Dead Shift

Dead Shift With the final chapter of the Rho Agenda Inception all secrets will be revealed Who is the alien mind haunting Jack The Ripper Gregory What is the purpose of the immensely powerful Sun Staff And how

  • Title: Dead Shift
  • Author: Richard Phillips
  • ISBN: 9781477828397
  • Page: 283
  • Format: Paperback
  • With the final chapter of the Rho Agenda Inception, all secrets will be revealed Who is the alien mind haunting Jack The Ripper Gregory What is the purpose of the immensely powerful Sun Staff And how will the culmination of these events set the stage for the Rho Agenda In this page turning sci fi adventure, the NSA s most brilliant hacker is abducted and the world staWith the final chapter of the Rho Agenda Inception, all secrets will be revealed Who is the alien mind haunting Jack The Ripper Gregory What is the purpose of the immensely powerful Sun Staff And how will the culmination of these events set the stage for the Rho Agenda In this page turning sci fi adventure, the NSA s most brilliant hacker is abducted and the world stands on the brink of cyberwar The Ripper and his ghost team commandos are called to action, battling a host of enemies ranging from a genius tech billionaire and the Chinese government to an emerging superintelligence capable of bringing the world to its knees With every threat in play, Jack must confront his alien passenger and regain some semblance of self control As the origins of the Rho Agenda come to light, Jack struggles to embrace his destiny But how can even one such as he prevail against an existential threat to humanity

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    1. Jamal Glover is the best of the NSA’s elite team of hackers, known as the Dirty Dozen, who work in the War Room at the NSA headquarters, keeping the country safe from cyber attacks and a lot more besides. Nineteen years old and straight out of MIT, Jamal loves his job. He also loves his girlfriend, Jill, and is on his way home to have dinner with her. What awaits him will change his life and if the Chinese government’s plans succeeds it will spell disaster and the threat to humanity will be [...]

    2. This was about a computer genius who was kidnapped by a mad scientist, Steve Grange, who connected Jamal’s brain to electrodes connected to a computer in order to steal his knowledge and speed so Grange could have his dead wife’s brain back. A wife who has been frozen for 20 years. AND the Chinese bad guy Qiang Chu who was working to take Jamal’s Artificial Intelligence brain back to China. Yeah, that wasn’t going to work out for Qiang, if Jack had anything to say about. He’d killed 2 [...]

    3. Richard Phillips just keeps getting better. "Dead Shift," his third in the spinoff series about Jack "the Ripper" Gregory, may be his most conventional yet, leaning more toward traditional government intrigue thriller than his past novels. But Phillips likes his twists. The book still has the alien who lives in Gregory's head and gives him a kind of supernatural power boost at odd times. But at this point, that's no big deal. Yeah, alien? Whatever. Gregory is back as a part of a special ops team [...]

    4. Dead Shift is the final chapter of the Rho Agenda.Former CIA operative Jack Gregory is once again partnered with Janet Price and also an NSA ghost team.Their mission is to find and rescue Jamal Glover,NSA's #1 hacker,who has been kidnapped by the Chinese government in a secret operation to create artificial intelligence.In this final chapter the truth about Anchanchu,Jack's "rider" is revealed.This sci fi thriller is action packed,imaginative,moves quickly and has a great storyline.

    5. Another pretty good action thriller featuring Jack Gregory.e Ripper. And Janet who kicks butt as well. I got hooked on these series first then started reading the Rho triology. I really like this series because of it's R rated action, while I merely like the Rho Agenda series because it is more YA and I would say PG-13.The Ripper is one tough guye please!

    6. This is a better book than the one before it (the Nazi one, whatever its name was), but author definitely seems to be running out of good ideas. In Dead Shift, the plot underlying the whole thing is weak and fairly nonsensical—scientist-guy-who-is-a-billionaire-and-also-owns-a-winery (why??) is trying to reanimate his dead wife, and somehow has recently transferred her twenty-year-dead consciousness to a special hard drive. Hmm, how exactly would that work? And it is never clear how the Chines [...]

    7. The last book in this particular series about Jack Gregory and Janet Price tied up a lot of the loose ends and answered many of my questions and definitely turned this series into a sci-fi series, but the end provides no closure, I guess because another series is going to continue where this one ended. More questions were raised. I am beginning to realize that Mr. Phillips is doing it on purpose. The endings are not cliff-hangars, thank goodness, but there are enough unresolved issues to keep th [...]

    8. What a brilliant conclusion to the brilliant 1st trilogy of the 3 trilogy RHO AGENDA series!1) THE RHO AGENDA: INCEPTION Trilogy2) THE RHO AGENDA Trilogy3) RHO AGENDA: ASSIMILATION Trilogy.'Dead Shift' left me with a wonderful lead-in to the second trilogy --Book 4, 'The Second Ship', which I was already half way through, and bookmarked, when I discovered these three amazing books which pave the way to what I can only imagine will be an amazing adventure. Time will tell.

    9. Richard Phillips is delicious pulp for me. By the end of the second book in this trilogy I was starting to falter a bit. Definitely faltered during this one and almost went three stars. However, still enjoyed it and I'm looking forward to starting the Rho Agenda Assimilation trilogy in a few months after the third book comes out so I can 1, 2, 3 those three novels as I have Phillips other work.

