Sleepless (Narrowdale #1)

Sleepless Narrowdale Don t fall asleep Don t dream Don t get caught Amy knew she d hate Narrowdale a boring suburban town How could it possibly compare to L A where she lived her entire life Being a high school freshman

  • Title: Sleepless (Narrowdale #1)
  • Author: Michael Omer
  • ISBN: 9781507541029
  • Page: 395
  • Format: Paperback
  • Don t fall asleep Don t dream Don t get caught.Amy knew she d hate Narrowdale, a boring suburban town How could it possibly compare to L.A where she lived her entire life Being a high school freshman in a new place made things even worse And that was before she started having the same nightmare over and over again Before she woke up every night to a shrill whistleDon t fall asleep Don t dream Don t get caught.Amy knew she d hate Narrowdale, a boring suburban town How could it possibly compare to L.A where she lived her entire life Being a high school freshman in a new place made things even worse And that was before she started having the same nightmare over and over again Before she woke up every night to a shrill whistle outside her window Before she met a homeless man who seemed to know way too much.Some things seem to happen only in Narrowdale, where dark secrets are hiding beneath the surface

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    1. I just want to scream the word AWESOME! As you can see I really, really enjoyed this YA super creepy writing. The author Michael Omer make no mistake about it definitely will have the YA readers going for this one. Omer delivers with his down to earth writing. The main character is just down right believable and the reader gets the thrill of the lifetime via her point of view. Omer has the qualities of a young Stephen King with the adding of the bit of paranormal too. You just have to get a copy [...]

    2. This book made the hair on the back of my neck stand up!I love a good creepy YA book, it's been a favorite of mine since I was a YA and I guess I never grew out of it. Thank goodness or I would have missed out on this creepy but fun little read. Once I started reading, I had to keep going straight through to the end. I thought the choice of the name of the town was great, even though it's supposedly really the town name, it just sounds like a name given to a town by a teen writing her journal. L [...]

    3. This book was given to me in exchange for an honest review. To read more of my reviews, visit my blog at sjpiercebooksThe Good:Straightforward writing, no dragging plotlines or stilted dialogue. I like that the main character Amy was relatable and believable as a teenage girl who'd moved to an unfamiliar town. And not just any town; Narrowdale, where anything weird and creepy can happen. And, boy does it ever. Amy starts having dreams of being abducted by some creepy, whistling guy during the ni [...]

    4. I received a free copy of this book in exchange for an honest review. To read other reviews I've written please visit authorcjanaya/blogThis YA thriller was super creepy. Oh, I just loved it. Amy's character reminds me of my best friend. Super spunky and full of sarcasm. I took a liking to her immediately, and I felt that I could relate to her since I understand what it is like to be the new girl at school. I really like that the author wrote this narrative in present tense. It made everything A [...]

    5. See this review onmy blog and don’t miss Michael’s interview on August 14th! I'm a big fan of this book :)Great read! It is pure genius! Scary and funny at the same time Possible? Yes! Mypage-turner check marks go to: ✓Writing, ✓Plot and ✓World-building 4.4 starsEven though the book is written in first person and present tense, which is not my favorite combination, the writing is pretty good and the suspense is well executed. It builds up subtlety but consistently, with an underlying c [...]

    6. FGMAMTC Blog ReviewThis book is different from my norm. It is a YA, paranormal, murder mystery, psychological thriller, light horror, junior sleuth mix, and it kept my interest the entire time.Amy is teen girl so several of the personal bits revolve around things important to teens. I found her to be relatable, likable and believable with a great dry sense of humor. She just moved to a new weird town so the reader follows with her through the learning and adapting. Mean girls and other school is [...]

    7. REVIEW IS ALSO POSTED ON MY BLOGACTUAL RATING: 3.5Copy was provided for the blog tour. This does not affect my opinion of the book in any way.Sleepless is a very creepy and fun read.We follow Amy, a fourteen year old girl whose parents brought her to Narrowdale, a very creepy, mysterious and boring suburban town. Amy is not used to living in a small town because she grew up in L. A. She thought the worst things that could happen to her is a.) die out of boredom in boring Narrowdale b.) die of th [...]

