Shigeru Mizuki’s Hitler

Shigeru Mizuki s Hitler A master cartoonist and veteran tells the life story of the man who started the Second World WarSeventy years after his death Adolf Hitler remains a mystery Historians military tacticians and psych

  • Title: Shigeru Mizuki’s Hitler
  • Author: Shigeru Mizuki Zack Davisson
  • ISBN: 9781770462106
  • Page: 445
  • Format: Paperback
  • A master cartoonist and veteran tells the life story of the man who started the Second World WarSeventy years after his death, Adolf Hitler remains a mystery Historians, military tacticians, and psychologists have tried in vain to unravel his complex motivations for leading Germany into the Holocaust and World War II With Shigeru Mizuki s Hitler, the manga ka Kitaro, NoA master cartoonist and veteran tells the life story of the man who started the Second World WarSeventy years after his death, Adolf Hitler remains a mystery Historians, military tacticians, and psychologists have tried in vain to unravel his complex motivations for leading Germany into the Holocaust and World War II With Shigeru Mizuki s Hitler, the manga ka Kitaro, NonNonba, Showa A History of Japan delves deep into the history books to create an absorbing and eloquent portrait of Hitler s life Beginning with Hitler s time in Austria as a starving art student and ending with a Germany in ruins, Shigeru Mizuki s Hitler retraces the path Hitler took in life, coolly examining his charismatic appeal and his calculated political maneuvering The Munich Beer Putsch, Hitler s ascent to chancellor, the sudden death of his half niece Geli, the Battle of Stalingrad, his relationship with Eva Braun, and his eventual demise all are given equal attention in this thorough and compelling biography In Mizuki s signature style, which populates incredibly realistic backgrounds with cartoony people, Japan s most famous living cartoonist has created an overview of Hitler s life that is as fascinating as it is informative.

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    1. This graphic novel has everythingStunning art Inspiring artistsRomance and JealousyHumor Loyalty Philosophy Drama Pet lovePolitics and Patriotism Public health issues Tips to successfully convert to Judaism Resemblance to actual living persons Wonderful proseand ActionA dramatic ending But this graphic novel basically reads like a textbook and is not particularly engaging. 6/10

    2. Every work I read by Shigeru Mizuki impresses meis work on Hitler is amazing. So much has been written about Hitler that much has become redundant; so much that has been written borders the thin line between history and fiction. This book takes a look at Hitler from a detached yet engaging perspective - following his arc from corporal to Führer - and attempts to put the interpersonal relations that shaped his personality into perspective. The only perspective that I think is missing is the rela [...]

    3. This was an interesting read. It was really engaging, I was expecting it to be a little dry but Mizuki's art combined with the storytelling made this book almost comical despite the serious content. Putting an evil figure such as Hitler in a weird cartoon setting is a little strange but it makes for an entertaining read. I got this book from my dad and I now understand why he enjoyed it.

    4. As a child of the United States, my education regarding WWII was dominated by the Holocaust. Now, the Holocaust is absolutely worthy of study, so I have no complaint of it being heavily covered. My issues lie with what wasn’t covered—how did Hitler rise to power? Why did people support him? How did the Nazi soldiers justify their actions? What did the Japanese want? Why did they attack Pearl Harbor (always seemed like a weirdly stupid move)? Wait, there were concentration camps in the US?Yes [...]

    5. As the title says, this is a manga biography of Adolf Hitler. Some of you may have heard of him? The manga is written and drawn by Shigeru Mizuki, one of Japan's all time greats. It was interesting. It's not bad, but Mizuki has done better work. It's like the old story about the talking dog, where the fact that it exists at all is more interesting than the actual content. I'm not enough of an expert on WWII or Hitler in particular to say how good of a biography it is, but it seems decent enough [...]

    6. An interesting retelling from an Eastern perspective, chronicling who this man really was, including his weaknesses and delusions, without the holocaust as the main focus. I hadn't realized Hitler considered himself so divinely appointed, hoping to usher in some Germanic millennial rein. I was also struck by how his movement barely took off, and how Hitler never would have succeeded had he not had the support of so many other conspiring, ambitious, and self-serving men.

