The Curvy Girls Club

The Curvy Girls Club A hilarious heart warming read about normal women with normal problems Perfect for fans of Sophie Kinsella and Bridesmaids Pixie Ellie Katie and Jane have been best friends since meeting at Slimming

  • Title: The Curvy Girls Club
  • Author: Michele Gorman
  • ISBN: null
  • Page: 150
  • Format: Kindle Edition
  • A hilarious heart warming read about normal women with normal problems.Perfect for fans of Sophie Kinsella and Bridesmaids.Pixie, Ellie, Katie and Jane have been best friends since meeting at Slimming Zone Tired of being judged on the number of calories they consume, they decide to form a different kind of club The fun evenings they spend together, not worrying about theA hilarious heart warming read about normal women with normal problems.Perfect for fans of Sophie Kinsella and Bridesmaids.Pixie, Ellie, Katie and Jane have been best friends since meeting at Slimming Zone Tired of being judged on the number of calories they consume, they decide to form a different kind of club The fun evenings they spend together, not worrying about their size, make them happier than they ve been for years But the club doesn t stop real life from getting in the way and together the girls have to address some much bigger issues than just their weight Will Pixie ever be brave enough to leave her abusive husband Trevor Can Jane ever regain her confidence and go back to work as a TV presenter Will Katie always carry a torch for the office lothario And what if Ellie lets her all consuming jealousy destroy her relationship with The One

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    1. 5 Words: Friendship, fun, love, betrayal, prejudice.This was such a fun and flirty and feel-good novel. It's a story that makes you laugh and fume and want to cry - it's a bit of a roller-coaster.The characters were fantastically written, they were all so real and normal.I identified a lot with Katie, the main character. I felt so happy, angry, sad, elated, all on her behalf. I just wish the the whole Katie-Rob thing had worked from the start. Her infatuation with the office man-slut annoyed me [...]

    2. I am not a fan of chicklit but read this book for my book club. I expected a light rom com about losing weight and finding love with a couple of Lol moments. How wrong was I? This is a must read book for every girl aged 8 to 88. This book has made me rethink my attitude to diets and weight loss and people's perception to being overweight. I am sure that every female can identify with something in this book and it is a credit to Michele Gorman that this book tackles this weighty issue with such c [...]

    3. I was given a chance to read this by the author in exchange for an honest reviewI did enjoy the book. I liked Katie and her friends even if one kind of drove me nuts. I totally understand how if feels trying to lose weight and yo-yo up and down being frustrated that others can do it no problem and then there are those that can eat what ever's a constant cycle but with all things friends make you feel normal and happy and not alone. The girls formed a club to do fun things together outside their [...]

    4. I enjoyed this book - maybe bececause I am a fully paid up member of Slimming World. Some great characters. Read it whilst working out on the cross trainer on my kindle - certainly made the time go faster.

    5. I really like this book. It took me a while to get through but one I made more of an effort I got to really like it. Great characters, good story and by the end of the book I disliked Pixie but really enjoyed the ending. A first time for me reading this author but won't be a last.

    6. The Curvy Girls Club is the first book which I have read by Michele Gorman. As I progressed through the book, one thought kept flashing back at me in my mind. "How the hell haven't I read anything from this woman before?!?" I loved her style, her smooth, easy flow that she had going on, and of course, the constant feeling of being in the midst of a very lovely group of friends. Michele introduces us to Katie, Pixie, Ellie and Jane, four bubbly, cheery women. Their story begins during a Slimming [...]

    7. So here's the thing. I initially read Michele Gorman when she was writing The Ex-Pat diaries. Something about those books spoke to me because I lived overseas and seriously considered for some time just relocating there permanently. This book really didn't jibe with me at all. I was bored reading it and honestly at times couldn't stand the other secondary characters.Katie has started a social club (The Curvy Girls Club) that caters to women and men who are overweight after she and her friends ha [...]

    8. You know, I'm a curvy woman and I just want to be comfortable with that. - FergieReaders met Katie Winterbottom in Michele Gorman's novella, WEIGHTLESS (link). Katie was an overweight teenager, forced by her parents to seek counseling from the novella's heroine. Katie is now grown up, working for a nutritional supplement supplier, but still struggling with her body image, or what society thinks she should weigh. She created a circle of friends from other women attended the slimming classes - Ell [...]

