Foehammer Twenty years from now the ice caps melt and three sinister creatures rise from the slush A virus breaks out in a couple of Arctic naval bases and then even strangely inside the White House The gua

  • Title: Foehammer
  • Author: DuncanCampbell
  • ISBN: 9780993151514
  • Page: 187
  • Format: Paperback
  • Twenty years from now, the ice caps melt and three sinister creatures rise from the slush A virus breaks out in a couple of Arctic naval bases, and then, even strangely, inside the White House The guards become animated corpses, and rescue teams are rendered helpless by a mysterious trance effect Most US citizens seem unconcerned, but some people are watching UndeTwenty years from now, the ice caps melt and three sinister creatures rise from the slush A virus breaks out in a couple of Arctic naval bases, and then, even strangely, inside the White House The guards become animated corpses, and rescue teams are rendered helpless by a mysterious trance effect Most US citizens seem unconcerned, but some people are watching Underpaid academic Dr Weaver has documents that refer to something similar happening in the time of Christ, and a group of billionaires seek him out and set him to work With the help of a super hacker he manages to track down a veteran who s not susceptible to mind control But this Sean Jester Solberg character is a wild card an aggressive loner who lives with the immigrants outside the cities The next recruit is even unusual Curtis Ferguson is the son of a couple of anthropologists and reportedly the world s most powerful witch doctor Into this bizarre, dysfunctional group is thrust Jodie Goodwin, a down to earth Texan girl with exceptional shooting skills The newly formed team creep into the bunkers deep under the capital and encounter mankind s ancient enemies They end up fighting for survival and soon discover that their lives depend on the powers of the young, but untested, shaman

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    1. This book I received free from the author but that in no way affects my review which is still 100% honest.I liked this book and that's why I have given it a 3*s but it's certainly not my favourite genre blend. It's kind of an 'action-adventure-dystopian-urban-sci-fi-fantasy' which is a whole lot to be packed into a fairly short (less than 300 page) book. There's some very exciting ideas within this book, yet equally there were moments where I felt it had problems and was somewhat repetitive. The [...]

    2. This book is such a mindblowing read.Tons of action and adventureeat characters and plot.I cant wait to read the next book,I hope we see a return of the team.I received this book free as part of giveaways.

    3. Foehammer is close to three hundred pages long, written by author Duncan Campbell. In an extraordinarily original world, Campbell weaves an intriguing story that defies a single genrè. Foehammer is a mystery, SciFi, paranormal, horror, and more. Well defined characters traverse through a story that will grab your interest immediately and be prepared to hang on for a whirlwind ride; it only gets better.Futuristic in substance, Foehammer brings together a quirky group of characters, a virus, mind [...]

    4. A unique and unusual cast of characters are thrust into an apocalyptic scene of immeasurable consequence. A dwelling of futuristic events from 20 years ahead unfold that seems to have happened once before during the time of Christ over 2000 years ago. An epidemic of a strange virus sweeps the arctic navel bases and somehow makes its way to the Washington White House. A seemingly trance-like state of beings (animated corpses if you will) start to flood a mysterious and bizarre novel in 'Foehammer [...]

    5. I loved this book. It's an exciting, fast paced novel that tells a great story. It feels very original. It takes you on a fantasy journey to a future world where 5 hugely engaging characters are brought together to take on a series of impossible missions. The world they inhabit is dark and menacing and horrible things are happening below the surface and it is their combined skills and extraordinary teamwork that change everything. The book is a great mix of ideas with a strong political message [...]

    6. Quite frankly, if I could give this book a higher rating than 5, I would. I LOVE the characters, particularly Jester and Helga, and I didn't want the book to end as I reached the final pages. The chemistry between the characters is well developed and very enjoyable. I felt like I was a part of their group. While the plot starts off slow and I was a little confused to begin with, as soon as the action picked up at the team made their first attempt at breaching the White House, I was hooked. I did [...]

