Cy-Believers, Volume 1

Cy Believers Volume Rui has just transferred to a new school and hopes to make friends quickly Unfortunately it seems that most of the social groups around campus have been recently shut down by the boy who just happen

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  • Title: Cy-Believers, Volume 1
  • Author: Shioko Mizuki
  • ISBN: 9781933617763
  • Page: 117
  • Format: Paperback
  • Rui has just transferred to a new school, and hopes to make friends quickly Unfortunately, it seems that most of the social groups around campus have been recently shut down by the boy who just happens to be Rui s fiance Rui starts a new club that won t be so easy to shut down Welcome to the Computer Believers

    One thought on “Cy-Believers, Volume 1”

    1. Overall Rating: FSummary: Created by Shioko Mizuki, this comedy/romance series follows a young woman named Rui as she enters Domus Aurea, a new boarding school, and tries to make friends. Unfortunately, it's not easy to find them as after-school clubs are being shut down by Natori, the head of the school's Public Safety Commission, and the man her father has betrothed her to. To make matters worse, Natori is a sociopath (he tries to rape Rui on several occasions), and only wants her because her [...]

    2. Utterly ridiculous and freaking hilarious. What if your dad was so rich he owned a country and set up a perfect town where you were raised with your every whim serviced? What if you got so sick of that you ran away from him to boarding school, where almost immediately, the suave prick who ran the school board decided he would marry you and gain your father's fortune, no matter how many times you hit him and ran away? But that's not really what the story's about. It's really about tying boys up, [...]

    3. Rui has just transferred to a school where her fiance is there. He is a nut case if you ask me. Anyway they have clubs at the school that Rui wants to try out but all of them are being shut down. Eventually she stumbles upon one group where they are computer nerds that are in the group. The other members they build stuff to sell for money for the group. She ends up part of this group which the Fiance does not like. He is trying to shut it down. Needless to say he hasn't been successful yet.

    4. What IS a young woman to do when she's in a forced betrothal with a proto-fascist who keeps sexually assaulting her, and the boy she loves keeps French kissing his effeminate best friend? Why, start a nebulous 'computer club', of course!This was a bit rubbish. The best bit was when the effeminate best friend came on to the Dad. The worst bit was when the Dad came on to the proto-fascist.

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