Prince of Demons #1-3

Prince of Demons The trilogy together in box set BE CAREFUL WHAT YOU WISH FOR The witches say a fear is an unrequited wish Wishes are mysteries filled with shadows and light New York Times and USA Today Bestsell

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  • Title: Prince of Demons #1-3
  • Author: Victoria Danann
  • ISBN: null
  • Page: 439
  • Format: Kindle Edition
  • The trilogy together in box set 1 BE CAREFUL WHAT YOU WISH FOR 2 The witches say a fear is an unrequited wish 3 Wishes are mysteries filled with shadows and light New York Times and USA Today Bestselling Author, Victoria Danann, brings us a tale of romance, suspense, and high adventure Related to the Knights of Black Swan Series, named BEST PARANORMAL ROMANCE SERIThe trilogy together in box set 1 BE CAREFUL WHAT YOU WISH FOR 2 The witches say a fear is an unrequited wish 3 Wishes are mysteries filled with shadows and light New York Times and USA Today Bestselling Author, Victoria Danann, brings us a tale of romance, suspense, and high adventure.Related to the Knights of Black Swan Series, named BEST PARANORMAL ROMANCE SERIES for four years in a row After Dallas finance manager, Atalanta Ravin, was left standing at the altar in a publicly humiliating jilting, she quit her job, sold her house, gave away her furniture, and set off in search of a new life living on a boat in Boston Harbor She got the adventure she d always secretly longed for, but not in a thousand dreams could she ever have imagined that her fantasy lover might turn out to be a prince of demons.

    One thought on “Prince of Demons #1-3”

    1. WOW! Be careful what you wish for. It just might come true. From book 1 to book 3. I knew Victoria Danann was a brilliant writer. This book by far exceeded what I had been anticipating! I gobbled it up then re-read it again. I just devour all of her books up! I highly recommend this to all PNR readers! If this gets made into a movie or a TV series. Just think of the realms we will be taken too. Get your copy today! Victoria’s Forever Fan… Pam James.

    2. Victoria Danann's newest series is an adventurous love story with a dash of "demonic" spice tossed inYou will find yourself with a new BBF before you have finished reading the series! Ms. Danann's writing style brings you into her "dimensions" and you find yourself wanting to be there too!Don't miss out on another great series!

    3. Atalanta Ravin (Lana) has been left at the altar. She sets out to begin afresh and ends up in another dimension , having entered whilst on her new boat, and is unable to return home. Lana copes well with the news of being displaced from home (much better than I would). The rapid changes do knock her for a loop and then picks herself up and dusts herself off and sets off on her new adventures!!!! Cal, our hero, is a lovely new addition to the Black Swan world and I have a sneaky suspicion that De [...]

    4. Prince of Demons 1 - There is so much packed into this story that really grabs you and pulls you in straight from the beginning. Atalanta really goes through a rough spot in her life but bounces back with just an idea and then gets thrown into a rough spot again. I honestly couldn't imagine going through what she does once she is on her boat. This is one of those books that when you get to the end you're screaming "WHAT? NO WAY! GIVE ME MORE!" I am waiting not so patiently for the next installme [...]

    5. Prince of Demons 1 (The Order of the Black Swan)When Atalanta (Lana) Ravin is left at the altar on her wedding day she leaves Texas and flees to Boston. She makes her home on a boat and sails into another dimension.Welcome to the order of the black swan. She joins with the order 's old and new characters to search for demon artifacts. Fans of the series will embrace this cliffhanger.Prince of Demons 2 (The Order of the Black Swan) I love this series! It's funny, exciting and will keep you on you [...]

    6. Not sure that 10 is enough for this newest sweeping tale of Black Swan!, February 2, 2015 By debera This review is from: Prince of Demons 1-3, Box Set (Kindle Edition) I first read this as 3 single books in a series. Now everyone has the chance to read the entire story all together. No waiting, no wondering. Lucky, you!!! I reviewed each book separately and could have copied and pasted but I wanted concise and not piece meal. SO, if you are a fan of Black Swan you will already know that Dannan t [...]

