Little Vampire

Little Vampire Living in a house filled with grown up ghouls and monsters Little Vampire is so lonely that he s even willing to go to school if that s what it takes to find friends Unfortunately school seems to be

  • Title: Little Vampire
  • Author: Joann Sfar Edward Gauvin Alexis Siegel
  • ISBN: 9781596432338
  • Page: 483
  • Format: Paperback
  • Living in a house filled with grown up ghouls and monsters, Little Vampire is so lonely that he s even willing to go to school if that s what it takes to find friends Unfortunately, school seems to be filled with children who are still alive Little Vampire finds friendship with a boy named Michael, and they embark on adventures in the three stories in this collectiLiving in a house filled with grown up ghouls and monsters, Little Vampire is so lonely that he s even willing to go to school if that s what it takes to find friends Unfortunately, school seems to be filled with children who are still alive Little Vampire finds friendship with a boy named Michael, and they embark on adventures in the three stories in this collection Included in this book are Little Vampire Goes to School a New York Times Bestseller , Little Vampire Does Kung Fu, and Little Vampire and the Society of Canine Defenders now published in the United States for the first time Insightful and inventive, Joann Sfar brings Little Vampire and Michael s fantastical world to young readers in stories that both feed the imagination and resonate with emotional truth.

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    1. چهار ستاره کمیکی(نقاشی+خاص بودن+داستان گویی متفاوت+عجیب بودن)به طرز وحشتناکی دوست داشتنییک کمیک که انگار از دل انیمیشن های محبوبم در اومده، عروس مردگان و کابوس قبل از کریسمسنقاشی های عجیب غریب و شلوغ، داستان کودکانه و سادهیعنی یک ترکیب عالی۹۵.۱۲.۱۹I just loved it. Exactly what I needed. A comic st [...]

    2. اگر نظر یه دوست قابل اعتماد وجود نداشت بعید بود سراغ این کتاب برمبا خوندن چند صفحه اول احساس کردم این هم مثل بقیه داستان‌های تکراری‌ای هست که فقط نقاشی‌های بانمک دارناماوقتی به اواسط داستان رسیدم یهو همه چی تغییر کرد. به طرز عجیبی جالب و بانمک شد، نه اونقدر که برای یه بزرگسا [...]

    3. I've read this one a lot over the years. It's one of my favorites. The Little Vampire Goes to School I especially love. It's silly and lighthearted in many ways but also addresses loss and death and myths as metaphors for our emotional experiences (as well as best homework practices for those who are friends with vampires.)

    4. I think what I love most about Sfar's work is how confidently and centrally Jewish it is. It's not always a big deal, and it isn't here; it's just a fact. When the skeletal Captain asks the little boy Michael to swear on the sign of the cross, Michael says, "I'm Jewish." "Swear on the sign of the star, then." "We don't do that," Michael says. "Besides, I'm an atheist."Little Vampire is tired of being the only kid in a house of ghosts and monsters. He wants to go to school. The monsters take him, [...]

    5. i didnt finish this book it was a bit boy. also the cursive was hard to read. i think boys should read this book.

    6. Sfar, J. (2008). Little Vampire. New York: First Second.1596432330Originally published as child-friendly individual comics, Little Vampire includes three of those comics as chapters in this graphic novel. In the old mansion, Little Vampire surprises all the ghosts and other creatures of the night by declaring that he wants to go to school. Of course there's a problem—classes are held in the daytime and Little Vampire can only venture to school in the night. Not giving up on his desire to learn [...]

    7. The little vampire is interesting. It has three stories in one, but personally I believe that you have to read the first story to understand the rest of them. One explains how he gets his friend Michael, and the rest talk about their adventures.This is a cool graphic novel. Every page the color scheme fits how the scenes are going. If it is red, it might be tension or someone is angry. If the color is purple it is more calm and the scene is building up to what is happening next. The gutter space [...]

