Shenandoah Nights

Shenandoah Nights The last thing sixth grade teacher Rebecca O Neill wants to do during the final week of her summer vacation is chaperone twenty five students on a six night seven day trip aboard the schooner Shenand

  • Title: Shenandoah Nights
  • Author: Lisa Belcastro
  • ISBN: null
  • Page: 392
  • Format: Kindle Edition
  • The last thing sixth grade teacher Rebecca O Neill wants to do during the final week of her summer vacation is chaperone twenty five students on a six night, seven day trip aboard the schooner Shenandoah But after a desperate phone call from her school principal, she doesn t have a choice Worse, the ship is rumoured to be haunted Five years ago, during the Holmes HoleThe last thing sixth grade teacher Rebecca O Neill wants to do during the final week of her summer vacation is chaperone twenty five students on a six night, seven day trip aboard the schooner Shenandoah But after a desperate phone call from her school principal, she doesn t have a choice Worse, the ship is rumoured to be haunted Five years ago, during the Holmes Hole student cruise, teacher Melissa Smith complained about hearing voices and seeing visions, then disappeared without a trace from the very same cabin where Rebecca will be staying Everything seems normal on Sunday afternoon as Rebecca boards the impressive Shenandoah But as she sits in Cabin 8, she hears hushed voices whispering about a cannon Mike, a crewmember, insists he believes the crazy Island story that Melissa time traveled to Colonial Boston His eerie interest and constant tracking Rebecca s whereabouts rattles her nerves Her first night onboard, Rebecca drifts off to sleepd wakes the following morning with memories of a dream about secretive conversation concerning a battle with Britain Monday night Rebecca crawls into her bunk after an adventurous day of sailing, swimming, and overseeing students She s startled awake when a man grabs her and yells, Stowaway Dragged in front of Captain Benjamin Reed, she looks up into the most gorgeous brown eyes she s ever seen.

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    1. I have discovered recently that I really enjoy time travel stories. And this one was excellent! I loved the author's writing style and how she really made me feel like I was on the deck of the Shenandoah by using the perfect amount of description and detail! I liked Rebecca but I don't know that I ever really fully connected with her. But I loved Ben, such a great hero and I just wish there had been a little bit more from his perspective. I loved every minute of this book, it was awesome how uni [...]

    2. Shenandoah Nights by Lisa Belcastro is book number one in a series of three. Rebecca O'Neill definitely does not want to be the teacher chaperone for the 11-12 year olds on their annual weekly trip on the eighteenth century schooner, the Shenandoah. The disappearance of teacher Melissa Smith five years earlier and rumours of her ghost, unsettle Rebecca.However the head teacher persuades her, and as Rebecca sleeps during her first night, she dreams of eighteenth century men. The dreams become a n [...]

    3. This is a fabulous historical romance with a time travel element. I have to admit that I was skeptical before starting this book, because of the time travel element. I don't read fantasy and the one other time travel book that I'd attempted to read never held my interest. But I'm glad I didn't let that dissuade me. I loved learning about Martha's Vineyard and the Shenandoah and wow, the author really had me believing the whole time travel thing is possible. The book kept me up until 4:15 am. Nee [...]

    4. A time travel, Christian romance? Really? Yes…absolutely! This storyline was so well done, that it was completely believable! Shenandoah Nights is the first book in the Winds of Change trilogy.I really liked the characters, not only Rebecca and Ben, but also Jonah, Adam, and Hawk. Rebecca and Ben had great chemistry together and I was instantly drawn to them and hoping for things to work out so that they could be together. The plot was very interesting, involving a very old ship and a mysterio [...]

    5. Shenandoah Nights, Book 1 in the Winds of Change Series, by Lisa BelCastro, is a delightful and easy-to-read novel about a young teacher chaperoning 25 sixth graders on a seven-day sailing trip.As a retired teacher, I can empathize with Ms Rebecca, as she gives in to the principal to help out. She puts her students first and sails away with them, on the "haunted" vessel called the Shenandoah.On board, the students and chaperones maintain a strict work routine, while enjoying recreation and good [...]

    6. Shenandoah Nights is a sweet historical time travel romance. Rebecca O’Neil finds herself in 1775 aboard a gunpowder-carrying ship in the middle of the Revolutionary War, and falls for the dashing Captain Benjamin Reed. I thought the story was very well written. You can tell the author has done her homework with researching. The details are peppered into the action and not just given in an info dump. At first, Rebecca boards the ship as a reluctant teacher chaperone for a group of middle schoo [...]

