ゴールデンカムイ 1 [Gōruden Kamui 1]

G ruden Kamui

  • Title: ゴールデンカムイ 1 [Gōruden Kamui 1]
  • Author: Satoru Noda
  • ISBN: null
  • Page: 391
  • Format: Kindle Edition
  • Amazing ePub, ゴールデンカムイ 1 [Gōruden Kamui 1] By Satoru Noda This is very good and becomes the main topic to read, the readers are very takjup and always take inspiration from the contents of the book ゴールデンカムイ 1 [Gōruden Kamui 1], essay by Satoru Noda. Is now on our website and you can download it by register what are you waiting for? Please read and make a refission for you

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    1. Some excellent manga works have strong research background and present setting with rich details in setting, and sometimes the details influence the plot too. Golden Kamuy is one of those manga works.The setting is one of the most exotic that I have found in this manga. The time is in early 20th century after Russo-Japanese War, the place is in Hokkaido Island, especially in wilderness of the island. The plot's background involves Ainu people, and one of the main characters is an Ainu girl. I ca [...]

    2. Surprisingly enjoyable for a historical tale about the gold rush in Hokkaido at the end of the Meiji era.Updated belowSo I'm up to volume 4 right now and I'm probably not going to review any other books in this series just because honestly, they're all about the same quality, which is good. I really want to point out something though, that if you've read/liked A Bride's Story this would be a perfect series to also check out. Wonderful art, special care made for historical details, and great char [...]

    3. MAAAAAAANNNNNNNNNsaya tau manga ini karena follow salah satu orang yang gemar membaca manga di twitter. kalau ditanya ''saya mau baca komik jepang nih, enaknya mulai darimana ya?'' maka jawaban orang itu akan memberikan 5 judul komik dan ini salah satunya. saya penasaran baca karena ada beberapa orang yang sudah mulai mencoba baca dan katanya sukaaaah, pas saya mulai baca vol 1 nya ternyata memang BAGUS BANGEETpertama dari gambar detail. cakep.dari segi cerita juga lumayan walaupun masih gak jel [...]

    4. I had to emergency read this (the usual Manga Book Club bookseller had something come up). It's pretty intriguing - although very graphically violent. I like the two main characters Saichi and Asirpa (and all the cultural bits about the Ainu people) and their hunt for the hidden gold so I may actually read more of this series.

    5. Read April 27, 2016Really cool historical graphic novel set in northern Japan after the end of Russo-Japanese war. A veteran soldier called Sugimoto the Immortal and an Ainu girl team up to find escaped prisoners whose bodies are covered with tattoos that hold the key to the secret gold stash. Each of them is on this journey for reasons of their own. I really enjoyed this volume, especially since I spent some time in Hokkaido and certain places are familiar to me. It was fun to learn that Otaru [...]

    6. Dear Noda sensei,I love Sugimoto.I love Asirpa.I love Retar.I love Obata eh Ogata.I love Shiraishi.I a half love Tsurumi (kan baru nongol dikit-dikit yak, berupa bayang-bayang)I love Hijikata.I LOVE ALL OF THEM.Thanks for bringing them to my life.Best Regards,Rini Dolok.

    7. This was right up my alley - I love historical fiction, and this has an interesting storyline, complex characters and it seems really well researched to the extent of my knowledge.

    8. Aunque desconocida para la mayoría, la guerra ruso-japonesa fue una de las guerras más relevantes del principio del siglo XX. Redefiniendo el papel de Japón en Asia, siendo además la primera guerra de lo que después sería la guerra contemporánea —uso y abuso de artillería, guerra naval llevada a un nuevo nivel tecnológica; en resumen, guerra total a pequeña esquela—, obviarla es un absurdo desde que sirve para explicar cómo se situaron las piezas para las mucho más funestas guerr [...]

    9. I enjoyed this title and could see myself reading the rest of the series. It's a little disjointed, because it switches not only between present and past events, but those of the main characters and side characters with some explanatory sections about Japanese history, Ainu culture, etc. The search for gold ties the chapters together, but acts more as a frame for these smaller vignettes, at least in the first volume. I'm a sucker for a non-creepy, non-sexual team-up between a spunky, competent g [...]

    10. A fascinating initial volume into what feels like a heavily researched world. Setting this in the aftermath of the Russo-Japanese War is basically forcing a ton of historical fiction into a book that didn't necessarily need it -- and it pays off.Incredibly violent and graphic, there beats a heart in this book that cannot be torn out and eaten.

    11. Fantastic start to this series! Great art, intriguing characters and fascinating historical setting. really looking forward to seeing where this goes next.

    12. I wasn't expecting much going into this series. While at times they story does edge a little too far off to the side of the fantastic, it grounds itself repeatedly with it's characters and overall plot. The action can be a bit gruesome at times too, but overall it's caught my interest.

    13. Golden Kamuy by Satoru Noda came recommended by my son. He said it had great artwork and an intriguing, fast-paced story. I think he was under-selling it because this first volume is fantastic. Set in Hokkaido after the Russo-Russian war, war veteran Saichi "Immortal" Sugimoto is desperate to get some money. He has a reason that he's scrounging in Hokkaido for some gold that has been long gone. Observing him is a strange drunken old man who proceeds to tell him a story about Ainu gold. Sugimoto [...]

