In the Valley of Lily

In the Valley of Lily Lily Jones had agreed to work for the reclusive Mr Edward Darby for the summer at his remote Chateau Oriol in the mountains of Spain Upon her arrival she discovers he expects from his maid than a wel

  • Title: In the Valley of Lily
  • Author: Katja Doremus Katie Devoe
  • ISBN: 9780990959519
  • Page: 281
  • Format: Paperback
  • Lily Jones had agreed to work for the reclusive Mr Edward Darby for the summer at his remote Chateau Oriol in the mountains of Spain Upon her arrival, she discovers he expects from his maid than a well ordered house he demands absolute obedience As she explores the shadowy corridors of the fairytale chateau, Lily cannot shake the feeling that behind the locked doLily Jones had agreed to work for the reclusive Mr Edward Darby for the summer at his remote Chateau Oriol in the mountains of Spain Upon her arrival, she discovers he expects from his maid than a well ordered house he demands absolute obedience As she explores the shadowy corridors of the fairytale chateau, Lily cannot shake the feeling that behind the locked doors lie unspeakable secrets.In the Valley of Lily is the story of unexpected lust and wild passions, of savage couplings, and the unexpected freedom that can only be discovered through complete and utter submission.

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    1. This a very dark read and not really for the faint-hearted!!Lily was a virgin, an innocent. She thinks she’s going to the Chateau to be a maid. It became apparent quite quickly to her that that was not the true reason for her being there. No…she’s pretty much held hostage there by the Master of the house and everything known to her and is precious to her is taken from her. This includes her freedom, her innocence and her virginity in a particularly scornful way.Edward Darby is the ultimate [...]

    2. Lily accepts a summer job at Chateau Oriol working for the reclusive Mr. Darby. She finds quickly that this is not an ordinary job, and that her complete obedience and submission is required as part of her duties. Through her bizarre and difficult experience at the Chateau, Lily discovers that she has needs and desires that she never could have conceived of before. She experiences darkness and erotic pleasures that she both loves and fears. This is a dark read. If you are not a fan of the dark s [...]

    3. Arc kindly provided in exchange for an honest review.3.5 STARS!This was a new author for me, I had to investigate. I found out she's writing under a pen name. So this isn't her first book, just her first book with this name. I definitely liked her style and would to see what other dark stories she could produce.I really enjoyed the story, but it lacked in ways that would've made it a five star read for me. The book is well-written with dark themes, I would recommend to other dark readers who nee [...]

    4. The alpha male Edward is strong, sensual and cruel; he really is a sadist. The heroine is very young, innocent and is putty in his hands. She quickly learns to enjoy everything he throws at her; she is submissive but finds her way through it to expose an inner strength. She yearns for her master, and he moulds her into the partner he needs. I got the impression he was doing this without realising that there would be an end product; one he craved and wanted to 'keep'. He'd had many young girls bu [...]

    5. I should state that I normally do not read dark erotic BDSM themed reads. I was really sucked into this book. Some scenes were raw, rough, and brutal. I found myself questioning whether there was actual consent during some scenes or if it was against her will. I really struggled with the darkness of this book. Again, I don’t usually like dark reads like this, but I am not rating it on being YA, or even a Contemporary Romance. It is the darkest of erotica and for that Katja is right on the mark [...]

    6. I have a passion for flamenco, bullfights and matadors. Any story set in Spain makes my underarms tingle and my breath race. "In the Valley of Lily" had the desired effect. And someWhile young Spanish women are flocking to Northern Europe to find work, Lily Jones has made the reverse journey and finds herself as a serving girl in the remote Chateau Oriol, a castle nestling in the mountains with great views and enough bondage gear to wake the Marquis de Sade from his slumbers. Edward Darby is a D [...]

