Winter Woods (Season 1)

Winter Woods Season A few thousand years has passed since an alchemist created Winter He is now living with Jane learning what it means to be alive as a human Hace muchos a os atr s un alquimista cre un hombre a base de

  • Title: Winter Woods (Season 1)
  • Author: Cosmos Van Ji
  • ISBN: null
  • Page: 220
  • Format: ebook
  • A few thousand years has passed since an alchemist created Winter He is now living with Jane learning what it means to be alive as a human.Hace muchos a os atr s un alquimista cre un hombre a base de partes humanas luego de perder a sus seres queridos En la actualidad Jane, una escritora a la que le faltan buenas historias que contar, se encontrar con un extra o chicoA few thousand years has passed since an alchemist created Winter He is now living with Jane learning what it means to be alive as a human.Hace muchos a os atr s un alquimista cre un hombre a base de partes humanas luego de perder a sus seres queridos En la actualidad Jane, una escritora a la que le faltan buenas historias que contar, se encontrar con un extra o chico parado fuera de su casa, con nada m s que su direcci n y una historia que contar.

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    1. I read it until ep #77 or season 2 ep #23 in Webtoon Indonesia and it still ongoing.I've been trapped into Webtoon and Winter Woods was one of the story that caught my interest. It started with a story about a suffer alchemist who lost his wife and unborn child (I think he was from 17 or 18 century or less), then he obsessed to "create" a family. He stole corpses, mutilated them and connected the parts until it became a human form. But one thing missing. It was the heart. It never beating. The a [...]

    2. UTTERLY AMAZING. I have been reading season 1 for 8 hours straight because it's been a gripping, cute, romantically adorable ride with twists, turns and heart exploding moments.I'm in love with the vivid art and the amazing story where everyone is not as they seem. Good guys turn out to be bad, evil ones reveal their soft sides. UHHH it's been a tumultuous journey and realising I have to wait all the way for next year to come around for a second season makes me queasy with anticipation.Winter is [...]

    3. This was recommended by a Korean student to me and I was just planning on checking it out but I ended reading or finishing the first season. The first season is all about the backgrounds of the characters but just a snip of the whole picture leaving a mysterious concept to the story. There are twists here and there that are so surprising. I can sense and quite expected some of the twists but the rest, I did not which made the reading experience so exciting. The story I can say is inspired by the [...]

    4. Winter wood is the best webtoon I've read so far !This is like a Frakenstein concept story but a lot more interesting and different plot. Its just that the concept is same here. This webtoon is mixed-up genre that consist of action, drama and comedy. This is honestly a work of art. Great story. Great artwork. I love the characters especially Winter. He is so cute and adorable. He kind of boy that every girl would love and adore him. How lovely he is! I did giggle a lot while reading this and of [...]

    5. بهترین وبتونیه که از اپ لاین وبتون خوندم. داستانش ترکیبی از فرانکشتاین و ادوارد دست قیچی و کیمیاگره. ارت ش خیلی حرفه ایه.مجذوب همه شخصیت هاش شدم. یه کار کاملا حرفه ای و جالب هست. به همه پیشنهادش میدم.

    6. Konusu çok özgün ve çizimlerini çok sevdim. Winter a ayrı bir hasta oldum. İkinci sezonu da yakında okurum heralde.

    7. 2.5/5Comencé a meterme en la onda de mangas sicológicos porque al parece hay una gran cantidad de estos que se mezcla con terror y suspenso, géneros de los que soy una fiel fanática. De este manga en especifíco no encontré mucha información por la web, tampoco del mangaka, asi que voy a reseñar con lo que tengo por ahora. No estoy segura de si lo seguiré la verdad porque ya casi terminará el primer volumen y encuentro que hay algunas falencias, además de que aún me choca un poco que [...]

    8. 3.5 stars This is really well written, the art is beautiful and the authors didn't rush anything with the characters' psychological evolution, making them learn and appreciate each other at their own pace.However, the story itself is a bit lacking. Basically nothing happens, and these 53 chapters just felt like the intro to something bigger.

