A Bond of Blood

A Bond of Blood Derek will rip Caleb s heart out the moment he lays eyes on him for what he s done Rose is convinced that the vampire is innocent But my daughter has been fooled Nobody but Caleb could have stolen awa

  • Title: A Bond of Blood
  • Author: Bella Forrest
  • ISBN: 9781505691672
  • Page: 237
  • Format: Paperback
  • Derek will rip Caleb s heart out the moment he lays eyes on him for what he s done.Rose is convinced that the vampire is innocent But my daughter has been fooled Nobody but Caleb could have stolen away our dear friend.I gaze out at the dark waters rushing past us in the submarine, as we speed closer and closer toward our destinationAre you ready to once again lose youDerek will rip Caleb s heart out the moment he lays eyes on him for what he s done.Rose is convinced that the vampire is innocent But my daughter has been fooled Nobody but Caleb could have stolen away our dear friend.I gaze out at the dark waters rushing past us in the submarine, as we speed closer and closer toward our destinationAre you ready to once again lose yourself in The Shade

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    1. A Bond of Blood is book nine in the series A Shade of Vampire by Bella Forrest. Gosh, this series is killing me. Every single book is so intense, the action non-stop. I can almost picture the author laughing maniacally as she adds one crazy scene after another knowing she is driving her readers crazy!Anna is gone. But who took her? Was it Caleb? Rose so wants to believe the vampire she grew to care for couldn’t have done it. But who else was on the island? Her family convinces her that it had [...]

    2. WowI didn't see this coming.I made the mistake of downloading this book just after midnight with the intention of just reading the first chapter or so. I'm sure you can imagine how that went.After being thrilled that we finally have Derek and Sofia back and back as the vampires I always pictured them as, ruling the Shade together their family was torn apart in the last book and while at the end Rose and Ben were back safe on the island Anna was gone. Everyone is certain that Caleb used returning [...]

    3. Yet again, Bella Forrest did it again. You'll love this book as much as you've loved the rest of them. I like how this series isn't just about Derek and Sophia, but includes their children Rose and Ben. I loved the twists and turns in this book and that massive twist at the end (I won't spoil it for you).Bella Forrest just keeps getting better and better. This is a definite 5 star book and can recommend.

    4. WellMore witches, an ogre and werewolves?Sophia and Derek are captured when they go to the ice island to rescue Rose. They don't understand with the dozen witches they had brought with them how one witch was able to capture them.But Annora is no ordinary witch she is a black witch, evil. Sophia begins to give up hope when someone appears from the past, someone she thought she would never see again. He says he is there to help. But can Sophia and Derek trust the very man that took something so pr [...]

    5. DNF- Lost interest part way through this story. Each book so far has had enough content for it to be its own tv episode (or 2), taking a couple hours to read. When put down you lose interest in the story, like tv again you either binge it or drop it and in the case of these books I dropped them. I liked the characters but honestly I didn’t care about them enough to carry on.

    6. I don't know how this author does it but e v e r y single book gets better and better each book brings new characters and new challenges and the story gets even deeper ❤️

    7. Ugh the thing about this series is that the books themselves really don't get any good until the very end of each book yes they have lots going on but by the end Im just done and then the author pulls me back in have you ever not liked something but couldn't stop yup that's this series and the only reason I keep giving 3 stars across the board is because I keep dang reading so frustrated

    8. I can't believe I just read this book in the space of a few hours but I was hooked. Just ordered the next four books can't wait to read the installment "A spell of time"

    9. Nine books in (12 if you count Kiev’s trilogy) and still going strong! I love how after all of these books she still manages to keep the story fresh and exciting and I’m always left excited for the next installment! Admittedly I wasn’t a huge fan of Kiev’s trilogy, I really liked Kiev but couldn’t connect at all with Mona so I was glad to see that the author was leaving that story at three books and wrapping them back into The Shade series because I love the world she’s built with Th [...]

