Mercy's Debt: Montgomery's Vampires Trilogy

Mercy s Debt Montgomery s Vampires Trilogy Mercy Montgomery has money troubles big money troubles A recent college graduate she can t find a job to save her life With bill collectors constantly nipping at her heels she has no idea how she ll

  • Title: Mercy's Debt: Montgomery's Vampires Trilogy
  • Author: Sloan Archer
  • ISBN: null
  • Page: 348
  • Format: Kindle Edition
  • Mercy Montgomery has money troubles big money troubles A recent college graduate, she can t find a job to save her life With bill collectors constantly nipping at her heels, she has no idea how she ll ever come up with the money needed to keep her head above water And she s sinking fast Mercy s monetary worries seem to be over after a chance meeting with a mystifyinglyMercy Montgomery has money troubles big money troubles A recent college graduate, she can t find a job to save her life With bill collectors constantly nipping at her heels, she has no idea how she ll ever come up with the money needed to keep her head above water And she s sinking fast Mercy s monetary worries seem to be over after a chance meeting with a mystifyingly pale stranger, who offers her a lucrative position at Dignitary, an underground organization that provides human decoys for wealthy bloodsucking clients and vampires will do anything to remain anonymous As if congregating with the undead doesn t make life complicated enough for Mercy, there s a savage killer on the loose who appears to have a craving for her blood Soon Mercy is torn between a dark underworld of supernatural intrigue and a simple life of practicality, and sexy but dangerous business magnate Robert Bramson is the vampire she blames for her confusion While Mercy s new life provides endless thrills, it just might be the end of her.

    One thought on “Mercy's Debt: Montgomery's Vampires Trilogy”

    1. Tastefully horrorA new twist on vampire romance with humans. The author keeps you glued to the story with twist and turns and fun but horrifying tales around every turn. Definitely ready to check out the second book in the series.

    2. This book started out really good. I was intrigued as I read more and more. I wasn't a huge fan of Liz, the roommate, or some of the vampires. Surprisingly, the two main characters were entertaining. I enjoyed the romance between them.The plot was interesting, but the job concept could have been more developed.I didn't see the twists coming. The author did a great job tying up the story. I look forward to reading the next book in the trilogy. Overall, this book gets four glittery stars.

    3. Good book!This is a story about a young woman who is heavily in debt and gets a job being a decoy for vampires! A decoy is a human that knows about vampires but keeps their secret. This helps vampires blend in with humans during social events making making both vampires and humans relax.

    4. Mercy's debt.What an excellent read. Was surprised how I did not see some things coming. Was surprised at the outcome. Was not expecting that.

    5. This was a fun and different vampire read! I enjoyed it! The characters were well written and fun. The only thing I didn't like was how Mercy acted sometimes. The end of the book was AWESOME! I can't wait to read book 2!

    6. Good read!This was a little different than other vamp books I've read! I liked the whole Vampire Decoy service thing that was neat and not something I've come across before. This was a fun and easy read. Recommend!

    7. Good storylineWas a good storyline with strong characters. The story has a good development easy to read fast paced. Quite a good plot with twist and turns to find out what really happened and why, is done very well, to keep yourself hooked to the story. I liked Mercys wit with cheeky thinking lol and I liked Liz a lot. Strong character.The only thing I missed was the smoldering sexy scenes. There was some but very plain and I would have loved more profile descriptions what the characters looks [...]

    8. This book was an Okay paranormal/ mostly vampire romance novel. It starts out extremely slow. And it ends extremely quick with random events in between. I liked Mercy and Roberts love affair enough to read book 2 next.

    9. FabulousThoroughly enjoyed this author An attractive student becomes a non sexual escort for vampires with instructions not to fall in love with her clients she falls in love at first sight and someone has been killing past escorts

    10. Sloan Archer is one talented author. I'll give her that. Her character's are fresh, funny, and fleshed out, especially Mercy and her roommate Liz. Their banter is some of the best in the book. She understands humour and can time a joke brilliantly. Though I'll admit the main sex scene felt a little choppy, it still had some smoulder to it, and I like the cover.Mercy's Debt starts out with something a lot of recent college grads can relate to, many student loans and few job prospects. I don't kno [...]

    11. Mercy Montgomery has now completed college and earned her degree from Dewhurst University. Her tuition is now due: over $100,000 and then there are the normal expenses – rent, etc. She’s trying to find a job in her field, but everyone wants a psychologist with more schooling. Essentially she needs to go to graduate school, but she can’t even pay her undergraduate tuition right now. When her roommate, Liz, convinces her to enter a wet t-shirt contest at a bar (and she wins) she runs into a [...]

