Time After Time

Time After Time Engaged to the vampire Dorian Cora s world is shattered when the key to the victory of their allies is snatched from them by those who wish to enslave humanity When Dorian breaks her trust to set thi

  • Title: Time After Time
  • Author: V.M. Black
  • ISBN: null
  • Page: 432
  • Format: Kindle Edition
  • Engaged to the vampire Dorian, Cora s world is shattered when the key to the victory of their allies is snatched from them by those who wish to enslave humanity When Dorian breaks her trust to set things right, will she be able to forgive him Or will events greater than she could have ever imagined overtake them both

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    1. This is the kind of story that makes me wonder if I’m the weirdo that likes what most dislikes and doesn’t like much what most people applauds. Dorian is my type of hero. He’s the nicest boyfriend, caring, loving, indulgent, with the coolest demeanor, still possessive and protective and yet smoldering hot, over-all awesome lover. Who cares if he’s got a stoic attitude?! He’s lived for possibly a millennia therefore he knows how to keep his cool so we really cannot blame him for not los [...]

    2. This one lost a bit of momentum for me (this may be contributed by the fact that I was in a 2-month book slump at the beginning of the year), but it felt a bit more drawn out than the last couple of books in terms of progression with Cora and Dorian's wedding and the battle that is raging in the interim.That being said, it was still another great turn in the Cora's Bond series. I'm curious how Ms. Black will tie up all the loose ends in the next installment which is planned as the last in the se [...]

    3. The key to victory has been snatched by those who wish to enslave humans and Dorian breaks her trust to set things right, shattering Cora’s world in this entrancing installment of Cora’s Bond.Cora is bombarded with more emotional turmoil when it comes to Dorian’s world and the reader can’t help but get caught in all the uproar that results when Dorian’s enemies strike a devastating blow to their project. These strong compelling characters continue to draw readers into their complex and [...]

    4. Poor Cora when I finally think she going to get a break and live her HEA something tragic happened. Cora & Damien find out they have a traitor in their mitts they gather all the employees to single out the traitor. When everyone's gather up it it was Cora who ends up finding out who the traitor is but when she tries to single him out he end up killing himself instead and to Cora surprise she didn't even have a break down when it occurred. Finally Cora & Damien start putting all the piece [...]

    5. This starts off with finding out who has betrayed Dorian and then we have death. And Cora finds out how close their bond is when she feels Dorian's pain after he risks himself and puts himself in danger. All the while wedding plans are still going on and eventually a fun bachelorette party that ends with a missing friend. Where is she and who has her??? I hope nothing bad happens to her I really like that friend a lot! Also Geoff acting strange againCan Cora and Dorian finally have their wedding [...]

    6. Go Team Vicki! She scores AGAIN!!!! Time after Time continues with the story of Cora and her beloved Dorian. In this book, however, Cora is drawn even further into Dorian's world of mystery, expectations, tradition, excitement, intrigue, death, and even murder! V.M. Black throws in an amazing "who-dunnit" story amidst everything else that is going on, and what a ride it was! And IS!!! I am waiting, biting my nails still, counting down the days until the next book! At the heart of it all is the e [...]

    7. OH MY FRAKING GOD!!!!Times like this i really don't know if i should love the brilliance of Vicky or hate it!!!Once again she has managed to write a fantastic story about Cora and Dorian that is packed with action,sentiment,sex ,blood and an emotional roller coster that will have you craving for more!!!!An addictive story once again were we find Cora and Dorian closer to their wedding and at the same time they find traitors among their mist,a retribution that has to be taken and of course a part [...]

    8. Ok, so this morning I made a coffee and decided to start time after time While I drank it. I didn't move again till I finished the book ! Just as well I didn't have anything important to do today lol.Without spoiling it for those that haven't read it yet, I have to say I LOVED the way Cora displayed her feelings to Dorian as they entered the lift after the wake ! Made me grin and say good girl lol. From start to finish I was totally engrossed in this book, the wedding is only a week away and eve [...]

    9. Just finished this fifth installment in the Cora's Bond series and everything is coming to a head. We only have one book left and it has hit the fan. Cora suffers great physical pain, due to her link to Dorian, who has put his life on the line and suffered life threatening injuries, trying to even the score with their enemies. Enemies who have taken Cora's bestie, Lisette, after their fun filled night at her bachlorette party. Our couple's wedding grows near and it will all come down to the last [...]

    10. As always, another great book by V.M. Black, I am never disappointed. There are always several different things going on, wedding plans, wakes, vampire provings, bachelorette parties, kidnappings, that you are constantly drawn in and left wanting more. I'm in a catch 22 - can't wait for the next book, but in the same sense, it's the last book in this series. Happy and sad at the same time.

    11. Book 5 of the Cora's Bond series. The traitor has been found and dealt with. Now Cora and Dorian can focus on their up coming wedding or can they? The Kyrioi are up to no good and now they've taken someone who is very close to Cora. Will Cora and Dorian get the break they deserve?? Can't wait for the final instalment to find out!!

    12. This is such a great read. The advertises that Cora and Doreen have to go through. Love and wedding stuff. A problem that could cause more problems? Time will tell. Or is it all in the daily life of Doreen? This is a must read.

    13. awesome read and of course where this book ends is so close to cora and dorian's wedding can't wait to see what happens in the next chapter hoping that the wedding goes off without a hitch or two excellent read and series

    14. Still can't put them down!I am enjoying all the twists and turns in this exciting series, not to mention all the hot romance. I can't wait to find out what happened to Cora's best friend in the next installment .