    7. Disclaimer - I won this book in a giveaway. Now, with that out of the way, the review.The book was a little slow to start, but once the team got together it was non-stop action. The author doesn't do a lot of world building, instead just dropping you in to a familiar, yet very different reality. It was a refreshing and successful way to keep me interested in the story. The characters are well developed, but have plenty of mystery left for the sequels. I'm a sucker for a good anti-hero like Jeste [...]

    8. I received this book for free in a drawing. honestly, it took me awhile to get into this. it is not my usual genre, although when I entered the drawing, I was intrigued by the description. there is a lot going on. with not a lot of background, so you're left wondering what in the hell happened. I'd love a bit more background, both on the characters and what's going on in the world. overall I did like the story, once I got into it.

    9. A band of misfits, an evil unworldly being rising from the depths and an army who couldn't defeat it equalling the perfect set up for an apocalyptic thriller. Yet, Foehammer falls a little short of the mark.Ultimately this lies within character depth, or lack thereof. I really struggled to engage with the characters, to relate to them; A jester, a chemically induced strong woman, a witch doctor or shaman, a weapons expert and a cyber hacker I found it difficult to connect. You'd be right though [...]

    10. Rating: 5 out of 5 stars ⭐⭐⭐⭐⭐ * I received a free softcover copy of Foehammer from the author in exchange for an honest review. Duncan Campbell has created an interesting and varied cast of unique characters. These individuals come from all over the globe and know nothing about each other, yet the fate of nations may be in their hands. This book starts at mach speed and never lets up. Readers are taken on the ride of a lifetime. This book is impossible to put down. I was so wrapped up [...]

    11. My short review goes something like this: "I loved one of the characters. He was awesome! I liked the story, the action, and the monsters. However, I would have liked the book better if all the other characters were either dead or died. I really couldn't stand them."Now, here's the long review:The story is centered around a team of characters with different abilities (more like Watchmen than The Avengers) going on missions to deal with a bunch of classic-meets-Lovecraft monsters and creepy-crawl [...]

    12. (I received this book for free as part of First Reads giveaways).(This review may contain spoilers).I've read quite a few zombie books to date, but I did find this one to be a more unique book. Although there wasn't as much background as I'd hoped to the creatures involved (I didn't learn about their appearances in history), I did find the idea behind them and the kind of mutations they could cause to be pretty interesting.I also found myself really liking the characters in this book, even the [...]

    13. I received a free copy of this book in exchange for an honest review.(Spoilers within)Foehammer is the story of an unknown threat that has infiltrated several areas in the world, and how a team of people is put together to neutralize the threat when no one else can. This is set in a future where cities have been gated off and poor people have been left outside of the gates.The group barely know anything about each other before they're thrown into their first mission.I think the main five charact [...]

    14. What starts as a futuristic techno-thriller with some very interesting world concepts, slowly (d)evolves into an action-packed adventure in which a small team of unconventional characters tries to overcome ever growing odds. Don’t expect a complicated, nonlinear story. Just follow the computer game-like flow in which the colorful characters - include a great homage to the Watchmens Comedian, here aptly called The Jester- basically enter a new and harder level every few chapters, resulting in w [...]

    15. I enjoyed this book and its bevy of interesting characters.If you like action /adventure with realism, then by all meanspick up this book. At times it has the feeling and general atmosphere of a first person shooter. Suspense and some tension adds the right drama to this fast paced story. I really loved the backstories for the various team members in this book. Multi-faceted in characters and their fields of choice. *I received a version of this book for free in a giveaway*~five stars!~

    16. I was rather disappointed with this. It seemed like such an interesting premise but I think it may have been the writing style. Plus each chapter switched focus from one character to another but instead of having it in the first person, it was all in the 3rd person. I think he could have chosen 1-2 of the characters and told it in the first person from their points of view.

    17. what an exciting wild rideI felt like I was on a roller coasterwith all he twists and turnselements for a supernaturalread well writtenstrong chacarters

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