Short Stories

Short Stories The thirty four stories in this volume span Chekhov s creative career They present a wide spectrum of comic and serious themes and a variety of techniques His short novels available in another Norton

  • Title: Short Stories
  • Author: Anton Chekhov Ralph E. Matlaw
  • ISBN: 9780393090024
  • Page: 412
  • Format: Paperback
  • The thirty four stories in this volume span Chekhov s creative career They present a wide spectrum of comic and serious themes and a variety of techniques His short novels, available in another Norton volume, Seven Short Novels by Chekhov, have been omitted Two of the stories have been translated for this edition by Professor Matlaw the other translations, by ConstanThe thirty four stories in this volume span Chekhov s creative career They present a wide spectrum of comic and serious themes and a variety of techniques His short novels, available in another Norton volume, Seven Short Novels by Chekhov, have been omitted Two of the stories have been translated for this edition by Professor Matlaw the other translations, by Constance Garnett, Ivy Litvinov, and Marian Fell, have been revised in accordance with contemporary usage Footnotes have been supplied wherever necessary to explain peculiarities of Russian life and the historical era in which Chekhov lived and wrote Backgrounds includes a rich selection of Chekhov s letters, in new translations by Professor Matlaw, and Gorky s celebrated essay on Chekhov, translated by Ivy Litvinov The critical essays offer general views of Chekhov s art and achievement and detailed analyses of particular stories The critics are D S Mirsky, A B Derman whose essay has been translated from the Russian especially for this edition , Renato Poggioli, Gleb Struve, Donald Rayfield, Karl Kramer, Virginia Llewellyn Smith, and Nils Ake Nilsson.A Selected Bibliography directs readers to resources for further study.Chameleon 1884 Oysters 1884 A living chronology 1885 The huntsman 1885 Misery 1886 The requiem 1886 Anyuta 1886 Agatha 1886 Grisha 1886 A gentleman friend 1886 The chorus girl 1886 Dreams 1886 Vanka 1886 At home 1887 The siren s song 1887 Sleepy 1888 The grasshopper 1892 In exile Rothschild s fiddle 1894 The student 1894 The teacher of literature 1889 94 Whitebrow 1895 Anna on the neck 1895 The house with the mansard 1896 The pecheneg 1898 A journey by cart 1897 The man in a case 1898 Gooseberries 1898 About love 1898 A doctor s visit 1902 The darling 1899 The lady with the dog 1899 The bishop 1902 The betrothed 1903.

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    1. The Short Stories of Anton Chekhov, Anton Chekhov مجموعه داستان های کوتاه چخوف؛ تاریخ نخستین خوانش» بیست و یکم ماه آوریل سال 2009 میلادیبهترین داستانهای کوتاه چخوف: «مغروق، یک صحنه ی کوچک»؛ - «تهیه کننده در زیر کاناپه، داستانی از پشت صحنه»؛ - بچه ی تُخص؛ - در پستخانه؛ - انتقام زن؛ - خوشحالی؛ - در اتاقها [...]

    2. This is an excellent group of short stories, Chekhov's favorite form of writing. I love his stories almost without exception. He is easier to read than most of the other Classic Russian writers I have read. He was a Medical Doctor by trade, of which he was proud Hemingway called him an amateur writer which sounds like something he would say. My favorite story in this collection is The Black Monk.

    3. اولين كتابي بود كه از چخوف ميخواندم. اگر بخواهم با داستان كوتاه هايي كه تا بحال خوانده بود مقايسه كنم ميتوانم بگويم عالي بود. زبان و نحوه ي بيان ساده داشت و در زمينه ي طنز هم موفق بود. آخرين قسمت كتاب كه در مورد نصيحت هايي به نويسنده ها بود ، از نظرم بهترين قسمت كتاب بود.اما در دا [...]

    4. The Short Stories of Anton ChekhovOf course, any fan/writer/enthusiast of the short story should read this book! I would recommend reading this in conjunction with either Stephen King's Graveyard Shift or Edgar Allan Poe's collected works. That probably sounds like a strange recommendation but Anton Chekhov was a very caring writer that, as a medical doctor, obviously had access to both the upper and lower rungs of society. His emphasis is more on the broad sweep of society and on emotion. Both [...]

    5. اندوهایونا درشکه چی ِ پیر، مرد نظامی را سوار می کند و می گوید: پسرم ارباب. پسرم چند روز پیش مرد.مرد نظامی (بی تفاوت): تند تر برو پیرمرد!سه مرد جوان سوار می شوند؛ ایونا می‌خندد و می‌گوید: - هه هه هه. چه جوانهای شادی! - این هفته پسرم. پسر جوانم مرد!جوان یک پس گردنی به ایونا زد. ایونا صد [...]

    6. "I am going to order you to do something new, if you haven’t done it already. Get a collection of the short stories of Chekhov and read every one. Then read “Youth” by Joseph Conrad. I’m not suggesting that you do these things. I am ordering you to do them." - Kurt Vonnegut's life-advice to his children

    7. What a sweet man! Chekhov was an unexpected surprise. I think I had only seen The Cherry Orchard at college to this point and had expected his stories to be ponderous like Tolstoy or Dostoevsky. They weren't. They were heartwarming. One of them even made me tear up--and I was alone at the time.I am suspicious that the ISBNs for this Modern Library edition are incorrect as they do not appear in the Library of Congress database.