    9. Katie, Pixie, Jane and Ellie are the sort of women that all other women will be able to relate to; they have worries about their looks, but it's more than a book about weight issues, it's a book about relationships (of all kinds), career highs and lows, health scares and all sorts. I enjoyed the flowing changes in the relationship dynamics between the four women, the issues they all faced brought enough grit to evoke a whole range of emotions, and some of the other characters were just as intere [...]

    10. After a bit of a slow start I fell in love with all the characters and I didn't want to put 'The Curvy Girls Club' down. I'm looking forward to reading more from the author.

    11. Michele Gorman is one of my favourite authors in recent times. Her most recent novel Perfect Girl was amazing and is one of the only novels that literally made me want to punch a main character's family and friends and work colleagues in the face for being selfish so-and-sos. I've never been angrier whilst reading a novel! So I was quite excited to receive an early proof copy of The Curvy Girls Club. It seemed a lot more light-heartened and less anger-inducing than Perfect Girl (or so I hoped) a [...]

    12. Caution: some spoilers ahead. Read on at your own risk.Finally, a chick-lit book wherein none of the main characters is a model-thin twenty-something beauty in a high-power job, with designer clothing and a life the rest of us peons couldn't possibly relate to.The main characters in this funny, poignant, irreverent novel echo the majority of women in England (and the U.S.) in that they are struggling with their weight, their relationships, their jobs and their self-esteem. They are friends who v [...]

    13. I'm really embarrassed to say this, but I deliberately put this book aside because I didn't like the cover. I kept passing it for the books I found more desirable. I know that's wrong, but I have to hold my hands up here and say I am a book snob.So, moving on. As you know, from the blurb The Curvy Girls Club follows four best friends who are fed up with their slimming class and more so fed up with feeling like shit about themselves because of it. So, they decide to get together one night a week [...]

    14. Michele Gorman is a new author to me, so I chose this book based on the synopsis and the cover - thankfully I was not disappointed. As the cover would suggest this is chic lit territory but with a message we can all relate to namely size isn't everything. The Curvy Girls Club is started by best friends Katie, Ellie, Pixie and Jane when they get fed up of their Slimming Club. They decide to do something more interesting/creative with their free time other than comparing diets and lack of weight l [...]

    15. Read for an honest review for NetGallery.I have to say one thing, I LOVED this book. it was funny, charming and heart warming. The ladies in this book show that although you may be a bigger lady or gent it is possible to love yourself, have great friends around you. Although the all face some struggles in their life they over come them, with the help of their friends. I also liked how when I was 90% into this book, the story kept going it didn't wind down like most books do, usually I lose steam [...]

    16. With Gorman's wit and storytelling ability she, again, takes you an adventure with a cast of characters that you will laugh with, change with and be inspired by! These are real women that embrace themselves and each other in all that they are and all that they will be. I was so moved by the passion Gorman brings to this story and the fact that the story was written and shared with the world. Gorman writes characters you can relate to, root for and think about long after the story is done. Anothe [...]

    17. I have read all but the most recent of Michele Gorman's books. I've enjoyed them all, but think Curvy Girls Club might be my favorite. I found myself getting emotional at many points during the story - I was angry for Katie in response to the way she was treated for losing weight and I was angry AT Katie in response to the way she acted with a certain undeserving fellow. I thought the characters were all very relatable and realistically portrayed, and I appreciated the way they tended to behave [...]

    18. I have to say that I was a bit disappointed with this story. It seemed to have so much potential, but seemingly missed the mark, in my opinion. This book could have followed through with the premise of being comfortable with YOU, but turned more in to a story of a lady who lost weight rapidly because of a medical condition (which can be very serious) and how her friends alienated her either because of her attitude or because she was no longer curvy. This book had the opportunity to stay true to [...]

    19. I received this book via first readsI can see the appeal in this kind of book but for me it turned out not to be my cup-of-tea. I found the characters whiny and annoying. The love triangle and all the romance elements shallow and predictable. To be honest I found the whole plot predictable. However it did have a couple of moments that made me chuckle purely because I could relate to the humorous.I recommend this book to people who like contemporary/chick-lit genres but sad;y this book was not fo [...]

