Animal Future

Animal Future In a near future Southern California full of mentally enhanced animals three unlikely companions a Vietnamese American policewoman a well dressed chimpanzee and a fast talking spy find they have no

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  • Title: Animal Future
  • Author: Robert McGraw Darrin McGraw
  • ISBN: null
  • Page: 347
  • Format: Kindle Edition
  • In a near future Southern California full of mentally enhanced animals, three unlikely companions a Vietnamese American policewoman, a well dressed chimpanzee, and a fast talking spy find they have no choice but to combine their talents in order to stay alive While being hunted by fanged assassins, corrupt officers, and some chillingly methodical robot snakes, the trioIn a near future Southern California full of mentally enhanced animals, three unlikely companions a Vietnamese American policewoman, a well dressed chimpanzee, and a fast talking spy find they have no choice but to combine their talents in order to stay alive While being hunted by fanged assassins, corrupt officers, and some chillingly methodical robot snakes, the trio investigates what turns out to be a terrorist plot masterminded by unknown foreign interests This exciting, irresistibly quirky novel of action, comedy, and ideas features a remarkable cast of supporting characters, including a motel desk clerk with a prehensile tail, a poker playing bison, an Aztec riflewoman, the irrepressible ferrets Larry and Leroy, and a large number of pandas in Bermuda shorts Since the mysterious Elevation began, San Diego has become the main port of entry for a flood of newly intelligent animal species hoping for a better life in the United States Interacting with these Provisional Citizens is just part of the job for Tactical Assault Officer Autumn Winn, of the White Knights police security agency Her pressing problems usually involve dealing with her obnoxious supervisor and struggling to convince her Americanized family that their Vietnamese cultural heritage is worth preserving Autumn s life takes a bizarre turn, however, when she and her partner enter a tailor shop in search of an elusive animal rights activist Instead, they meet a team of black clad intruders armed with machine guns After a furious gunfight, the intruders kidnap the wife of Mr Brian, the immigrant chimpanzee owner of the tailor shop, arousing his determination to do whatever it takes to rescue her even if it means taking off his cufflinks However, Autumn has a harder time getting along with handsome secret agent Mack Davis, a customer at the tailor shop who realizes the kidnappers have accidentally scooped up something he can t live without To get it back, he is suddenly forced to rely on his new found friends and his quick wit At the same time, he must draw on his underworld contacts to learn the truth about the peculiar jade figurine he was smuggling in from Singapore for his old girlfriend, so that he can have a candlelight dinner with her without being ambushed by foxes with machetes Together Autumn, Brian, and Mack hide out in the San Diego Zoo get into a Western style gunfight in Old Town visit the secret lair of a deranged intelligence broker whose fur could use a little brushing and join a daring raid on the former UCSD Geisel Library building at the University of California, San Diego Along the way they learn from each other new perspectives on life, culture, true love, tolerance, respect, and the importance of keeping your 9mm automatic pistol well oiled Depending on your species, you ll laugh, growl, purr, and or think deep thoughts when you read this captivating adventure thriller for readers from YA to adult Book 1 in the Animal Future series

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    1. A clever, catchy bookThis is a different kind of sci-fi book,very cleverly plotted out and written with humor and imagination. The fight scenes got a little long and tiresome, but the suspense was strong enough to carry me through to the end, which was terrifying and eventually very satisfying. A good read

    2. A friend of mine asked me if I would review this book and, trusting her, I agreed without knowing anything about it. When I read the summary, I admit I was a little bit skeptical. There are elevated animals and I'm not a fan of animals that talk. It's also sci-fi, which isn't my favorite genre but I've read a lot of it lately and I'm becoming more of a fan.The first sentence reads, "Wrapped only in a towel, Autumn Winn fired a pistol at her new underwear." It's bulletproof and she's excited abou [...]

    3. about 3.5 starsI received a free copy to review. This is a bit quirky, which is fine; it makes it fun. It's in the future where many animals have inexplicably gained full sentience and human-like intelligence. But the book doesn't weigh you down with details about the setting; it focuses on the plot, which is a thrilling conspiracy and chase around San Diego. A lot of thought went into this world and story before it was written. Much of the future stuff follows logical conclusions based on curre [...]

    4. This story starts with a bang, and ends with a shoot ’em up bang, bang! Then all is satisfyingly wrapped up in the epilogue. These authors, Robert and Darrin McGraw, are intelligent, extremely competent writer’s, who trust their readers to catch on. I LOVE IT! One of the world literature's most famous opening sentences, “Call me Ishmael”, will now be replaced by my now favorite opening sentence, “Wrapped only in a towel, Autumn Winn fired a pistol at her new underwear.” The first sen [...]

    5. So-oooo excited about this creative collaboration of my husband and our oldest son both avid readers & maverick and versatile writers! ANIMAL FUTURE-Novel, #1 in their series, is now published!!!------->>> Read this feedback!!!! on !!!--"It's a winner. You won't be disappointed. I hardly put the book down and didn't get anything read in my other books until after finishing this one. Very well written. I give it five stars and can't wait for the sequel." --"There's action, drama, se [...]

    6. The McGraws' ANIMAL FUTURE is freakin' AMAZING! I bought it on the strength of its blurb, and I wasn't disappointed. In fact, it was even better than I expected. It's better than it has any damn right to be. My only complaint is that I've finished it. If there's a sequel, Imma read it. If there isn't, Imma nag these guys until they write one.In the first scene, a rent-a-cop (and, in this future, ALL cops are rent-a-cops) tests her new lingerie by firing a gun at it to make sure it's really bulle [...]

    7. I think it's a rare quality to write a book with talking animals in it with such absolute realism. A tongue-in-cheek fantasy/fiction approach to a futuristic foundation.Set in Southern California, a whimsical delight with a mixture of smartly dressed chimps, a police woman, and a spy - Hmmm Well, it actually worked.The story is witty, humorous and paints an enthusiastic turn of events with very unlikely characters. 'Animal Future' takes us readers on a crusade with adventure and playful context [...]

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