Stories on the Go: 101 Very Short Stories by 101 Authors

Stories on the Go Very Short Stories by Authors This anthology aims to be a showcase of recent indie writing Hugh Howey launched the idea on Kboards a forum for Kindle readers but also the meeting place of an active community of indie writers The

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  • Title: Stories on the Go: 101 Very Short Stories by 101 Authors
  • Author: Hugh Howey Geraldine Evans Rachel Aukes Lisa Grace Andrew Ashling Daniel R. Marvello Lindy Moone J.E. Taylor
  • ISBN: null
  • Page: 166
  • Format: Kindle Edition
  • This anthology aims to be a showcase of recent indie writing Hugh Howey launched the idea on Kboards, a forum for Kindle readers, but also the meeting place of an active community of indie writers The result is this anthology of 101 very short stories by 101 authors To make it attractive for you, the reader, we set ourselves a limit of a thousand words You shouldThis anthology aims to be a showcase of recent indie writing Hugh Howey launched the idea on Kboards, a forum for Kindle readers, but also the meeting place of an active community of indie writers The result is this anthology of 101 very short stories by 101 authors To make it attractive for you, the reader, we set ourselves a limit of a thousand words You should be able to read each story in under five minutes on your desktop computer, laptop, or tablet at home or in the office, but also on your smartphone, on the go, while you are commuting or waiting at a coffee shop for your significant other to arrive We included as many genres as we could We hope that maybe, with only five minutes of your time on the line that would otherwise be wasted anyway, you ll be tempted to venture outside your comfort zone and try out some new genres and new authors.

    One thought on “Stories on the Go: 101 Very Short Stories by 101 Authors”

    1. I always think rating anthologies is rather unfair. Some of the stories I thought were great. Some I thought were poor and others I disliked due to personal taste rather than lack of finesse. I'd love to say I have the dedication to review all 101 stories but I just don't. The following contains most of the comments I did make while going along.The Highs- Monica La Porta's Eternal Bounds - loved it! A ghostly romance between slaughtered slave and ageing princess.- Phrases like "the infinite blac [...]

    2. Stories on the Go: 101 Very Short Stories by 101 Authors by Hugh Howey and 100 more. This had very, very short stories that many were so short it was hard to get much out of them.

    3. This anthology is ideal for times like the Christmas holidays when I read it in circumstances under which I couldn’t have given my full attention to a complete novel. The upside of an anthology is that with a collection of stories of around a thousand words each, you get to sample a lot of new authors. The downside, naturally, is that you will find that not all genres are those you’d normally choose. I read them all and found most of them enjoyable and satisfying. I still don’t think Paran [...]

    4. So nearly a year later I'm finally finished with this! I gave this a 3/5 although I probably should give it a 2/5. I wasn't excited to return to reading this, which is why it took me so long. There were some stories that caught me by surprise but mostly the stories were pretty terrible. I've made a list of the short stories I thought were decent, not necessarily good (though some were), but decent. The Ok to Good:Buck HuntWildChoose PeasThe Oak TreeLast WordsFound in SpaceA Deluge of DemonsOne i [...]

    5. I love this idea! 101 short stores of basically every genre in one great book! There's something for everyone, no matter your preference and every story is short, very short! Grab a copy of this anthology and enjoy!

    6. Fantastic book. Like the title says these stories are short and most of them are outstanding. 101 stories means there is something for everyone in here. If you love short stories as much as I do, this is a must read.

    7. Meh. This collection of short-short stories of 1,000 words or less read pretty much as I had expected it would. Some were good, but most were mediocre and a few were downright bad, which is what I expected from a free collection of indie flash fiction. Some pieces had definite story arcs, but most were mere scenes or vignettes. Many of the writers need to work harder at honing their craft, or at least need to read and reread and revise and proofread their work more before publishing it. (For exa [...]

    8. - Found the book for free on ; this is my honest review.- The editing of this collection is done professionally and it shows. Thank you.- The collection pushed me go outside my box of comfortable readings. I usually don't read horror, NA, or even Gay romance. Since the stories are so short I didn't have time to be either bored or scared from the story.- I read them all and didn't hesitate to dive in. I used the book when I knew I didn't have time to get into a regular-sized chapter.- Like any ot [...]