    8. I really enjoyed reading Sleepless by Michael Omer. In fact, I enjoyed it so much that I purchased the next book in the series Moth to a Flame yesterday when it released and I can’t wait to read it!I have to say, I don’t often read books by male authors, not because I don’t enjoy them or because I’m anti-men, but because I feel as though they are few and far between – especially in the indie community. That being said, I LOVE Michael Omer’s writing style. He takes a no-nonsense appro [...]

    9. I would describe this as an intense and surreal high school murder mystery with some paranormal elements. I don't typically read middle grade fiction, but this had me hooked. It had a cinematic feel and an impulsive main character who made me want to keep turning the pages. Amy initially seems like an ordinary (if slightly bratty) 14-year-old girl, but her volatile personality becomes compelling reading as the book goes on. When Amy moves to the suburban neighborhood of Narrowdale, she finds her [...]

    10. This is one of those books that I would never, ever have read if I hadn’t bumped into the author online in an author’s forum and got to know him. YA? Horror? Eek! No way… and blow me down, if it wasn’t a whole heap of fun. Who’d a thunk it?Here’s the premise: Amy is fourteen when her parents uproot her from LA and move to dull, small-town Narrowdale. She thinks her worst problem is going to be boredom. Ha! Not a chance. Because first there are the strange dreams, where she’s being [...]

    11. This definitely has a creep factor! Which is the exact reason why I wanted to read the book. Sadly, it is a little younger than I normally read and I think that threw me a bit. I liked the story but I was not in love with it. The characters are good and the plot is there but this is definitely driven for young adult readers.Firstly, Amy is your normal teen that does not want to move into a strange house in a strange town. The first problem is that their new house is exactly like all the others o [...]

    12. 4.5 starsThis was a fun YA book, easy to read and kept my interest. Actually, at first I found the main character very annoying (she's a serious whiner, and I'm tired of fictional teen whiners), but I persevered, thinking there was enough potential for a cool story. And I was right. The plot itself isn't super original, but I love the coolness of the town and all it brings with it, and the characters were likeable, aside from the afore mentioned whining. I'd say 'Sleepless' is more plot-driven t [...]

    13. I Loved This Book!!! The characters are believable. The main character and story development is gradual and builds at a great, suspense-building rate. The plot is not necessarily unique in and of itself, but did not sound too much like anything I've seen elsewhere. I enjoyed very much how the plot developed partially through repetitive dreams Amy has, each dream revealing just a little bit more than the one before. And the description of Amy as she adjusts to a new town full of strangers and [...]

    14. I really like the creepy atmosphere that that Sleepless portrayed. In tone, it fell somewhere between Welcome to Nightvale and Higurashi When They Cry in the way that it blended the paranormal with the mundane. Narrowdale is a town that seems, at a glance, incredibly normal but its other side makes itself known through tiny offhanded remarks (such as a headmaster who went into an empty classroom and vanished without a trace). This combines to make a setting which is very eerie and memorable.Howe [...]

    15. I found this book on Xpresso Tour site and was taken by how awesome the synopsis sounded. Seemed like something that would be both creepy and interesting. What I didn’t expect was how creepy it was, this was a great thriller like book, almost reminded me of that movie with Kevin Bacon, Stir of Echoes but without all the hypnotizing I always seemed to read this book at night when everyone else was sleeping which made it even more creepy. :)I thought I would give you a few reasons why I liked th [...]

    16. I received this book from the author in exchange for an honest reviewBilled as a YA paranormal thriller, Sleepless, reads closer to lower YA or even middle grade. The plot, the characters, and even the writing have a very young feel to them. Not surprising since the main character is a freshman in high school.Narrowdale is an odd town where strange things seem to happen to some of the residents. One of the first scenes in the novel, when Amy was listening to an odd exchange in a clothing store, [...]

    17. I've won this book online and I will give a objective review.So as I said I've won the book online but I had it on my e-reader for a while. It is a bit strange to say the cover of the book did not invite me to read it. but it did not. I put it away for a while.So yesterday evening I was out of books to read and I was really searching and found Sleepless again.I'm a quick reader so 162 pages even if it would not be what I wanted, I would be done in 'no tome'.But I can happily say it was a really [...]