    10. I was not expecting that ending at all! I didn't even think it could have ended like that! Very good! Of course it leaves you wanting to read the next book. I was very happy how Bella incorporated Kiev into this book as well. That was very well done! I am hoping to see more of Rose and Caleb the next book as well. I thought they didn't get enough "screen time"! I also would love to see Matteo's story. I am so intrigued by him. I want to know everything about him! I have been a fan since the firs [...]

    11. This book was by far, the best read in the series. So much is going on which makes this book hard to put down. Oh my, and the reintroduction of Kiev was a surprise due to the supposed changes in him. I didn't think I could look forward to another book with him in it; but I was wrong.

    12. What?! There's more?! Well I can't wait to read the next instalment. This was also another fantastic read. So much suspense and action. I really hope we hear more from Rose and Caleb. It can't be the end. Another 5 stars!

    13. I really enjoyed this one, but this series is taking forever and just when I thought everything was good, then there we go again. I'll resume when the final book a shade of vampire #89 or maybe #100 is out.

    14. It just keeps getting better.Now that the twins are grown, I find myself wanting more of their store. I've already downloaded the next book in this series

    15. Love love love! The Novaks & Novalic's together at last. Tied together with Kiev's stories so so well. Would like to see a happy ending for Caleb

    16. Awesome couldn't put it down. Iwould tell my friends it is a must read I reply loved it couldn't put it down. I would tell all my friends it is a must read now

    17. Better and BetterI just can't get enough of the Novaks. I have enjoyed each book in the series and Bella Forrest's writing gets better and better!

    18. Mona (Kiev's girlfriend) is a Channeler, as revealed by the kind of 'post-script' ending. Annora put Derek & Sofia through agony but apparently she put the same kind of blood 'bond'/curse on them that she has on Caleb, Stellan, and everyone else connected to her in the islands they control.After seven days of being separated from the island, the Novaks will start seeing the flesh rot from them. She mentions that the "Channeler" (Mona) may have been able to keep Annora out of the Shade but sh [...]

    19. I love everything about these books! There is not one thing I would change. Awesome author that can keep you intrigued all the time and not want to put the books down. Darn responsibilities just get in the way of my shade reafing! Lol!Love love love this series! My favorite series! It's so hard to keep up with my responsibilities because I'm so into these books! Amazing author with such an awesome imagination! Don't ever stop dreaming Bella Forrest!

    20. After Ben and rose are returned to the shade. Everyone seems calm till Kyle claims his wife Anna the only immune on the island is gone. Everyone points the finger at Caleb who brought Rose back. While her family is,looking for Anna. Rose is,on her own search to seek out the truth from Caleb. Can she handle the truth??? Must read great series.

    21. Best everI just really love reading these books their really good and lots of action. I would recommend this series to anyone that loves vampires, action, and a lot of adventure. Keep up the great writing Bella Forrest you're an amazing writer.

    22. You can always count on an action packed book with a cliff hanger ending from Bella Forrest in her A Shade of Vampire series. It gets you going and then leaves you wanting more. A very well played tactic. This second set of the series is fun with it now following the twins’ life too.

    23. Book 9 is another winner for Bella ForrestContinuing in this incredible story the vampires and humans battle for survival. Forces of even worse debauchery is unleashed on the Shade. Another reading to the last word was in order.

    24. Can't get enough!!!Love this series. Can't wait to see what's going to happen next. I just keep reading on after another. The shade rocks!!!

    25. Page TurnerThis one kept me on the defendant seat. And the return of the most hated vampire made it even more difficult to put down.

    26. Great read! I love this book series!!!Easy reading and captivating at every turn! I love the interactions of all the characters; and the story line is full of unexpected twists!

    27. Wonderful Love this series ! I have read and reread several of þhem and can't get enough of them . Brilliant .

    28. As Caleb an Rose Story continues so does the threat find out what happens to the shadians when you read this next chapter in the series

    29. Very good readI've enjoyed getting to know new characters in the series and revisiting some old ones. I'm going on with the next book.

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