Safety Book of the Bestselling Paranormal Romance Determined not to be pressured into parenthood Taylor enlists the one person she knows can help her talk to Alder his brother Hale can t believe the posit

  • Title: Safety
  • Author: Viola Rivard
  • ISBN: null
  • Page: 405
  • Format: Kindle Edition
  • Book 4 of the Bestselling Paranormal Romance Determined not to be pressured into parenthood, Taylor enlists the one person she knows can help her talk to Alder his brother Hale can t believe the position Taylor is putting him in How can he convince Alder not to go through with the mating thrall when his own control is hanging by a thread This story takes place ove Book 4 of the Bestselling Paranormal RomanceDetermined not to be pressured into parenthood, Taylor enlists the one person she knows can help her talk to Alder his brother Hale can t believe the position Taylor is putting him in How can he convince Alder not to go through with the mating thrall when his own control is hanging by a thread This story takes place over multiple entries, approx 100 pages each Readers should be 18 and comfortable with menage romance profanity This is not a standalone book.

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    1. Stars: 4.5Overall: I want to start out by saying that I really liked how tender and loving Hale started becoming towards Taylor after the thrall. I also liked how Taylor and the guys described the thrall as being all consuming and 9 days worth of hot and heavy sex. The only thing that bothered me in this story is after the thrall I felt that we didn't get a lot of time the way we did with Hale. I wanted more of the trio together. Characters: Hale ; Taylor & AlderPage Turner: YesSeries Cont: [...]

    2. Thank you for the ARC here's my honest review in exchange I love Ms Rivard writing. I've loved her other series, this one is stressing me the hell out. I just want to jump in the book shake Alder til his teeth rattle, smack the hell out of Taylor, and yes even Hale needs to be tripped up. OMG!! I’ve never met a set of people that needs a serious reality check. Alder is still the “alpha” I understand his need to protect his pack, and try to avoid war, for war hurts everyone. But really he n [...]

    3. ****Recieved an ARC from the author in Exchange for an Honest Review.**** Safety is the fourth book in the Running with the Alpha's serialby Viola Rivard. Taylor , Alder and Hale are know within the Throws of the Mating Thrall.Still scared out of her mind of being caught by the FBI,of which she's on the run from and the liklihood of a War between the Halcyon and Whiteriver packs. Taylors fear of that happening to her while she is pregnant with one or both of her mate's pups is unpalpable. She tr [...]

    4. For the exact same reasons I have for the first book in this series. I maintain that only the first two parts of this incomplete book series gets three stars. All chapters published periodically gets less.My previous review applies here as well.:Except:Originally I was set out to give this title at least a 3.5 or higher due to the lack of editing issues, a well flowing story line, and at 104 pages it's almost forgivable for being an incomplete story (a practice seeming to be the trending thing l [...]

    5. This series has me shifting back an forth and my emotions are all up in a tizzy. But that is a good thing! So Taylor is finally approaching her first mating thrall. So is she going to mate with the two brothers, or only one? And then there are the men, Hale and Alder. Sometimes I love to hate Hale, other times I am in love with Hale. Alder, I am constantly in love with him. So should she pick Alder, who's love she is sure of and is safe. Or Hale, who both frustrates and infuriates her but also b [...]

    6. I WAS GIVEN THIS BOOK FOR AN HONEST REVIEW AND THIS IS MY HONEST REVIEW OVER 18 READERS A GREAT NEW STORY VIOLA With Alder gone for months and Taylor pregnant and Hale ignoring her, Taylor is having a hard time. She knows nothing of being pregnant, much less being pregnant with twin wolves.She feels left alone with both mates neither one spending time with her, she knows it's not Alder fault , winter travel in the mountains can be hard even for a wolf, but Hale is at the camp and he doesn't com [...]

    7. Disclosure: I got this book as an ARC.Safety is the fourth installment of Running with the Alphas and a continuation of the story line of Hade and Alder with their mate Taylor. With the time they have spent together increasing Taylor begins to get comfortable only, to have biology throw a wrench in her life plans. Or at least the new life plans she is trying to make with Alder. Or wait is does she want a life with Hale? The eternal battle is only escalated by the both internal and external battl [...]

    8. Revelations!Well this installment of the series is very revealing.Taylor is in love with Hale, but thinks that after the Thrall is over, Hale will move on and she will also forget about him and be able to live with Alder in peace. Little does she know She also realizes that she is alright with being a mother.On the other hand Hale realizes that he doesn't only want Taylor for a roll in the den, but wants her forever and for different reasons. Will he be able to share Taylor with Alder in a relat [...]

    9. Part # 4 I love Viola Rivard and this series is awesome Iam a huge fan of this series Taylor , Alder and Hale are characters that are exciting, but I like Alder the best he just seem to be solid, but as Hale is his twin I can see how it would be hard to choose, twins can be the same but different and it's a shame they are not agreeing with each so that there is peace. This part is another great read and I had to finish it before going to bed. Alder and Hale are Hunks and I can see how hard it is [...]

    10. as in the last book it was stated that a thrall which is a mating was to happen soon well the time has come the question is will both men Mate with Taylor Hale and Alder though one is more her mate than the other and Tulip who was in the previous book wants Hale but Hale has no need for her what will Tulip do when he shrugs off her love or is it Lust that Tulip has and will she retaliate or deal with not being with Hale and will Taylor get pregnant and if so who will be the father one or both [...]

