Kidnapped By Nuns: And Other Stories of a Life on the Radio

Kidnapped By Nuns And Other Stories of a Life on the Radio A memoir taking readers on a journey over the last four decades of news from Hollywood to Washington and around the world from Andorra to Zimbabwe Ride the campaign plane with Ronald Reagan get the i

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  • Title: Kidnapped By Nuns: And Other Stories of a Life on the Radio
  • Author: Bob Fuss
  • ISBN: 9781508488132
  • Page: 297
  • Format: Paperback
  • A memoir taking readers on a journey over the last four decades of news from Hollywood to Washington and around the world from Andorra to Zimbabwe Ride the campaign plane with Ronald Reagan, get the inside story of why Congress is such a disaster and share adventure travel stories from a globetrotting correspondent.Retired CBS News Correspondent Bob Fuss has traveled withA memoir taking readers on a journey over the last four decades of news from Hollywood to Washington and around the world from Andorra to Zimbabwe Ride the campaign plane with Ronald Reagan, get the inside story of why Congress is such a disaster and share adventure travel stories from a globetrotting correspondent Retired CBS News Correspondent Bob Fuss has traveled with half a dozen Presidents, covered Congress for than 20 years and includes travelogues from his adventures around the world.

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    1. 3.5 stars on my reading Richter scale.  A few typos in the Kindle edition; overall enjoyable, but did not cause any major waves to erupt.  (Free with Kindle Unlimited).  Okay, the title captured my attention!Kidnapped by Nuns: And Other Stories of a Life on the Radio, a memoir by Bob Fuss, is an account of why and how Mr. Bob Fuss began a career in radio, and the path his 40-plus year career wove along the way.  Interspersed with stories of his chosen career, Mr. Fuss details his many work-r [...]

    2. "A fascinating memoir!"Overall 5 StarsPerformance 4 StarsStory 5 StarsI loved this audiobook! It is a fascinating memoir of a life lived reporting on the history, politics and politicians of the past 40 + years. It is of particular interest to me because I remember most of what Bob Fuss reported on. He gives details and background information that really brings to life the people and events in a fresh new way helping to make the listener experience or re-experience history from the Reagan years [...]

    3. Bob Fuss worked as a news correspondent for 40 years and loves to travel. There aren’t many Hollywood stories here but a great history lesson about American politics. I think that he has remained mostly objective in his analysis of Democratic and Republican politics and I found his views interesting and very insightful. I also enjoyed the details of his travels. He loves to eat and described the meals he ate in different countries. It’s amazing and inspiring that he never let his disability [...]

    4. KIDNAPPED BY NUNSAuthor: Bob Fuss Type of Book: Audiobook - UnabridgedNarrator: Bob FussLength: 6 hours, 46 minutesGenre: Non-Fiction, Memoir, Travelogues, Short Stories Release Date: March 13, 2015Publisher: Robert FussRating: 5 out of 5 stars ⭐⭐⭐⭐⭐* I received a free copy of this audiobook in exchange for an honest review.This book details the forty year radio journalism career of the author. These are his memoirs. Bob Fuss is handicapped and walks with crutches, but he does not use [...]

    5. √ "One thing I never tried to do as a kid was go on an escalator"KIDNAPPED BY NUNS is a fun, insightful read by a veteran journalist. Whilst reading his book, I could almost hear Bob's familiar voice, having heard it so often on the radio. I found this "behind-the-scenes" adventure to be fascinating, seeing what really goes on the presidential campaigns or covering disasters throughout the world. I won't spoil it for the reader, but when Bob was kidnapped by nuns, the nuns really did not mean [...]

    6. Kidnapped by Nuns, and Other Stories of a Life on the Radio - Bob Fuss I'm not a fan of memoirs, as a rule. But when I heard Bob Fuss had written one, I had to read it -- partly because (here comes the Six Degrees of Separation moment) I worked with Bob at Mutual/NBC Radio News, and knew him to be an outstanding journalist, as well as an entertaining guy. (No, he doesn't mention me in the book. Although he does talk about the "talented people working at these networks (who) were told they were b [...]

    7. On the radio, no one knows you're disabled. Born with “a whole range of birth defects,” Bob Foss was never able to walk without crutches. Yet from a young age he showed the talent to figure out how to accomplish his goals, refusing to let his physical challenges hold him back. After a stint at the college station at Stanford, Foss started freelancing for the UPI radio network with one of his first stories being the Patty Hearst kidnapping. He was hired by the network based on that work befor [...]

    8. I loved this book on so many levels. It's part travel log, part autobiography, part political tidbits, and all fascinating. I enjoyed every bit of it, even the political stuff, which, if you know me, is normally not my thing at all. But Bob Fuss has a way of describing pretty much everything in an easy, fun way. So I'll break it down here into the different areas.Travel: Of course, the travel parts were my favorites. I enjoyed all Bob's many adventures: from shooting rapids on the Colorado River [...]

    9. `Popes didn't do this.'Award winning journalist/national radio reporter/author Bob Fuss is one of the more traveled men since his graduation from Stanford University in 1974. As a CBS correspondent he covered Congress for 23 years and traveled on Presidential Campaigns beginning in 1980. His assignments have included coverage of Hollywood celebrities, space exploration, crime, coups, natural disasters and national politics. He has also worked as a correspondent for UPI Radio Network and NBC Radi [...]

    10. "Gripping stories from storied reporter "Would you listen to Kidnapped by Nuns again? Why?Kidnapped By Nuns is a short novel that recounts the 30 year career of Bob Fuss, a reporter for the API. Bob Fuss interviewed presidents, dicatators, actors, and many we know as famous. The book is organized in chapters for each interview subject, eg presidents. Although the chapters aren't organized in any order, each story-and Bob Fuss' crisp, nonplussed, and modest recounting--is better than the next.Who [...]

    11. I received Kidnapped By Nuns as part of a giveaway.Longtime CBS radio correspondent Bob Fuss shares stories of his life not only as a reporter, but as a traveler, athlete, and social commentator.I really enjoyed this one. Fuss is a gifted writer, with a great sense of humor and a very measured way of dealing with sensitive subjects. He deals everything from hot button political topics to his own disability with great candor, and his travels have produced some really fantastic and vivid stories [...]

    12. I could have used this book for several of my remaining categories in the 2015 Extreme Book Nerd Reading Challenge, since it was published this year and includes vivid travelogues about places I would love to go, but it's first and foremost a memoir and certainly the only memoir I'm likely to read this year.I don't say I hate memoirs, but I have always avoided them the same way I avoid biographies and People magazine. I only knew I would like some parts of this, including the title story, becaus [...]

    13. Abandoned. This is a book I wanted to like, but it jumps all over the place. The author has a humorous tone and probably a lot to say, but there's no cohesion - it starts as an autobiography/memoir, then jumps to an amusing anecdote about boating, then goes back into time consistent memoir tone it's hard to follow and since I don't know who Bob Fuss is, I have no connection to it. Abandoned at 20 percent through.

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