The Pick-Up Artist

The Pick Up Artist A Lad Lit Rom Com about Dating in the Digital Age

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  • Title: The Pick-Up Artist
  • Author: Chris Hill
  • ISBN: 9781910094167
  • Page: 322
  • Format: Paperback
  • A Lad Lit Rom Com about Dating in the Digital Age

    One thought on “The Pick-Up Artist”

    1. My advice is that it is best not to read this book on the tube - I did and was the recipient of some strange looks as I snorted with laughter all the way through. The characters are so true to life and the situations highly believable. It has a great twist and that's all I can say so as not to spoil the ending. Its a great read for both men and women - as a woman I found it really interesting to get some insight into the dating game from a male perspective. I highly recommend this book.

    2. ‘The Pick Up Artist’ zaps along at a cracking pace, as any yarn about testosterone-filled chaps and randy birds should. It’s a comic novel that has all the right ingredients: it’s saucy, irreverent, slangy, and above all, lots of good clean fun.That was what puzzled me though. Where’s the sex? I’d expected at least a page or two of graphic, buttock-gripping ziggy ziggy. Our author obviously considers that’s not the point of the book. Fair enough. So let’s look at his own perspect [...]

    3. The Pick-Up Artist is a jaw-dropper that will also cause a few chuckles as Rob Johnson, a 22-year old advertising exec, tries to figure out how to get with girls. He is using a website called The Pickup Artist, as a guide, and he is not sure that it is working. The reader will laugh and as one British reader suggested, do not read this book will on the subway or what they call 'the tube.’ Reader reactions may cause others to stare. Pick up this fun book and travel along with Rob as he blunders [...]

    4. This story is a funny, yet realistic view of relationships between men and women, well Rob and "his" women. I enjoyed Rob's crash and burn style of trying to pick up women as if women didn't have a clue as to what he was doing. The women had their own way of flirting that made the interactions most amusing. The ending is surprisingly refreshing and will put a smile on any reader's face as it did mine.

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