Love Love

Love Love Judy Lee s life has not turned out the way she d imagined She s divorced she s broke and her dreams of being a painter have fallen by the wayside Her co worker Roger might be a member of the Yakuza

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  • Title: Love Love
  • Author: Sung J. Woo
  • ISBN: 9781593766177
  • Page: 167
  • Format: Paperback
  • Judy Lee s life has not turned out the way she d imagined She s divorced, she s broke, and her dreams of being a painter have fallen by the wayside Her co worker Roger might be a member of the Yakuza gang, but he s also the only person who s asked her on a date in the last year.Meanwhile, her bother Kevin, an former professional tennis player, has decided to donate a kidJudy Lee s life has not turned out the way she d imagined She s divorced, she s broke, and her dreams of being a painter have fallen by the wayside Her co worker Roger might be a member of the Yakuza gang, but he s also the only person who s asked her on a date in the last year.Meanwhile, her bother Kevin, an former professional tennis player, has decided to donate a kidney to their ailing father until it turns out that he s not a genetic match His father reluctantly tells him he was adopted, but the only information Kevin is given about his birth parents is a nude picture of his birth mother Ultimately Kevin s quest to learn the truth about his biological parents takes him across lines he never thought he d cross from tony Princeton to San Francisco s seedy Tenderloin district, from the squeaky clean tennis court to the gritty adult film industry.Told in alternating chapters from the points of view of Judy and Kevin, Love Love is a story about two people figuring out how to live, how to love, and how to be their best selves amidst the chaos of their lives.

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    1. I'd rate this somewhere between 4 and 4.5 stars. Maybe 4.25?Sometimes you read a book you know very little about, and it utterly surprises you. That was the case with Sung J. Woo's Love Love, a moving, thought-provoking, endearing, and slightly zany novel about two siblings whose lives aren't quite going the way they planned—and every step they take seems to throw them another curve.Judy Lee is, to put it mildly, unhappy. She hasn't pursued a relationship since her marriage ended, she hasn't f [...]

    2. Maybe 3.5, but I'll round up because this book really surprised me. What starts as a smart family drama ends up twisting its way through tennis, art and pornography. It's definitely strange, a little bit uncomfortable, but it's also compellingly readable.

    3. This was a good read. It follows two siblings in their rapidly deteriorating lives- they are 2 years apart, Kevin 40 and Judy 38. Told in alternating chapters they each have come to a point in their lives where they have to learn to deal with their crap. Judy was left by her husband and is going from one dead end job to another and Kevin, a former tennis pro also lost his wife who wanted a divorce. Near the beginning of the story we find out that Kevin learns a big secret that sends him across t [...]

    4. In Love Love, we meet two siblings, Kevin and Judy. Kevin is a tennis instructor and Judy is kind of a drifter in life. When the novel starts, Judy is about to walk out on her temp job, and Kevin is about to donate his kidney to his ailing father. Both of these things cause the two sibling's lives to take dramatic turns in different directions. This book was very well written and had excellent characters. I particularly liked the character of Claudia, but the main characters were equally engagin [...]

    5. 2 stars. I suppose it's possible to combine tennis pros, adopted and not adopted Korean citizens of New Jersey, a German Shepherd named Snaps, an ex-member of the Japanese mafia, porn stars, sometimes-enlighted artists in San Francisco and a lot of scrambled eggs and come up with a moving book, but it seems like a challenge. This is messy and sloppy, but there's potential in the writing and I'm not convinced it couldn't have worked with another good edit or two. -Sarah

    6. I absolutely loved this novel. It's the story of two adult siblings whose lives are a mess. Judy is divorced, broke, and completely rudderless. Kevin, a 40 year old former professional tennis player, has decided to donate a kidney to their ailing father. Until, that is, he learns that he is not a genetic match. He was adopted, but never knew.LOVE LOVE is a fabulous novel. It's sad and funny and smart. It takes on big topics-- family, marriage, loss, and will take you to the genteel world of prof [...]

