Bye Bye Bloodsucker

Bye Bye Bloodsucker Bye Bye Bloodsucker Wicked Good Witches Book Three The Howard Witches along with their mentor the vampire William Wakefield are called in to assist the local sheriff after the beaches of The Demon

  • Title: Bye Bye Bloodsucker
  • Author: Starla Silver
  • ISBN: null
  • Page: 226
  • Format: Kindle Edition
  • Bye Bye Bloodsucker, Wicked Good Witches Book Three The Howard Witches along with their mentor, the vampire William Wakefield, are called in to assist the local sheriff after the beaches of The Demon Isle fall under attack, terrorizing those that live above the water, as well as those that live below In volume three Bye Bye Bloodsucker Can the Howard s survive a littleBye Bye Bloodsucker, Wicked Good Witches Book Three The Howard Witches along with their mentor, the vampire William Wakefield, are called in to assist the local sheriff after the beaches of The Demon Isle fall under attack, terrorizing those that live above the water, as well as those that live below In volume three Bye Bye Bloodsucker Can the Howard s survive a little mermaid mayhem Charlie finds himself at the mercy of three curvy and bewitching mermaids who ve sought him out in need of his help But are they after than just his assistance His wolf senses are tingling, but he can t turn down beautiful women who need his help Michael Howard is planning a leisurely afternoon, followed by a sultry night with new girlfriend, Emily Morgan But during lunch with Anthony Jordan, infamous writer of The Modern Day Guide to the Supernatural, plans go awry, and Michael finds himself diving into the ocean to save a mermaid in distress Not long after, Emily s life is thrown into peril the kind that includes a set of flippers and a race against the setting sun before the ocean calls her home Permanently Meanwhile, Melinda has to have an awkward conversation with William after their unexpected intimate moment the night before A talk that only adds to her confusion Does he have feelings for her, or not She has no idea And doesn t have the guts to ask him This is followed by a lunch date with the molasses eyed, say everything she wants to hear, Riley He s packed a picnic basket on the back of his motorcycle However, food is not on the menu Melinda s web of secrets and lies begins to unravel and can lead to just one outcome one of the men she loves is going to get hurt She needs to fix her mistakes before it s too late, only before she can, a heartbreaking discovery might just shatter everything.

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    1. For Melinda, getting out of the house was an achievement in itself. One of the tolls of her oracle sight produced the side effect of keeping outside stimulation to a minimum. Seeing things about the lives of people you possibly had no right to be involved in, produced a kind of agoraphobia that had teeth as sharp as any vampire or shifter living on The Demon Isle. She'd never have thought that after gaining a measure of control and acceptance of her gift, or curse depending on your perspective, [...]

    2. It's not like I didn't see some of this coming. but dang. I already feel Melinda's pain. This will only cause a backslide for her, I'm afraid. And William. seriously? Well at least Michael and Emily are good. What next?

    3. DecentI like the characters and, the storyline is intriguing. I love books about the supernatural. The writing style is not one that I usually prefer.

    4. Cliff hangerGot 3 books free on and hopefully in the future will continue this series. Very intriguing, full if mystery.

    5. Things I found to be true about all three books I read: simplistic writing, stilted dialogue, names used too frequently to be natural, frequent drastic and disruptive shifts in POV (I don't think the author actually payed any attention to POV consistency), schmaltziness, cheesy language used during sex scenes, and men tend toward action while girls primarily agonize over love/sex. Lastly, none of the books stand on their own. They are closer to long serial installments than books in a series.I'v [...]

    6. OMG this ending!!!! Thank you book lending so I can read this bookis book continues where the last one left off. This book is very easy to follow and doesn't switch POV in middle of the sentenceThis story is mostly about Michael and his girlfriend Emily. Michael has a lunch date with the paranormal writer and is fan-girling over the chance to spend time with him. Emily was going to eat dinner with her dad, but decided to have dinner so she could meet him as well. Things were going great until Mi [...]

    7. Well, this is the last of the series that was/is free. The rest will have to wait until my finances settle after our move. Though it hasn't been my favorite series, I am wanting to know what happens next.I have to admit that I like the element of the youngest, the daughter, even though a good witch, has some mental problems to overcome. It isn't the usual anger issues, rather she has depression and anxiety that is of agoraphobia nature. Bad for someone that needs to be helpful to the people of t [...]

    8. "Bye Bye Bloodsucker" by Starla Silver is the third episode in the "Wicked Good Witches" series. Werewolves, shifters, and mermaids oh my. The Howard witches are having an extremely busy week. Just when eldest witch Charlie feels like he's gained some ground with his werewolf status, a couple of frisky mermaids come looking for him to help one of their sisters out. Michael, the middle child, is head over heels in love with his girlfriend, Emily. Unfortunately, she keeps finding herself in troubl [...]