    7. recently, i have become very interested in learning about world war II and i definitely think this was a good place to start in learning a little bit about hitler. this book is a manga (so it's read from back to front and right to left, which took a little getting used to but actually i really liked reading that way) and the background drawings are all very realistic but the faces of most everyone are drawn like caricatures. it's a pretty funny juxtapositionis book basically touches on aspects o [...]

    8. Manga interesante para profundizar en la vida de Hitler y en la SGM. Me gustó mucho el principio, desconocía la vida de Hitler antes de llegar a la política. Pero creo que hay cosas que se pasa por alto que van totalmente unidas a la vida de Hitler. No menciona, salvo en alguna viñeta suelta, la historia de los judíos y los campos de concentración. Sin embargo, entra en todo tipo de detalles en cuanto a la guerra. En ocasiones tanto detalle bélico se me ha hecho largo, pero en general lo [...]

    9. Shigeru Mizuki illustrates Hilter cartoonishly because Hitler behaved cartoonishly. The book is told from Hitler's point of view, and though it plays out as a blow-by-blow of the rise of the Third Reich, World War II, and Hitler's downfall, the general tone on display is absolute senseless madness. This isn't a deep character study of Hitler, but a cautionary tale of the elements that led to his rise to power and the fever of a world turned upside down. It's a horror story of what happens when a [...]

    10. Riveting account of the life and times of Hitler by a true master of Manga and storytelling. I am always embarrassed to realize how the version of history I got in American school textbooks was so abbreviated. People talk about going back in time to kill Hitler, but the most amazing revelation for me was that loads of people tried to kill him IN HIS OWN TIME. It's like the dude refused to be killed save by his own hand. That persistence, luck, and ability to champion batshit crazy ideas (along w [...]

    11. Once I realised I was reading the panels the wrong way (it is printed in the Japanese style) this book made a lot more sense! It is a sort-of biography of Hitler's life, from just before World War I until he died. I knew a bit of the stuff in here and I learned quite a bit too. It was interesting to read something that was not written from a Western perspective. It does not contain much about the treatment of people under Nazi rule or "The Final Solution", rather it focuses on Hitler's rise to p [...]

    12. I've been looking forward to this for a while, and I'm glad that D&Q has just published this. I'm a fan of Shigeru Mizuki's work, and I find his take on the more "human" side of Hitler to be interesting. We'll be discussing this, along with Tezuka's two-volume Message to Adolf, on this month's manga episode of the podcast.

    13. Again, Shigeru Mizuki shows why he is the master of Japanese Manga. His retelling of Hitler's rise and fall is beautifully captured in his images. He tells the story from an unbiased approach and this biography of Hitler is spot on.

    14. Although Mizuki didn't delve into the Holocaust, he didn't set out to. A rather faithful biography of Adolph, full of his absurdities and most crucial chapters, with GORGEOUS illustration and historical intrigue.

    15. If you want to read a shortened version of Hitler's life, this is the book for you. Amazing illustrations with a story that keeps you wanting to turn the page. Another great non-fiction graphic novel. This is the first time reading a true Japanese Graphic Novel and it took some time getting use to reading right to left instead of left to right. I love to read Mizuki's history of Japan as well.

    16. Esta excelente y extensa novela gráfica sobre la vida de Adolf Hitler es realmente excepciónal. Aunque el estilo pueda chocar a algunos - los personajes son caricaturas pero los fondos son realistas en puntullismo - la información está bien expuesta y la trama jamás aburre dando, si no un panorama profundo, si una pintura enfocada de todo aquello que aconteció en la vida de este siniestro personaje que llevó a los alemanes al infierno de la guerra, una vez más. Vale la pena

    17. This portrait of Hitler in manga cannot be read as straightforward biography but it offers a fascinating non-western perspective.

    18. 'Shigeru Mizuki's Hitler' is a remarkable biography of one of our most reviled men. It's the first I've read by Japan's most celebrated manga artist, and, twenty pages in, I immediately ordered three more books by him. (He is known much more for his cartoonish depictions of Japanese ghosts and goblins than sober histories.) His signature style blends goofy caricature with ultra-realism, and it works in a way I can't imagine any other artists pulling off, outside of collage. The thing that makes [...]

