One thought on “Exile's Garden”

  1. EXILE’S GARDEN AND OTHER STORIES by Simone Martel, December 2014, $13.95, Edwin E. Smith Publishing, The pleasures to be found among these beautiful garden-themed stories are unique and special, their colors ranging from bright to soft, light to darker. The title story, “Exile’s Garden,” reveals the healing powers of gardens, as a couple who have been separated by war rediscover each other and learn again how important they are to each other. In “Hotel Coyote” a woman trying to bette [...]

  2. When I first started this book, I wasn't sure about the uniting theme; and the first few short stories I read were good, but I wanted more! The last story was the best and it was worth the price of the book for that story alone. I loved it! I'm curious to read more by this author.

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