Stream Liner of the Lost Souls

Stream Liner of the Lost Souls The Stream Liner is a powerful alien who crash landed on earth hundreds of years ago his only goal is to somehow go home he has no challengers on this planet and humans to him are nothing than ants

  • Title: Stream Liner of the Lost Souls
  • Author: Paul Leslie Griffiths
  • ISBN: 9780595378166
  • Page: 472
  • Format: Paperback
  • The Stream Liner is a powerful alien who crash landed on earth hundreds of years ago, his only goal is to somehow go home, he has no challengers on this planet, and humans to him are nothing than ants To keep him from not going insane he devises his own games, these games normally exist of people, men and women as he has no preference, where he can manipulate and makThe Stream Liner is a powerful alien who crash landed on earth hundreds of years ago, his only goal is to somehow go home, he has no challengers on this planet, and humans to him are nothing than ants To keep him from not going insane he devises his own games, these games normally exist of people, men and women as he has no preference, where he can manipulate and make them do things that they would never normally dream of in their own life.One of the main characters, a young girl by the name of Shannon is struggling to keep herself and her only brother left in this world away from the drugs and gang violence that is rife in their home town, the only problem is Ben her brother has no intention of keeping out of trouble, he has joined a gang and he thinks this is his best way of protecting his sister, he loves the control this gives him over other people As in real the real world nothing in life is that simple, Shannon s life gets turned on its head as the books go on, finding love is the easy part keeping what she wants is another thing What with the Stream Liner and a serial killer on the loose nobody is safe, one thing is for sure though Shannon has not come this far to lose what she has left in her life You can run but you cannot hide from the Stream Liner A six book series.Now also available on Kindle and smash words in all formats ONLY 0.77 Pence or 99 cents

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    1. Review of Stream Liner of the Lost Soulsby Paul Leslie Griffiths5 StarsWow! What an adventuresome, exciting, non-stop-paced, horror-laden, hopeful, wonderful book! I literally raced through in one sitting and could not put it down till I reached the end-and found myself wanting the story to go on and on.In a dingy, run-down town in England, where the depressed economy has put paid to the profiteers who once tried to make a go of industry, sometimes it's all a person can do to just get by. Shanno [...]

    2. i read this some time ago now and i must say i have read it again, the twists in this book are mostly ones that you will not automatically see coming, he seems to have his own original way of writing i have not come across his style before but im sure someone has on here be interesting to know who has this style as i would be interested in reading some more like this frills book really which seems to be unusual from all the books i have read. good luck to him i say.

    3. Shannon works two jobs to make ends meet and also tries to keep her older brother away from the drugs and violence that surrounds them in an area that the cops won't even come to. Too bad Ben doesn't want to be kept away, he thrives on it. Shannon is determined to get them out though, she has already lost both parents and another brother and won't lose him too. After horrific events unfold, everything changes, all of mankind will be affected. An evil that spans continents has come to their town [...]

    4. I was totally surprised as I have never read a book like this before but I was hooked from Chapter One. It is an easy read with lot's of twists, and although very gruesome in parts I found it totally gripping, I cannot wait for the release of Paul's second book, really hope it's not a long wait Paul.

    5. Read it, as saw a few people talking about it on FB! Loved it, refreshing read from a new author, looking forward to the next edition! Although i agree with the authors blog on here, it is an easy read, which personally isn't a bad thing from time to time.

    6. just could not stop readying awesome i found things in this book close to everyday real life and also others that i think everyone thinks about from now and then can wait for pauls next book early next year i will be waiting with true excitement.

    7. I found this book on Twitter and bought it. Although I don’t normally read this type of horror book, I enjoyed it. It’s full of twists and turns and will keep you on the edge of your seat. I love Paul Griffiths writing stile and will definitely read more of his work. It’s definitely unusual.

    8. read this last year, been waiting for the author to bring out a second, I am excited to now see from his profile that the next one will be published early part of next year, cant wait I will defiantly be buying

    9. Liked the book, not normally my kind of thing. Thought the way it was written was clever and different. Would recommend this and not just for lovers of this genre!

    10. My son read this and gave me his copy, was surprised as never heard of book, enjoyed it and looking forward to the next edition (i hear it's on its way)!

    11. I received this book free from the author in exchange for an honest review.I feel really bad about my 3/5 star review because others loved this book, I just couldn't. It wasn't my thing at all. I really felt like the summary was for another book. I thought this book would be about teens fighting to get away from gangs and drugs on the street. I was so far off its not even funny. To start off, this book was not YA, maybe it could pass as NA but I would say adult. It was very gruesome and there wa [...]

    12. I particularly like the beginning of this book, the description of the once vibrant manufacturing or mining town ruined by those wanting to make a quick buck by finding somewhere cheaper to invest in . No-one willing to fund new infrastructure nor wanting to pay decent wages because it would hurt the bottom line. The results of this quick-buck mentality are visible all over the world; great towns losing their brightest children, the rest left to survive as best they can. The slow rotting of the [...]

    13. Just when things are getting even better the book ends. I know that there is more going on than I have read or I didn't read between the lines. There's a few people that I don't know what happened to them and then there's Shannon there's something about her that I feel I'm missing. Then there's Lucifer who is he and where does he fit in all this destruction? I have more questions than answers. This series has me hooked so bad that I need to reread them before book 4 is released. I need to figure [...]

    14. I don't always read what the author writes about the book because I like to be shocked and surprised. I was very shocked surprised and confused. I thought that the stream liner was doing all the killing them to find out he wasn't. Then the way the killer was performing the killings. I felt sorry for his son to have grown up so fast and wondering who he was and who he wanted to be like human or beast. If you enjoy reading the gross details of horror books and wondering what will be coming next re [...]

    15. What a follow up to Stream Liners the Lost Souls, again another gripping read from Paul Leslie Griffiths 'She struggled against the ropes that were tying her down, she was finding it hard to swallow, the gag in her mouth was tight, too tight. Although she hadn’t a stitch on she wasn’t cold, in fact she felt like she was on fire, she didn’t want to look around the room but she had too-'The footsteps didn’t come to her bedroom, instead they walked into her bathroom he turned the taps on an [...]

    16. I don't read horror books I'm more romance but I have to say this has taken my reading to something new. I love the story the plot the graphic images that played in my mind. All the characters and the well written parts they played made you fill sorry for some and joy for others. Well written and will be enjoying the whole series. Thank you Paul for letting me get to know you enough on fb want to read your book series .

    17. Absolutely remarkable. This is the second book in the series and what a treat it was to read it. I didn't think you could get any better than book one but I was so wrong. This book was sensational I really didn't want it to end. what a gifted and talented author Paul is. I can't wait to read book 3 downloading now.

    18. Fantastic book. I couldn't put this book down from start to finish. what a remarkable first book from Paul Griffiths. I will definitely be purchasing book 2 of the Stream Liner Series.

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