    20. I devoured this book in one sitting so that is how much I enjoyed it! the characters were all easy to relate to and the topics discussed were real and very down to earth! mixed the club part with the characters individual issues really well so there was always something going on and it didn't get too bogged down in the 'diet' world. highly recommended for a light, easy, enjoyable read for readers of all shapes and sizes!!

    21. This was an excellent book. I have never seen this subject matter dealt with in fiction before. And it was so beautifully done by Michele Gorman - deep & introspective, yet witty & entertaining. I hope many people take the time to read this book. They will gain a deeper understanding of themselves and our society. (and just for a fun read)

    22. I was totally happy to receive Michele Gorman's new title for review, especially as it tickles an issue that is so well known to most of us woman - weight problems. I thought, there is no better way to start new year as with a book that for sure is going to be optimistic and uplifting and is going to show me that I AM WORTH IT. No matter how much I weigh. I was really hoping for a story with a message but written in this fluffy, warm Michele's style.Meet Katie, Pixie, Jane and Ellie, four women [...]

    23. As a curvy girl myself I could totally identify with the characters in the book, although I couldn’t warm to Pixie at all, she was too bitter

    24. The Curvy Girls Club was just the kind of read I needed. I was looking for a light and happy read, and I found that with this book. It's a book about friendship and accepting who you ared being happy with it. Katie and her friends have been in a weight loss program for a while, but it just doesn't seem to be giving them the motivation they need to shed the pounds. When friend Pixie decides to leave the group, they decide that they have more fun spending time together, so The Curvy Girls Club is [...]

    25. The Curvy Girl's Club is the first book I have read by Michele Gorman so I really didn't know what to expect. The book had lots of laughs and some moments that made you stop and think about how we feel about ourselves and how we treat other people.The four girls meet each week at a slimming club and become firm friends but like many dieters they loose weight and gain it again and become stuck the slimming treadmill.Pixie decides she's had enough of slimming and likes her curves just as they are. [...]

    26. Katie, Ellie, Pixie and Jane are all friends who go to a slimming club together. Dis-heartened by the fact they have been attending the same group for years but none of them have lost much weight since they started, they break away from the slimming group and set up the Curvy Girls Club, a club which creates events and nights out for people of a larger size to attend. While the book was okay and I liked the individual story lines of the main characters - an emotionally abusive relationship, a pa [...]

    27. A lot of chic lit takes on the weight issue, but in this book it actually takes center stage. The Curvy Girls Club is started when Katie, Pixie, Jane and Ellie get tired of the weight loss group they're a part of. Fed up with getting on that scale every week and being made to feel poorly after their bodies, something they deal with beyond the group meeting anyway, they come together for impromptu outings. Soon others want to join and the club takes off as a business. The Curvy Girls Club puts on [...]

    28. The Curvy Girls Club is a very enjoyable read. Pixie, Ellie, Katie and Jane have formed a strong friendship and instead of attending their slimming classes together, they've founded "The Curvy Girls Club", a club where they can have fun by organising different events (i.e. theatre visits). Originally the club only consisted of these four friends, but it is not long before it hugely gains in popularity and other people want to join.I really took to the idea of the club. I think most of us, even i [...]

    29. Spoken by Kate who has been attending Slimming Zone for several years, she works cold calling by selling nutritional supplements but feels she's undervalued at work, possibly due to her size she thinks.Together with the friends she's met at the slimming club, they decide that instead of going to the club they would all go out together and have different experiences such as going to the theatre, trying salsa dancing, wine tasting to name but a few.As the club grows, so does their confidence.I enj [...]

    30. I was contacted for an exclusive by HarperCollins UK, Avon to see if I would read and review this book. It looked like fun and I was hoping I was right!This book made a refreshing change from the books I have been reading lately, this was light, airy and oh so close to home. If anyone knows me, I have been loosing weight steadily for over 2 years with more to come off, so this book was apt. It was so true to us women trying to loose weight, whether its a few pounds or a lot more.These girls made [...]

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