called them. Ms. Bryan writes with finesse as she brought each character to life. Looking forward to [...]

    29. Emotion Filled ReadThis was a Beautiful, yet Spiritual read. I smiled and I cried throughout the story. I'm not sure what I expected from thus story because it was my first read from Ann Marie Bryan. I was not disappointed and look forward to reading more of this author's work. Hmmmmmmmmm, "Mirrored Hearts" is the next story in this 'Encounters of the Heart' series. Not sure how I'm feeling about Larry Kanate right about now, but it should interesting to be able to explore his wife's POV. Great [...]

    30. My experience with reading Shades of the Heart was nothing short of miraculous. I experienced the Holy Ghost like I have not in a very long time. This writer Ann Marie Bryan is truely annointed as well as her books, in my opinion. When you say "there was just something about this book", you are describing the Holy Ghost. I recommend this book to EVERY saint who is contemplating marriage. It is not only the power to forgive that will save this marriage but a Godly Pastor, Godly friends and God Hi [...]

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