Winning Bracket

Winning Bracket Originally published as part of the Campus Cravings bundle Winning Bracket is now available on its own with a BRAND NEW bonus epilogue short story A sexy bet on a basketball tournament challenges ner

  • Title: Winning Bracket
  • Author: Annabeth Albert
  • ISBN: null
  • Page: 133
  • Format: ebook
  • Originally published as part of the Campus Cravings bundle, Winning Bracket is now available on its own with a BRAND NEW bonus epilogue short story A sexy bet on a basketball tournament challenges nerdalicious Edwin and party boy Ollie to change their relationship status from frenemies to lovers.Oliver Marshall has been a sexy pain in Edwin Schultz s side since freshman yOriginally published as part of the Campus Cravings bundle, Winning Bracket is now available on its own with a BRAND NEW bonus epilogue short story A sexy bet on a basketball tournament challenges nerdalicious Edwin and party boy Ollie to change their relationship status from frenemies to lovers.Oliver Marshall has been a sexy pain in Edwin Schultz s side since freshman year Now seniors and competing dorm resident advisors, the two are in constant strife over noise levels and study hours However, deep down, Edwin s been nursing a painful crush on Ollie for years When Ollie proposes a bet on a basketball tournament, Edwin seizes the chance to put his inconvenient feelings for Ollie behind him once and for all.Edwin s not the only one suffering a case of unwanted attraction Ollie s been running from his feelings for Edwin for a long time He doesn t understand how someone who drives Ollie so crazy with his adherence to rules can be the same guy who makes his pulse pound In fact, Ollie s never been so eager to lose a bet in his life.As the challenge becomes a hot bedroom battle to avoid real emotions, the two frenemies must change their definitions of losing to win a shot at lasting loveNUS Epilogue Short Story, Winning Wedding When a lost receipt threatens their special day, Ollie and Edwin must wager on finding a solution before time runs out.

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    1. 4.5 Stars!What a great find this one was.Due to my page # phobias I could't bring myself to pick up the anthology this was featured in. So it was just my lucky day that it was expanded and released as a standalone. LOVED Edwin and Ollie. Loved the whole love/hate thing they had going on. Loved Ollie's idea to make a bet on the basketball championship bracket. Loved that said bracket led to Ollie and Edwin finally admitting their feelings for each other. Loved how adorable Ollie and Edwin both we [...]

    2. “Winning Bracket” is sweet and fluffy frenemies to lovers story that for sure it will put a big smile on your face. The story is about two college guys, Oliver ‘Ollie’ and Edwin, both RA in the same dorm. They know each other for several years and they want each other since the moment they met. But they also drive each other crazy. Ollie is the guy who is loved by everyone in the dorm while Edwin is shy and not as social as Ollie.When Ollie proposes a bet on a basketball tournament, Edwi [...]

    3. ***4 Stars***How do I sum up this book?It's a big pile of Sprinkled with someWhich gave me the cheesy grins and happy tingles while reading. We have two RA best friends who are complete opposites, in their final year at college. Edwin, the straight laced rule follower. He likes order and structure. And Ollie, the laid back and carefree guy. He's fun loving and all about having a good time. Both have been secretly harboring feelings for each other since their freshman year, but too afraid to say [...]

    4. Uh this was like the best case scenario as to how a seemingly harmless bet to win a kiss turns into some serious sexy explorations.Ollie and Edwin have been suppressing their feelings for the other for years, and it's just their luck that said bet sets things off to quite a nice start.  Can I just say the hot factor in this was well. HOT!So sweet with just the right amount of angsty longing and doubt but light enough without too much melodrama.  These boys really set the sheets on fire with u [...]

    5. This college romance was charming and sexy. Oliver and Edwin's progression from frenemies to lovers is just so lovely. It's always nice to see diversity in M/M romance, so I loved that Oliver was Asian. He and Edwin have terrific chemistry. The added epilogue set in the future was a welcome treat that made this story even sweeter. Edwin was a sexy virgin, and the sex with Ollie was tender and hot. A wonderful story!

    6. 4 StarsI’m such a sucker for a good M/M college romance – pair that with two hugely likeable characters, some delicious friends-to-lovers feels and plenty of fever inducing geek-on-geek action, and you have yourselves an epically adorable story. I first read the original short story within the Campus Cravings: Higher Learning MM Boxed Set, many moons ago, back when I was a newbie to the whole M/M book discovery. I’ve come back for several more re-reads and I can happily say that this one h [...]

    7. Le ha sobrado la mitad porque no había mucha tela que cortar, salvo por los malos entendidos y las apuestas, que no me acaban de convencer como recurso la verdad. Me gusta como escribe la autora pero me aburro un poco leyendo porque ¡nosada!