    14. Fascinating story of an ex-Japanese soldier from the Russo-Japanese War who travels to Hokkaido (then very much a "frontier" area for Japan, who had only recently claimed it) searching for gold. He meets an Ainu girl who becomes his "tour guide" to Hokkaido. It is a bit like the Japanese version of "Dances with Wolves" in this way, but don't let you put that off. The author did extensive research into Ainu language, history and culture in conjunction with mid-Meiji Japan, so the book is fascinat [...]

    15. 3.5/5Saw that this was getting some hype in the manga community (and, I think has an anime adaptation announced), thus the read. Did not know much going in except "Ainu" and "food", so here's a little more:-Punch a bear in the face!-Eat some squirrels and learn about Ainu culture!-Enjoy or avert eyes to all the violence presented on-page, including violence towards humans (stabbing! shooting! choking!) and violence towards animals (the squirrels: they get skinned)!Art reminds me of Bride's Story [...]

    16. Sugimoto has survived the Russo-Japanese War through sheer ruthlessness. On his way home, he meets a stranger who tells him of a fortune of gold hidden somewhere in the country. After discovering the story is real, he sets out to find all the missing pieces of the map that will lead him to it!Historical treasure-hunting? Sign me up! Not only is this a really cool premise, but the art is absolutely beautiful. This is graphically violent, but the lack of color makes it more easily bearable. I've a [...]

    17. This new volume 1 is very intriguing. An historical fiction set just after the Russian-Japanese War in 1905. The main character is a soldier who is out gold digging in order to make a large amount of money quickly to fulfil a promise made to a fallen comrade. In the forest, he meets an Ainu girl, a native of the island they are on, Hokkaido. There they find out their personal missions are connected and tied to a criminal group. The art is good, a bit of violence and the dialogue is well-written. [...]

    18. i'm not gonna write a review of every volume bc that's too much work. but all the hype i've heard abt this manga was true & it's amazing. very tarantino vibes, with lots of suspenseful situations, action, double crossing and amazing, weird characters. i also didn't know anything about the russo-japanese war & very little about the ainu (native people in northern japan), and there's lot of neat anthropological & historical stuff there. if ur not averse to gore, i highly recommend

    19. Un soldado con fama de ser inmortal, una niña super hábil para la supervivencia, unos cuantos psicopatas, un ambiente hostil y una caceria de criminales para encontrar un tesoro escondido es una premisa maravillosa y el libro no decepciona sacandole el máximo provecho.Le que llevo me a encantado y se nota que sólo va a mejorar de aquí en adelante.Y ademas de que el autor es muy bueno dibujando acción, es capaz de dibujar algunas de las mejores expresiones que he visto en un manga.

    20. I love the art style and the unusual setting, both time and place. This is the first story I've ever read set in Meiji-era Hokkaido. There's also a lot of interesting information about the Ainu people, who don't get covered much in manga. As for the plot, I'm interested but not particularly in love with the characters yet. All in all, a promising first volume!

    21. This first volume sets up a big classic treasure-hunting adventure with great characters amazing art and fun insightful facts about post Russo-Japanese war Japan, especially the not-often-discussed indigenous Ainu people. Lots of action, and it's a seinen so there's some violence for the older skewing demographic.Give it a read! i cant wait to buy the next volume.

    22. Golden Kamui is a historical manga set after the Russo-Japanese war which follows the Immortal Sugimoto and his hunt for gold. This volume oozes coolness and super amazing artwork. I'm looking forward to the next volume.

    23. Excellent. An exciting (though sometimes very gruesome) adventure story that also teaches the reader about Japanese history and Ainu culture. It reminds me of A Bride's Story in that it's about an area of Asia that's very unfamiliar to me.

    24. I love the historical and realistic emphasis of this narrative. I'll definitely continue on with the series.

    25. What an odd book! Set in Hokkaido immediately following the Russo-Japanese war, the tone is reminiscent of an American Western, specifically The Outlaw Josey Wales. A war veteran seeking gold teams up with a native Ainu girl seeking vengeance. And a wolf shows up in a small supporting role, which I always appreciate. I enjoyed the fact that as much or more time is spent on small game trapping and fighting a rogue bear as on the main story of seeking a group of tattooed men one by one. The weakes [...]

    26. 3.5, rounded down. Lots of interesting facts, especially about Meiji era Japan and the Ainu, but they do occasionally slow down the story. The story itself seems promising, and I'm interested to see where it goes.The violence and gore is pretty graphic. I don't mind it, but I know others would.

    27. This manga gets major points for featuring an Ainu character and aspects of Ainu culture. The story reads like Japanese Jack London, and while it's a little gross at times and a bit confusing, I'm definitely interested in where it's going.

    28. Gold hunting in a historical AU of Japan's icy wilderness. Golden Kamuy has freezing temperatures, Ainu customs, a surprise Shinsengumi and takes place in the post Russo-Japanese war era on Hokkaido. A promising start, though the interor art is rougher than the cover (as of yet).

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