    11. Getting better every time. I really am enjoying this story. While there isn't much passion in this series the story line is really good. the characters work well together and you love them all. I would love to see Holly becoming more of a friend to Taylor. And this run around with Taylor and Hale is driving me crazy. If Taylor keeps saying she isn't in love with Hale I'm going to throw my kindle at her. Viola asked if there was anything you wanted her to touch more on. I want Taylor to find out [...]

    12. I was given this book by the author for an honest reviewThis story is just getting better and better!!!!Can i just say that i love Hale!!!!He is an a@@ but i love him non the less.In this installment Taylor turns to Hale to help her out to persuade Adler about not having pups.We experience the mating thrall and we see the battle thats going on inside Hale over his feelings about Taylor.Viola once again has outdone herself with an amazing story!!!5 stars and i truly can't wait for the next one to [...]

    13. Hm, she writtes so damn god, you just kep on reading until the end. And in this part Taylor seemed to be torn a part, she want to love Alder but is geting more and more in love with Halei had in some parts hard reading, because i kinda like Adel'caracter more. You get to know more abaut Alder and Dawn, i coudn't wait that part to come, i was realy surprised how she reacted when hi told her abaut geting Dawn pregnant. I hope in the next part he would tell her abaut Snow, and i'm curios how will s [...]

    14. I received an advanced copy of this book for an honest review.I enjoy this series so much. All Viola's series are fantastic and are a must read for me. Its well written and keeps me hooked from beginning to end. With this book in the series I find myself so worried about what will happen with Hale, Alder and Taylor. I love both Alphas and want that happy ever after for all of them. Keeping fingers crossed for the next installment.

    15. Mating callsTaylor doesn't feel she’s ready to become a mother and want Hale to help convince Alder to wait. But what’s really holding her back. Is it her past or her unknown feeling for Hale when Alder is supposed to be her mate? Or in the end will she mate with both of them. And if she does can or will Hale go back to being aloof with her? These are a few things answered in this book. Well written installment to the series. I was given a free copy for an honest review.

    16. This series is getting better with every book.Taylor is getting more and more used to living her life with 2 alphas, but is still mindful about the Thrall which is her fertility. Is she ready for a child? Turning to Hale for help might not be the best idea. Alder is planing and Hale is becoming protective, so with a threat to the pack becoming more obvious will it be someone in the pack to cause problems?So many things are packed into this short book. Can't wait for the next one!!

    17. I'm getting more intrigued in the story as this serial progresses. I'm still not as invested in Taylor as heroines in the author's other serials, but I do think there's more depth to her character in this book. The story seems to be picking up, but it did have some dull moments, which is disappointing considering its length. Overall, I'm enjoying following this serial using my kindle unlimited subscription, but I don't think I'd buy the volumes.

    18. I received an advanced ARC copy in exchange for an honest opinion. I liked the book but it was missing the dual story lines that I was expecting. The impending war and love triangle with Tulip were in the periphary. The erotic scenes were great, but I was expecting more of a competition between the brothers. The book was good but it was missing that extra something that I've come custom to reading in Viola's books.

    19. The continuation of the story between Taylor and her twin wolf alpha brothers Alder and Hale just seems to be getting better. Taylor loves Adler, but she can't seem to get Hale off her mind. What is she going to do?? With the mating frenzy now over how are things going to turn out in this love triangle?? Can't wait for the next book to find out!!!!

    20. The 4th instalment in this brilliant series by Viola Rivard.More twists and turns in the lives of Taylor, Alder, and Hale.With an addition to the pack, an attack on Holly the Fox and the mating thrall, Viola certainly packed some action in!If you love the shifter genre, I have to say this is one of the best series I have read and I look forward to the next episode!!

    21. Book 4 is good. I like the series so far. Taylor is relatable. Hale and Adler remind me of Caim and Asch in Claimed by The Alphas series but I still like the dynamic. I like how we get more of Dawn's story too. But now I wonder what happened to Dawn's pup that I read about in the bound series. Hope I find out later. :)

    22. this series is so hot. I love Viola's stories so much. Taylor is afraid of becoming a parent but wants to make Adler happy. And she hopes that having a baby will sever her feelings for Hale. But will it work. And OMG Tulip I never thought. I can't wait to see what happens next. Waiting is agonizing

    23. Still interesting but ready for it to endThis 4th book in this sequel is still interesting but I'm ready for it to end. I don't know why they can't just have an honest conversation and fix the problem. It's been a good story but continuing is becoming frustrating for me. Why can't they just be a complete menage?

    24. With the mating thall upon Taylor, she needs to talk to Hale and Alder. She doesn't want to be a mom, but will the fever take over, will she forget her insecurities? Can Alder and Hale provide the "safety" she needs? The sex scenes are spectacular. Patiently waiting for the continuation.

    25. About to go through the mating thrall.Alder wants a familyHale wants Taylor, maybe more or maybe just hoping things will go back to normal.Taylor hopes she gets pregnant so she can forget about Hale and focus on Alder.

    26. SexualThis book deals mainly with Taylor, Hale and Adler staying in a cave- mating. I don't want to go into allot of detail here, however, Adler knows that Hale is in love with Taylor. Holly is attacked and treated, Lark is staying away, and Glenn is keeping watch of Taylor.

    27. Sexy quick rompNever would have guessed that Hale would be the reasonable one of the twins. The story is no where to be seen. Serials always seem to drag stuff out, but except for the sex scenes nothing is happening.

    28. Great readshort and delightfully sinful hard to put my kindle down. am anxiously awaiting the next book to be released in November

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