    9. I didn't know you could put webtoons on here. Woah. This is awesome. It just recently finished and it was amazing. The story is soooooo good.Season 1- 2016

    10. A great new re-working of Frankenstein. The artwork is absolutely stunning and the story is engrossing and entirely heartwarming and addictive. It's available for free on Naver Webtoons webtoons/en/romance/wi

    11. Tenho-me esquecido mas é hoje que sai *finalmente* a opinião de mais uma webtoon. Winter Woods já vai na segunda temporada mas…. aqui vou só tratar da primeira, logo que acabe falemos da segunda.Desenhada completamente por 반지 e escrita por Cosmos, Winter Woods mistura a história romantica de Frankenstein com os dias actuais, tratando na realidade o que é que é estar apaixonado e o que nos torna humanos.Há muito tempo um alquimista perdeu a sua familia, a mulher e o seu filho, e por [...]

    12. I know a story is good when it makes me feel compassion for a serial killer. This story did it. There are so many layers to the characters, it's amazing!The artwork is beautiful.Overall, this is one of the best stories I've experienced so far this year.

    13. I have been gushing to everyone who was unlucky enough to be within earshot of me today to read this. Whilst i've been quite unsure about whether this webtoon is also published in English (licensed to be? But not in printed format? I'm very confuzzled!), or if it's scanlated online i am very unsure. This learning to be human story started with me being very scared of Ep. 0. I am horrible at anything dark and scary (even just a little), so i wanted to not try after just the first chapter, but the [...]

    14. Great webtoon!Been reading Tower of God, Noblesse and the Gamer usually i don't really read this kind of heartwarming type of webtoon but oh well,I love the coloring for a starter the writer put a nice realistic kind of color in this webtoonThen when I read the first story, i knew I wouldn't stop until I finish all the chaptersWinter is such a cute little boy by heart, kind of boy you want to embrace whenever u meet himHoping he will become a happy cute young guy with loads of great friends besi [...]

    15. Probably best manhua I've ever read.W-I-N-T-E-R. Yes. Winter. An adorable, unpredictable, undeniable guy. *sighs* I mean, how can you resist those puppy eyes? How?I have a good time reading this. The plots, the characters, the mystery theme, love them all. The artwork is good and enjoyable, while the dialouges are so sweet that my chest hurts sometimes. I also remember laughing my head off during some conversations.So yeah, it's good.I want a Winter for winter, Santa Claus. Please. Just give me [...]

    16. 3.5 stars actually -0.5 as it is not so consistent in tone, regularly switching from creepy fantasy to cheesy romance or to just plain inappropriateness (e.g. in the beginning of episode 47 Jane just laughs at the cruel decision of Winter on Robby)+0.5 for the good use of the webtoon format and delicious artworkAs this was my very first contact with the webtoon format, I might have overrated it and giving it extra credits because of the novelty effect (many thanks to The Darkness for introducing [...]

    17. I'm so biased with webtoons. Could it be the visuals? Or yup, most likely it's the visuals.Season 1's over. Season 2's coming up next (duh). The story line's actually good. We have Jane the writer, Winter, the multifaceted hero even if he doesn't look like it (at first), his soul brother Claud/Zoe (*spoiler alert!*), the chatterbox Roy, good ole friend Sarah xD, the bad lot Hubert and Adora, and the extras, who do as much as the other main characters - like spying.Eerie. It started off in spooky [...]

    18. I started reading this webtoon and could not stop! What was suppose to be a harmless read turned into an obsession. I would have read it all in one sitting if I did not have work the next day. I love this webtoon so much!! I love all the characters and I especially love Winter. Definitely a must read.

    19. The story line and the characters development is truly one of a kind. The art work just blows my mind away╰(*´︶`*)╯♡ it's so eye satisfying. Winter is just so precious (╥﹏╥) you will fall in love with him immediately

    20. "What does life means?" and "What does it mean to live your life?". I think these two crucial questions are what the author (Cosmos) is trying to answer in this marvelous manhwa in such a simple philosophical manner that even a science geek like me can understand it easily.

    21. I was TOTALLY loved this webtoon!!!!!The well-mixed up genre; fantasy and romance was success made me thrown to the fantasy land and got my heart fluttering once I read this webtoon.The developing of the characters were unbelievable and unexpected, yet so great!RECOMMENDED!!!!

    22. I'm really enjoying reading and watching Winter's character development. he's slowly becoming alive and understanding what it means to be human. I'm also very excited to learn more about Zoe. He is such a complex and interesting character.

    23. That webtoon is definitely one of my favorite. It has a very unique plot , the artwork is very cute and adorable . Winter is so beautiful character .I can't wait till the next chapter come in *_* *_*

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