Luna of Mine

Luna of Mine We ve watched the Romanian Grey Wolves find their true mates fight against evil and reunite with the other Canis lupis in the world Now we will see just how the most powerful Alpha in their history m

  • Title: Luna of Mine
  • Author: Quinn Loftis
  • ISBN: 9781500676865
  • Page: 401
  • Format: Paperback
  • We ve watched the Romanian Grey Wolves find their true mates, fight against evil and reunite with the other Canis lupis in the world Now we will see just how the most powerful Alpha in their history met his match with the woman who became his mate, and helped him become the man he needed to be in order to lead Every life leaves behind a legacy Every story has a beginninWe ve watched the Romanian Grey Wolves find their true mates, fight against evil and reunite with the other Canis lupis in the world Now we will see just how the most powerful Alpha in their history met his match with the woman who became his mate, and helped him become the man he needed to be in order to lead Every life leaves behind a legacy Every story has a beginning and an end The Alpha of the Romania Grey Wolves knows this better than most He also knows it s the things that transpire to create that legacy and the experiences, triumphs and failures that happen in the middle of the story that matter His story began a century ago and now a tragedy has led him to his rightful place as Alpha of the Eastern Romania pack Before he led hundreds, he had to learn to lead a few Before he sacrificed for all, he had to be willing to sacrifice for any Before he could be the man destined to save his race he had to be willing to serve them In order to be raised up he had to first be torn down There was only one who could do this and live, only one who could light his way when the darkness closed in his mate, his Luna This is the building of their legacy, the middle of their story Their triumphs, their failures, and their tragedy s that would one day make them strong enough to restore a race torn apart by greed, envy, and fear.

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    1. Luna of MineThere is so much running through my head right now concerning Luna of Mine that I honestly don't know where to begin. I have to say it felt so good to spend some time with Jen, Sally and Jacque and their mates. I have missed the humor and the verbal flirty play especially with Jen and Decebel. This book is the perfect conclusion to the Grey Wolves Series. Throughout Prince of Wolves, Blood Rites, One Drop of Blood, Out of the Dark, Beyond the Veil, Fate and Fury and Sacrifice of Love [...]

    2. When I pick up a book from the Grey Wolves Series, I know without any doubt that I will be entertained. Every single book has made me laugh and sent me for a loop when I thought one thing was about to happen but something else actually did. Luna of Mine was no exception on both counts. I literally “howl” with laughter at the smart banter between the characters. I love it when an Alpha, who is used to being obeyed, is challenged by a female who won’t bend under his power and makes him reali [...]

    3. I didn’t expect to like this book as much as the others, since it was going back in time, 1800, for Vasile and Alina’s story. I was very wrong! I loved it just as much! Alina comes from a farming family. They weren’t well to do but got by with what they had and were a happy family. Her father had made it clear that she would be twenty years old before she could be mated. Her best friend’s brother, Serghai, had his idea that someday Alina would show signs and become his mate. Alina had al [...]

    4. Quinn has done it again! She has released a book which has kept me on my toes throughout. I have laughed, cried, and even been shocked at some of the outcomes in Luna Mine. Needless to say the final book in the Grey Wolves Series is just as exiting and thrilling as the previous seven. I like the fact it focused on Vasile's and Alina's story, I also like the fact that the original three characters from the other books also made an appearance. I can not fault Luna mine or the Grey Wolves Series in [...]

    5. Beautiful perfection That's what I have to say about this book! Once again Quinn Loftis has left me in awe. I knew that Vasile and Alina had to have had an epic love story but I had no idea that it would bring to my knees with feels. The first time that Vasile called her "Mina" I was covered in goose bumps that didn't leave my body until they were joined as one. Can I just say that when I reread this entire series, which I am so happy to say will be as soon as possible, I will be in love with Va [...]

