The Charismatics

The Charismatics Winner of Self Publishing Review s Grand Prize and First Prize in Fiction Awards Ashley R Carlson s award winning fantasy debut will satisfy the appetites of those who enjoyed the romance of Step

  • Title: The Charismatics
  • Author: Ashley R. Carlson
  • ISBN: null
  • Page: 460
  • Format: Kindle Edition
  • Winner of Self Publishing Review s Grand Prize and First Prize in Fiction 2015 Awards Ashley R Carlson s award winning fantasy debut will satisfy the appetites of those who enjoyed the romance of Stephenie Meyer s TWILIGHT, the stirrings of rebellion in Suzanne Collins THE HUNGER GAMES, and the steampunk universe of Philip Pullman s THE GOLDEN COMPASS I can t shake th Winner of Self Publishing Review s Grand Prize and First Prize in Fiction 2015 Awards Ashley R Carlson s award winning fantasy debut will satisfy the appetites of those who enjoyed the romance of Stephenie Meyer s TWILIGHT, the stirrings of rebellion in Suzanne Collins THE HUNGER GAMES, and the steampunk universe of Philip Pullman s THE GOLDEN COMPASS.I can t shake this feeling that I ve been lied to, nor that I m partly to blame I ve spent my life following orders, never questioning Legalia s decisions for me, for the world I had food, shelter, better living conditions than most why rock the boat Because you can choose between doing what is comfortable, or doing what is right, answers the small voice within me I was afraid of that An arranged marriage A corrupt government called Legalia A forbidden spiritual realm Duchess Ambrose Killaher was just seventeen years old when exiled to Shinery a city of snow and darkness to marry a man who despised her, finding her only solace in an invisible companion named Roan Now as the poor starve in the streets below and rebellious acts become a frequent occurrence, Shinery holds its yearly celebration to commemorate Legalia s rule But when Ambrose stumbles into a hidden courtroom and witnesses a violent murder, she is thrust into a secret world of the supernatural one that could endanger everyone she s grown to care for With the help of a handsome stranger, Ambrose learns of the past Legalia has covered up, and that she alone possesses the power to stop their unspeakable plans for the future.

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    1. Thank you to Ashley R Carlson for providing me a review copy (this has in no way affected my review)What a find! I stumbled upon the first chapter of this book on wattpad, and I'm so happy that I did. This book sucked me in and I finished reading it in no time at all. The Charismatics is an extremely well written novel that I would probably classify as steampunk in genre. It is told in first person by the main character, Ambrose, 18 y/o Duchess of Shinery. She is a wonderfully developed characte [...]

    2. The Charismatics is a story that interested me throughout the book, and I don't typically read fantasy. The elements of the story are less about fantasy and more about relationships. The characters came to life for me, and I cared about them. The story was descriptive and I could imagine a place like this. I think this story moves quickly and kept me reading to the very end with an ending that left me wanting more. Great book!

    3. I am so pleased to have received an ARC (advance reading copy) of The Charismatics. Ashley R. Carlson’s debut novel is the perfect blend of fantasy and romance, adventure and suspense. I was instantly drawn into a world filled with wonder and oddities. A world where a girl’s best friend can be an invisible talking sparrow. A world where a secret spiritual realm blankets everything with unknown implications. A world where danger seems to lurk around every corner.The main character, Ambrose, i [...]

    4. So, I just finished this book, and let me first express my feels in gif format:SO EMOTIONAL. MERRY. ROAN. I CAN'T. Okay, I'm good, albeit emotionally shattered. I really, really enjoyed The Charismatics! Ambrose was a smashing lead--someone you can root for AND relate to on various levels. Vasser was basically perfect man-candy for my brain, and I just I struggle to put it into words. Go read the book. It's a wonderful fantasy with a lot of unique elements to it. What I liked most, I think, was [...]

    5. As a professional book editor, author and avid reader, I have worked with an array of books. Some of the content is enjoyable, some of it not so much. I usually prefer adult fiction or non-fiction, but I have to say -- I couldn't put The Charismatics down. The book was easy to comprehend (for someone like myself, who has never read steampunk fantasy) and intriguing. Ashley is fantastic at creating a mental visual of this far-away world, with imagery and description that make the reader feel as i [...]

    6. The Charismatics (love the name) is a very addicting read. The characters are dynamic and endearing. I really like the supernatural aspects and only wish there was more of it in the book. I read the entire book in less than a week. Which is a huge accomplishment considering I haven't finished a book in it's entirety in years I blame motherhood for that! If you are a fan of suspenseful fantasy, this book is for you. Also, it has it's fair share of "laugh out loud" moments. The kind that make you [...]

    7. The Charismatics was an amazing read! I was hooked the whole time and did not want to put the book down! I would recommend this book to any and everyone. Ashley Carlson is a great writer and you feel like you really get to know the characters in the book. I am looking forward to more novels by Ashley!

