Stories of the Raksura: Volume Two: The Dead City & The Dark Earth Below

Stories of the Raksura Volume Two The Dead City The Dark Earth Below Moon Jade and other favorites from the Indigo Cloud Court return with two new novellas from Martha Wells Martha Wells continues to enthusiastically ignore genre conventions in her exploration of the

  • Title: Stories of the Raksura: Volume Two: The Dead City & The Dark Earth Below
  • Author: Martha Wells
  • ISBN: null
  • Page: 313
  • Format: Kindle Edition
  • Moon, Jade, and other favorites from the Indigo Cloud Court return with two new novellas from Martha Wells.Martha Wells continues to enthusiastically ignore genre conventions in her exploration of the fascinating world of the Raksura Her novellas and short stories contain all the elements fans have come to love from the Raksura books courtly intrigue and politics, unfoldMoon, Jade, and other favorites from the Indigo Cloud Court return with two new novellas from Martha Wells.Martha Wells continues to enthusiastically ignore genre conventions in her exploration of the fascinating world of the Raksura Her novellas and short stories contain all the elements fans have come to love from the Raksura books courtly intrigue and politics, unfolding mysteries that reveal an increasingly strange wider world, and threats both mundane and magical The Dead City is a tale of Moon before he came to the Indigo Court As Moon is fleeing the ruins of Saraseil, a groundling city destroyed by the Fell, he flies right into another potential disaster when a friendly caravanserai finds itself under attack by a strange force In The Dark Earth Below, Moon and Jade face their biggest adventure yet their first clutch But even as Moon tries to prepare for impending fatherhood, members of the Kek village in the colony tree s roots go missing, and searching for them only leads to mysteries as the court is stalked by an unknown enemy.Stories of Moon and the shape changers of Raksura have delighted readers for years This world is a dangerous place full of strange mysteries, where the future can never be taken for granted and must always be fought for with wits and ingenuity, and often tooth and claw With these two new novellas, Martha Wells shows that the world of the Raksura has many stories to tell

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    1. For those of you who haven't discovered the world of the Raksura:Seriously, if you have more than a passing interest in fantasy and enjoy being immersed in a lush world with interesting cultures and a huge variety of sentient species - not to mention a full cast of endearing characters - you need to read the Books of the Raksura. Start with The Cloud Roads. You will appreciate the novellas much more if you're already invested in the world. It's not your typical western-medieval-style epic fantas [...]

    2. Final rating: 5/5 starsThe second volume of the short stories was amazing as well. I will keep this one review a bit shorter than the first, but if you want the general opinion, just read my review forStories of the Raksura, Volume 1: The Falling World & The Tale of Indigo and Cloud. This one though, is more focused on the sequels, as it consists of only 1 prequel out of 5 stories. All of them were worth it, but especially the last one, The Dark Earth Bellow, which was the most important. Th [...]

    3. OK, I am a giant fan of the Raksura books, but I think this volume may contain the best of Wells' novellas. "The Dead City" is an in media res flashback, starting as a much younger Moon flees the doomed city of Saraseil in the wake of his fateful encounter with the Fell. This is not quite the hardened, angry Moon of the later stories, note, although this is the beginning of his hardening. Here one can still catch glimpses of the inquisitive, hopeful boy he used to be and here we realize this was [...]

    4. I picked up this book by Martha Wells due to the fact I recently had read and quite enjoyed her book “All Systems Red” which is volume one of the beginning of a Science Fiction series. Unlike that book “Stories of the Raksura, Volume 2: The Dead City & The Dark Earth Below” is Fantasy.Although it states this is Volume 2, the book is preceded by three novels and a further collection, the Volume 1, which refers to collections of stories in the Raksura sequence. The sequence of the book [...]

    5. What else is there left to say about this series that I haven’t said in my last two posts? When an author hits her stride, it shows in the strength of the narrative and the writing is simply wonderful. Wells just gets better and better with every new Raksura installment. I’d prefer a full-length novel because I love the Three Worlds and every single character in it, but these short stories and novellas are just as great and fulfilling in their own way. The ones in this second volume fill in [...]

