Bittersweet Esi is young beautiful and smart She s got it alld then some but it s not what you d expect Seven years after fate has her colliding literally with the man of her dreams the two finally find themse

  • Title: Bittersweet
  • Author: K.S. Thomas Karina Gioertz
  • ISBN: null
  • Page: 188
  • Format: None
  • Esi is young, beautiful and smart She s got it alld then some, but it s not what you d expect.Seven years after fate has her colliding literally with the man of her dreams, the two finally find themselves walking down the aisle The day couldn t be perfect For one shining moment in time, she has it all.Then a tragic accident changes everything.Getting marriEsi is young, beautiful and smart She s got it alld then some, but it s not what you d expect.Seven years after fate has her colliding literally with the man of her dreams, the two finally find themselves walking down the aisle The day couldn t be perfect For one shining moment in time, she has it all.Then a tragic accident changes everything.Getting married was supposed to be the final touch on their already blissful relationship, but after the car crash, nothing seems right any Soon after they get home from the hospital, Esi discovers she s pregnant However, after the extensive damages her heart has endured from the night of the traumatic wreck, this miracle of life brings with it the reality of death.Now Esi and Carter both have to face facts Someone might not survive.While ever after may not be as happy as Esi has always hoped, she s learning to appreciate the beauty in strength and surviving, and finding that love, no matter how true or how complete, sometimes is simply bittersweet.

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    1. I signed up late for this tour and was told when given the ARC that I didn’t have to rush to get my review done on schedule with the rest of the blogs. Once I started this book I was seriously confused how anyone could put it down once they began the journey with Carter and Esi. I was up late that night, up even earlier the next morning and had my kindle in my face the whole time reading and absorbing this story. Once I was done, I just couldn’t stay silent so I told my friends YOU HAVE TO R [...]

    2. I'm not going to say to much about the story line of this book, because I feel like it would give to much away. KS Thomas has written one of the most beautiful stories I've ever read. In the first few chapters you are so wrapped up into the story. A beautiful fairy tale wedding, but it doesn't end like a magical night it ends in a horrible wreck. Then going through the book we get to learn how they meet from Carter's point of view. And find out how they heal together and fall more in love over c [...]

    3. This story was pure romance and the love between Esi and Carter was magical and timeless.Esi and Carter were made for each other and after seven years dating, they finally tied the knot. It would have been their happiest day ever until they get into a serious car accident driving home from their fantasy wedding.From the very first page, I knew this story would be heart rending and emotional. The happiness at the beginning of the book portended deep sadness and tears for later on.And even though [...]

    4. What an OUTSTANDING EMOTIONAL, COULDN'T PUT DOWN, PAGE TURNING read. I was hooked from Chapter 1 on. I completely fell in love with Esi and Carter and was so emotionally invested in this "grab boxes of kleenex" story.Truly touched my heart and soul. Esi and Carter are absolute soul mates and have a love and connection like no other.Their story didn't just tug my heart strings, I seriously fell in love with these characters. I felt everything going on and had a HUGE lump in my throat throughout m [...]

    5. Life is full of bittersweet moments and memories. Esi and Carter have it all - love and happiness. That is till a freak accident leaves Esi scarred and fighting for her health. As is fate doesn't give her enough, an unexpected pregnancy that could potentially end her life and the life of her unborn child comes into the mix. This story was full of ups and downs, twists and turns. And an ending you never see coming. I laughed and cried as the story unfolded. And I fell in love with Carter who is t [...]

    6. WoWz!! This book was posted on a blog as a new release. I decided to give it a chance ,not expecting much! I was wrong! So very wrong! I finished this book in a few hours! I couldn't put it down! I must say the book had me in tears for a good part of it, but totally worth the box of tissues I used!

    7. This is another new Author to me. I know it has been a week of new Authors! We get to discover them together!K S Thomas - We need to talk. This book is something else.Esi has carried the family stigma her whole life. People think her and her sister Lev are witches just because their Jace has a new age shop. Carter is the upstanding Catholic guy. Their lives literally crash into each other in the hall trying to get to class. In an instant they are one. Like a modern day Romeo and Juliet.Their lov [...]

    8. ~Ms. Me28~Bittersweet, an interesting read that will make you emotional. From the start up to the last, this book is good.I love how it pulled my interest in.The story and the characters are good.The characters, Esi and Carter are easy to love and like.Esi, she's a strong woman.I love how brave and strong she is.Carter, he's an amazing guy.I love how thoughtful and sweet he is.The story of this book touched my heart.The night on their wedding, an accident happened that changed everything to Esi [...]

    9. This is heart rendering story about love that has no bounds. It is the timeless love story of Esi and Carter. After dating for 7 years they are married - the book starts with them being the last to leave their wedding. On their way home they are involved in a freak accident.I don't want to go much further into the story line because it will spoil the story. Ms. Thomas' writing is wonderful! She sucks you in and makes you a part of Esi and Carter's life - the good, the bad, and the ugly. Bring lo [...]

    10. I was torn on how to rate this, it was a well written story, it pulled me in and kept me reading but it's not a typical HEA story. I figured out by the 3rd chapter what was going on and wasn't sure I'd be happy with how it would end. I wasn't thrilled with the ending, while it was sweet it wasn't my kind of romance. It went from weird to really weird in the last 25% and even though I saw it coming I just couldn't connect with it, too far out there. If it wasn't so well written and still entertai [...]

    11. If you can pick this book up and put it down, I give you credit, I could not. An emotional roller coaster if a story is what you get with Esi and Carter. They are finally getting married and everything seems to be going just how they wanted it too. And then a tragic accident happens and changes everything for both of them.What will they have to endure to carry on and will everyone come through this accident unharmed? You have to read the book and find that out. You won't be disappointed, it is h [...]

    12. beautiful this book will bring you joy, love, passion and tears. Reading how they over come the pain. Reading how they met. Reading how they fell and then fall even more in love with each other. this book has everything we as readers crave and more. I know that I was crying my eyes out while reading this and then I cried because the book was over and I will hold these characters close to my heart.

    13. Wow, talk about an emotional read! Thomas has done it again, even slightly paranormal style. I fell in love with Esi and Carter, I wanted the love that they shared, and I desperately wanted everything to work out for them. In a way, it did but in so many others way it absolutely did not. This is a story about true love, heartache, family, and learning to let go. I love everything written by K.S. Thomas and this book did not disappoint.

    14. I can't say much without giving away spoilers but let me just say this story had me. I loved the characters, Esi and Carter. Esi is strong-willed and determined against the odds to keep what little family she has left. Carter is loving and perfect husband and partner to guide her along the way. Excellent story would definitely recommend to others!

    15. WowTotally caught me off guard, loved it and hated it. LOVE CARTER ! Not your typical HEA. Very imaginative K.S. Thomas, great story.

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