    7. Debut novel a delightful beach read!Shenandoah Nights by Lisa Belcastro is a well-written, light, and enjoyable vacation read. A bit of revolutionary history off the coast of Massachusetts, tied in with a fascinating taste of boat life, a clever and entirely credible time travel scenario and a real-life schooner, which is used to this day to give youngsters an experience of sailing. Add to that mixture a handsome Benjamin Reed, Captain of the Shenandoah in 1775, and a beautiful Rebecca O’Neil, [...]

    8. This book was so well researched and written! I sat down with the intent to cover two chapters a day, not that I am a slow reader, but finding something to hold my interest is nearly impossible. I was done with this book in less than two days! This author took me back to the 1700's and covered just enough detail to give me a visual, but not bore me. As she introduced each character, they came to life in a way that caused them to cross my mind even when the book wasn't in my hand! The transitioni [...]

    9. Shenandoah Nights is one of the most enjoyable books I’ve read in a long while. Even when I didn’t have my nose buried in its pages, the book lingered in my mind. A brilliant combination of time-travel, romance, intrigue, and inspiration, this book had it all.The teacher in me adored the aspect of Rebecca reluctantly chaperoning a group of sixth graders on a week-long school trip. A week with no shower in a tiny cabin on a sailing ship? No thanks! Not Rebecca’s idea of fun either—at leas [...]

    10. I really like time travel stories and know how hard it is to write one. Suspension of disbelief is a factor with each scenario imagined, since time travel has yet to be proven possible, even with the remotest possibility. With that said, it is fun to see how different people imagine it happening, and such was the case when I read Shenandoah Nights, Winds of Change. The things I really liked about the story were the way the author skillfully gave an interesting setting to her story (The Shenandoa [...]

    11. Shenandoah Nights by Lisa BelcastroBook starts out with Rebecca O'Neill a teacher and how she got roped into going on the Shenandoah with the school kids.She fears the story of one time a teacher did not return and she will be staying in the same cabin on the ship.Love the idea of the 5-6th graders learning how to sail for a full weeek during the summer months off the coast of Martha's Vineyard.When she finds herself in the 1700's she is terrified but after it happens many more times she learns [...]

    12. Shenandoah Nights is about Rebecca O'Neill, a sixth grade teacher, who agrees to chaperone a group of kids on a week trip on the Shenandoah. Before the trip, she hears all kinds of crazy stories about the ship. Rebecca's first night becomes eventful when she wakes up to two Colonists discussing a battle Britain. Oh my! Is Rebecca dreaming all this up or has she really traveled by in time?I wasn't sure what I would think of this book when I first got my hands on it. Well, I loved it! Rebecca is r [...]

    13. *Good Reads Winner*I am so excited to receive a copy of Shenandoah Nights! It sounds like my kind of bookI can't wait for it to arrive!"In a time where it seems good stories and new ideas are hard to find, I found Shenandoah Nights delightfully refreshing. The minute I began the story, I didn't want to put it down (a definite page-turner). I have to also mention that it was so nice to come across a book that has prayer and faith intertwined with the story. It is rare to find that in books these [...]

    14. Squuueeaaalllll!!! Time Travel!!! Suspend all logic, throw common sense out the window and be prepared to be swept away by a unique love story that spans centuries. I do love this genre and there aren't enough books written for the adult market, let alone in Christian Fiction. So I am happy dancing after reading Shenandoah Nights -- especially since it's the first in a series.It's campy and fun and romantically delicious. Benjamin is the stuff heroes are made of and Rebecca is quickly out of her [...]

    15. I've only had Shenandoah Nights for a week and I just finished reading it for the 2nd time. It was just as good as the 1st time, even though I knew what was going to happen. I have to admit that I'm not into sci-fi 'time travel' and 'haunted house' types of books, so I was skeptical at first, but this book was amazing. The transitions in the time travel were so smooth and it felt so realistic. I was captivated and just didn't want to put the book down - that's why I've read it twice already. So [...]

    16. I love this book! I wasn't sure what I was in for when I started, but once I started reading, I was hooked! The author takes you on a ride in the future right to the past. The time travel is seamless and very easy to follow. The characters bloom more and more with each page! I loved how easy it was to fully engage in the character's lives and feel for them. Can't wait to get my hands on book 2!