    6. HELL YEAH! Pure perfection! And once again, I am speechless (almost) when it comes to my favorite books! I highly recommend checking out the three original books before moving on to the collections of short stories.This is a general review for all of the Raksura books.The Raksura chronicles are set in a magnificent, colorful, yet dangerous world - trees as tall as mountains, floating islands in the sky, underwater cities, metropolises built on the backs of giant whale-like creatures, etc. Martha [...]

    7. It took me a long time to finally read the last novella in this bind up, but it was really good and makes me super excited to read the book that just recently came out. There were some short stories that I didn't love so much and some that I really liked, so they averaged out to be 4 stars. I love the Raksura and love learning everything I can about their culture! I definitely recommend the original trilogy!

    8. Originally published at Risingshadow.Stories of the Raksura: Volume Two: The Dead City & The Dark Earth Below is the second volume of stories about the Raksura. It's just as good and interesting as its predecessor (Stories of the Raksura: Volume One: The Falling World & The Tale of Indigo and Cloud) and will appeal to readers who enjoy reading about the Raksura and the Three Worlds.I was impressed by this collection and its contents. I honestly think that this short story collection dese [...]

    9. Fair warning: I love the Raksura series & am incapable of reviewing any part of it dispassionately - I'm a beekeeper, I'm into Queens & 'Courts.' And lately, when peeved, as often happens during election season, I've started saying things like "My disemboweling claws are itching," which is a great way to tell if someone is listening in on your conversation, I've found. :)- - - - - - - - - -I've read some reviews of this and the first volume of novellas and short stories by folks who have [...]

    10. Yea, we have babies! What else is there to say? O, I know, that skin creature was just creepy! The greatest news, there is a title for the next book already! Hurray!!! Can not wait!

    11. Eeeee Moon's hatchlings!Getting this book was an immensely cheering event; I initially set it aside as a reward for getting stuff done, then ended up tearing into it anyway.There are five pieces of fiction here, in chronological order:The Dead City: Moon shortly after Saraseil and his disastrous first encounter with the Fell, when he's feeling lost more than ever -- his closest chance at belonging has just been shredded to pieces, and he can't bring himself to care anymore. Seeing Moon like this [...]

    12. I just love this series and would like an entire nother series that is just stories of Stone adventures, and fledgling adventures please.

    13. This is going to be short, because my body doesn't like me at the moment. *shakes fist*I love all stories - the long novellas as well as the short stories.The Dead CityI loved to see Moon as a young man and how the events in Saraseil shook/affected him. I love to see yet another new part of the Three Worlds and its inhabitants. I'm sad that Moon got once again betrayed and considered as bad. :/ The miners? *urgs*MimesisI loved Jade being awesome and rescuing Fair. ♥ Also, I love how everyone e [...]

    14. Two novellas and some short stories set in the fascinating world of the Raksura. I liked how the adventures were set at times when Moon was going through something character-wise.

    15. Wells's writing is very good, as always. But there are a couple things that make this particular story collection excellent. First, there is a subtle thematic connection between the two novellas (and not-so-subtle plot similarities), which makes the whole book feel almost like a novel with two parts, and not just a collection of stuff. The short stories also work in the larger context, even though they are all completely different, and one is not even about the Raksura. I can't really get into w [...]

    16. The Dead city 4 starsThe Dark Earth Below 4,5 starsFirst thing before I forget, this cover is probably my favourite for all the books, only The Serpent Sea might be more favourite. All of these cover for the books is so pretty I have actually cried. I might have mentioned either on my review for Stories of the Raksura Vol. I here or in my rantings at tumblr about this volume how it got everything I ever needed. I still stand by that statement. THIS IS EVERYTHING I NEED. The Dead City is about Mo [...]

    17. I've loved all of Wells's Raksura books so far, and this latest entry was no exception. Likable characters having adventures in a fascinatingly diverse world full of nonhuman races and magicwhat's not to love? In this collection, the first story The Dead City was a particular favorite of mine. Wells does such a great job portraying protagonist Moon's emotional devastation over the events immediately preceding the tale, without ever slipping into melodrama. Plus, there's a cool mystery and some s [...]