    19. Este volumen de novela gráfica nos acerca a la vida pública y privada de Adolf Hitler, desde sus 24 años hasta su muerte.Como la historia la conoce todo el mundo, con mayor o menor profundidad, cabe centrarse en el análisis que se ofrece de esta despreciable figura. El libro está lleno de momentos álgidos muy destacados y sorprendentemente bien documentados, pero también de valles que podrían haber estado mucho mejor plasmados (por ejemplo, se habla mucho de la sobrina Geli pero casi nad [...]

    20. This book seems especially relevant given the current political climate here in America. It gives insight into how Hitler was able to rise to power and ultimately commit such atrocities. The focus is squarely on Hitler as a fallible person, and how his insecurities and ego led to World War II. The public school I attended didn't make history appealing enough for me to remember much, so this book actually served as a great tool for brushing up and understanding that period of history. It's told f [...]

    21. We can appreciate the manner in which manga permits the reader to quickly engage and grasp the arc of a life or story, with more or less detail - both visual and textual - as suits the author/illustrator's purpose. Mizuki's laserlike focus on the quotidian Hitler's personality-driven rise and fall permits him to set aside the Holocaust without completely ignoring it, but Mizuki's "Hitler, in the end, was just a man" project would have been fatally undone by giving "just a man" principal agency i [...]

    22. I am giving this four stars on a long-term memory -- basically really good at emphasizing that Hitler was a real, uncomfortable, screwed-up weirdo to the point of buffoonery, both a piece of a greater system and a reason that system was such a crazy, evil mess. It's really interesting to read Japanese perspectives on a fellow Axis power, taking into consideration their own complicated relationship to WWII. Condemning (and rightly so!) the Germans seems to stand in for fully condemning Japan's ro [...]

    23. Another great book my Mizuki, this time focused on the life of the man known as Hitler. He lets readers jump into the life of the man from birth all the way through death and helps them understand that he was a man with many flaws and not the diety that he wanted to be. Through Mizuki's style of storytelling through art you are able to see the horrors of war portrayed with the cruelty of reality and not through the lens of a specific winning side. Overall highly recommended as an easy to underst [...]

    24. A graphical summary of Hitler's rise to power. It specifically focused on Hitler, and less on the actual actions/atrocities of WWII. Written through the eyes of a Japanese manga artist who has extensively written about the Pacific War, which gives it a very different tone than if this same work was undertaken by a European or US/Canadian artist.Kind of freaky to map similarities of Hitler's rise to politics in the US today though Just replace the hate of Jewish people to hate of Mexicans and Mid [...]

    25. itler, la novela gráfica, cuenta la historia de(redoble de tambor) efectivamente, Adolf Hitler. No, no hay sorpresa que valga, es la vida de Hitler condensada en 276 páginas, y punto. Pero lo que mola de este manga no es lo qué cuenta, cualquier persona que se precie de ser llamada así sabe de la vida de este dictador.Continúa en la web: cabezascortadas/hitler

    26. Reading about Hitler's life and rise to power from one of Japan's top manga artists and writers (who also fought in the war) is fascinating. As an American, most of what I know about WW II is from our involvement from 1941-45. Covering his early life as a homeless artist and early DAP party member, and seeing his charisma and influence is particularly chilling. Mizuki's harsh backgrounds contrasted with his signature cartoon people really made the book. It's excellent.

    27. The story here is so familiar - the rise and fall of Hitler. Yet somehow Mizuki makes the story seem new. As manga it is a stripped down and concise history yet it captures everything. And testament to his bing a master storyteller her even manages to bring new facts forward in his stripped down history. Again Mizuki has shown how manga can be the highest of literature. Or even history.

    28. A manga style biography of Adolph Hitler . . . what a great idea! Or not. Artwork is lousy, Hitler looks like Gerard Depardieu playing Quasimodo. Facts are all garbled and out of order. Obvious translation and spelling errors. (Hitler faces "exploding musket balls?" Bavaria should "succeed" from Germany?)You're actually better off watching HITLER: THE RISE OF EVIL on DVD.

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