    8. NetGalley. Thanks for the copy.The Charismatics' narrator is a duchess who is locked away in her castle and unable to hold any power. Well, she does have some power, but the power she possesses isn't very helpful to her. She won't be able to defend herself by speaking a few sharp orders. She is only a puppet for the very nation she lives in, and every move she makes is reinforced by a colorful and beautiful cage. She has a husband, who cares for another and wishes to have nothing to do with her. [...]

    9. Wow. I'm very impressed. Much better than I expected. Not that I had any specific expectations, but I was a little concerned about how much I might enjoy this since I've never read steampunk (which I'm guessing this is light on, but remember, I've never read steampunk before) and there's mention of fantasy, which is a genre I'm only very lightly familiar with.As it turned out, it was more a story about people, relationships, secrets, conspiracies, government corruption, and brutality of class di [...]

    10. What can I say about The Charismatics? A Duchess who is forced to marry a man who prefer to have separate sleeping chambers, and who has an invisible shape shifting talking animal companion to keep her company in a corrupt citadel full of self entitled Nobles that treat the lower classes as vermin. I’d say the hook for me was the invisible talking shape shifting animal, mainly because he simply came out of nowhere. This book is promoted as Steampunk, and even though this was my introduction to [...]

    11. Quite a good debut! Carlson writes a very engaging and quickly-paced steampunk fantasy here, with a likable heroine in Ambrose who starts off with a tough set of difficulties (her husband in an arranged marriage dislikes her, she's living in a new city) that quickly become almost more than she can handle as she learns of some very dark doings indeed on the part of her new city's governing class. Ambrose is well-written as a young woman who wants people to like her and who wants to do the right t [...]

    12. I received this ebook in exchange for an honest review.The Charismatics is the sort of book that sucks you right in, like a vacuum. Ambrose is the Duchess of Shinery in Legalia, where she was sent to marry Erik in an arranged marriage, Erik hates her, her only friend in her new home is the only friend she ever had, Roan is a peculiar being,he can change into any animal form, but there's only one problem, he is invisible to anyone else. Legalia is ruled by a mad king, things aren't good for the d [...]

    13. I haven’t read a steampunk book before, and wow, what a way to start. THE CHARISMATICS has it all—-great world building, romance, high stakes, villains you’ll hate, and characters you’ll adore.I connected with Duchess Ambrose right from the start—-her caring innocence makes you want to protect her. But as her eyes open up to what’s really happening in her world, she is able to dig deep and find an incredible inner strength to fight for what’s right.Roan, her invisible friend, is so [...]

    14. I was immediately sucked into this world from the moment I opened this book and I didn't want to leave. It's original and well written and I absolutely loved it. Eagerly awaiting book 2.

    15. 3.5 stars rounded up to 423 august 2015 updateRating down-stared to 3 stars for more reviews please visit allthecrannies.wordpress/**I received this copy from the publisher via NetGalley in exchange for an honest review. Thank you very much! This doesn’t affect the review in any way. My opinions, as always, are my own.**ThoughtsOriginally, I had rated this book 3.5 stars. While writing this review, however, I down-stared it to 3.This review has been in the works since Friday. I sat in front of [...]

    16. 3.5 Stars:The Charismatics by Ashley R. Carlson is a debut novel, and the the first book in the Charismatics series. It tells the story of Duchess Ambrose Killaher and her fight to find a place in the land of Legalia. She's recently been married to a Duke who clearly despises her and she has been placed into a puppet's board position in Legalia's government. She longs to do more to help the desperate lower class but isn't sure how, and her only companion and true friend is Roan, her invisible "a [...]

    17. For this review and more, visit my blog hereReceived this ebook in exchange for an honest review3.5 starsThis was a good beginning to a enthralling new dystopic series. First, I really need to clarify some things. For those of you that have read the official blurb, this is NOTHING remotely similar to the Twilight romance. Not at all. Zero, zilch, nada. No vampires, no "you're too dangerous for me, no insta-love, nothing. Alright, now that that's out of the way, here's a my own blurb:Ambrose is t [...]

    18. ARC kindly provided by Utopia Publishing via NetGalley in exchange for an honest review.Review The Charismatics was a very well structured, grammatically correct and wonderfully written. To my surprise this book had a lot more fantasy to it then I originally gathered from the blurb. The beginning reminded me a lot of Marie Rutkoski's The Winner's Trilogy, the worlds being alike, but where Marie Rutkoski's had a more developed world which concentrated a lot on the geography of the world, Ashley R [...]