    8. Beginning with the positives: the art was cute and a bit reminiscent of the nightmare before christmas, but with more jewel tones. I like the basic idea of a vampire child trying to make friends, it's a bit like Casper.The not so positives: The intended audience and tone seemed to bounce around, as some things were captain-underpants-style humor but the story also touched on a more serious look at religion and wives being unfaithful. There were internal consistency problems and unexplained aspec [...]

    9. The best thing about it is Little Vampire's dog, Phanomoto, who is bright red and Rotten Ralph-like. Little Vampire himself doesn't have a name, and his origin is a little puzzling. The monsters are all cute in a Real Monsters/Ugly Doll sort of way, so it isn't really creepy, but the stories aren't very well thought-out, as if Sfar ran into problems, picked a solution, and let that drag him along to the next problem.Neither Natasha nor I loved it. For a similar feel, but more cohesive plot, I ca [...]

    10. Joann Sfar is a genius! This is one of the best children's books ever. Beautifully drawn and wildly imaginative. The stories are exciting and fun, it has that "anything can happen" feel to it with just the right amount of values to go with it. Sfar cannot help but putting a bit of himself in one of the characters: Michael, the little vampire's best friend is clearly a young Joann Sfar. I wish I would have read this as a kid. Can't wait for more

    11. I liked this one better than Sardine in Outer Space, feeling that the art worked a little better and that the pacing of the storyline was more appropriate. Still not one of my favourite funny graphic novels though- it just didn't grab me the way I would have expected it to- but at found it engaging enough to make it to the end.

    12. And yet another great offering from First Second by the very unique and quirky Joann Sfar, whose "The Rabbi's Cat" is a great adult graphic novel. All about a charming vampire boy, his human buddy Michael, and the outlandish denizens of a haunted house who watch over the children along with Michael's tolerant grandparents.

    13. I love Joan Sfar's drawing and storytelling sensibility. This short graphic novel is aimed for children, it tells three stories of a little vampire living in a house of ghosts and other ghouls who befriends a local orphaned Jewish boy. Each story unfolds as an adventure but ends with a distinct moral.

    14. This is a cute graphic novel series that starts with a little vampire who just wants to go to school. It has monsters, vampires, ghosts and more. There is a character obsessed with poop and a rude dog that I think would make a great Family Guy character. I can't wait to book talk this to a boy. Grades 4+ but not for a sensative kid.

    15. A delightfully dark children's comic. This is a collection of three stories, and while I enjoyed them all I thought that the first two had a bit more all ages appeal. It might just have been because I was reaching the end of the book, but the last one felt the least appealing to me as an adult; this was despite the fact that I had already read the first story once as a separate picture book.

    16. This is one of the titles I included on my RIEMA presentation last month. I think it's a lot of fun and the illustrations are wonderful as are the characters. Little Vampire just wants to have the life of someone who is alive so he makes friends with a boy and begins to do normal activities but during the night.

    17. Little Vampire makes friends with a human, helps fight a bully, and saves a group of make-up animal test dogs. This is a weird comic. It is aimed at children, but it is very dark at points. The boy in the story at one point says he's an athiest, and he also tells his grandfather that he wants to shoot up everyone in his schoolry un-PC, and I like it.

    18. Little Vampire is funny, quirky, clever, and entertaining. I enjoyed hanging out with him and his friends. There is so much to look at in every frame, and the scariest of monsters manage to be friendly and welcoming. Cute!

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    20. One Sentence Review: I am a Sfar fan to the marrow of my bones but I have found that unless he is writing for adults his books err a little too far into Itchy and Scratchy territory for my liking.

    21. This is a very strange little graphic with three stories included. A bit like "The Addams Family," but with more gore and mess. Definitely for older kids, though some bits seem to skew young.

    22. Cute little graphic novel that tackles some tough issues (losing a parent at a young age, bullies, animal testing, and adoption) with humord vampires! A great read for young adults for sure.

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