    7. Victoria Danann again floors me with her capabilities and writing. I feared when I read on her fansite that this would be a serial, that I had lost an author to the bandwagon. Mrs.Danann proved that a great writer can do anything they set their mind to. She never disappoints.The Prince of Demons is the second spin off of the Black Swan universe, Liulf being the first (and also an excellent world to escape into). Though Liulf leaves Loti Dimension behind our main character Atalanta (Lana) "floats [...]

    8. I read each of these books separately. The anticipation between each book drove me nuts!In book 1, Victoria baited the hook.Book 2, she threw out the line.Book 3, the sinker sunk for another Great catch.Bringing in friends from Black Swan added the right touches to these books. All 3 books are well written, with lots of plots, twists, and rollercoaster rides. Victoria did not disappoint!Get all 3 books now. You won't want to stop until all are read.

    9. Prince of Demons 1I really loved reading this book. This is one of those books that once you start reading, you cannot put it down no matter what you need to do. It moved along at a great pace, has awesome characters and a story that will grab you and not let you go. This is a must read, and you will not be sorry that you did. Read this now.Prince of Demons 2This was such an amazing read that I could not get enough of it and had to read a second time immediately. The story will grab you and not [...]

    10. “Wishes and mysteries…”Be careful what you wish for….Lana is a kick-butt heroine who after being jilted at the altar; quits her job, sells her house and most of her stuff and moves from all she knows to Boston to live on a boat. And that's where her adventure really begins.In the wrong place at the wrong time? By the end of part 2 you won’t think so! With two very likable main characters, adventure, romance, humor and a surprise or two thrown in just to keep it interesting.In part 3 La [...]

    11. What an Amazing story! Victoria Danann never disappoints me and this story is no different. They she brings the story to life in your head and makes you feel as though you are apart of it, is what makes her books so great. I love how once I start a book, I lose myself in the story and forget the world and my own problems for a while and The Order of the Black Swan Series is one of the Series that I can do that with. To me that is what makes an author amazing! And Victoria Danann is just that, sh [...]

    12. I loved this book!! Action, adventure, romance!! and now you can get the whole story at one time in the box set! A must read to your collection! So much fun and entertaining!

    13. This book is part of the Order of the Black Swan. It set in the same world and had characters that appeared in the main series. Can be read as a standalone with some spoilers.Spoiler!!Part 1Prince of Demon started off great. Our heroine, Lana was left at the altar by her fiance, causing her to make a major change to her life. She decided to move to Boston and lived in a boat. Everything was good and dandy with her new exciting life unless she was literally spirited away into another world or in [...]

    14. You go through a bad break up and what is the first thing you want to do?. Get the heck away from everyone and everything right! As it says, be careful what you wish for. You might just get it. Lana gets to do that and so much more in this next book of Victoria’s. I am still in love with this series. Lana wakes up to meet Bruce AKA Brave. Let the adventure commence! Lana finds out he is keeping a huge secret and betrays her in a way that she may not be able to forgive. There were a few times t [...]

    15. After Dallas finance manager, Atalanta Ravin, was left standing at the altar in a publicly humiliating jilting, she quit her job, sold her house, gave away her furniture, and set off in search of a new life living on a boat in Boston Harbor. She got the adventure she’d always secretly longed for, but not in a thousand dreams could she ever have imagined that her fantasy lover might turn out to be a prince of demons. This is Brave and Lana´s book. Written by the outstanding Victoria Danann.Thi [...]

    16. Another exciting adventure!Awesome Book! No less magical than any of Miss Victoria`s books are!!! I don't say anything about the plots in these reviews because I don't want to give anything away. Rest assured you escape into another world as you do in all her other books. You hate to come to the end and have to come back to our world it is such a let down. So you hurry to get the next book to get lost in!!!