    12. The beginning of the book was a bit slow and I didn't really care for the relationship between Mercy and her roommate Liz, but once Mercy became a companion with Dignitary the story did pick up. I ended up enjoying the book and not wanting it to end. Mercy graduates from a private university in San Francisco with a mountain of late debt. When she mets the elusive Michael, in a bar after she wins a wet t-shirt contest, he offers her the opportunity to make more money than she could ever imagine. [...]

    13. Mercy's debt is about a young college grad who has found herself in financial dire straits. While trying to make a little extra cash she comes across a man at a local club who offers her a job. She meets him the next day out of pure desperation for work. When she learns what her new job entails she is too intrigued to turn it down.Mercy has had a rough road growing up, but she stands up and takes care of herself. I liked her strong independent personality with the subtle hint of wit and sarcasm. [...]

    14. A little up and down in parts but overall not a bad read, it wasn’t until Robert entered the picture that my interest peaked. The characters were intriguing and even though he wasn’t a main character, I liked Michael. I wish there had been more interaction with him; would have loved to see how Marlena would have reacted once she found out that he was still allowing Mercy to see Robert. The interaction between Liz and Mercy was curious, the shower scene for example, until Robert came along I [...]

    15. I thought this book was a fun and entertaining read. It was one of those books that was hard to put down. One more page turned into one more chapter, which turned into 2 am (luckily it was a weekend!). I liked the character's connection to each other. The only thing I found a little rushed was the romance with Robert and Mercy. This could have gone a little slower, but it is still a great storyline. I didn't quite understand the storyline with Mercy and her ex boyfriend. It seems like this is ju [...]

    16. Since I'm a huge fan of vampires (dare I even say a ravenous vampire fangirl), the author sent me a copy of this series in exchange for an honest review. It was actually perfect timing, because with (sniff) the Sookie Stackhouse series/True Blood show being done, I was looking for another way to satiate my vampy cravings. This series did not disappoint. I like Mercy Montgomery. She's funny, relatable, cool, and finds herself in situations that are really exciting!!! I like the other characters, [...]

    17. As Mercy starts her new job as a chaperone she is a bit nervous. She definitely doesn't expect her first "date" to turn out the way it did, especially with all of the nonsense she heard before hand. As for Robert, well what can I say, I wouldn't mind being his chaperone lol. He turns out to be an awesome first experience for her, but will getting to know him better be worth the craziness?!I Loved It!! Mercy is funny!! I laughed out loud quite a few times!There is a little f/f action, but more li [...]

    18. Mercy's DebtThese is a must read book. I love everything about it . I absolutely love Robert. He is handsome and sexy and he is a billionaire vampire. Mercy start working as a decoy for Dignitary so she could pay her debt. One night she has to be the decoy for Robert and they both felt a connection between each other. Hope you really like these book as much as I did.Don't think about it just downloaded.

    19. Great ReadThis book has action, drama and romance. Mercy is in debt because of school. She is approached by a vampire at a bar to come work for him. She finds out he runs a vampire companion businesses. Pairing humans with vampires for functions. Helps the vampires blend in. Mercys first date was with a wealthy vampire named Robert. He falls in love with Mercy. Can he protect Mercy from all the dangers?

    20. Fated for herRobert is an undead being with his eyes on. . .Mercy is a girl who has problems in the money department until . . .When they meet, she's at a function as . . . and they hit it off. But then the stalker who has been killing all of the . . . who . . . is after . . .

    21. RecommendedDelightful read, twists and turns that you don't expect. Mercy is one of those characters that you want good things happen to her, broke on the brink of depression an unexpected offer after a contest in a bar sets in motion the next chapter in Mercy's life. Highly recommended, fan read

    22. I am kind of disappointed in this book. It started off with great potential. Mercy made me laugh and I liked the dynamic of her new 'job'. The love interest was sweet, but them BAM! something happened.I'm not sure if the author felt rushed, but all of a sudden everything flips upside down and it gets rather confusing and extremely fast paced.

    23. Once I started reading Mercy's Debt, I couldn't put it down! The characters are exciting, the love scenes are steamy, and the plot twists keep you guessing. Sloan Archer definitely left me wanting more, and I can't wait for the next book!

    24. The plot was an unusual take- which I mean in a good way- on a subject that has been done a thousand times before. It's a little dark, too, which I like in my fiction. Can't wait for the next book!

    25. Great read! I would recommend this book to anyone who loves the romantic vampire story with a intriguing plot line that leaves you hooked. I couldn't put this book down!

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