Rules for the Perpetual Diet

Rules for the Perpetual Diet An alternate cover for this ASIN can be found here A suspenseful moving and at times hilarious novel about love loss Paris food and finding yourself Amy is and tired of living in her hometown o

  • Title: Rules for the Perpetual Diet
  • Author: K.S.R. Burns
  • ISBN: null
  • Page: 159
  • Format: Kindle Edition
  • An alternate cover for this ASIN can be found here.A suspenseful, moving and at times hilarious novel about love, loss, Paris, food and finding yourself Amy is 29 and tired of living in her hometown of Phoenix She s also perpetually hungry, because she s on a perpetual diet When Amy s best friend dies she picks up and runs away to Paris, her dream destination thoughAn alternate cover for this ASIN can be found here.A suspenseful, moving and at times hilarious novel about love, loss, Paris, food and finding yourself Amy is 29 and tired of living in her hometown of Phoenix She s also perpetually hungry, because she s on a perpetual diet When Amy s best friend dies she picks up and runs away to Paris, her dream destination though maybe not the best place to avoid carbs In France she is robbed, stalked, arrested, kidnapped almost and worse finds that her numerous issues have come right along with her Grab a croissant and settle in for a decidedly non touristy trip to the City of Light P.S This novel is great for book groups.

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    1. This book is fascinating for a number of reasons, not the least of which the unique, unpredictable plot. The characters are original and sympathetic, the locations are spot-on, and the author's eye for description sucks you right into the story and makes you feel as though YOU are the one who's marauding around Paris.I highly recommend this book. It's perfect for people who are looking for a complicated heroine who's trying to figure her life out in the most interesting way possible.

    2. Amy is obsessed with dieting. I know people obsessed with dieting. (My elbows only touch the flesh of my waist if I tuck them in very tightly - does that count? What if it does count? Should I be working on that?) She’s obsessed with visiting Paris. I’ve visited Paris. And, she is heavy in grief at the death of her best friend, Kat. In real life, I work in a volunteer capacity with those clouded in grief. I know grief! The author, K.S. R. Burns, clearly knows Amy’s obsessions and represent [...]

    3. When I first saw this book advertised I assumed it was yet one more ‘How to get thin and find eternal happiness’ self-help manual. If I hadn’t had assurances from the author that it was far from that, I don’t think I would have started reading it. The last thing this world needs is another book glorifying the rewards of self-starvation. In spite of the reassurances, I entered the book warily, but within a very short time was completely absorbed in Amy’s adventures in the Wonderland tha [...]

    4. I have just devoured this very amusing, fast-paced, well-written tale over the holidays, punctuated by my large (in numbers, not physique) family decimating a great deal of festive food at long, regular sittings. Amy’s Rules were ringing in my ears, helping me to moderate consumption – even abstain once or twice! Some of the rules (as promised) are just weird – Amy might change her mind about Picky Eaters (#17) if she was a parent. Some are sound (#13. Never eat processed food). Some are i [...]

    5. Having gone through an eating disorder of my own as a teenager, I truly felt the pain and agony of what it's like to try every diet. Starving my poor stomach surely felt like starving my soul. And then to have my elbows still hit that middle section muffin top was only salt in the proverbial wound. The story reads so well that I felt like I knew each of these characters like friends, dysfunctional or not. The sights, sounds and smells of Paris only heightened my longing to go there some day. So [...]

    6. The Paris Effect by K.S.R. Burns is indeed a perfect women's fiction novel. Readers will see that there is a lot that happens inside, this brilliant well-written story. The main character has issues like the rest of us. She even has a list of rules some that sound great, others creepy, and the rest crazy. This is the first novel I have read by this talented writer. The characters will keep readers constantly one their toes especially, Amy. Amy is a character that readers can't put one label on.e [...]

    7. this book is entertaining and definitely leaves you wanting more. which, according to the author, is in the works. now we wait review- if only. I have been in a love affair with Paris since a school trip almost seventeen years ago. if you could leave your life behind and run away to Paris- would you?

    8. I'm halfway through this new novel by K.S.R Burns. This is the perfect book to read on your next trip! Like a well-planned adventure, this story engages you, moves along at a nice pace, and leaves you curious about what will happens next!

