Ex Isle It is an easy thing to rule by fear It s been years since the tidal wave of ex humans washed over the world Since then thanks to St George and his fellow heroes the community known as the Mount has

  • Title: Ex-Isle
  • Author: Peter Clines
  • ISBN: 9780553418316
  • Page: 330
  • Format: Paperback
  • It is an easy thing to rule by fear It s been years since the tidal wave of ex humans washed over the world Since then, thanks to St George and his fellow heroes, the community known as the Mount has been the last known outpost of safety, sanity, and freedom left to humanity But even for the Mount, survival still balances on a razor s edge and after a disaster decimat It is an easy thing to rule by fear It s been years since the tidal wave of ex humans washed over the world Since then, thanks to St George and his fellow heroes, the community known as the Mount has been the last known outpost of safety, sanity, and freedom left to humanity But even for the Mount, survival still balances on a razor s edge and after a disaster decimates the town s food supply, the heroes must make a risky gamble to keep its citizens from starving And then the news arrives of a strange, man made island in the middle of the Pacific An island populated not just by survivors, but by people who seem to be farming, raising children, living people who, like the heroes, have somehow managed to keep the spark of civilization alive Paying this place a visit should be a simple goodwill mission, but as the island reveals itself to be a sinister mirror image of what the heroes have built at the Mount, the cost of their good intentions becomes dangerously high.

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    1. Peter Clines is on my Underrated Authors ListHis books tend to be a great blend of pop culture humor, suspense, action and just flat out weirdness at times. I’ve said this before and I’ll say it again he really gives me a J.J. Abrams kind of vibe and I love it.The Ex-Heroes series is a really cool Superheroes meets Zombies mash up and I totally love it. I’m not even a huge fan of superhero or zombie books but these totally speak to me. Probably because they remind me a little of the feelin [...]

    2. This had a lot more going on than the previous instalment in the Ex-Heroes series and as a result was even better. Clines stories usually have an issue with fading a bit towards the end, but this one stayed pretty strong all the way through. The story was sort of split into three parts. Barry, St George, and Corpse Girl were on an a Star Trek style away mission( If Clines can use so many cool TV show references then so can I!) to make contact with a new colony of people that Barry spotted living [...]

    3. 4 of 5 stars at The BiblioSanctum bibliosanctum/2016/02/29/bThis is probably my favorite book of the series so far! Ex-Isle, the fifth book in the Ex-Heroes series (which I like to describe to others as “Superheroes meets The Walking Dead”) brings things back on track. I’ve never felt more energized about these books than I do now.The story takes us back to the Mount, a film studio in Hollywood that the survivors of zombocalypse has converted into a fortress to keep out the hordes of undea [...]

    4. I read this book in two days. For two days, I had no interest in any other hobby or book. I was tempted to call in sick so I could just read. That's how good this book is!I've never hidden the fact that Clines' writing style always gets me feeling amped up. He is incredibly talented at combining action and gore with hope and geeky humor. He writes amazing build-up and battles. The best part is, he is also able to surprise me, all while giving me all the clues that I've needed to figure out what [...]

    5. The Ex-Heroes novels by Peter Clines are one of the best high concept books which are presently out there. The concept is a simple X meets Y sort of setting. "What would happen if the zombie apocalypse happened in a world with superheroes?" I've also seen it described as "Land of the Dead meets The Avengers" and that's not a bad description. A bunch of low-powered heroes based loosely on popular archetypes are in the midst of the zombie apocalypse and do their best to save as many people as they [...]

    6. After two mediocre entries into the series, Ex-Isle brings us back to the good stuff. My favorite of the series has been Ex-Patriots -- the heroes left the Mount, they went in search of others, zombie-fighting, Barry dropping geek knowledge -- all good times. A lot of the same happened here, except it was a divide and conquer situation. Barry, George, and Madelyn flew across the ocean and met a group of survivors with some interesting ideas about what happened. Stealth stayed behind at the Mount [...]

    7. While St George, Zzzap, and Corpse Girl fly out to the middle of the Pacific to check out a big island made of boats lashed together; Danielle, Gibbs and Cesar take the Cerberus mach 2 skeleton out to Eden, to help protect the fledgling new base/garden to feed everyone. Woah, St George, WTF? Bad decisions much? Oh, lets take Corpse girl along to a FIRST CONTACT meeting with a bunch of people hiding on boats from zombies. I mean FFS, you had to know things weren't gong to go well. I get you wante [...]

    8. When I first started this series a couple years back, I didn't think I'd like it as much as I have. After all, Superheroes versus zombies (or ex-humans as they are called)? It sounds pretty sillyNow I find myself anticipating each new installment. The characters are fully formed, and the writing is very "visual", zipping along at the speed of Zzzap flying through the sky. Really fun books to read!

    9. This is a fun series. I still feel like it hit its peak at book 3 and that book 3 would have made a great stopping point. But I like the feel of this universe and will probably continue listening to them as long as Clines keeps writing them.The Eden story sort of fizzled, I think a lot more could have been done with it.Narration was great.

    10. I'm torn with this one. Half of it is really good and half of it is really bad. Like, two different drafts smushed together good/bad, and the dichotomy jumps out at you all the time.It's superheroes v. zombies, and Clines is playing with the tropes of both of those genres (and the character of Zzzap borders on being aware he's in a genre book which, I'm begging you, Peter, do not go there), and playing the various tropes off one another has long been a strong suit of this series, but they feel u [...]

