Cross Your Heart

Cross Your Heart Some say that pranks are just harmless fun But no one ever said anything about them turning your life as you know it upside down What was originally thought of as a harmless stunt would later turn out

  • Title: Cross Your Heart
  • Author: Lorine S. Thomas
  • ISBN: 9781503106598
  • Page: 307
  • Format: Paperback
  • Some say that pranks are just harmless fun But no one ever said anything about them turning your life as you know it upside down What was originally thought of as a harmless stunt would later turn out to be the catalyst for a series of events that would shake their worlds to the foundation.When one of their closest friends is found brutally murdered, one by one their livSome say that pranks are just harmless fun But no one ever said anything about them turning your life as you know it upside down What was originally thought of as a harmless stunt would later turn out to be the catalyst for a series of events that would shake their worlds to the foundation.When one of their closest friends is found brutally murdered, one by one their lives are the turned into a living nightmare The remaining friends struggle to try and keep a long hidden secret in the past But reality breaks through in a heartbeat as they too are slowly being picked off one by one A pact made long ago that then seemed innocent has now come back to have severe and deadly consequences.With a killer bent on extracting his own brand of justice and seemingly one step ahead of the police, danger lurks around every corner Not sure who they can trust, they lean harder on one another Thrust into a dangerous situation, secrets are exposed and a long forgotten love is rekindled The twists and turns only get crazier as time passes by and gives a whole new meaning to that old saying Cross your heart and hope to die

    One thought on “Cross Your Heart”

    1. A very strong plot, action packed, psychological thriller with a no holds barred mentality, interesting and steady paced premise every chapter was riveting. If it were a movie on the big screen I would pay to see it, just so I can relive it all over again.

    2. The plot revolves around the "Heartless Killer," which would also have made a good title. The first victim, Maxine, is left naked with her heart in her hand. She is one of six students of Hofstra University who had participated in a school prank that had resulted in a large fire. Brandon, who had been found on the scene, was innocent but had taken the fall for them. They had ignored him before the prank and the same afterward. His hatred grew over the years. After serving jail time, he wrote a l [...]

    3. Cross Your Heart was given to me by the author for an honest review. I do not know this author and my remarks are strictly my own.Psychological thrillers are my thing. I read some of the finest NYT bestselling authors regularly, and because of this I am quite picky on what I like and don’t like.Ms. Thomas has a nice grasp on what it takes to be a writer. Her plot was well thought out, the characters well defined and fleshed out, and the pace kept within the context of the storyline – fast wh [...]

    4. Great read! A suspenseful, tightly-plotted mystery. I really enjoyed this. The characters were complex and I found myself deeply enthralled from start to finish.

    5. I brought this on vacation with me and loved it.Six university students pulled a school prank which got out of hand and someone had to take the fall. This story is a well written and suspenseful who-done-it that will keep you guessing. The author does a great job of painting scenes, developing characters and drawing you in. I highly recommend this novel to anyone who loves;crime / psychological / thriller / suspense / murder / mysteries.

    6. I enjoyed Lorine S. Thomas' thriller, Cross Your Heart! I give this thrill ride 3.5 stars because I love the premise and the speed in which events happened in the story. Thomas is a new indie author on the scene and she writes as if she'll be around a while. In the story, we follow a solid group of friends from college after a heinous prank gone wrong. In this prank, the wrong person is convicted and sentenced to prison. No one from the group of friends attempts to helpd this will be their event [...]

    7. This is a great story for a first author. I was impressed with the structure and flow of the story. The characters are likeable - at least most of them. I don't know too many people who like serial killers -- but I guess you never know. The beginning did its job of grabbing my attention, even if I did find it a little confusing and had to read it twice, but I guess it's sometimes like that with prologues. The author is working on a sequel and I'll be reading it. I recommend this book to adults. [...]

    8. "Cross Your Heart" quickly caught my interest and didn’t let go until I breathlessly finished reading the last page. What was intended to be a simple prank spins out of control and eventually engulfs the lives of everyone involved. This thrilling mystery me wondering, along with the protagonists, who is really behind the killing spree. The different reactions from each of the characters made the story more engaging and made me care about their efforts to survive the ordeal.With generous doses [...]

    9. On its face, Cross Your Heart seems like a simple tale of revenge. A prologue sets up and lets the audience in on the killer’s identity and motivations, but the varied methods of murder and skilled narration was enough to keep me interested. I haven’t read a ton of books in this genre, but I do tend to get tired of anything in which the killer follows the exact same steps repeatedly; fortunately, this book isn’t like that. Brandon’s murders are varied and his train of thought hugs a fun [...]

    10. Suspenseful & Impressive! I have to admit I was surprised by how much I enjoyed “Cross Your Heart” from start to finish. The story is about a prank that had deadly consequences. The prologue grabbed my attention and that is always good. I was rather impressed with the plot, the flow, and the ending of the story. There are few editing issues, but they certainly didn’t detract from the story. Looking forward to book 2 in the series. Well done, Lorine! Get your copy today!!!

    11. This book tells the story of what happens when a desperate act causes deadly consequences. Between the killer's thirst for revenge and a couple's fight against a potentially rekindled romance, this story has all of the twists and thrills needed that will keep you on the edge of your seat. And did it mention that the killer is just a bit off his rocker?