    9. William and Amy are made for each other. William is ruled by numbers. Amy is ruled by her diet rules. When her best friend Kat dies, she decides to take the trip to Paris the two had been planning during Kat's illness. There she finally breaks some rules and realizes there is more to life than following rules. I was going to throw the book at the wall if I had to hear more about Amy's diet rules. They were boring and messing up her life. I loved it when, in Paris, nothing went as she expected. S [...]

    10. 'The Paris Effect' is a book that I have seen pop up on my Twitter feed more than once. At first I had no idea who wrote it (sorry) because I was memorised by the cover. I saw the colours, the word 'Paris' and it went straight on my TBR list. The more I saw it, the more intrigued I became. I did want to read it but every time I saw it, I was already 'booked'. Then one day, the lovely Karen Burns sent me a lovely e-mail asking me to review her book 'The Paris Effect'. It was one of the nicest req [...]

    11. This is one of those books that fall outside my normal realm of reading, but I’m so glad I dove in! This topic, while it may seem light is actually quite dark. Amy struggles with an eating disorder. As the story progressed, you became increasingly aware that her obsession with her size was very unhealthy and not in line with what others saw. Many of the rules Amy has sound like the thinspo boards Tumblr and Pinterest banned a few years ago. I felt like Amy grows into some healthier ways of thi [...]

    12. Not your average Paris story and that's exactly what I loved about it. More than a journey to Paris, it's a journey through the scared, grieving, wandering, and lonely mind of Amy. This woman has lived life a certain way up until this point. Will she change? And will it be for the better? I loved following her on her meandering path and hung on every word, waiting to see what happened next.

    13. Great read! This author can tell a tale with a dry wit that will make you laugh. Good story, well told, thoughtful.

    14. As you would expect from the title this is a book about Paris. But not just Paris, and not the Paris you usually read about in novels. We first meet the heroine, Amy, in her spotless American kitchen playing the role of model (sort of) spouse, preparing meals for hubby William, a man who likes order in his life and things that are predictable, like numbers. Amy can do numbers too, especially when working out the nutritional value of, say, a big bowlful of cookie dough ice-cream with fudge chunks [...]

    15. O, Amy Brodie is one messed-up narrator! (The best kind, in my opinion, because complex makes for interesting.)This immediately engaging novel by K.S.R. Burns, author of The Amazing Adventures of Working Girl, sees Amy Brodie, a 29-year-old childless wife in Phoenix, teetering on the edge. Amy’s in the grip of many issues at the beginning of this enthralling contemporary women’s fiction: grief, an eating disorder, self-denial… to name a few. Her husband is the epitome of the solid, don’t [...]

    16. What an interesting story from beginning to end. I will be honest I was not terribly enthralled by the first half of the story. I really found it hard to relate to and understand. Amy's food obsession was crazy and downright irritating at times. I was practically screaming at her to EAT SOMETHING! Then there is Amy and Will's relationship, it is pretty evident that they met, slept together, got pregnant and had a shot gun wedding. And as you will learn through out the story they truly know nothi [...]

    17. Wonderfully fun read. It moves along at a nice clip, but there are hidden depths and some twists and turns along the way.

    18. I have had this sitting on my Kindle for a while now and when I saw that the book was going on tour, I decided to join the tour and get reading. So my reaction to this book is Why the heck didnt I read it before?. I absolutely LOVED LOVED this. It is one of those books that you lose yourself into and before you know it the end is near. I can honestly say I was gutted when I got to the end but had a big smile on my face when the next page told us, it wasnt the end of Amy's adventures.So meet Amy, [...]

    19. It's not a diet plan per say and it has little to do with nonfiction but Rules for the Perpetual Diet is a novel covering ten days in the life of a diet-obsessed twenty-something woman who perpetually struggles with weight gain and loss. Sound familiar? Well, don't get too comfortable: the familiar is about to be turned upside down as Amy's opening line snags attention: "Kat is dead. I am not. What I am is hungry. And majorly pissed off…"In a few lines Burns has captured what all too few novel [...]

