Doctor Margaret's Sea Chest (The Azadi Series #1)

Doctor Margaret s Sea Chest The Azadi Series Book I of The Azadi Series of historical fiction set during India s struggle for freedom Azadi from the British Raj The Books weave a tale of international intrigue conflict and poignant love betwee

  • Title: Doctor Margaret's Sea Chest (The Azadi Series #1)
  • Author: Waheed Rabbani
  • ISBN: null
  • Page: 373
  • Format: Paperback
  • Book I of The Azadi Series of historical fiction set during India s struggle for freedom Azadi from the British Raj The Books weave a tale of international intrigue, conflict, and poignant love between interesting characters of that era In 1965 an over 100 year old sea chest, believed to be that of an American doctor, Margaret, is discovered in the storage room of a hospBook I of The Azadi Series of historical fiction set during India s struggle for freedom Azadi from the British Raj The Books weave a tale of international intrigue, conflict, and poignant love between interesting characters of that era In 1965 an over 100 year old sea chest, believed to be that of an American doctor, Margaret, is discovered in the storage room of a hospital in Delhi Another American doctor, Sharif, who originally hails from Delhi and is on contract at the hospital, is entrusted with the task of locating the mysterious woman s relatives and returning her trunk Sharif tracks down Margaret s descendants in Grimsby, Ontario, Canada Her diaries, and other artefacts such as the Kingdom of Jhansi s crown are found in the coffer Margaret, born in New Jersey to a Scottish Presbyterian clerical family, achieves her heart s desire, in 1850, to become one of the first North American women doctors She marries her Canadian cousin, Robert, and travels with him to serve in the Crimean war of 1854 In Crimea, they have to not only face hardships of battles, but also endure other conflicts From events leading to and after the infamous Charge of the Light Brigade, Margaret meets a Russian officer, Count Nicholai The surprise ending of Book I, leaves Margaret in a quandary, whether to seek vengeance or to continue on with her journey to India In the end, she believes she has made the right decision

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    1. Waheed (Wally) Rabbani covers a very interesting period in history in this first of a trilogy of novels. The sweep spans the Underground Railway into Canada, the Crimean War, Dickensian London, the Indian Revolution of 1857 (quite overshadowed in recent times by the one in 1947 that led to that country's independence), the Charge of the Light Brigade (I did not know that it was a spectator event, where a viewing gallery watched the carnage in the valley below), Darwin's Theory of Evolution, and [...]

    2. I am somewhat on the fence with this one. On one hand, I really enjoyed Margaret's story. A young woman in 1840s early America and Canada wanting to break all the rules and become a doctor really appeals to me. On the other hand, however, the other parts did about a male doctor in the 1960s didn't interest me that much. His character was likeable, but his parts had a James Bond type feel to them, partly due to the 1960s setting and partly due to the action and mystery and Russians with guns. I k [...]

    3. Doctor Margaret’s Sea Chest by Waheed Rabbani Margaret, the main character, fascinates me from the beginning of this novel to the end. As a lovely child she charmed me with her inquisitive mind. As a young woman she impressed me with her determination to become a doctor when society adamantly blocked women from seeking careers in male dominated fields. This beautiful Margaret, this strong willed, capable, quick-witted, and resourceful woman, repeatedly triumphs over tremendous challenges to be [...]

    4. Dr. Margaret is the extraordinary fictional character, whose life mirrors many dramatic events of history well worth being recalled. This is especially true for the Indian struggle for freedom during 19th century. The story connects different events of history from different places and times, weaving a fascinating tapestry, which provides readers with vivid pictures of 19th century life in North America, Great Britain, Ukraine (during the Crimean War) and India as well as more recent impressions [...]

    5. I thoroughly enjoyed reading the story of Doctor Margaret’s Sea Chest written by Waheed Rabbani. This book is a debut novel and the first in his trilogy. Mr. Rabbani’s book keeps you engaged from beginning to end as he allows you to journey back and forth between the mid-1800’s and 1965 in Delhi, India and other parts of the world. The story discusses the lives of Dr. Margaret Wallace and Dr. Wallidad Sharif. Dr. Wallace wanted to be a doctor since-- she heard the minister first tell the s [...]

    6. DOCTOR MARGARET’S SEA CHEST“Doctor Margaret’s Sea Chest” takes the reader on an intriguing journey spanning India, the U.S. and Canada complete with encounters with the KGB and the FBI. Along the way there is romance, intrigue, treachery and adventure. In short, there is a never a dull moment in this first book of a historical fiction trilogy.The novel alternates between the perspectives of Doctor Wallidad Sharif in the 1960’s and Doctor Margaret Wallace (one of the first female doctor [...]

    7. From the first pages of this magnificent novel, which gifted Waheed Rabbani begins at the portals of the historic Lady Dufferin Hospital in Delhi in 1965, to the dark and hidden secrets of characters who lived a century earlier in Victorian times, the reader of "Dr. Margaret's Sea Chest" is taken on a magical journey through time and space and across India, Europe, and America. We experience this intriguing tale of mystery and detection through the eyes of a Canadian-trained physician of Indian [...]

    8. Rabbani covers a very interesting period in history in this first of a trilogy of novels. The sweep spans the Underground Railway into Canada, the Crimean War, the Indian Revolution of 1857, the Charge of the Light Brigade(apparently a spectator sport), Darwin's Theory of Evolution, and even Florence Nightingale. In addition, the modern part of the story, set in the 1960's piting the CIA and the KGB, in a hunt for the lost diaries of Doctor Margaret. It is a historic novel with adventure, romanc [...]

