New Moon

New Moon Final Bonus length Installment of the National Bestselling Serial Part New Moon M F M Brant and Zane have a ton of work ahead of them It will see them groveling begging pleading on their freaking

  • Title: New Moon
  • Author: Charlene Hartnady
  • ISBN: null
  • Page: 398
  • Format: Kindle Edition
  • Final Bonus length Installment of the National Bestselling Serial Part 6 New Moon M F M Brant and Zane have a ton of work ahead of them It will see them groveling, begging, pleading on their freaking knees No, that would be letting them off too easily crawling over hot coals naked New Moon is the final episode and is approximately 31,000 words 124 pages The story conFinal Bonus length Installment of the National Bestselling Serial Part 6 New Moon M F M Brant and Zane have a ton of work ahead of them It will see them groveling, begging, pleading on their freaking knees No, that would be letting them off too easily crawling over hot coals naked New Moon is the final episode and is approximately 31,000 words 124 pages The story contains strong sexual themes language and is not intended for readers under the age of 18 M F M

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    1. Stars: 4Overall: Zane and Brant finally realize what will happen if they really lost Tanya, so they give her a little space after her accident but have a secret plan to win her back. After they get the all clear that she is good to go, they seduce her as only male alphas can. They finally get to have their bonding ritual and really become the couple that I was waiting for through this whole series. Pros: I loved that Tanya stayed true to herself throughout the whole book. I really loved that bot [...]

    2. Le sighI went on this journey with these characters not really knowing what to expect. I'd never read this author before but I LOVED forced marriages. Call me old school with the whole bodice ripper mentality, but I love when a woman is picked and a dominant male insists on her accepting him. If that makes me a non-feminist then label away but I love me some barbaric manly chest pounding heroes. This is my cup of tea and I love how the author had a very effortless way of world building and bring [...]

    3. Not enough story to be stretched out over 6 booksWell I've just finished the sixth and final book in this series and I have to be honest and say I found it all disappointing, from the blurb on the first book it was inevitable how this series would turn out and while I appreciate very few books are original and the enjoyment is in the journey there didn't actually seem to be a lot here.In my review of the first book I mentioned that I'd originally skipped past it assuming I'd already read it beca [...]

    4. FANG-FREAKIN-TASTIC!!!Great balls of fire! I am so in love with this series! Ms. Hartnady continues the magical journey of this series with New Moon, the sixth and final installment of this series. This is, hands down, one of the best series I've ever read. Exciting! Action Packed! Fast Paced! Smart! Original! Suspenseful! Powerful! Gripping! Riveting! Thrilling! Addictive! Captivating! Funny! Endearing! Arousing! Romantic! Sexy! Steamy! And did I say hot? Oh yeah! This story has it all. Ms. Har [...]

    5. So I have a lot of thoughts about this serial series. There will likely be spoilers. First of all, I'm not a fan of serials. At all. I'm not even sure HOW I found these books. With all the books on my TBR I chose to read these as a quick in between. There were vampires and the promise of m/f/m after all, how could I resist? LolMy expectations for these were pretty low, I just wanted something quick and hot. I ended up reading straight through them AND Kidnapped by the Alpha very quickly. I ended [...]

    6. Let's first begin by saying- I received a copy of this book for an honest review on what I thought about it. Now let me say- Holy Hell. Tear jerker and absolute hilarious book!I love this series more than I have loved a book series in A WHILE! I am so glad I began reading it and have had the privilege to read Part 6! Zane and Brant really surprised me in this book and made me an extremely happy reader! Tanya Poor Tanya! She had a tough time in this book! I feel for her completely. I was terrifie [...]

    7. Excellent Conclusion!Sometimes the wait is worth it and this installment most definitely was. The Vampire Kings have hated each other, fought with and alongside each other, and finally learned to live with each. or less. Tanya has been terrified, jealous, had her feelings hurt and finally put her foot down vehemently. The conclusion to this particular serial was close to perfect in my opinion; things weren't wrapped up too perfectly, questions were answered and more were asked (great segue into [...]

    8. I received a copy in exchange for an honest reviewNALLY! NOW YOU BIG BUMBLING BEEFCAKES GET IT! WASTED SO MUCH TIME FIGHTING. Brain farts while reading Part 6I must admit I was expecting Tanya to be preggers with twins but so far its just one. Still wondering who the father is though. Hoping for a whole new twist to this because it seems to me this story is far from over. But seeing as there's a new spin-off series coming up I guess we will be hearing more about the Vampire Kings and their mate. [...]