    17. So, I tend to buy Victoria Danann's books without really thinking about it, if says its new and I dont own it I buy one. I had terrible de javu reading this one and finally went and looked to see it is just a repackaged book. so, if that is how they are going to come out in the future I will be waiting for the whole book to be in one piece before I buy themat being said I really did enjoy this and I did re-read it again.

    18. This review is just for the Prince of Demons #3 since I wrote reviews for #1 & #2.The story was very good, made me want more. I enjoyed the suspense, the fun, adventure and crazy antics of the Prince. I do hope more stories come from these books. They were fun and a fast read.Haven't found a book by Victoria Danann I haven't enjoyed. Thank you.

    19. Once again Victoria did a fabulous job onTHE PRINCE OF DEMONS. I️ honestly couldn’t put it down. I️ could read more!!!! Highly recommend this book, volumes 1-3.

    20. Another winner!Really love reading these books, love the different dimensions, love the way the characters are so well thought out. Ms. Danann's is one of the best writers around.

    21. While I like the Black Swan series I felt like this book wasn't really a part of that series even though it had a few tag along characters.

    22. ConfusedI wasn't to sure what was happening with this book at first because it was not normal black swan but I still enjoyed

    23. This was a cute little side addition to the main series Danann has going on with the Knights of Black Swan. (Which people should really read because it is a great series.)Learning more about the demons in that world was really interesting. I’ve wanted to know more since the introduction of Litha’s dad Deliverance. Just reading this book made me want to re-read the entire series again…. I need to catch up in the series a few books and hope there is some more of them in them.Lana is just suc [...]

    24. SighI have caught up with the author of this series and am starting to feel withdrawal symptoms. I have yet to start the Scotia Pack and will continue with them. LOVE this author.

    25.    I read the books one by one so I had to wait to get the next installment. Even though the wait between the parts was not that long if I am being honest, it was too long. I couldn’t wait to read the next one. Now the three books are available together in one set so new readers are in luck.  They can read the whole story. Believe me, you will want to read it straight through.      Have you ever wondered what it would be like to change everything in your life?  To be able to move wher [...]

    26. POD 1Victoria Danann has once again proven how awesome she is at writing by blowing me away.Be careful what you wish for, you never know what you will get.After being left at the alter, Atalanta Ravin (Lana) wishes to start anew, an leave her old life behind. Little does she know that wishes do come true.Lana moves to the New England coast to start her new adventure in life. As she starts to settle into her new life, the universe seems to have another plan for her, which leads her to The Order o [...]

    27. POD1Lana is the poor unfortunate victim of wrong place, wrong time or is she? First she was abandoned at the altar. When she finally gets her head back on straight she picks up and moves across country, starts to get settled and then BAM, gets thrown into another dimension. She meets Cal and he helps her find her footing and feel normal again, and BAM the ending.This was another riveting story by Victoria Danann that made my heart break yet kept me reading for what was to come next. Every time y [...]

    28. Still hookedI absolutely love this series. The characters are wonderful. The series has everything I want in a book adventure, romance and action.

    29. Fast paced and fun much heart and soul are brought to Brave and Lana that you feel you know them personally. Another winning series all together in a boxed set.PoD1: Sets the stage for Atalanta (Lana) to make drastic changes to her life left at the alter will do that to a girl! The first book finds her selling everything she owns and moving to a previously unvisited state to begin a whole new life and lifestyleBuying a boat to live on is definitely a lifestyle change when it's never been done be [...]

    30. Prince of DemonsPrince of Demons #1Victoria DanannI believe this is a spinoff of the Knights of the Black Swan Series which I have read most of if not all. Atalanta Ravin was left standing at the altar and decided to take a good look at her life. She decided to just pick up and leave her life behind and go live on a boat in the Boston Harbor even though she knew nothing about boats.She takes her boat out for a cruise one day and finds herself surrounded by a strange fog. When she returns to harb [...]

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