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  1. 2.5 starsFor some reason I was curious about Chuck Norris and wanted to know more about his Karate championships and what type of person would have the dedication to achieve so much. He seems like a good person in a hard environment.I liked this overview of Chuck's life - there is no real detail here but it was interesting enough.I would have liked more detail on training and day-t0-day commitments and a little less on his religious beliefs but that's just a matter of taste.

  2. I ordered "Against All Odds: My Story" on a whim and am I glad I did. I knew who Chuck Norris was and a little of his accomplishments as a martial artist so thought it would be a fun read. (I may have accidentally bumped into him a tournament a few years back, although not totally sure.) "Against All Odds" is a relatively easy read and for the most part clearly lays out the life experiences that developed Mr. Norris' character. He shares many personal memories that are obviously important to him [...]

  3. The authors purpose of this book was to inform. Chuck Norris was telling the reader about his life, from beginning to end. He was telling this book from his eyes and he wanted to reader to know what it was like to be him. Although Chuck Norris knew that no one could see the world as clearly as he did, he did know that some people would get entertainment out of this book, but it was still a book to inform.The theme of this book has a lot to do with believing. Chuck Norris believed in god for all [...]

  4. A Wonderful, brutally honest account of a life of a shy poor kid who grew up to be the legend that is Chuck Norris. Very inspirational and honest.

  5. This was a fascinating read about the life of Carlos ("Chuck") Norris and the very interesting and amazing things God brought him through even from the very beginning of his childhood. He's open about his faith in Christ throughout the book as well as his steps in growing in the faith. Good stuff.

  6. One variation on the popular Internet meme about Chuck Norris and his toughness is that "You don't find Chuck Norris; Chuck Norris finds you." That might be said of this book, which I picked up at a used bookstore more than a year ago but finished reading more recently, at a time when its "never give up" message has more resonance for me than it otherwise might.This is part biography, part pep talk, and all written in a conversational style that Chuck's experienced coauthor had the sense to leav [...]

  7. This book was a biography about the life of, obviously, Chuck Norris. I think that Chuck Norris wanted to write a story of his life because he wanted people to know what his life was really like. His life was actually pretty rough to start out with, instead of the presumed celebrity life where everything was handed to him on a silver platter. In this book, there seemed to be a theme of perseverance throughout. Not quite survival, but just persevering through the day and all the obstacles thrown [...]

  8. Chuck Norris tells the story of his life from birth to the present (2004). A "blue baby" at birth, he certainly had good reason to be blue, living with an abusive, alcoholic father until his mother finally walked away from the marriage when Chuck was fifteen. After her divorce, his mother met and married Chuck's stepfather, George, who became a positive, encouraging figure to her three boys.Immediately after high school, Chuck enrolled in the military, and it wasn't long before he was serving in [...]

  9. Sometimes I'm just thrilled to read a book that I feel my grandma would appreciate. Chuck Norris has a story I'm quite confident my grandma as well as the majority of my family can appreciate: from hardship to success with a faithful mother who instills in her own son the belief that he can do anything and the belief that there is a God who loves him and has plans for him.Aside from feeling like I was making my family proud - I really enjoyed learning about Chuck Norris as he desires to be portr [...]

  10. Chuck Norris has assumed a mythological status. Having been exposed to his (often not so great movies) growing up, My father's respect for him was kind of passed off to me as a mix of admiration and curiosity. As an adult with my own political preferences, I was acutely aware of his conservative leanings and his political connections with the Bushes. Curiosity got the better of me and I ordered the book anyway. First offI will say that Norris can't write. At times, he comes off as disorganized a [...]

  11. Inspirational. I purchased this book after reading it because I want my son to read this. This is the story of a man who fought for his opportunities and made the best of them, because his values and his priorities are in order. He's always been a hero of mine. Having read his life's story, he's my super-hero. In terms of the book itself, Chuck tells his story in simple, unassuming prose that is full of humor and humility. It's almost as if he's next to you narrating in person. The only disappoi [...]

  12. I enjoyed reading this inspirational story. It shows how even those with the worst starts can overcome, and not only make something og their lives but become famous. I like the way that it was written, as if Mr. Norris was telling someone his story. I appreciated the way this book was written cleaning and encouraged good morals. I liked how he talked openly about his Christianity. He told many engaging stories about his life. They were comical, inspiring, engaging, and right-living encouraging. [...]

  13. Most celebrity stories are disappointing. They rarely live up to the tv personality they portrayed but Chuck Norris focuses on living a life true to the God-fearing, good guy he most often played. In a business (& world) that so blatantly pushes a life of immorality, Norris' faith-based lifestyle is refreshing. He is a role model I greatly appreciate, however I would warn readers that not all of his convictions are scriptural and encourage them to read the gospel for themselves to find the t [...]