    18. Two novellas and three short stories in the same world as Wells' Raksura novels. I love these books. The world building is well thought out, the characters interesting. The Dead City introduces us to a young Moon, before he's found by Stone and brought to Cloud Indigo. He hasn't yet been hurt by the world but we can already see he does not have an easy time among the groundlings, not knowing what he really is, and being mistaken for the hated Fell.The Dark Earth Below takes most of this book, an [...]

    19. Actually I am not finished. I wanted to read "The Dark Earth Below" (which takes approximately 52% of this volume and which I would rate 5 stars) because I wanted to see Moon as a father-to-be and as a father (we don't get much/enough of the latter though).I'll come back to this volume 2 and read Volume 1 later. I've been with the Raksura for quite a long time now and I feel I need to move on to something else.I just wanted to say that when reading The Dark Earth Below, I sometimes felt as if I [...]

    20. I honestly didn't like this volume of short stories as much as Volume I. The first short story was set just after Moon fled Saraseil, so it does give some character background to the reasons why he was so angry and closed off by the beginning of The Cloud Roads. It was also slightly more depressing, which made it difficult to enjoy. The other spattering of short stories were also less interesting to me, especially the non-Raksura story. The last story was almost worth the price of the entire vol [...]

    21. Wells continues to add more and more fascinating details and character development to her Raksura series, and I still can't get enough!

    22. These stories really showcase Well's writing. She is able to portray characters with just a few words, and she is as able with action as she is with simple, daily interactions. The first story follows Moon in a period before the first book of the series. Not surprising, he is vulnerable and finds himself in a bad situation. It is sad, but not depressing. The second takes place later in the series, and is about Jade, as she has to figure out a possibly dangerous situation. There is a puzzle to be [...]

    23. Otra par de novellas ambientadas en el mundo de los Raksura. Una sobre cómo comenzo la tribu, y otra sobre un nuevo depredador. Además hay tres relatos cortos sobre los protagonistas de la serie. Te deja satisfecho antes de leer la nueva (y última) duología que acaba de concluir. B+

    24. asdfghjkl;The first time I read this, I was so anxious to get to "The Dark Earth Below" that I didn't enjoy the other stories as well as they deserved. I mean, I loved them all, but I resented them for not being the one where Moon gets to meet his babies. This time, I savored each one. I love these books so much.

    25. Five more short stories, set in the world of the Raksura series. This was reversed from the first collection, starting out with the shortest story and building up to the novella-length one.The Dead City. Set before The Cloud Roads, just after Moon's first encounter with the Fell, which left him near-suicidal in grief and devastation. Fleeing from the ruined city he'd been living in, he falls in with a group of groundlings and gets involved in their problems, mainly so he can throw himself into a [...]

    26. Stories of the Raksura: Volume II is the second anthology in Martha Wells Raksura series. This collection of short stories continues to follow the adventures of Moon, the Indigo Cloud Court and others in the bizarre, fantastical setting of the Three Worlds. It’s a place where there are no humans, only groundlings, and those who can shapeshift into winged creatures are feared. If you haven’t read any of the books in the series, the short story collections are a good way to get introduced to t [...]

    27. This is the second collection of Raksura short stories!The Dead City is a novella set before any of the books, and it's another story about Moon's attempt to cope in a world where he had no idea what he was. In this one, Moon stops at a caravansarai to discover that the trading road is closed because a strange group of spider-creatures are digging up the hills and attacking anyone who comes near.While there's an interesting city--and an interesting race associated with it--too much of this story [...]

    28. Previously published at TheQwilleryStories of The Raksura: Volume Two: The Dead City & The Dark Earth Below by Martha Wells is strange, which in this case is a compliment. I've read some of Well's earlier books and enjoyed them a lot, so I jumped at the chance to review one of her newer works—little did I know what I was getting myself into.Wells is a master writer and has been doing it long enough that even now as she delves into Strange Fantasy she can still keep me invested in the story [...]

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