    10. great thriller action. loved the serieswhile I thought the 2nd book was the best, all three are super fast paced action ride! great read. can't wait to move on to the main Rho series. read these first!

    11. Wonderful Read! Well Richard Phillips has written another wonderful addition to the Rho Agenda Series. Jack is one of my favorite characters and I enjoyed getting inside his head. Another 5 star read.

    12. Good treatment and prequel of sorts to the Rho Agenda trilogy. Now, we have Jack and Janet’s backstory and how they will ultimately end up in Los Alamos and the lives of Heather, Mark and Jennifer. Can’t wait to read Meridian Ascent to see how it all ends.

    13. 4 StarsVery good, but not quite up to par with others in this. SeriesCharacters continue to interest Mr, and I'll start the 3rd trilogy

    14. Stunning, vivid and grippingThe reader should read the whole series, although this book is a great stand alone story. See my review of the Rho Agenda.

    15. Brilliant Great book. The Ripper's fast paced , blood bathed adventures is the storyline I enjoy reading and I'm not disappointed.

    16. Excellent ending to a great a t trilogy. Another action packed intense novel by the author. It is also a love story which really comes to life in the Rho trilogy. I just wish the ninth and last book was going to be done earlier.

    17. The Third Rho is Much BetterAs we find Jack Gregory, Super Spy, in this third installment of the Rho Agenda Prequel, we are back to the excellent level of action, suspense and intrigue found in the first book. Jamal, Super Hacker, has been kidnapped by the Chinese after he finds the bloody body of his lover on their kitchen floor. A billionaire, genius has developed a way to digitally copy Jamal's brain as well as spoof him out to perform his hacking under false circumstances. The Chinese lay a [...]

    18. I was trying to figure out why I enjoyed this book so much despite the absurdity of it all. Around 40% through, I realized it was because this is Call of Duty. The way in which Jack and Janet are able to dispatch so many bad guys so effortlessly while managing to get out with barely a scratch is the Call of Duty campaign. There are some sci-fi and fantasy aspects so I guess it's quite similar to the one being released. Anyways, some Chinese assassin kidnaps a top NSA hacker and develops a cyber [...]

    19. Ahh such a great book, particularly because of the thought-provoking scenario and implications of the possibilities and potential devastation that could occur if a human mind could completely be replicated in a digital, artificial intelligence form. Loved the still great mix of action/sci-fi/fantasy, the philosophical underpinnings of the sci-fi premise, the final arc of the character development of Jack, Janet, the mindworm, etc, and the fact that even though the book and the series is over, th [...]

    20. This book lacked any meat that the other books contained. It was enjoyable, but only as an action packed shoot'em up. The story of the AI, which in previous novels would have had a much greater role, and been involved in a larger twist, was just a side story and just used to move things around for the next gun battle.Additionally, this prequel suffers from the issue of introducing things into a world that would have been useful and used in the later books. Where were these things in the original [...]

    21. The Dawn of understandingLoved this book, highly detailed in defining the history of Jack Gregory and his Altreian "rider". Now I begin to understand the full circle of the Rho series and why Jack is drawn to the teenagers in the previous Rho Agenda books. I do not, for one moment, think we have seen the last of Jennifer Smythe or Raul. I can't wait to read the next set of books in this series.

    22. The Chinese government captures the NSA's top hacker and digitizes his brain so they can make use of his skills. A team---which naturally includes Jack and Janet---is tasked with retrieving the hacker. The NSA doesn't know what the Chinese want him for though, so they are unaware that there is an AI clone. The AI is unaware of its nature, and what does an AI want most? Of the three novels which make up the Rho Agenda Inception trilogy, this book definitely feels the most sci-fi of them.

    23. Great read and worthy successor of the Rho booksAnother great read by this author. The continuing adventures of Jack Gregory keep me hooked. The chinese government tries to steal the best hacker of the NSA and only Jack can prevent them from succeeding. Loved the setting and characters and looking forward to read more

    24. "With the final chapter of the Rho Agenda Inception, all secrets will be revealed."Nope. No they won't. Well, actually to be fair: many secrets are revealed, but this is definitely not the final chapter. Or it better not be! Lots of story left and this one doesn't end all nicely wrapped up. Definitely looking forward to the next chapter.

    25. This is a great story, but it has been retitled as DEAD SHIFT. There is non-stop action from start to finish. It continues the relationship between Jack Gregory and Janet Price, and develops the relationship between Jack and Anchanchu. The ending leaves the possibility of a fourth Gregory/Price story.

    26. This is the 3rd Novel in the Rho Inception trilogy. This is the back story of NSA assassin Jack (The Ripper) Gregory. Not as good as the first two in plot, but still well with reading. I really liked the introduction of the first conscious AI. Which I suspect will be important in the third trilogy.

    27. This is the third and final installment in this series and it ties the loose ends together in preparation to launching the Rho Agenda Series. The action is intense, continuous, and at times detrimental to to NSA agents. This fact, in my opinion makes the story line more believable and draws Jack and Janet closer together so that they will finally become a permanent pair.

    28. Awesome readThis book was so fun. The more I read from this author the less I watch tv. His books are better than most shows! The main character is a stud, and I love how the author implies patriotism. The SCFI material is thought provoking too. Highly recommend.

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