Charles Harper's Birds and Words

Charles Harper s Birds and Words Reissue of the collectible Charley Harper classic which pairs his beautiful paintings with poetic commentary

  • Title: Charles Harper's Birds and Words
  • Author: Charley Harper
  • ISBN: 9781934429051
  • Page: 383
  • Format: Hardcover
  • Reissue of the collectible Charley Harper classic, which pairs his beautiful paintings with poetic commentary.

    One thought on “Charles Harper's Birds and Words”

    1. Love love love these images. Harper actually knows birds, and it shows. He captures real attributes of different species in a way few artists do. I often find birds in art to look leaden, or else totally mismatched to their habitat or behavior. But Charley Harper gets it right every time. Beautiful iconic work.

    2. Beautiful, beautiful birds! Harper described his work as "minimal realism". His bird pictures are painstakingly researched but, as he writes: "I'm probably the only wildlife artist in America who has never been compared to Audubon." Each picture is accompanied by a short, witty, paragraph about the bird. This will make a great gift book!

    3. I discovered the art of Charles Harper when in Gettysburg last fall. I fell in love and sent for this book. He loves birds, he called his art style minimal realist, and his quick commentary on each bird in the book is informative and fun. This is a great end table (I don't own a coffee table) book to visit again and again. He suits my contemporary art style and love of birds.

    4. Charles Harper is one my favourite illustrators. A minimal realist, he describes his avian vision as such: "I didn't see scapulars, auriculars, primaries, tail coverts, tarsi - none of that. I saw exciting shapes, color combinations, patterns, textures, fascinating behaviour and endless possibilities for making interesting pictures. And so I have never counted the feathers in the wings, for that is not what my pictures are about. I just count the wings."And the result is genius. He adds short wi [...]

    5. What a fantastic little book! Originally published in 1974, this collection of prints and commentary by Charles Harper was long out of print, but now it has been revived in a new edition with a warm introduction by Todd Oldham. With a style known as 'minimal realism,' Harper captures the essence of his avian subjects without getting lost in the details. Witty remarks and observations pair nicely with his art.I would challenge anyone who claims to loathe modern art to dislike the work of Charles [...]

    6. Gorgeous, fabulous, and brilliant. I can't believe I've never seen these books before and he is famous in Cincinnati. I think they have a holiday named after him! I always loved the art at the Cincinnati Nature Center and now I know why. I love the quote, " I count the wings not the feathers. " What an amazing artist.

    7. This book is one of the most beautiful books I've owned in a long time. The simplicity of his words, and the deceptively simple illustrations make this book a joy to own. Unlike a normal book about birds, this brings them to life about how they exist, rather than their stats. If you want something that'll make you smile every time you pick it up, then get this!

    8. Charles gave this to me for my birthday, and then I read it while he was reading Consider Phlebas. I LOVE THIS BOOK. It has a bunch of my favorite illustrations, plus a few I didn't already have, plus Charley Harper's lyrical-shmyrical descriptions. Love, love, love. Read it, then read it again, I say.

    9. I have a small collection of Charlie Harper prints, and aspire to have more. It's wonderful to see so many of them reproduced with the stories of the birds included. Makes me want more prints NOW.I recommend this book to anyone who loves Charlie's work, or wonderful artistic prints of birds. What a treasure Charlie was and how greatly missed.

    10. This is a lovely, quirky little book of Harper's bird silkscreens and other bird art. He has a great sense of humor, and some of the pictures, like the one of the chickadees with their faces turned in all different directions (including upside-down) made me laugh. A wonderful gift book for a bird lover; I'm giving it to my sister for her birthday.

    11. His beautiful art coupled with simple explanations makes this a gorgeous book. It's accessible for my younger children but I want to reread it myself.Also, Charley had a great sense of humor, which often comes out in his captions.Graded an A, of course.

    12. The art is fascinating as Harper seems to bring out the personality of each creature. Then add his words to the pictures and it is all hilarious. Get ready for great laughs and true appreciation of the various birds portrayed.

    13. As a bird lover, this book is just stunning. I love Charley Harper's art SOOOO much, and the stories told alongside the artwork are funny and sad and poignant. I just loved this book!

    14. Having read the original edition, I can promise lovers of Charley Harper that this collection is some of his finest work.

    15. Well I have to confess I haven't read the words yet, but the birds! The beautiful birds! His illustrations are so amazing, of course. And the color combinations are just perfect.

    16. A little-known gem of an art book, this is a collection of nature imprints of an outstanding quality. The simple style of Charlie Harper gives the reader a wonderful feeling. A must see.

    17. My mother-in-law got this as a present for me while I was staying in the hospital. The artwork is beautiful and the words are simple, but they still resonate. It was a delight to read and admire.

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