    6. We've been able to get to know the Grey Wolves throughout the last seven books. Alina and Vasile have been a strong, united, and loving Alpha pair throughout the series. Now is our chance to get to learn their story.Quinn does an amazing job of taking us back to see the Alphas before they were mated. Showing that this pair has had their share of tests, deceptions, and secrets. The secret especially is something that I never saw coming, proving that no matter how many books into the series we are [...]

    7. A good stand alone read about the way things began for the two main characters. Though they seem to be supportive in the other books of the grey wolfs this takes you back to a whole new era just by the way they interact with each other so much proper. To read the growing relationship between the main leads was very much needed to know that not everyone is perfect and has a flawless beginning. To have confidence in ones self and to know who you are as a person for the main female lead was wholeso [...]

    8. I was surprised by this book. Especially since Jen and Dec are my favorite in the series. However telling their story now just made sense. I rooted for them all the same even though I knew they would be together in the end. It answered a lot of questions that I didn't realize needed to be answered. I love how Alina knew who she was and even though she had doubts it didn't take away from her character. Great job on reverting their speech I kept expecting to read furball or Peri Fairy, but Quinn d [...]

    9. Vasile and Alina's story, what's not to love?! I have always admired this couple, and after reading this, I do so even more.What I like about the book: It's more of my Grey Wolves! Although I am a huge fan of all things Quinn Loftis, which is kind of obvious since this blog is totally for herI would not complain if, after she finishes the Elfin series (hint, hint, hint), she wrote nothing but more Grey Wolves stuff. I was thrilled to finally find out how it all began. Seeing Vasile so vulnerable [...]

    10. This series has to be my favourite series ever!! Just when I think it's done Quinn write another fantastic book to add to it!! Luna of mine was an amazing tale of success and failure and the price it takes on some people. It opened a whole new world for me about Alina and Vasile and what they had to do to become who they are it showed how it all connected right back to who Fane is!! This was a amazing addition to the series and I will be forever greatful for this series and the wonderful lady wh [...]

    11. So glad I "accidentally" found this book! Great book! As much as I love the younger crew in the series, this story really touched me.

    12. So I'm totally in love with series and it's characters! We got our hot overprotective yet loving dominant makes and are witty intelligent caring girls but this story was special. Vasile and Alina are Alpha and Alpha Female of the Eastern Romanian Pack but it wasn't an easy journey getting there and much trials and tribulations made them the people they are today.This is their story,their beginning, that lead them to be strong Alpha who cared and loved their pack and would sacrifice anything for [...]

    13. Luna of MineAs always Quinn as brought laughter,sadness,truth love and hate to such heights. The story of Alina and Vaslie has been a true love story. The travels and tribulations that a couple face compared to having to prove your worth not just to those you love but to others is so much on a person that the faith and trust you can bring into a relationship and a family or pack is so much more.This is a wonderful lesson in knowing that once you have. trust and love it will get you through all t [...]

    14. The story of Alina and Vasile was very entertaining and showed a different side of the couples bond. I would've liked to read this one first so that I could really enjoy the suspense of not knowing what would happen in the end. I'm surprised the author told what happened to the others as many stories leave you to wonder. It was a good choice because I have a feeling this series is about to come to an end. This was much needed and an exceptional read.

    15. So, Luna of Mine is definitely amazing and I am just so happy it exists. Learning Alina and Vasile's story and how they grew together really gave me new understanding to their relationship and more insight into the books. The world Quinn has built is truly awe-inspiring, and I don't think I've ever wanted to live in a book series more than this one. Anyone with a heart would enjoy this book, especially the fans of the Grey Wolves Series. It's just so great to see Quinn's writing improve each boo [...]

    16. Why can't I give this more than 5 stars?!This book was so epic! It just sucks you in. One of those rare books that someone could be talking to you and you won't hear a word they say because it's like you are literally there and living it. I really hope this is not the last book. I hope there are tons more to come. Luna of Mine takes you back to what life was like when Vasile and Alina first met. It was so amazing to get to hear their story and see all the trials and things they went through. It [...]