    17. A delightful mix of genres! I really enjoyed the kids and the teachers of the here and now contrasted with time travel to meet a true love in the 1700's. It is refreshing to not have to worry about sketchy content and just get swept away in the story. The back drop of sailing ships was fun and worked well for the settings in two different centuries. I loved the characters and wanted to know more about them. A good read.

    18. What a fun book!Are you into romance? Or time travel? Then this is for you. I enjoy both, so this book was a fabulous read for me. Perfect summer novel, I can't wait to get the next one. I won this copy from GoodReads First Reads, but the review is all my own. The book came with a signed note from the author that said "Amber, I hope you are swept away", and I'm happy to say I was.

    19. Shenandoah Nights is mysterious, historical, and at time humorous, much to the full and varied cast of characters. I absolutely enjoyed connecting with Rebecca, our modern-day heroine, as she struggles to abide by life in the 18th Century. It was like traveling back in time myself. I look forward to reading more of the Winds of Change Trilogy!

    20. Wonderful beach read-- finished this while listening to the sound of waves and with sand under my feet! A bit of fantasy, mystery and romance mixed with a little history makes for a fun read. Recommend!

    21. This story was an amazing read! I was hooked from page one and couldn't put it down! Lisa Belcastro has a way of drawing you into the story and making you feel as though you are the main character! Awesome fast paced story! I cannot wait to read the next book in this series!

    22. I usually don't read romance novels. Lisa changed my mind. Her historic novel keeps you riveted. A well-written page turner. Thank you, Lisa for teaching me New England history.

    23. Little did I know when I attended the New England Writers’ Conference in October, 2014, that I’d meet so many authors who had written so many excellent books. As a blogger, I’m always on the lookout for interesting books to review.When Lisa Belcastro, who lives on Martha’s Vineyard, heard that I live in Plymouth, MA, and write reviews, she gave me all three novels in her Winds of Change series. After all, we are practically neighbors and both have a love for the ocean.All three of the no [...]

    24. Here is a lighthearted romance with a lot of imagination and even some history worked into the contemporary story. Rebecca O’Neill is talked into being the teacher chaperone on a field trip for the class that will start sixth grade in just a week. This field trip is aboard the Shenandoah, a reconstruction of its name sake that was a schooner used in the American Revolutionary war. In the rebuilding of the ship, Captain Roberts makes sure they use every piece of the original ship that was salva [...]

    25. Rebecca becomes the last minute chaperone for a class trip on the Shenandoah, a refurbished ship from the Revolutionary War. She knows she was only asked because she is single with no family and it takes her a while to warm up to the idea that the trip might actually be fun. After all, she does like the ocean and she has already has a fascination with the Shenandoah. But what starts as weird dreams turns into being transported back to the Revolutionary War where she meets Ben. Of course she can' [...]

    26. This book was a winner for several reasons. I've mentioned in previous reviews how much I enjoy historical time travel books, especially when they involve a romance. The added bonus for me with this particular story is the fact that the time travel setting is during the Revolutionary War period. I taught this period to my students for years and still find it to be fascinating. The time travel scenes where Rebecca goes back to 1775 flowed easily and much of the story was told in the past. The She [...]

    27. I couldn’t put this down! I actually did carry it with me around the house in case I got 5 spare minutes to read. I wanted to know how it all would end! You have Rebecca, a teacher, who gets roped into being a chaperone for a bunch of kids on the ship Shenandoah. She is very intrigued with the story of the disappearance of Melissa, 5 years ago on the same ship. Well, when things start happening to her – vivid dreams that end up NOT being dreams after all, you get a very good story that sucks [...]

    28. "Shenandoah Nights" is a lighthearted romance that takes place in modern and historical times. The main character, Rebecca, gets to be a chaperone on a field trip for a class trip of twenty-five sixth graders. But, this is no ordinary field trip, it is a week spent aboard the Shenandoah, a reconstructed schooner used in the Revolutionary war. The ship was rebuilt using as many pieces of the original ship as possible. One cabin in the ship even uses the exact same boards, placed in the exact same [...]

    29. Rebecca O'Neil doesn't want to go on class trip aboard The Shenandoah but she isn't given much of a choice. Everyone still talks about the disappearance of Melissa Smith five years earlier. Rebecca isn't sure of the fact or fiction at this point mostly leaning towards fiction at this point. Captain Roberts of The Shenandoah doesn't want to believe the tales surrounding Melissa Smith's disappearance but doesn't want it to happen again either. Rebecca is willing to think she's dreamed of voices th [...]

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