    18. Sleepless is the story of fourteen-year-old Amy in her new home in Narrowdale. Narrowdale is not like L.A. It's small and suburban. And strange.The brand-new air conditioner that doesn't work and the creepy neighbor and his dog are bad enough. Amy also has to cope with being the new kid at school and all the difficulties that entails. Worse still are the nightmares.I enjoyed this book. It is a tale of suburban life with just a touch of the supernatural. And there are just enough unanswered quest [...]

    19. Let me start this review off by saying that the writer has, for me at least, nailed the teenage attitude and snark in this book. Amy's world revolves around Amy, and the perceived hardships being visited on her by the move to Narrowdale. The horrors of no air-conditioning and a less than spectacular mall. But then the dreams start and Amy's world takes a turn for the peculiar. Very eerie with a hint of spooky.If I had to pick fault, it would be that sometimes, given Amy's age, I felt that her ac [...]

    20. You can find a full review for Sleepless by Michael Omer at A Book Lover's CornerI honestly didn't think I was going to end up liking Sleepless so much when I started reading it. Amy, the narrator and one of the main characters, just complained about everythingterally. As I progressed through the book, I began picking up some of the humor that is threaded throughout. Once I got used to Omer's writing style and the flow of the nightmares I was golden. It's been a while since I have finished readi [...]

    21. Amy is a teenager kind of lost when her parents move to a small town called Narrowdale. Amy is used to the big bustle of the bigger city life and Narrowdale is anything but big and bustling. After Amy moves she becomes unable to sleep due to severe nightmares that are more like night terrors but are they real? They seem real enough to Amy but she refuses to tell her parents for fear that they will worry about her. Amy is a normal teen girl whose life has changed dramatically and this new town an [...]

    22. This book was a bit slow to grab me but once the main character starting having her strange dreams i was hooked and ended up being a tad bit like lovely bones but still creepy. It had great mystery theme that made you want to find out what exactly happened to kimberly. The author did a great job of setting the tone for this thriller and pulling you in to really want to figure out what happening. I liked the element of the blog links though i would of really liked a blog link to the creepy video [...]

    23. A fast paced young adult thriller that will keep you wondering what will happen next. Strange things happen in Narrowdale the town where Amy's family moves to from LA. Being a freshmen in high school Amy feels like her life has ended in this boring town. Than she starts to have nightmares night after night about the town's hidden secrets.

    24. The author of this book offered me a free ebook in exchange for my honest review.This book is so creepy!I loved Amy and her commentary. And I really loved the bonus links to Amy's blog in the ebook.This book can be enjoyed by young adults and adults.I can't wait for the sequel!

    25. brilliantly written, the mistory is being unwrapped in the exact rapidity to keep the reader facinated yet, not frustrated

    26. Love the book, I just have finished it in 3 days. It has the right amount of mistery and fun so it is very easy to read.tTks for let me read it

    27. 3.5 STARS14 year old Amy isn't too thrilled when she has to leave LA to move to a small town called Narrowdale right before her freshman year. Not only is it bad enough that it's taking her a while to make friends, but she's starting to learn that this own is hiding more than a few secrets. Like the homeless man who seems to be able to read minds and see the future. Like the terrifying dreams that are haunting Amy's every night. When Amy decides she can't take any more sleepless nights, she begi [...]

    28. I received a copy of this title for review through the Library Thing Early Reviewers giveaways.Two Sentence Synopsis:When Amy moved from L.A. to the boring suburb of Narrowdale she was pretty sure she was about to experience some big changes in her life – not necessarily for the better. Finding new friends turns out to be the least of her worries however and when the terrifyingly realistic nightmares begin, Amy knows that there’s something strange running beneath the ordinary exterior of her [...]

    29. I won a copy of this from the YA Spring Fling, but this does not affect the honesty of my review.Sleepless is creepy. I don't usually read scary stuff because I can't stomach them. But while this book gave me the chills, I couldn't put it down. The mystery behind Amy's dreams really drew me into the story. Vivid descriptions of her dreams added to the suspense. I could picture those frightening scenes quite clearly. The revelations of exactly what happened in her dreams were well-paced. There wa [...]

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