    17. Luna of Mine by Quinn Loftis is book eight of the Gray Wolves, and actually goes back in time a little to tell Alina and Vasile's mating story.The story covers how Vasile became Alpha, about the time he found Alina, and the struggles they go through to claim their pack and each other as mates. The story is challenging and thrilling, keeping you on the edge of your seat and feeling for Alina and Vasile the whole time. But it also showcases how their love became so strong and the feelings they hav [...]

    18. This book is so sweet. If you haven't read the other books, I suggest you do. This is about Alina and how she cope with putting up with the Alpha Valise. It is set in the early 1800's where she is a werewolf who's best friends brother is crazy about her. He is so crazy about her that he kills her parents just because she wouldn't except him! Who does that!Anyway she is supposed to control the darkness from Valise heart and keep the peace between werewolf and human. And I thought waking up in the [...]

    19. Dear Quinn,I truly loved these books and I can hardly wait for the next book. I'm so glad you wrote them and I'm glad you had a friend like Jan for she is truly Cool! I laugh and cry with your people and hurt with them too. Please add me to your fan club. We all need a strong Alpha who will lead us and encourage us when we have dark times as well as light days. Who will stand in front and keep harm away. God truly blessed you with a sharp mind to write these books. Thank you so much.This is a gr [...]

    20. Another great read from Mrs. Loftis. This time we are transported back in time to when the great Vasile met his courageous mate Alina. However, this is just not some ordinary love story. This story is made of tragedies, loss, and even despair, with years of heartache in between. Yet, by some miracle or should I say certain fairy this couple not only survives and but triumphs! This a great almost ending to the series.

    21. Oh. My. Freaking. Goodness! "Luna of Mine" was out of this world amazing; I couldn't get enough of it! I absolutely loved reading about Vasile and Alina's story of when they first met and their sometimes not so easy journey afterwards. Their characters were incredible and after reading this story, I am even more partial to them. I simply can't get enough of the Grey Wolves Series and I can't wait for book #9! Thank you so much Quinn for writing such an incredibly addictive series!

    22. I loved to read the story of the Vasile and Mina was heart touching and exciting. I went through all kind of emotions.just amazing and fun to read, if you have not read the series you have to. Oh and like always Jen and Peri didn't disappoint. I laughed out loud at their escape. Great book Quinn. Keep them coming. I cannot get enough of your characters.

    23. I forgot how much I love these books! But now I remember why I was avoiding reading the few I hadI always want to read more and now I can't o!! This was a great prequel about Vasile and Alina. It was basically their first story and the first evil they overcame and it was fab. They are amazing. I just want to keep reading about them all.

    24. If you haven't read the prior 7 books don't worry about it. The main story in this book is a prequel to all the prior books. You will still enjoy the love story, the action, family and friendship of how Vasile and Alina the most powerful Alpha couple of the wolfs came to be. If you have been a fan and read all the prior books at least twice like me then you are going to love this book even more.

    25. So I read this book in six hours I just could not put it down! It was so amazing to have a little insight into our beloved alphas and their history. Quinn did such an incredible job tying together the past with what we know of the future and now I am even more excited to see what she has in store for our favorite wolves next.

    26. This is so similar to my favorite of the series; book one. This is both a positive and negative. It was like a rewrite so while I liked the premis the duplication was a downer. Anyway the female lead annoyed me but for immaturity issues more than anything. Not a bad story.

    27. Omg this book is an amazing love story. I've always wondered why I love vasile and Alina so much. They are a strong mated pair and should live happy and ruling lives. This book is amazing and I almost cried because of the love they share and have for one another.

    28. it was a good book over all, but I thought it was very slow for the most part. I enjoyed the last couple chapters when it began to pick up, now to finish the last book. still a Jen fan and always will be.#greywolves

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