    9. Overall score: 4.5/5 starsWaheed Rabbani's novel, "Doctor Margaret's Sea Chest," brings us into several intriguing worlds: the Soviet Union of the 1960s, the wars in the Crimea during the 1850s, and the Sepoy Wars of India during the 1860s.His protagonist, Dr. Walli Khan, is given a sea chest belonging to one Margaret Wallace along with the charge to get the belongings to her family. Through a variety of contacts and circumstances, he manages to do so. He also ends up with her diaries about bei [...]

    10. What a weird book. I was fascinated by the 19th century story - it described the difficulties of women picking up a medical profession during this time period, set against the historic events of the Crimean War and the Indian Revolution, and threaded through with a tragic love story. On the other hand, I did not like the 1960s timeline very much, which is contrived, full of weird events and unlikely coincidences and the dialogues seem odd and stilted. Did couples in the 1960s really address each [...]

    11. There are two ways in which an author can do justice to a reader – holistic research to lend a deeper/broader look than any other source can offer, and weaving the findings with heart – for that makes his/her work truly unique. Waheed Rabbani, though, makes a different point in this case: that the former can only be done well when the latter holds true.I always like narratives that play with time. Doctor Margaret’s Sea Chest opens in a post-independence peaceful India where a Doctor Walli [...]

    12. Doctor Margaret's Sea Chest is the first book in a sprawling epic trilogy by Waheed Rabbani. The story in this debut novel spans over a hundred years and half the world; from mid-1960's India to pre-Civil War America. But the story always returns to the themes of freedom—national, personal, and gender. We have national struggles for independence, slaves being transported along the "Underground Railroad" from the U.S. to Canada, and the struggle of one young woman to fulfill her destiny and bec [...]

    13. Nearing the end of his medical stay in Delhi in the 1960’s, soon to return to America, Dr. Sharif is approached by hospital staff to return an old sea chest that has been left abandoned for over one hundred years. When Dr. Sharif agrees, so opens up a story full of intrigue, struggle, romance, betrayal, history and much, much more. The sea chest belonged to a Margaret Wallace, an American female doctor working as a missionary in India during India’s revolution in the mid-1800’s. Among othe [...]

    14. From its lyrical opening (“The full moon hung in a cloudless sky like a lantern held by an invisible force”), to its myriad plot twists, romantic entanglements, and action sequences, this historical novel will immerse you in a tale that keeps you turning the pages. The story begins in 1965 when an American doctor working in India, Walidad (“Walli”) Sharif, learns of a tantalizing mystery: a locked trunk belonging to a pioneering female American doctor has gone unclaimed for the past 100 [...]

    15. In writing a historical novel the writer needs to be very cautious in maintaining a judicious balance between history and fiction. if historical facts overtake fictional imagination the story turns out to be a dry information fact book, and if imagination bypasses facts it no, longer can be categorised as history. From this perspective, Doctor Margaret’s Sea chest by Waheed Rabban is a successful venture where history and imagination are both friends, not foes. The time frame of theAzadi Serie [...]

    16. Doctor Margaret’s Sea Chest, a historical novel by Waheed Rabbani of Grimsby, Ontario is a fascinating look-back at the Indian Mutiny of 1857, which ushered in the struggle for freedom from the British Raj. The narrative latched on to a 100-year-old sea chest (trunk) belonging to an American doctor named Margaret takes the reader on a galloping ride through Delhi, Jhansi, Grimsby, Niagara region, New Jersey, London and Turkey. Narrated through the first person POVs of Dr. Sharif, a naturalized [...]

    17. When I first began reading this book, I had no idea of what to expect. Once I began reading it, I could not put it down. Had to take it to work and read it on my breaks. The book is fiction based on historical facts and the author does a remarkable job of making all the characters come to life. A very well written book and I thoroughly recommend it!Wayne CroningAuthor of 'Karachi Backwaters:My love affair with boats and other adventures.'

    18. It's not my habit make work in progress' notes but in this case I would make an exception for this book it's absolutely wonderfull. It catch you since the very first pages. It's an honor that the author choose me to translate this book into italian language! I've never end to thank him for this.****Non sono abituato a scrivere note in corso di lettura ma in questo caso voglio fare un'eccezione perché questo libro è assolutamente meraviglioso. Vi prende sin dalle primissime pagine. È un onore [...]

    19. This book is the result of master storytelling. The story is wide and vast, and covers so much in history as depicted in Margaret's diary located in the Sea Chest. People all over were looking for the Sea Chest as it contained valuable information, as Margaret had depicted many and various historical events in a way that most couldn't. Her writings and recordings became a valuable asset to society, and government agencies were searching for them. Margaret is a sweet, passionate girl who always w [...]

    20. EDIT: This author has repeatedly harassed, belittled, and criticized me for the contents of my review in email, despite my insistence that this is my opinion. Be warned.The synopsis on the back of the book confused me before I began reading, as it seemed to tell me the plot for the entire trilogy, instead of just this first book. I also struggled with staying interested in the book, as every page is saturated with foreign words and expressions that I needed to look up in the Glossary at the end [...]

    21. This is an interesting historical read. We follow Margaret through many twists and turns in her goals to not just be the same as every other female in the 1800s.She grew up as the child of a minister and wanted to be a doctor. She didn't want to be seen as women were in that time period. She wanted to be more.A neat twist in this book: it's not actually told in the 1800s. It's told in the 1960s by someone who found her chest filled with stories to her life. You do need to pay attention and follo [...]

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