    15. Another great book in this series!I loved it! I couldn't put it down! :)However I did want to punch my Kobo when I got to the end and was left with a cliffhanger!But now I have to waitoh well thats life :D

    16. Be still my heart! I loved it. Somebody call 911 ! Ms. Black has turned up the heat, again, in Time After Time, Book 5 in the Cora's Bond Series. She has once again teased, tantalized, dazzled and entertained us with her exceptional talent and writing ability. Black is a woman on fire in this powerful, compelling and deliciously dark tale of love, murder, suspense, and intrigue! And if you can't take the heat----please, call the Fire Department!! Oh my! I did not think it possible, but this seri [...]

    17. Cora and Dorian's story just keeps getting better , their love is getting stronger and their sex life is off the charts! They know they have a trader in their ranks in the lab so everyone is gather without warning and very quickly and lined up for the proving and others are being picked up at their homes and brought to the mansion so they can be proven.Cora has the sad yet also relieved closing on her grandmothers house, of course her bestie Lissette is going with her for moral support and Clari [...]

    18. I am very bless to be a part of the ARC team to read, review and give a honest review. I am a FAN of Vicky and I love all of her books I have read and this book the fifth installment of Cora's Bond is just another great book in this seriesG Cora's Bond series is just AWESOME!!! There Is Love, Hot Sex and Drama. It has made laugh and sometime a little mad. Cora and Dorian wedding is getting nearer and her friend intends to give her a bachelorette party. Can you imagine Dorian having a Vampire bac [...]

    19. Things were going so good and another traitor is unveiled. The plot to stop the research is uncovered and things start falling into place. Cora is starting to feel more a part of Dorians world and is questioning her personal resolve and choices. Its harder to be away from Dorian and continue her college life when she is starting to see the big picture and feeling the pull more intensely. The bond between our two characters is getting stronger and starts to work both ways causing Cora to be confu [...]

    20. Traitirs and Kidnappers! After all the precautions Dorian has taken to protect his research, he finds out that there is a traitor in his lab. Cora watches horrified as one of the employees commits suicide rather than get punished for what he has done. Once Dorian has made sure that another employee can't do the same, he continues proving the rest. They find two more employees that were used to steal the research, one has killed himself the other was prevented from doing the same. They realize th [...]

    21. Time After Time: Cora’s Bond 5This is a continuation of Dorian and Cora’s relationship and thus far, I think this is the best one of the series. They have uncovered at least 5 different traitors from the lab and despite her continuing personal inner fights on what she is being made to give up by living in Dorian’s world; she realizes she is truly bond to him no matter what.They are in a fight for not only their own lives but the fate of the world as a whole and the humans are totally unawa [...]

    22. I could not believe what happened right from the start of the book and wondered what ramifications this would have for the Adelphoi in the future. I felt so bad for Cora when she was suffering being away from Dorian, thoughts kept going through my head of what must be happening. I have to say I got angry at Dorian when he kept refusing to talk to Cora and I thought she had every right to be furious and react the way she did. Once again some hot sexy scenes in all kinds of different places. I sti [...]

    23. So I am definitely not going to give out any spoilers. But if you are like me you are going to be shocked at who the traitor is. And when you find out who it is you're probably going to be like me and say 'dang i should have known that'. Ms. Black has weaved an intricate tale throughout the series that has taken Cora and Dorian in many directions. They are still fighting against the ever present danger yet at the same time Dorian is pushing Cora to move forward with the wedding of which she real [...]

    24. I received this as a ARC for a honest review! I will try not to post spoilers but there is always the chance it will happen so be warned! Now, this book includes parts of the wedding planning. A brides party and a few other interesting twists you just do not see happening till it slams you in the face. I lost sleep so I could finish this book, that is just how good it was!! I do like how Cora is starting to grow up and act slightly more in charge and adult like. It has me liking her a whole lot [...]

    25. V.M. Black is the master of the serial universe. She as to her credit several serials, two ongoing at the moment that have captivated me in a way that I stalk her author page to see when the next release is coming out.Time after Time finds us looking for the traitor amongst Dorian's staff, finding out why Hattie and Jean were murdered, Cora having to face that Dorian as always will do what he does, another note saying you are next, as well as Clarissa gets a haircut. hmmm a bob at that. wonder w [...]

    26. OMG!!! Another FANTASTIC book with a cliffhanger ending that is killing me!!!I realize that with every review I've posted in regards to Cora's Bond Series as well as Cora's Choice, I have pretty much said the same thingLOVE, LOVE, LOVE these books, they continue to get even better and more HOT with each book and I highly recommend this Series to EVERYONE. Except minors because of the sexual content. One thing I would like to add is how much I LOVE Cora's BFF Lisette!! So, without getting into de [...]

    27. I was given a complimentary copy for an honest review by author VM Black. This is #5 from the Cora's Bond book series by the author.There is a traitor that threatens his hard work and Dorian is out to find out who it is and deal with it. Cora is still stressing and dealing with the wedding, school, attempts on her life and Dorian and his work. Hopefully things will calm down soon for her but when a shocking development happens it could send her reeling.I love Cora and Dorian because even though [...]

    28. Oh my! I did not think it possible, but this series just gets hotter and even more exciting! This book delves even deeper into danger, death, suspense, dark plot twists and the perilous world of vampires! The story is dark, powerful, compelling, gripping, suspenseful, romantic, sensual, steamy.The bachelorette party comes and goes, and Cora closes off another chapter of her human life.Cora and Dorian are within a week of their wedding, and their sex life is as always off the charts.It has been a [...]

    29. I started this series about a week ago. I loved the story with all the plots and twists and absolutely could not put it down. I have gotten tired of Cora and her childish behavior. Sometimes she amazes me and at other times I think where did her reasoning come from. Now with that out of the way :-) I was enjoying the romance and Dorian's patience until the last 3 books I believe. I don't know why BDSM had to come into it so heavily. I didn't want another FSoG story line. I have lost my admiratio [...]

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