    9. Okay, this author is GREAT! The only issue I have is that I want to read all the parts at once. Both kings are strong Vampires although Brant got on my nerves to no end in this installment. The whole series is wonderful, and I do believe that once the series is done and Charlene sells all parts as a boxed set, this will be even more enjoyable for the readers who haven't had the chance to read it yet.All the characters in this series feels like I got to know them personally. The sex is hot!!! The [...]

    10. So happy this isn't the last book. After reading book 5 I knew this story was coming to an end like they all should. But I was in away torn. I didn't want this to be over. What about Xavier? Stephany? What about the wolves? And her best friend Becky? Then that's when I found book 1 of the wolf coven. This "last" book was a hard read. Tanya now pregnant left them and went home. Brant and Zane try to win her back until something happens to Tanya and the baby that could change everything. This book [...]

    11. This was ok. The males have been stupid and Tanya ends up leaving. They work to earn her trust back to mate her. There is a lot of sex but overall the book and series is still good. I'm super curious what has happened to Stephany how was she "accidentally" taken by the wolves? Turns out she has her own serial which I will probably read. Especially since I read A Mate for York before the entire serial. I'm trying to see how everything happened and then reread that book. Still the plot is minimal [...]

    12. I recived this book in exchange for an honest review.As for all of the other books in this series, this one was THE HOTTEST!Not like the other books though, in this there's not that much sex, BUT there's this scene ummh!! But that said! It was great ending for Tanya's love story with the two vampire kings, and it almost had me fooled :) Loved it!! Ummh ummmh that's all I can write about this book!!!!

    13. It's about time those two royal beefcakes got their act together and gave their female her vampire sandwich;-) Loved the brotherly bonding over Tanya's gifts & the way they solved their blood drinking dilemma. Gotta admire their romantic dedication. I know there will be spin-offs, and hopefully, said spin-off will deal with the vampire/human petition as well as the vamp/wolf triangle. I'm just as ready for a little action as Ross and Becky, just sayin'. *hint, hint*4+ stars.

    14. Awesome SeriesThis series just kept getting more intense, more exciting, and just more of everything. I loved it; the characters were awesome, and the story plot was great. It was funny to see two alpha vampires, try so hard to please their human mate. Highly recommend this series to anyone who wants strong alpha males and hot sexy scenes.

    15. Tanya finally got her vampire sandwich! *girl sigh*I got worried that the three wouldn't find a way to make amends and live as a threesome. (No pun intended) As stubborn as Tanya is the Kings find a way to keep them all together. A work in progress. Way to go boys! One big happy vampire story! Now onto what's going on with Stephany!?!

    16. Great jobThis is not a story to miss! All 6 books are expertly crafted. The characters are well rounded with a wonderful storyline, it's fabulously rich and funny. The sexual nature is wonderful, and flows through the at the right time.

    17. Loved this series. small books easy to read when you are ready.I look forward to read one of the other series from this author!p.s. to bad the main character didn't get her ultimate vampire sandwich :(Just taking turns is not it!

    18. Holy vampire sandwich!!! What an awesome vampire series. Cannot wait for next spin-off series to come out! This is a wonderfully sinful set that I could not put down. Ordered as soon as it came out and read in one setting. Great conclusion.

    19. Sad to see it endThis episode is much longer than the others. The resolution feels rushed with a very serious betrayal forgiven rather quickly. I am looking forward to the story of Stephany and her wolf and Lance. Wish this one had more.

    20. Fast Paced ReadGreat read, yet again. A terrific conclusion, with hints at more. Easy to follow dialogue, strong plot, hot sex, and deep love. What's not to like?

    21. Chosen by the vampire kingsSo glad everything worked out. Was kinda of a hit an miss for a while there. They finally got everything worked out and put together.

    22. What a great ending to this series! The kings learned several lessons & Tanya got what she longed for. I'm looking forward to Stephanie's story next!

    23. A great way to finish the books (until the new series comes out) cannot wait for the Mated by Vampire Kings series to be released. I'll count down the days :D excellent author, brilliant series.


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