    9. Stories on the GoAn eclectic array of short story genres and themes. Some are very good, some not quite as appealing to me, but all are worth reading. Individually, the stories are short and take little time to read. In addition to some interesting and entertaining reading, you may find a new author or two to follow or check out. I did.

    10. Not a bad book! Some stories weren't that great, others were good, others were just okay. I loved the fact that there were so many different genres, and with every story being 1000 words or less, it was easy to just read a few stories here and there without taking too much time!

    11. A collection of micro stories by independent/self-published authors across a variety of genres. A nice way to sample new to me authors. The quality of writing was mixed with some stories leaving no impression at all, while others stuck with me for a few days. Overall 3 out of 5

    12. Stories on the Go (4/11-5/5/16)Note: There are some very violent/graphic themes in this collection. Therefore, I do not recommend this set for readers younger than 18.I started to read this book on April 11th. I thought I’d start by taking my time reading through each story. Unfortunately, a few stories in, I knew I wouldn’t be able to do that. I put the whole set on whole, and after I had read Miss Peregrine series, I decided to steamroll through these stories. Let me explain why this was n [...]

    13. I've looked at this book and downloaded it mainly because of the name Hugh Howey (author of the amazing Wool trilogy) mentor of this project. The idea is very simple - to write a story with less than 1000 words,allowing it to be read in 5 minutes in your kindle, tablet or smatphoneI'm not a big fan of short stories so I wasn't very excited about VERY short stories, but to be honest I was surprised with this concept and during the last weeks, this e-book was my company during lunch breaks or whil [...]

    14. This collection by 100 indie authors is a great way to be introduced to a lot of writers you may not have heard of. It's also a great opportunity to sample genres you may not normally read. This compilation contains everything from Fantasy to Sci-Fi, Apocalyptic to Gay or Hetero Romance, Mystery to Literary and Women's Fiction.There's truly something for everyone. Some stories struck a chord with me more than others but then again that's why people choose to read specific things. I actually foun [...]

    15. A good, quick way to introduce yourself to many talented authors. Looking forward to going back through and browsing for more books by the contributers.

    16. 3-3.5 stars.I love the concept of this collection and discovered several authors I want to keep my eye on.The stories themselves ranged from wonderful, to okay, with very few that didn't interest me at all. Several stories had unique concepts that I'd like to see worked into larger pieces. Unfortunately, I did come across some grammar and spelling errors. Yes, those occur in every novel, no matter how much editing is done, but they felt much more noticeable and unforgivable in these short, flash [...]

    17. Honestly, a lot of these stories were duds to me. But there were several that piqued my interest, and made me look the author up in the Kindle store and either download a sample of their book(s) or the entire book. So I guess it was worth the read to come across a few authors I might like. Sometimes you just gotta take a chance, right?The good thing is, the stories are so short (under 1,000 words each) that you don't feel like you've wasted much time when you dislike one.

    18. There were some REALLY good stories in here, and some pretty bad ones, as well (or at least REALLY not to my taste). Kinda fun to get just a tiny bit of a whole bunch of authors' ideas in a quick format like that. There were a few that I liked well enough that I wanted to follow up and find the authors' other stuffbut I'm a dork and didn't bookmark them in my kindle, so who knows if I'll ever actually go back and find them. I might!

    19. I loved this book, but then I love short stories. 101 short stories covering just about everything from just about every genera. I say just about every genera because they might have missed one, but they looked all there to me. I seriously don't think that you will love everyone, but it would be impossible to come up with 101 short stories everyone loved.

    20. It was okThe stories were okay. There wasn't anything particularly horrible or anything particularly amazing. I would recommend reading something else. I didn't really enjoy it that much.

    21. Nice collectionVery neat concept of varied genres from many authors. The stories are short and to the point. Even stories I wouldn't normally read are short enough to be enjoyable.

    22. The idea behind the collection is good.I like the idea of quick stories you can read in 5mins. I gave three stars because some of the genres are just not for me. This said however I did have a good read.

    23. This was a fun idea, 101 different very short stories all by different authors. The stories covered just about every genre you could think of. And like most collections, some were great, some were good, some were mediocre, and some were just bad.

    24. I submitted a piece to this collection of flash fiction anthology & hadn't had a chance to read the full book until now. It was an enjoyable read with its assortment of short pieces. It helped me discover new indie writers to read.

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