    8. My favorites: Gooseberries and Lady with a DogWithout sounding too pseudo-intellectual, I now love Chekov. I used to avoid him like I would avoid men with goatees in coffee-bars, because frankly they would either quote from Baudelaire Fleurs de Mal or Chekov or worse yet have a dog-eared copy of Chekov in their hands while sipping a latte in a coffee bar.We did a staged version of Lady with a LapDog at the ART a couple of years ago and Three Sisters last year. Now I understand his importance in [...]

    9. This one recalls beery evenings when I still shuddered from the emotional impact of such simple stories. I suppose most folks at the time - the early 1990s - were swayed by Carver or Bukowski. I worked ALL the ime but recall buying this new at hawley Cooke and then being floored. The Grasshopper is the one which lingers, assuming a parallel position with Joyce's Araby and tales from Sherwood Anderson as the haunting foundation of a life spent between pages.

    10. Quite liked this little collection. Makes me want go read some more of his works. No story was bad per se, but there were only like two or three that stood out as beyond average. I do really appreciate his writing style with particular reference to his ability to clearly illustrate his characters. They were the soul of each story.

    11. Easygoing stories. Epic style. The stories are transmuting all the way to the point of catharsis. I loved the fact that every story had a point, a message, or critics against the wrongs in society and in humanity. Truly healing and magical.

    12. Chekhov's stories teach you to "let go" when you write. You can go in and out of reality just like the ordinary mind does. Chekhov reminds one of the works of Chagall.

    13. "People who lead a solitary existence always have something in their hearts which they are eager to talk about." --from the short story, About Love, Chekhov.

    14. This collection contains only thirteen of the hundreds of stories written by Chekhov. It does not contain the longer stories like The Steppe of Ward No. 6, but it does include a judicious selection by the translator Elisaveta Fen.Chekhov's stories portray individuals and their relations with each other in specific situations. These often demonstrate the results of difficult choices with sometimes devastating results. I particularly enjoyed stories like "Enemies", "Teacher of Literature", and "Th [...]

    15. Anton Pavlovici Cehov aka Chekhov, political commentary That Chekhov is one of the greatest writers it is not for humble me to confirm, emphasize. I am glad that I started reading him from a tender age. For some reason, I remember reading Chekov stories in the mountains, in Predeal. I was in a room near the Orizont hotel, waiting for something and someone to appear. In the meantime I was reading Chekhov, that’s about all I can recall.It is a strange thing, happening to me once in a while- anot [...]

    16. I won't attempt to review the writing itself, Anton Chekhov is someone anyone interested in good literature should experience for themselves; he's one of my all-time favorite writers. To be honest, I suggest if you really want to read Chekhov, don't look at too many, if any at all, reviews of his work (or at least don't take them to heart), many people have conflicting critical views of himself and his writing, the best way to get to know Chekhov is in a personal way, by delving into his work wi [...]

    17. I dont know if this review can warrant justice to the magnificence and brilliance of Anton Chekhov. All you need to do is read one story. That's all. And you'll be finding any time possible to read each and every other remaining story. Each of the Russian greats have their talents of analyzing the human psych. For Chekhov, his is the ability to develop characters. You see it in every one of his work. And this talent enables him to delve deep into the souls of these characters, yet still maintain [...]

    18. Gave up part way through first story I read, The Lady With the Dog. People having an affair, being stupid, didn't care about them. Not a good intro to Chekov. I like the Chekov on Star Trek better at this point.

    19. I'm not a short story person, but I really like Chekhov's tone and style.*Read excerpts for school junior year college*

    20. About 2/3 through this book of Chekhov short stories. Chekhov is interesting. Many stories are vignettes of life without plots. Many seem to stop where other stories would begin.

    21. I dove into this one based on a recommendation from a good friend plus Chekov’s reputation for mastering the short story form. So, here are my superficial observations. #1: in mere word count, a number of stories stretch the “short story” form in my view. #2: an unworldly American like myself had a really tough time reading all of the characters’ Russian names. The convention if repeatedly referring to characters by their lengthy first and last names chopped up the flow of the narrative [...]

    22. I find a lot of the time the critical portions of Norton Criticals to have quite a bit of chaff stuffed with the wheat, but this one is great; the letters are interesting, there's a good balance of close readings and broader criticism, and there isn't an excessive amount of it.As for Chekhov himself, I'm in a tight place where I can recognize his talent but he's not quite for me.

    23. A good selection of Chekhov's short stories, in a readable if rather plain translation. I may need to reread some of his work though as I wasn't as impressed as the adoration of the critics suggests I should be. Not sure I would recommend.

    24. I didn't read all of the short stories in this edition for school, but I found Chekov's style refreshing and still applicable to modern readers. I'm not sure if I agreed with the analysis people gave in the back of the book, but Chekov's stories were certainly engaging.

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