    7. Sung J. Woo's second (and long awaited) novel, LOVE LOVE, had me from page one. Families - can't live with them or without themd you'll keep turning the pages as Woo's writing draws you in to the Lee Family and the (sometimes shocking) truths that are revealed. Brothers, sisters, moms, dads, lovers/spouses/exes - they're all there. Go meet these charactersyou'll care about what happens to them and find Woo's writing leaving you wanting more. Don't take so long so long to give us another novel, S [...]

    8. I found this book utterly endearing and enjoyable. There is nothing like some good family and relationship dysfunction to entertain you.

    9. Love Love provided insights into a subset of the Asian American community without being cheesy or stereotypical. The book follows a middle aged Korean American brother and sister in their quest for identity and stability in their lives. The ending is believable and does not seem phony. I never felt like I had to suspend disbelief to enjoy this book. One of the characters in the book has to step into California's adult film industry to learn about his family history. There are graphic written des [...]

    10. The writing in this book drew me in. There are some brilliant sentences, and the way that he could combine description with poignancy was masterful.But the plot was so intense, with so many huge, crazy happenings, that by about three quarters of the way through I was tired of the twists and turns. Woo's writing is good enough to sustain a less plot-driven story. I liked the characters, but I didn't like the actual story.

    11. This book is definitely not what I expected, but it is written well, the characters are developed well, and it's truly a unique yet heartwarming story, even if certain scenes may shock some readers.

    12. Ok, the story is one of a kind. And I found the writing quite beautiful in many, many parts.I particularly liked how the men--Kevin and Roger, the Asian American men, were portrayed as rather ordinary but accessible and appealing. I also appreciated that Judy evolved by the book's end.The story twist with the biological mother being a centerfold and porn actress seemed to be intriguing but not well thought out.I also think that the author did a disserve by labeling biological parents as "mother" [...]

    13. I received this book through a giveaway.I enjoyed this book more than I thought I would. I had read a brief description of the plot and it sounded so crazy I figured that it would be really over the top. However I found it to be very entertaining. The two siblings, Judy and Kevin, are engaging and real. They plod through dealing with the issue of whether they continue in the chaos of their lives or find a way to cope. At times the side issues (eg the porn industry) seem a bit much but, all in a [...]

    14. Love Love begins with tennis coach Kevin trying to find out if he is a match to donate a kidney to his father. Instead of being a match, he finds out that his father isn't his biological father. Meanwhile, his sister Judy has quit her job and started dating the mysterious Roger. Both siblings set down very strange paths, yet realize how parallel their lives have become. Kevin tracks down his incredibly bizarre biological father, while Judy enjoys her unorthodox relationship with Roger. The sibli [...]

    15. Woo wrote the hell out of "Love Love"I loved every one single second of this book (except when a much beloved family pet reaches the end of her life - that part wasn't so uplifting). Woo reveals all the raw, real emotions of Love - Love as a multifaceted emotion, pushed, pulled, created new for each encounter. Literally the good, the bad, the ugly, with humor and laughter interjected. I would read this again and again and again.

    16. What a nice surprise! This was a random selection and it was such a good read. Quirky, interesting characters and plot. It's a family drama but not despairing or depressing. A very fun read that was intelligent and well-written enough that I didn't feel guilty spending my Saturday morning finishing it up!

    17. A beautiful novel about love, loss and finding yourself. About holding on and letting go. About forgiving and forgetting. Sad, funny, tender and so full of heart. (Not to mention, beautifully designed!)

    18. This seems too much like an unpolished draft and not enough like a well crafted finished novel. There's a lot of good in it-- all the food scenes and the intro to San Francisco stand out-- but there's a lot of mess to it too.

    19. Odd little gem of a book that reads like a Korean Paul Thomas Anderson screenplay. Lots of quirky, flawed characters, but all with surprising heart, and all struggling to find lasting love.

    20. Don't waste time reading this book!I closed this book after I was halfway through, not typical for me. I kept hoping for some substance, much to my dismay.

    21. It's about life and death and the struggle between - good, bad, and very, very odd. Not a comfortable read, but definitely thought-provoking.

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