    12. When keeping it real goes wrong! This time it is a prank involving six university students. I liked this story because of I'm a sucker for stories involving killers, secrets, plot twists, and action. I thought it was very well paced. The antagonist takes on my namesake, and does a very good job at doing so. The ending was rather good, and I look forward to more stories from the author.

    13. This book was provided graciously by the author, Lorine Thomas, for an honest review.I will start off by saying that I liked the plot. It was a good thought but overall this book just did not do it for me. I found myself constantly shaking my head and wanting to put the book down, but I bunkered down and made it through since this was my first Giveaway win.The prologue felt too in-depth and I didn't get the point of some of it. The writing style wasn't for me either. It almost felt like high sc [...]

    14. Cross Your Heart is a mystery thriller set around a serial killer who, now it strikes me, I can’t remember being called that way once throughout the story. One would think whole novel would revolve deeply around him, meaning search for him, but author shifts the focus in a clever manner on the whole cast of other characters whose lives are affected by unfortunate happenings in their immediate environment as well. It is precisely this range of reactions and set of unlikely circumstances ensued [...]

    15. The prologue hoooked me. I knew it was going to be a tale of revenge. The story had an excellent pace and I was pulled in almost immediately. I actually read it in one sitting and though I was sorry for what happened to Brandon, I couldn't help but blame him for his own sufferings. I've always been a fan of psychological thrillers and the author did not fail to deliver. I enjoyed reading about the characters and how they met. The author gave every one of them importance, which I totally liked. I [...]

    16. This is a thriller with an intriguing premise: when a group of clever, but young and thoughtless college students allow someone to take the blame for a prank that got out of hand and caused a serious fire, what happens when their callow lack of feeling for their fellow student comes back to haunt them? If they had accepted responsibility at the time, there would have been serious consequences, but presumably, the result would have been some form of justice. But years later, when time has fuelled [...]

    17. Cross your heart is a twisting thriller of a story that draws you into each character and keeps you guessing.Right off, Lorine Thomas paints a clear picture of the villain and his troubled ego. Wanting desperately to become a part of a clique in college, he is willing to take the fall for a crime they commit. His obsession with acceptance and need for approval from the group paints Brandon as a clearly off balance individual, he sacrifices his education and future hoping to gain an invitation in [...]

    18. A guy in college is blamed for a prank gone wrong by a group of friends, is kicked out of school, holds a grudge for many years and waits patiently to get revenge at the pranksters. That’s the story in a nutshell. That’s not the mystery, since the prologue tells us all of this (it would have been more of a mystery story if the author had left some of these details out at the beginning of the book). I think it’s how he plots his revenge and how he gets it is what the author was trying to ge [...]

    19. Fanatic, absolutely loved the story. Again I had to step outside my usual romance. I'm on a mission to broaden my horizons by reading other genres This novel was my first murder mystery and Mrs. Lorine did not disappoint. The story had me on the edge of my seat from beginning to end. I even found myself yelling at the characters saying: 'Don't go in there. And, call the police, stupid.' Most of all I was scared because I don't like books or movies involving Derange Psychopath. And the main chara [...]

    20. I really enjoyed reading the book! It has a great story. It's about a group of college students pulling off a serious prank and an innocent student, Brandon, being blamed for it. The group take an oath not to tell anybody about their secret and they each go on with their own lives, becoming successful in their careers. Then years later, Brandon comes back to punish them for what they did to his life. The first victim is stabbed to death and then he takes her heart as a warning. He takes them out [...]

    21. Enjoyed reading the book. This mystery will keep you wondering till the end. Turn pages and discover who's behind the all murders.The story goes around the killer, not the whole story though. It's Brandon and the students group. Something the group has done to Branden. Years later he's back, to ravage. The first victim is stabbed to death and then he takes her heart. You can call Branden a heart stealer (not in a good way of meaning).The others, who Branded hasn't finished yet, team up, gather a [...]

    22. This book caught my attention from the very beginning. I'm not usually a fan of murder mysteries, but Lorine does an amazing job of taking her readers along on a thrilling journey of disturbing darkness and revenge.There are some gory scenes that made me cringe, but that is only because she does such a good job with her descriptions. I love it when the author is able to take me into the world she has created, and Lorine does just that. All in all, this is a good read. It has an excellent pace an [...]

    23. I really do love serial killer books! This book has a lot of twists and turn but I was drawn in with every character. Revenge is always a good book seller in my opinion. I don't get sick of all the ways someone "sick" can get revenge. I would read more from this author! * I received this book from the author in exchange for an honest review*

    24. Cross Your Heart by Lorine S. Thomas proved within the first few pages to be an amazing read. It was suspenseful, the characters were developed to an extensive and impressive level, and the story line kept me on the edge of my seat the entire time. 5+ stars!

    25. I really enjoyed this story. The 'Heartless Killer' kept me intrigued throughout the book and while I had my suspicions all along (after reading the prologue), I enjoyed the process of waiting to finally find out if I was right. I could have given this a higher rating if not for the numerous typos that detracted from the story in my opinion, and some ridiculously short chapters. (Somehow I couldn't overlook a chapter that was half a page long). In the end, it's still a recommended read. I was hi [...]

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