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Jeremy Thorpe The story of Jeremy Thorpe s rapid rise and spectacular fall from grace is one of the most remarkable in British politics When he became leader of the Liberal Party in at the age of just thirty s

Thorpe affair Who is Jeremy Thorpe s son Rupert, was Jeremy s wife Jeremy Thorpe was born in in Surrey and was elected leader of the Liberal Party in As leader of the Liberals in the s and s he became one of the most recognisable leaders of the Jeremy Thorpe scandal attempted murder case to reopen Watch videoThe BBC drama about the rise and fall of the Liberal leader Jeremy Thorpe, A Very English Scandal, which concludes on Saturday, may need a The Jeremy Thorpe Scandal TV Movie Jun , With Tom Mangold, Jeremy Thorpe, Robin Day, Ranulph Bacon In , former Liberal Party leader Jeremy Thorpe was tried for his involvement in the attempted murder of his former gay lover Norman Scott This documentary about the political forces that tried to protect Thorpe was made on the assumption that he would be found guilty, but was Jeremy Thorpe scandal where are they now Telegraph Dec , Jeremy Thorpe, who has died aged , was one of the towering figures of the political landscape in the s until his career was ended by claims that he had hired a Jeremy Thorpe Jeremy Thorpe was born on April , in Surrey, England as John Jeremy Thorpe He was married to Marion Thorpe and Caroline Julia Allpass He died on December , in London, England. A Very English Scandal review Jeremy Thorpe s fall Jeremy Thorpe, former Liberal leader, leaves court after being cleared of conspiracy to murder in Photograph Jane Bown Observer Once upon a time in north Devon I was briefly acquainted with Who were Jeremy Thorpe s wives Caroline Allpass and Marion Jeremy Thorpe was the MP for North Devon from to and served as the leader of the Liberal Party between He was a highly charismatic Etonian, known for his reforming principals Did Jeremy Thorpe have a gay lover thrown to his death A conspicuous and colourful figure in Jeremy Thorpe s early homosexual life was Henry Upton, only son and heir of Viscount Templetown Tall, blond, and handsome, Upton was a racy and charismatic

  • Title: Jeremy Thorpe
  • Author: Michael Bloch
  • ISBN: null
  • Page: 383
  • Format: Kindle Edition
  • The story of Jeremy Thorpe s rapid rise and spectacular fall from grace is one of the most remarkable in British politics When he became leader of the Liberal Party in 1967 at the age of just thirty seven, he seemed destined for truly great things But as his star steadily rose so his nemesis drew ever nearer a time bomb in the form of Norman Scott, a sometime male modelThe story of Jeremy Thorpe s rapid rise and spectacular fall from grace is one of the most remarkable in British politics When he became leader of the Liberal Party in 1967 at the age of just thirty seven, he seemed destined for truly great things But as his star steadily rose so his nemesis drew ever nearer a time bomb in the form of Norman Scott, a sometime male model with whom Jeremy had formed an ill advised relationship in the early 1960s Scott s incessant boasts about their affair became increasingly embarrassing, and eventually led to a bizarre plot to shut him up for good Jeremy was acquitted of involvement but his career was in ruins.Michael Bloch s magisterial biography is not just a brilliant retelling of this amazing story years in the making, it is also the definitive character study of one of the most fascinating figures in post war British politics.

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    1. This is a fascinating biography of a politician who 'fell like Lucifer' to pinch a quotation. It describes his huge strengths and his equally huge weaknesses objectively and clearly. For me, Jeremy Thorpe was consistently on the side of the political angels but some of the financial short cuts he took are shocking. His downfall through the agency of Norman Scott aided and abetted by such horrors as Peter Bessell and his own personal short-comings is described in quite proper detail since this is [...]

    2. It is the biography that British political anoraks have long awaited and which, sadly, can now only be published as its subject is no more.Like Richard Nixon, Jeremy Thorpe remains a fascinating, if flawed, figure to those who remember him, long after many of his more lauded contemporaries have passed into obscurity.Charismatic, saturnine, ebullient, suave, Thorpe cut a raffish figure when compared to the grey, serious, safe men that were his fellow party leaders, Wilson and Heath.After being el [...]

    3. A fascinating but overblown life, in a fascinating but overblown book. 550 pages could have been condensed to 400 odd pages and given a truer picture of the subject. I retain a strong fondness for Jeremy Thorpe but this book needed severe editing.

    4. If you think the contemporary UK Liberal Democratic Party is a ramshackle collection of oddballs, eccentrics, and amateurs, you have never encountered its predecessor party, the Liberals, as they stood in the 1950s to 1970s. Never quite sure what they stood for in the grand scheme of British and world politics, still bathing in the reflected light of their 19th-early 20th century heyday, this fading club of often brilliant semi-aristocrats, chancers, dodgy businessmen, sexual fugitives and the d [...]

    5. Oh dearat was a slog It's taken me ages to read this book. It's well written but at 555 pages just too long for me and lost my interest.I enjoyed the chapters about his family background and his friends but there was so much politics to get through. But I can hardly complain given Jeremy Thorpe’s leading role in politics for much of the 50s, 60s and 70s. I just found it hard work and with so many people involved with skulduggery going on left, right and centre I couldn't keep up. If I’d read [...]

    6. Took me a long time to read this book. Hard going, only because of the intensity and facts which come at you thick and fast.The author does an excellent job of keeping the pace in an otherwise dry subject. The history is rich and well defined.An incredible true story told impeccably.

    7. Very well written. A clear picture of Thorpe's life that's informative, not gossipy. The book is also useful as a sketch of how the Liberal Party came back from near extinction.

    8. A reasonably intriguing political tale - one that I was not aware of the central details in sufficient depth - that suffered at times from a more journalistic approach to the tale of hubris and ultimate tragedy. At the outset, as Thorpe climbs to prominence, the author seems a little too keen to tee up the personal web of half truths and downright lies that eventually entrap Thorpe as he attempts to keep his homosexuality out of the spotlight. Too many chapters ended with what could almost pass [...]

    9. When I joined the SDP in 1981 Jeremy Thorpe was almost a figure from the past although I was 24 and his trial had been only two years previous. I had been aware of his impact on the 1974 elections but apart from the following scandal and subsequent trial I had no deeper understanding of the man.This excellent book remedies that situation and he turns out to be a fascinating individual. His life covers achievement, recklessness, farce, love and tragedy - sometimes, it seems, all at once.The book [...]

    10. when you remember events from your childhood, they get mangled. In my case,Jeremy Thorpe went from the exotic campaigner arriving on a beach by hovercraft to the seedy defendant in the conspiracy trial that ended his career, in this excellent sympathetic biography, Bloch records the mixture of charm and chicanery that defined Thorpe's desperate career which revived the Liberals from obscurity. Bloch's record is damming as he shows that Thorpe consistently lied and distracted his energies into ta [...]

    11. Firstly, thank you to the publishers for sending me a copy via NetGalley in exchange for an honest review.I really enjoyed what I read of this book but it is so long that I never even made to the section discussing the scandal itself. I don't feel I can provide a proper review or star rating but I do highly recommend it based upon what I read.

    12. I remember the events well, and Jeremy Thorpe as a politician. His book is excellent, and made sense of those events though long afterwards. It had to wait for Jeremy Thorpe's death to be published, but still A good account a flawed and fascinating person and political career.

    13. A really interesting read of an intelligent but highly flawed human being. I thought the author's treatment of him was fair and well put together even for those of us that remembered the main events.

    14. I agree with one reviewer on here it's about 150 Pages too long but that said it's a very user friendly compelling portrait of an interesting man of contradictions.

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