Handful Of Thieves

Handful Of Thieves When a confidence man disappears with Fred s grandmother s savings the five children of the committee set out to find the man and recover the money

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  • Title: Handful Of Thieves
  • Author: Nina Bawden
  • ISBN: 9780140304725
  • Page: 287
  • Format: Paperback
  • When a confidence man disappears with Fred s grandmother s savings, the five children of the committee set out to find the man and recover the money.

    One thought on “Handful Of Thieves”

    1. A 1967 children's novel from one of the finest story-tellers of this or any age! Nina Bawden always captures the true sensibilities of childhood, and treats her juvenile subjects with commensurate respect. This tale follows the exploits of a gang of disparate boys & girlse handful of thieves!who just about rub along together but come to rely on each other as the adventure with a thief & conman reaches its climax in a hue-and-cry along the banks of an urban river, with a ferocious dog &am [...]

    2. I read this as an adult and really liked it. I am going to recommend it to my niece.I liked the variety in kids and adults behaviours. Sometimes the kids are just plain mean and sometimes the adults are. I liked the mystery and the real fear the kids had in the middle of it. I love scholastic!

    3. I read this at school after the author came in to our class and talked to us about it, I bought a copy and she signed it. Very exciting children's book.

    4. Small easy book to read when you're on the train or waiting a bit longer than an hour. Didn't specifically enjoy it, didn't hate it either, it's a sort of bland rice pudding, nice when you feel like it, really boring when you make yourself do it.

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