    19. I received a copy of this book from the publisher via NetGalley in exchange for an honest review. I was pulled in quickly by the narrative voice and the situation of the protagonist in this story. Untouched by the husband she was forced to marry, living in a foreign and unfriendly land, and surrounded by a corrupt ruling system that abuses the lower classes, Ambrose seemed poised to become the shining light in a rebellion. However, things didn't quite go down as I expected. The plot got weighted [...]

    20. What A (Zeppelin) Ride!The Charismatics, by Ashley R. Carlson, is a fun, exciting adventure, with an ample amount of romance, intrigue and steampunk fantasy thrown in for good measure. (Not to mention great cover art by M.S. Corley!)The story begins nearly a year after aristocratic 17-year-old Ambrose has been hastily (and unhappily) married off to a man who can't stand the sight of her, in order to become Duchess of Shinery, one of Legalia's most important cities. As the story unfolds, she and [...]

    21. What a lovely novel this was!THE CHARISMATICS is steam-punky, swoony, thought-provoking, intriguing, and at times a little gut-wrenching!It follows our heroine Ambrose, Duchess of Shinery, as she discovers that the ruling government Legalia is horribly corrupt and decides she means to do something about it. The GOLDEN COMPASS/HUNGER GAMES mash-up comp is spot on in my opinion.The most intriguing thing to me about THE CHARISMATICS is the forbidden spiritual realm and Ambrose's mysterious shape-sh [...]

    22. From Netgalley for a Review:Well, I read this entire book in one sitting, it was a grand romp in intrigue, deception, corruption and lots of secrets. My kinda book! First off, the characters are really well rounded and the world is more and more fascinating as it unfolds. The corrupt Legalia, well, you really kinda end up hating them, but maybe they are not the only villains? Really I liked almost everything about this book. Like I said, almost. I really kinda loathed the protagonist, I didn't w [...]

    23. Set in a world ruled by hatred and where wahtever spiritual life is prohibited by law, The Charismatics is a fantasy quite out of the ordinary, with a protagonist, Ambrosia, which evolves in the course of the narrative from a frightened young woman, just over but a puppet in the hands of cruel and powerful men, and whose only friend is an invisible creature that can change shape, to a political woman of great talent. Some of the threads of the plot are suspended, but it's easy to imagine they ar [...]

    24. This is a great read with a wonderful, warm heroine, a gorgeous hero and plenty of steampunk action. I loved Ambrose who is a fabulous character and very easy to relate to from the very first page. By trying to change the world she lives in and make life a little bit easier for the people less fortunate than herself Ambrose starts to see the underside of the people who run Legalia. When she is 'accidentally' left behind in the dangerous 'urbs' she meets Vasser Witte and then things start to get [...]

    25. This just wasn't my cup of tea, at all. I was really excited for this one, I love me some steampunk and this seemed like a great read. Somehow it just didn't do it for me. I couldn't connect with the main character, I tried very VERY hard to like her but I couldn't connect with her. The world presented was interesting, but after a while I kinda got over it and it couldn't hold my attention anymore. I'm quite sad this didn't work for me. The reviews of the Charismatics seemed really promising, bu [...]

    26. I thought this was an awesome steam punk book with great characters with a plot that pulled you in quickly and would not let you go. The story is very engaging and quick paced. I loved the heroine and the unusual fix she was in involving having a husband in an arranged marriage who disliked combined with living in a new city that has dark doings. She wants to change things and do the right thing but each effort seems to make things worse. Despite this she grows as a character and shows courage a [...]

    27. Oh my goodness!!!! IT is SOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO Gooood! When the action really started happening I really was pulled in. I entered an emotional roller coaster as I went from maybe liking characters to downright hating them. I also went from not really liking some to becoming so attached to them and having my heart strings pulled by a surprise ending. Also I nearly had a heart attack thinking the book was over by the suspense in some spots. My mind is just fumbling around itself trying to [...]

    28. I would give this a five if not for the super unessary sexual details and innuendos.They aren't everywhere, but it starts out with one and then they are annoyingly sprinkled through the rest of the book.It felt like one those movies that throw in a few curse words so they don't get a PG rating and people think they're too goody two shoes, as if that would ruin their worth or entertainment value to get that label. It took away from the magic of the plot, which was incredible.

    29. Everything about The Charismatics impressed me: The story and characters are unique and compelling. The world-building is breathtaking, so well mapped, and incredibly believable. The plot itself is well paced and utterly unpredictable.Frankly, I loved EVERYTHING about this book. I've recommended it to family and friends (and a few co-workers who spotted the lovely cover!), and now I'm here, to keep recommending it. Waiting for the sequel is agonizing!

    30. Excellant start of an amazing new YA series. Self published with a dazzling red cover. Fans of steampunk will enjoy Ambrose's journey. The characters come alive on the pages, especially liked Roan. I am anxiously awaiting the next book in the series. Finally, if you wished to know what to read next after the Hunger Games, this is a good place to start.

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