    9. It is difficult to review a book where you like the characters, their paranormal powers, the heat level, and the high energy adventures. Having said that, each book tells it's story over a 24 hour period, each book answering some of the cliffhangers from the previous books, but adding more. So I will say if you are a fan of Supernatural, Lost Girl, and Charmed, this should be the paranormal romance books for you. There is no happily ever after at the end of each book, at times there's only the s [...]

    10. The beaches of The Demon Isle are attacked by bloodsuckers. Charlie is tempted by two meremades to rescue their sister. Apparently he didn`t kill the alpha/shapeshifter who is now after his ring that he got from a Gaurdian Nina. Emily gets turned into a meremade for a while. Melinda an William confort their feelings that can never be. Melinda is still dating Riley who asks Melinda to always be truthful which makes Melinda to feel she needs to tell all her secrets even though they still don`t act [...]

    11. Book 3 in the wicked good witches series about the Howard siblings on Demon Isle. In this book the sibs are battling bloodsuckers that are harming mermaids and Michael's girlfriend is temporarily a mermaid. Charlie is almost tempted to take off the ring which protects him. The siblings realize the alpha might not have been killed. William and Melinda have awkward tension. I liked the back story about William's past love. And major cliffhanger that I saw coming: Melina's fabulous new guy is one o [...]

    12. Good StoryI think bloodsuckers are a truly new concept - haven't read a story about them before. The mermaids are a quirky touch. The proofreading for this book wasn't nearly as good, there were times grammatical errors got in the way of enjoying the story. I do wonder how many pages the YA version of this book has - there's an awful lot of adult material here, which is why I gave it three stars. Personally, I don't really like paranormal and sex together. I'm funny that way I guess.

    13. OMG!!!!!I'm so freaking freaked out right now!!! I love this series to death!!! It's got everything I love for. Vamps to wolves to Witches and mermaids!!! I love that the HOWARDS FAMILY kick big time butts. I can't get over William and his attitude. Melinda and her insecurities and let's not talk about her brothers. I'm soo hooked here. Read this series not because I say to but because if you enjoy witches vamps and wolves with a bit of drama I am sure you're gonna like this series. I LOVE ITNOW [...]

    14. 'Bye Bye Bloodsucker' pulled me in and wouldn't let go. Action packed and full of surprises. One of which I had a feeling I knew how it would turn out. Wow is all I can say. This series, 'Wicked Good Witches', just keeps getting better. The storyline was great. The way it played out was full of action, crazy cool beings, romance and some hot and steamy scenes. Melinda and her story is getting really good. I love the direction Emily and Michael's relationship is going. I can't wait to read more. [...]

    15. This is a good story - the 3rd in this series, and I did enjoy reading it, however, I'm feeling more and more frustrations with the plot, character development and the endings.These books read like an installment series; they end in cliffhanger style (of varying degrees) the next book following directly after. I am NOT a fan of this style of writing (I've come across a few authors that try to hold us readers hostage this way.) It's one thing to watch a weekly TV series progress in this way but f [...]

    16. I like this series. This book continues seamlessly with the others, but again is way to short. I almost feel like the author or publisher is just trying to squeeze more money out from the series. I'd be willing to pay a little more to have longer books. Not so sure I will continue the series just because I can't see paying for more short stories.

    17. Demon Island.Again this author has brought these characters to life and showed us what the Howard Witches have in them. Along with William their vampire protector. Strange things are happening on the island and the brothers and one sister need to get their life's in order! Very good read!

    18. This was the worst. Mermaids that are worse than bad blonde jokes. An attempt at a sex euphanism very over used in a single scene. And a predictable plot twist. Quickly put an end to tonight's reading binge; I'm going to bed.

    19. I really enjoy this series. It's light and fun to read. The sex scenes are SUPER steamy, but I really enjoy the mystery and journey. I will definitely be reading on in the series.

    20. Was thinking that the first 3 books are free this will not be a great read.I was wrong sucked in couldn't put them down and will be reading all the rest.

    21. Anxiously awaiting the next installment Mermaids, leeches and the return of some old enemies make for just another day in the life of the Howard family. More chaos to come.

    22. It's vampires and werewolves meets a tame 50 shades. It's actually OK for a quick read. I thought the trilogy was the complete story but there is a 4th book. I will likely buy it.

    23. I'm really enjoying this series. Though some of the plot devices are predictable, it's still a good, quick read. What's nice is that there isn't any of that teen angsty crap.

    24. I do like this series but wish an editor had been used as there are a ton of missed words or wrong words that stop the flow while reading.

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