    8. 3.5 stars. This was just plain sweet and pleasant to read. Very light angst, college-age, and a delight to follow Ollie and Eddie. I really like Albert's writing style. Didn't give me a toothache, and I was hooked til the end. We even get a bonus story. Very nice.

    9. This was cute and I really enjoyed most of it. But IMO the story should have stopped sooner (view spoiler)[ right after the first butt sex (hide spoiler)]. After a certain point it was too sugary for me and took what was sweet to syrupy. I like my sugar dose with a bit of bitterness as a contrast to the sweetness. Overall though quite enjoyable. As of 2/1/16 $1.99 at AllRomanceEbooks

    10. Sweet!Sweet, sweet, super adorbs sweet story!! I love how different Ollie and Edwin are yet they're so perfect for each other. The bonus short at the end was much appreciated! Loved it!!

    11. 3.75 starsI don't know whether I was (slowly) getting to the idea of CRAVINGS on the Campus Cravings series or Annabeth Albert basically can do no wrong for me. Because this book? It's so good. Or - just like Ollie loved to say: awesomesauce!!! ;DOliver and Edwin was best-friends without realizing it, each a north to the others' south. They met and be dorm neighbours freshmen years, then grew be co-RAs their senior years. Their moms even got close and swapped notes on their sons. Practically fam [...]

    12. Originally read & reviewed as part of the Campus Cravings anthology. ~4.25 stars~This is a lovely, funny, and charming story about two RAs who are "frenemies." Ollie is the fun, easygoing one, a party boy, known for his kissing skills and social enthusiasm. Edwin is his co-RA in a gay alliance dorm. Edwin is everything Ollie is not: anxious, uptight, (overly) analytical, and a huge rule follower. He is the down to Ollie's boisterous up. The guys get along, even though they irritate the hell [...]

    13. Read as part of Campus Cravings: Higher Learning MM Boxed Set collection, Winning Bracket by Annabeth Albert was initially very clichéd and predictable (opposites attract, nerd/creative, both loved each other from afar, intimacy bet, miscommunication, etc.) As I read on it was like walking forward in a narrow hall with unadorned walls, floors and ceiling, but as I walked further the hall widened and opened to show more of a fully furnished room, kind of like Oliver's wildly decorated room in th [...]

    14. Adorable! Opposites attract + a sort of frenemies to lovers in the last year of college, Ollie and Edwin dance around each other after a drunken kiss the summer before. Everything is couched in a bet, and neither seems to be able to admit to what is happening between them. They are both worried that they are going to screw everything up and lose each other even as snarky friends. The story is told in alternating POVs so we get to know what each guy is feeling and thinking and how they are dealin [...]

    15. Adorable love storyOllie and Edwin make an adorable couple, and the bonus epilogue is a great addition! I have a soft spot for nerdy protags and Edwin fully delivers! Very cute story.

    16. 3.5*Very cute,enjoyable read. I liked how these guys came up with the wager to get close to one another. Just shows that some communication will go a long way! They are very opposite in their behavior to. One likes to party(Ollie) and the other is all about rules(Edwin). It also was fun to read about both sets of parents as they are very accepting of their kids and have wanted them together since their Freshman year.Love the bonus at the end!

    17. I read this in the Campus Cravings Anthology and loved it and when it was published as a stand alone story with an additional short story I had to know what happened next for my favorite RAs. The original story was just as good the second time around and the additional story about Edwin and Ollie planning their wedding was super cute and funny and so perfect for their HEA.

    18. Massively likeable characters, college boys, friends to lovers, an adorable geek and hot sex. It's sweet and cute but it got too saccharine for me towards the end and I lost interest a bit. I think it probably should have finished a chapter earlier. I'm fairly certain I'm in the minority when I say I could have done without the epilogue. It didn't add anything for me.

    19. *3.5*Very sweet and angst-free. Maybe I missed the tension between jock/nerd in this case, for some reason I find those book hotter than nerd/nerd, hehe (although there was nothing wrong with the steam in this one!). But Ollie and Eddie are definitely worth a read, and I enjoyed it a lot.

    20. As a huge fan of friends to lovers, this one is a hit, as sort of frenemies to lovers. They like each other, aggravate each other and are total opposites from each other. But when a bet is made with a kiss as the prize, things change. So cute!Edit: When I realize I re-read this every few months when I need some happy, I had to bump it up to five stars.

    21. Fun characters. Sweet story. The short extra story actually felt like too much. I don't always need an epilogue or the "what happens next". I know a lot of readers do though, so it's a nice way to round it out for those people. Definitely recommend for light and sweet reading.

    22. Ollie and Eddie are just too sweet! Another really good story from Annabeth Albert; she's auto-read for me at this point!

    23. Great little fluffy, happy, sweet read. Nothing earth-shattering, doesn't get too deep. Super cute, would read more from this author

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