The Concilium Vampires, Book I: The Spaniard

The Concilium Vampires Book I The Spaniard All Michael Blake wanted to do was to have a normal quiet life Kind of hard to do being a something year old vampire Still he was giving it his best shot turning his back on the vampire commun

  • Title: The Concilium Vampires, Book I: The Spaniard
  • Author: Angela Goldsberry
  • ISBN: null
  • Page: 250
  • Format: Kindle Edition
  • All Michael Blake wanted to do was to have a normal, quiet life Kind of hard to do, being a 500 something year old vampire Still, he was giving it his best shot, turning his back on the vampire community, and trying to blend in with the mortals Leaving the fast life of the Big Apple, he moved to Rhode Island, took up teaching art at a small university, and left himselfAll Michael Blake wanted to do was to have a normal, quiet life Kind of hard to do, being a 500 something year old vampire Still, he was giving it his best shot, turning his back on the vampire community, and trying to blend in with the mortals Leaving the fast life of the Big Apple, he moved to Rhode Island, took up teaching art at a small university, and left himself with enough spare time to do nothing but paint But someone or something just won t leave him alone His past comes calling in the middle of the night, threatening to destroy the new life he s so carefully constructed His present is being consumed by an obsessed woman who s giving him the supernatural hard sell, and just won t seem to take no for an answer And his future His future is laid out for him in a deck of tarot cards, interpreted by a fiery haired gypsy who haunts his dreams and burns in his blood Can what the cards say really come to pass Can this crimson haired goddess be the indescribable love of his eternal life, prophesied by a fortune telling parlor game Can he incorporate her into his ordinary life while continuing to outrun the man he used to be And will she be safe from Michael s deranged stalker, or will her life be in IMmortal danger

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    1. I was given this Advanced copy from the Author for an Un-Bias opinion.This is my first Angela Goldsberry book.I loved the story plot and her characters where amazing, you just have to love a brooding vampire who just wants to be normal, but alass things always get in the way,, well written great story line, sexyness, and the search for true love all wrapped up in this wonderful book that makes it hard to put down.Hoping that Michael gets his HEA, and waiting in anticipation to see what unravels [...]

    2. This is a awesome Vampire Story!!!! I was given a copy for a honest review!!!Loved the CharactersLove that the story pulls you alongs well writtend you can see where you need the next books to learn the other characters stories cliff hangerTHANK YOU!!!! I hate those.I Love Vampire storiesd this onewas AWESOME!!! I love that was all written in a way that makes all the paranormal stuff believable!!!I give it 5 STARS!!! and can not wait for the next book! BUY IT!! READ IT!!! its worth a lot more th [...]

    3. Awesome book! I thoroughly fell in love with these characters. Michael is just swoon worthy and Rowan is a perfect match for him. I honestly cannot wait for the next in this series. The way you get pulled into this book is crazy addictive. Great characters, great storyline & much to look forward to from this author!

    4. I could not put this book down!! I SO cannot wait for the next in this series to come out!!The storyline, the characters, plot. they all jump off the page and you've fallen in love with all of them!! Michael, the Vampire that doesn't think he's worthy of more, and Rowan that is scared to want more, what can I say except that this has became my new favorite author and series!!

    5. This was a great Vampire story. It was a long readwhich I loved. It was very interesting and had great characters. Angela did a wonderful job on her first novel. I can't wait to see what she comes up with next. I really hope she writes about Hank. I loved his character and would love to learn more about him.

    6. loved your bookWell,let me say this is a wonderful booke plot was amazing.fell in love with Michael and Rowan from the beginning.well worth the time spent reading itCan't wait to read the next one,maybe it will be about Hank,hint hint.I will be reading this again.ank you .Awesome book.

    7. Best vampire book I have read Michael and Rowan's story was fantastic cannot wait for the next one hopefully it will be Hank (HINT HINT).

    8. Superb readThis is the first book I read by Angela Goldsberry. The story is very well conceived and written. This is a very long book (which I liked) without any unnecessary fillers just to make it so long. I really loved the sweet love story between Rowan and Michael. It was funny at times when Michael first saw Rowan in reality after he saw her in his dreams, while she was dressed as a gypsy doing a tarot card reading session in a local pub/ restaurant. The way the whole scene is depicted made [...]

    9. Everything you could hope forWhen I read the synopsis I was already enamored. Apart from a few formating issues this book was absolutely amazing! Michael and Rowan are everything you would want in main characters. They both have so much charisma, spunk and emotion that you can't help but get swept up in their love story. Angela did such a good job with the supporting characters too! Hank and Chairmen were exceptional supports and the later additions of Father Jim, Niko and Vince were just icing [...]

    10. What an adventure!Wow! I devoured this book. I stayed up multiple nights waaay past my bedtime reading this. So Rowan is a young girl running from an abusive ex boyfriend. Michael is a talented artist, with an amazing career. He's a guest lecturer at the college Rowan is attending. Michael also happens to be a vampire. Rowan has some supernatural gifts of her own in this story.This book is full of romance and adventure. I loved every part of it. Beautifully written, no lagging bits. Kept me on t [...]

    11. ReviewThis is such a good book I stayed up all night to finish it, I absolutely loved it. It is a long story but it did not seem like it because it was never boring but held my interest all the way through. I am very impressed by this author and am really looking forward to reading whatever she writes next. I loved the cover on her book it is very eye catchingo

    12. Wow!! What a story!!At the start I was wondering and not sure that I like it. But it changed to a fantastic storyline, with great characters. I really like the way it was written, to give every character a bit insight of himself, for the vamps. Great development within the book, can be a bit gruesome, with Lea, she cannot and will not accept a NO! And she take drastic measures to get Rowan killed, to have Michael for herself. But she is so wrong not to deal with a vampire like Michael, who will [...]

    13. This is the first book of Angela's I have read. I will be looking at her other books. When I first saw how long this book was I had a little heart attack, over 600 pages. I thought it would take me forever to read. Once I got reading it I couldn't put it down. It was so good and it drew me in. It needed to be as long as it was for the amount of character development that was in it. You can't just say "yeah Michael is a 500 year old vampire. He had a rough life. Rowan is a mortal and she had a ro [...]

    14. Wow!This book was absolutely amazing! I loved every single second of of it. I truly cant wait to see what's next.

    15. This is book one in the Concilium Vampire series. It is Michael and Rowan's book. I gave this book 5 stars. First off I bought this book in paperback and was floored at how large it was. We always get so caught up in how long a book is and sometimes I think we are influenced on whether we one click a book or not either way. Is it too short or is it too long. What is too short? What is too long? I have to say that when you have an artist that is not in the indie world. They don't have this proble [...]

    16. This is Book 1 in The Concilium Vampires series, but does NOT end on a big cliffhanger. Written from multiple POVs and is really long (651 pages), but it doesn't drag or seem to be too much. If you like hot, steamy, emotional, and suspenseful paranormal romances, this is the book for you. Every page held me captivated, feeling as if I were living their story, and I hated for it to end. Michael is a vampire; Rowen is a mortal. Michael is romantic, sexy, rich, and a talented artist that is a very [...]

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