    20. "The Paris Effect" is a good book about Amy, a young woman trying to find herself after the loss of her best friend, Kat. Kat recently passed away from cancer, and was the pillar of Amy's existence. Friends since - well, forever - Kat and Amy have always had a plan to visit Paris together; a plan that no one knew about except the two of them. With Kat's passing, Amy takes off on an adventure of a lifetime to the other side of the world. Once in Paris, nothing seems to go as Amy had planned. The [...]

    21. The Paris Effect is a cleverly written, humorous story about life, relationships, and the shocking realization that people aren't always who they say they are. This story hijacked my emotions and captured my attention from the very beginning. The characters in The Paris Effect are well developed, quirky and likable. I loved every page of this delightful, and engaging tale.Amy is a twenty-nine-year-old married woman who obsesses about everything. She obsessed about food, rules, schedules and goin [...]

    22. I truly adored this book. But first of all, kudos to marketing! If the book still had its old title "Rules of the Perpetual Diet," I would not have added it to my to read list. Just the new title captured me! Amy did what many women dream of (I certainly did): run away to some place as far from her current life as she could, to a place she and her recently deceased friend Kat always planned to go Paris. She didn't tell anyone she was going, not even her husband. She and Kat had packed for this t [...]

    23. Although Amy is obsessed with her self imposed “Rules” the story is less about weight loss and more about life losses and how they shape us. In the confusion of grief after the death of her dear friend, Kat, Amy assesses her circumstances and sets about exploring her life’s what ifs?Amy takes us with her as she impulsively flies off to Paris, leaving her husband William behind, and we take a decidedly un-touristy tour of the city noted for food and love. This is the perfect setting for Amy [...]

    24. I'm not sure that's ever happened to me before - loved a book whose ending I hated. (I have a preference for how Part 2 goes). But I did stay up until the wee hours to finish it so that tells you something.The author made me rediscover Paris. I delighted in the descriptions of some of the familiar (and some less familiar) places. Her observations and descriptions are stunning - her writing, magical.And that's all I'm going to say because I don't want to give away any spoilers. I'm glad I read th [...]

    25. It’s hard to pigeon-hole this book into a particular genre, certainly not the chic-lit one you might assume simply from a glance at the title and cover. It starts off with a familiar enough scenario, someone, Amy, coming to terms with the loss of a close friend and one-time lover, Kat, and the gaps and emptiness in their life when the person they knew and loved is prematurely no longer a part of it. Written from the perspective of the central character, Amy, this is almost an adult coming of a [...]

    26. It had the Paris effect on me! Perfect holiday read.I was actually in Paris when I read this and the descriptions of the city and its way of life were spot-on. Beware the string men! I thought I knew Paris well but I’ve never before been on a chilling tour of the illegal catacombs and loved the thrills – from the safety of my armchair. I found Amy both endearing and irritating but was drawn into her adventures, curious to find out what would happen to her and what choices she would make.I se [...]

    27. It 's an exciting book with some touching moments but also lots of humor and irony, food and beautiful landscapesKat and Amy had a plan, make a trip to Paris, in secret without telling even to Amy's husband. Kat unfortunately has lost her battle with cancer. Now Amy has the opportunity to make this journey alone: ​​the husband goes away for work for 10 days. Will she have the courage to do?Amy is unemployed and takes care of the home full-time, makes a lot of manual labor but according to he [...]

    28. Without doubt one of the cleverest books I've read in a while. Funny, smart and charming this is a book that goes off on a very nice tangent. It is a book for me that was all about two subjects that when handled well, are the things I love to read about, love and loss. The main character heads to Paris from Phoenix after the loss of her friend and the device of the perpetual diet that she is always on, gives a lovely line of connection and humour throughout the book. I won't spoil the story by t [...]

    29. I was asked to review by Librarything Loved this the descriptions of Paris accurate the author has either done their homework or been there. The character Amy has an obsession with diets and Paris know the two very well. Lovely book - we all have had experiences of dramatic weight loss for me when my world was ripped apart. Well written book, fast paced - and so very different but hey that is what I loved about it.A great read for the sunbed

    30. I received this book for my honest review. I loved this book. Amy is one of a kind lady. After her friend does she takes off to Paris. That's where her dieting habit becomes hard. As she's there she gets robbed and all kinds of stuff. Maybe Paris wasn't the best place for her Her problems tend to follow her there.

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