The Fisherman's Lily

The Fisherman s Lily When Lily Dietz an ambitious yet short tempered Asian American NYC homicide detective and longtime partner John Fremont begin to work a unique but gruesome murder case cryptic clues in the evidence

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  • Title: The Fisherman's Lily
  • Author: Suzanne Spiegoski
  • ISBN: 9780692367438
  • Page: 274
  • Format: Paperback
  • When Lily Dietz, an ambitious yet short tempered Asian American NYC homicide detective, and longtime partner John Fremont begin to work a unique but gruesome murder case, cryptic clues in the evidence start to link with Lily s dark and troubling past one deeply imprinted with many psychological and emotional issues Borderline manic depressive and a self destructive alcohoWhen Lily Dietz, an ambitious yet short tempered Asian American NYC homicide detective, and longtime partner John Fremont begin to work a unique but gruesome murder case, cryptic clues in the evidence start to link with Lily s dark and troubling past one deeply imprinted with many psychological and emotional issues Borderline manic depressive and a self destructive alcoholic, Lily is strikingly beautiful and spoiled by her younger brother, CJ, a NBA All Star basketball Knicks player, due to guilt uprooting from their own family history separations of heart wrenching losses and disappointments The hunt for the killer escalates when the detectives discover than one murder Someone with cruel and twisted intentions motivated by a taste for sophistication yet also depravity is targeting and brutally mutilating Asian American women And somehow, the murderer knows Lily far too well Soon the game of cat and mouse becomes a thrilling chase from beginning to end, where Lily s reality and the people in it begin to doubt her, not only as a detective but as a person Who will be able to save this damaged soul Or who will be the one to destroy it

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    1. Lily Dietz is a homicide detective in NYC. Together with her partner John Fremont is she investigating the brutal murder of an Asian-American girl. When another body turns up it starts to make clear to Lily that the murders somehow are connected to her and something that happened to her in the past. It doesn't make it easier that she is working closely together with her ex that is now married to her best friend Janelle.This a debut novel and I think that Suzanne Spiegoski has done a really good [...]

    2. Wow! I should probably end my review right there. That seems to say it all. So many emotions reading this one. Mystery yes. The usual cast of characters yes and no. There were homicide detectives and a really bad guy but everyone in this book seemed to be Lily Dietz and John Frement are homicide detectives. They have been partners for a long time; at one time they were lovers, but John is now married to someone else. Lily is a network of unresolved issues a dysfunctional family, a father who [...]

    3. 4*The Fisherman's Lily by Suzanne SpiegoskiIf you followed my updates on while reading this book you may have noticed that it did not first initially grip me. I found the text to be way overly descriptive at times the point where I almost lost what the story was about. However the story itself had some promise so I continued to read despite my initial misgivings.Lily herself is an interesting character. A NYC Homicide detective with a slightly unhealthy and obsessive nature. There is an interes [...]

    4. The Fisherman's Lily is the first crime novel that I read. Thanks to the author - Suzanne for sending me a signed copy of this book.Disclaimer: I received a free copy of this book from the author in exchange of my honest review.The Fisherman's Lily talks about how a homicide detective - Lily Dietz comes across a case which the clues gathered from the victim's body shows her a sign of her dark past.When I first started reading the book, I immediately fell in love with Suzanne's writing. I'm a per [...]

    5. The Fisherman’s Lily is set deep in the heart of New York City. The story begins when the body of a young female Asian is discovered wrapped in an oriental rug. Detective Lily Dietz and detective John Fermont are called into investigate the gruesome murder and soon discover that the unknown victim had been tortured and died from several brutal and horrific sexual assaults. Lily also notices a distinctive beauty spot on the victim’s upper right cheek. However, before Lily can progress any fur [...]

    6. Read the full review and more like this at: Polkadot's Book BlogLike scavengers, all of them fed on the detectives for answers. All they received was neglect.What better way to start a crime thriller with a dead body being found in a creepy way, which is exactly how The Fisherman's Lily starts. We first meet Lily Dietz when she races from her brother's basketball game to a crime scene involving a dead body being wrapped in an oriental rug. Seriously, how can you not be gripped by that?! So much [...]

    7. donnasbookblog.wordpress/Wow, just wow - I really loved this book - it was fast paced and right up my street - I love crime and serial killer thrillers and this one did not disappoint. I was genuinely delighted when I was contacted by the author and asked if I wanted to review this book for her in exchange for an honest review. I read the blurb and immediately knew I wanted to read it. I love books that are based in areas that I have visited too as I feel they come more to life in my imagination [...]

    8. "The Fisherman's Lily" by Suzanne Spiegoski is an exciting thriller that stars a New York detective named Lily Dietz as she hunts for the serial killer who knows more about her than she thinks. The author demonstrates extraordinary flair for creating a nail-biting suspense while exploring a methodical and cunning serial killer. The Fisherman's Lily is told with a strong voice. The dialogue is about perfect and images are a real treat. Apart from her male partner (he was very unlike-able) the cha [...]

    9. *Copy provided by the author in exchange for an honest review. *A woman's body has been found in the park, mutilated, wrapped in a rug. It is Lily's case. She and her partner John are working on this very disturbing case. Is there a serial killer on sight?Lily works for the police department her entire life. Solving murders is her priority in life and often comes before anything else. Her best friend is a dog named Cuffs and sometimes it seems that the German Shepherd is the only friend she has. [...]

    10. Spiegoski has a degree in Criminal Justice and it definitely shows, I found Lily's investigations to be intriguing at times and definitely detailed. This could have been something really good, but it didn't end up working for me because there were too many details and too much description about things that didn't add depth to the plot, character, or setting in an interesting way. There was a lot of 'telling' instead of 'showing' in general. Large information dumps were difficult to get through, [...]

    11. Aside from the well-paced plot, I do think that the dialogue could use some work. They lack conviction. The ending was also a bit of a cliché for me, however, seeing how this is Spiegoski’s debut novel, I’m willing to let it slide. All in all, The Fisherman’s Lily was a satisfying read.Full review on Priscilla and her Books

    12. I got about 1/2 way through.just could not finish. I found the writing stilted; the book in serious need of a good editing job. This was so distracting, that I could not finish.

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