    7. Wow I actually read this book earlier this month and had to sit on writing this review until I knew what I was going to say. I still am not real sure. This is definitely a DARK and I do like my dark reads so In the Valley of Lily didn't shock me. I do think there needs to be a WARNING on this book so people that don't like this type of book will know what to expect. Even though the synopsis does hint that this is a dark read. So WARNING there is nonconsensual and consensual sex. There is cruelty [...]

    8. *I received a free copy to read & review for Wicked Reads Review Team*This book was a quick read- It was fast paced, everything happened for a reason, and it was "cold". Many scenes occurred of the Dominant/submissive sort - but I never felt the intimacy that scenes of this nature usually evoke.Lily, a young virgin from USA, takes a summer job as a maid for a wealthy man in Spain. After a very cold reception, she's immediately thrown into the job. While innocent and naive, she is very eager [...]

    9. Lily heads to Chateau Oriol where her expectations are to be a maid, a servant to Mr. Darby. Well she definitely services others, all the while battling within herself the continued emptiness of being invisible to those around her. Lily feels less than, unwanted, and rejected. Darby teaches her to submit and accept pain with pleasure. Lily having no experience becomes needy, craving these pairings. Lily was defiled by strangers and this turned my stomach. Her weeping was not from pleasure, it wa [...]

    10. 3.5 starsWe see Lily accepting a cleaning job for a wealthy man in Spain for the duration of the summer.But as she enters to house she soon sees that it is not what she expected at all. Mr Darby is controlling, demanding, sadistic man who enjoys the power he has over Lily.As the days go by she seems to notice certain doors are locked and she is forbidden to enter but this only sparks her interest into finding out,One night on hearing noises she soon discovers what is behind one of the doors, wi [...]

    11. If you're looking for a quick dirty, dildo-filled read then you might just want to give In the Valley of Lily a try!I love a super sexy Dom/Sub read and this was jam packed with cuffs and collars, "sharing is caring" scenarios- if you know what I mean, paddles, chastity belts, and tears.Lily leaves her home, for a job as a servant, although she wasn't exactly told she would be this kind of "servant". Mr. Edward Darby is handsome, loaded, and clearly a Dom. Of course he starts out as mean and deg [...]

    12. In The Valley of Lily wasn't the typical dark read I'm accustomed to. It definitely had a dark flare to the erotic and sensual nature of the story. Sweet and innocent Lily accepted a job abroad as a maid with expectations of exploring culture and scenery but found herself on a completely different road of exploration. Her need to please drove her to accept anything and everything that she was put thru and when it was apparent that not only had her body given in to the proclivities she was expose [...]

    13. I started reading this in hopes of finding something on par with Twist Me: The Complete Trilogy by Anna Zaires. In the Valley of Lily came close, but just didn't get me quite as connected with and attached to the characters. I might feel differently had the book been either longer, or made into a series. This book just moved very quickly and there were a lot of 'in between' moments that I felt should have been included that weren't. That being said, I just have to say for the people who keep rev [...]

    14. Start right off by saying I hated the treament of Lily this was not sharing this was being thrown to the wolves. Wow Edward was cold and mean to her, and to a point so was Charles, he used her for the enjoyment of his friendsWas Charles a pimp? he sure acted like one. Charles was nicer to her and did teach her to be a stronger women. Lily went along with everything that was done to her because she "loved" Edward and wanted to please him. I'm not that into humilation so this story gave me the cre [...]

    15. This is a hard review for me to write. I think I could have enjoyed this book a lot more if it didn't feel so rushed. In my opinion it felt like huge chunks of time went by and things happened in that time-frame that went with the plot of the story and we missed it. I just didn't feel anything that I read in this book showed me that Mr.Darby was falling in love with Lily. I think if we were told more of what happened in the blue room during the months that we skipped past then maybe I could have [...]

    16. This was a new author for me. it was a short read. If you like Dark Erotica then this book is for you. We have chains, paddles, cuffs ect. Lily thinks she is going to be a servant "maid" but no she is not going to be that type of servant. wow this book will make you squirm.

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