    11. Overall Rating = 3 & 1/2 starsFull review originally at Fantasy Book CriticANALYSIS: Ex-Isle is the fifth book in Peter Clines’ exhilarating series, which has an interesting take on superheroes and zombies. So far I’ve been a big fan of the series and Peter has wowed me with each volume. So when this book was announced, I was very excited to see where he would take the story after the tumultuous event of Ex-Purgatory. This book has two plot threads, the first one focuses on St. George, Z [...]

    12. A minor bump in the previously smooth freeway sadly, this was my least favorite in the series so far. I felt better when I read the author's note at the end, where he - rather explicitly - apologized for rushing this installment (c'mon, really - are publishers that short-sighted that they'd risk derailing a series over a deadline??? That makes no sense to me) and altering his basic approach to the story construction, which led to struggles throughout the writing process. So, fine, Clines did a [...]

    13. Although it’s a small thing, I’d like to point out the idiocy of taking along Madelyn when attempting to meet new people. She may not be an ex-, but she sure as hell looks like one. Hearkening back to old times, I love that Clines still designates his chapters by “THEN” and “NOW” rather than expecting us to keep up with a complex timeline.Understandably, the folks on the ships don’t greet our heroes with open arms. Every stranger is a possible enemy, and it doesn’t help that the [...]

    14. Not the best book in the Ex-Heroes series, but still an enjoyable one. Maybe I'm just not hero material, but there were a lot of decisions made by the characters here, that seemed like they were made only because the plot called for it. Sticking around the newly discovered settlement when the people living there are clearly less than friendly, all the stuff going on in the background at Eden, etc.That said, once the necessary plot points came into play, there was a lot of zombie-crushing, bad gu [...]

    15. Book five in the zombie apocalypse/superheroes mashup series. St George, Zzzap, and Corpse Girl embark on an ill-fated diplomatic mission to Lemuria, a massive flotilla of survivors in the Pacific Ocean headed by a jealous, insecure were-shark. Elsewhere, Cerberus is tasked with getting an independent farm set up to feed the Mount and has to deal with a potential insurrection.As always, Clines’s writing is merely tolerable. And I realize that it’s not easy to create challenges for invincible [...]

    16. Well it did seem inevitable. Given the extraordinarily high bar, that Clines has set for this series, we would get an installment that wouldnt reach that level. To be very fair though, Ex-Isles does what the previous books does pretty well. Pack in tons of action, develop the world further and introduce another different villain but 5 books into the series, you want to see an overarching theme and some amount of character development for the lead character who is still pretty cool btw. The new v [...]

    17. Peter Clines keeps up amazing work with his "EX" series and Ex-Isle is no exception. Tightly written with an easy to read style, once started, you cannot stop until you finish. There is one caveat, you really need to read the first four to truly enjoy Ex-Isle and that is not a knock, but you will miss much if you do not have the background. Once again the book just wows and has not lost any of the freshness or fun of the series, which is truly an accomplishment. I cannot wait until the next book [...]

    18. How can this series get better and better with each book?I tried to ration out my reading of this book, but I just couldn't help it. Finished 90% of it in just one sitting. Seeing St. George and Zzzap, Corpse Girl and Danielle again was like meeting up with some old friends. The introduction of a few new characters, and seeing some older ones, was perfect.A little worried about one of the Supers, tho.

    19. Another great addition to the Ex-Heroes series, ‘Ex-Isle’ is full of zombies, superheroes and action. If you like that kind of thing you should jump right in, if you’re looking for deep meaning this probably isn’t the book for you. Well written with a great story which really adds to the overall tale I thoroughly enjoyed it. I just wished that the next books in the series would come out faster to keep the story fresh in my mind. Guess you can’t have both good and fast right?

    20. A welcome return to form for this series after its ill-conceived predecessor. The super-heroes are back to being the focus, and while I'm all for building out the world this book does, I do hope we get back to the Mount, L.A and the plot threads that have been hanging there for at least two books now. And let's see more Stealth next time too, please!!

    21. Couldn't put it down!I've loved all of the Ex-Heroes books so far, and this one is no different. From the flashback chapters reuniting us with old friends to the present-day storyline, the book moves at a steady pace that kept me engaged from start to finish. Bravo Mr. Clines!

    22. This whole series is just a ton of fun. It doesn't try and overthink anything, it just unleashes some superhero and zombie fun on the reader.

    23. Loved the series couldn't put it downSome parts I found curious, but loved the storyline. Expect a vivid journey to a exciting realm. The details and very good

    24. With this one, I feel like Clines maybe jumped the shark a little. Really, the whole premise of his Ex-Heroes books is borderline ridiculous, but Clines manages to really tell great stories, and he works very hard at keeping everything believable within the context of the world that he has built.Ex-Isle doesn't really feel like that. No spoilers, but I had a tough time buying half of the story. The heroes split up: Danielle's plot line is great. Everything makes sense, her character evolves and [...]

    25. Ex-Isle is the 5th action-packed, zombie-killin' novel in the Ex-Heroes series by: Peter Cline. The main point of the story is for the superheroes to fight off the zombies in order to not only survive, but to actually live. Now, I'm NOT a huge fan of walking dead people also known as zombies. But, I am a major fan of superheros, which prompted me to read this series. I did read this particular book with speed and gusto that would surprise The Flash, lol. I didn't read it quickly because I found [...]

    26. This is the fifth book in the Ex-Heroes series. I continue to enjoy this crazy post-apocalyptic blend of zombie survival and superhero themes. The books are fun and easy to read and always action-packed.This book deals with two main issues. The first is the expansion of the Mount into another area called New Eden. The Mount is strapped for resources and needs the gardens/food that New Eden can supply. However, New Eden is not well fortified and something fishy is going on with the super soldiers [...]

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