  14. I enjoyed learning a little more about Chuck Norris. Unlike other celebrity autobiographies, this one wasn't all about how wonderful he is, but how he worked hard, has been through difficult times, has made some mistakes and still gives credit to those around him who helped him along the way. Mr. Norris also believes that his faith was an important factor in his ultimate success. Considering all of the Chuck Norris statements that go around, this book was a refreshing peek into the real Chuck No [...]

  15. For anyone who wants to read an inspirational book. Chuck Norris is a Christ driven man who had a hard life and over came the odds. He accredits his place in life to Christ yet understands that we all make mistakes and he's not afraid to write about his mistakes and how he learned from them. It's nice to read a book that you can actually see how Christ has work in his life. To me it was a very inspirational book.

  16. I am finding this book very different than I expected.I like his narrative style. It is very much like mine when I work on my own story. Simple, factual, and very honest. I like that a lot. I appreciate greatly Mr. Norris' humbleness in that while realizing that yes he worked HARD to earn each of his accomplishments in life Without God, Prayer, Faith, Family, & Friends, he would not have many, if any, of those blessings.

  17. Once I began reading, I found I could not stop. Norris's story is so incredible! He relates his background and the details of his life in a way that captivates i=his audience. I especially liked seeing how, even the best of the best is human. His success despite trials and failures is a great example to us of perseverence against the odds. I would definitely recommend this book to those searching for an inspirational read.

  18. Walker Texas Ranger and then some!This was a very quick read. I have even more respect for Chuck now that I've read about his challenging childhood and his deep faith. This is an inspirational and entertaining book.

  19. InspirationalI really enjoyed this book. My favorite part was his childhood and his positive attitude. He really loves the Bush family and that was kind of annoying. He is a great man. I wish he would write a kids book!!!!

  20. Chuck Norris' autobiography is so tough, I have to keep it alone on a shelf. Any other book I put there ends up torn and scattered on the floor.

  21. This autobiography definitely impressed me with the story of Carlos (Chuck) Norris. I have a greater appreciation for Mr. Norris and how he has worked hard at his passions and was fearless in approaching challenges that would seem impossible to most of us. I also appreciate the honesty and transparency. Chuck doesn't just share his successes, but also some of his failures and regrets the areas where he messed up and how God turned those failures into blessings. I appreciate his genuine faith, bu [...]

  22. This book was about the life story of Chuck Norris from when he started out as a young shy boy in a broken home to a martial arts champion and movie star. I liked this book because it was interesting and captivating with plenty of karate action. I recommend this book to anyone interested in biographies this book is worth a read.

  23. Growing up I remember watching Walker, Texas Ranger many a Saturday night at my grandparent's house. As far as I can remember that was my first exposure to Chuck Norris. I liked the show and still have fond memories of watching it with my grandparents. Of course, I also know Chuck Norris from all the plentiful internet jokes and memes including him, but to be honest I didn't really know much about who he was and his life.Against All Odds did change that. Norris tells his story from when he was a [...]

  24. This book is an autobiography by Chuck Norris. Throughout the book Chuck explains his life story from when he was born to about ten years ago. Chuck explains his childhood; he talks about his caring mother who is a true believer in Gods plan, his drunk father that got shot in World War II, and his two little brothers. He talks about his air force experience and how he began martial arts. He talks about his first wife and his kids. He talks about his rough start to a successful acting career. And [...]

  25. I've had this book on my shelf for a long time, and I'm so glad I picked the right time to read it. Chuck is a legend, an icon, if you will, and what's so funny is that I'm positive Chuck wouldn't agree with any of those things. He's so humble and a devout Christian and believes heavily in his faith and God. His "soul" purpose is to serve others, and I think Chuck does a great job at that. Not only was I a fan of his work in martial arts, but taking his expertise to a whole new level by lending [...]

  26. I picked up the Kindle edition of this book last week when it was on sale at for 99 cents. It still is if you're interested!I really enjoyed this book, and I wouldn't have really called myself a "Chuck Norris fan." I used to watch "Walker, Texas Ranger", but that's about it. And, I didn't realize that he was a strong Christian.I enjoyed reading this book both as a story of his life, as a sports motivator, and as he shared Christian wisdom. Yes, he isn't perfect. But, I love how he shares his st [...]

  27. chuck norrisI think it's safe to say that most people in America know who Chuck Norris is. Not only is he a great actor and karate champion, but he's also a Christian man. A good Christian man in Hollywood is hard to find nowadays. After you read this book, I think you will be encouraged by his testimony.I am always fascinated when I learn of the stand Christian actors take for their faith, and am encouraged to see them making a difference by making wholesome entertainment. I loved reading Chuck [...]

  28. Being a fan of the "Walker-Texas Ranger" series, and Mr Norris' "Delta Force" motion pictures,I was curious about the man. In the "Walker" series, "Ranger Walker" is a clean-cut officer of the law who knows how to take names and kick tail . . . and to come away with well-earned respect."Against All Odds" fills in the considerable blanks about this "larger than life" legend. One of those details that is filled in concerns Mr. Norris' military history. In his movies and television shows, Mr Norris [...]

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