London Reign

London Reign London reign is about an androgynous teen with a secret battling turmoil of the inner streets physical abuse from family while being in a steamy love triangle London reign deals with sexuality rel

  • Title: London Reign
  • Author: A.C. Britt
  • ISBN: 9780974298238
  • Page: 498
  • Format: Paperback
  • London reign is about an androgynous teen with a secret, battling turmoil of the inner streets, physical abuse from family, while being in a steamy love triangle London reign deals with sexuality, relationships, monogamy, gender roles, love, lust and betrayal.

    One thought on “London Reign”

    1. This novel called London Reign by A.C Britt is a crazy, intense ,sexy adventure. This book is about a gay sixteen year old female named London that has a secret that gets revealed in the wrong place at wrong the time. London lives with her parents in Boston and has to deal with not only emotional but physical abuse everyday of her life from her alcoholic father. London starts falling for a girl name Lexi. Lexi was more like a hit and run type of thing for London, she never wanted to settle down [...]

    2. I'd been wanting to read this for a long time, and was disappointed not to like it better. London is definitely an engaging character, and the situations in which she found herself were all too real. But the sloppiness of the writing and editing really got in the way of the story for me. For example, the tenses often jumped around inexplicably. And the shift from 3rd-person narrator to any of the various 1st-person perspectives seemed at best unnecessary. The book deals with several serious issu [...]

    3. I liked this book overall. I've been really interested in trying to track down and read books for/about teens who are transgender or gender variant and this was one of the books I came across. The story starts following the main character, London, an AG (aggressive, a term for a lesbian/dyke--generally in more urban communities--with a very masculine gender presentation) when she's 16, but follows her for several years, so she is more of a young adult than a teen by the end of the book, so I was [...]

    4. I couldn't put this book down the moment I started reading it. I appreciated that this book wasn't just about a lesbian and took us into a world dealing with gender and roles. I loved this book and was not disappointed at the end.I look forward to reading more books by this author and maybe even a sequel to this one! Good read!

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