Down the Rabbit Hole: Curious Adventures and Cautionary Tales of a Former Playboy Bunny

Down the Rabbit Hole Curious Adventures and Cautionary Tales of a Former Playboy Bunny A former girlfriend of Hugh Hefner describes how her years inside the Playboy Mansion went from a fairytale of A list celebrity parties to an oppressive regime of strict rules scheduled sex and a to

  • Title: Down the Rabbit Hole: Curious Adventures and Cautionary Tales of a Former Playboy Bunny
  • Author: Holly Madison
  • ISBN: 9780062372109
  • Page: 192
  • Format: Hardcover
  • A former girlfriend of Hugh Hefner describes how her years inside the Playboy Mansion went from a fairytale of A list celebrity parties to an oppressive regime of strict rules, scheduled sex, and a total loss of identity, so much so that she even contemplated suicide.

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    1. Or, as I called the book in my head, Everyone is a Whore Except Me and Here's Why. Better yet: The Truth About Kettle: An Autobiography by Pot. Look, I'm not going to pretend that I had any good reason to read this book. Underneath the surface, this is a scathing indictment of unfair beauty standards, the fear of female sexuality, and the entire goddamn patriarchy (and Madison, delightfully, seems blissfully unaware of the deeper implications of some of her observations about the unfairness of l [...]

    2. I see that all the whores girlfriends are coming out the woodwork and saying just how much they loved Hefner. Really? They all reviled him in the tell-all books of life in the mansion with the old guy you had to screw on a timetable. I just had to update this with what Kendra said about Holly in today's Twitter fuss (view spoiler)[May 19th, 2016 (hide spoiler)]. Kendra who is forthright that living in the house with Hefner was work, unlike the revisionist Holly, said today of Holly, "She wasn't [...]

    3. My mind is whirling with so many thoughts right now that I can't even keep track of what I'm thinking as I'm thinking it because another thought forms. This book did that to me!So, I don't normally read biographies or nonfiction. I have, in the past, just not often. However, as soon as I heard about this book I had to read it. I won't lie, I was a viewer of the tv show, The Girls Next Door. I loved watching their bubbly personalities. I can't count how many times I giggled as something played ou [...]

    4. Here's the tl;dr version:-Feel bad for me, but don't because I'm better than everyone else.-I'm using Hef because I'm about to be homeless and god forbid I move back home like a normal person. Also I want to be an actress, but I'm too lazy to pursue it the traditional way liketually trying so I guess I'll sit here and be miserable while getting everything handed to me and then complaining that it's not enough.-I'm totally not just here to use Hef and get whatever I can out of the situation. I'm [...]

    5. 3.5 StarsI was a big fan of "The Girls Next Door" when it was on the air and I've watched my fair share of programming about Playboy and the Mansion. I was counting down the days until this audibook would be mine.It did not disappoint (more on my rating in a little bit). At the end, she acknowledges there was a a collaborator and this is the best example I can think of a collaborator's contribution for a celebrity memoir. The contribution is seamless; it sounds like Madison's voice and experienc [...]

    6. Well, well, well, who knew?! I know you might see this book as a silly book, but I liked it, because I felt that Holly was really honest when she wrote it. Everything about Hef is already disgusting but knowing that he is not even nice, he is not even the nice grandpa he seemed on the "The Girls Next Door" ??!! I am glad she spilled the tea about everything!

    7. I read this book because watching The Girls Next Door was a guilty pleasure of mine. It was light, funny, and unusual. I, like I assume most readers of this book, was curious.First of all, this book is poorly written. The amount of parentheses and exclamation marks is excessive. Sometimes thoughts are in italics, other times in quotations. The phrases "to be honest," or "honestly" are overused. The entire book is supposed to be an honest opinion or story, so I don't understand why these phrases [...]

    8. I couldn't quite get past the "woe is me" cry of despair everytime she was bullied by the other girls in the mansion when you could turn the page and next she would be gloating about how she and Bridget were scheming to get those girls kicked out of the house. Nor did I care for how she reitterated on several occasions how she wouldn't "stoop to so & so's level," but had no issue airing out that person's dirty laundry as if that were "taking the high road." The first 3 quarters of the book w [...]

    9. MY BLOG: Melissa Martin's Reading ListI loved the book, but I loved The Girls Next Door! I have all of the box sets accept for the last one with the new girls. Bridget and Holly my favorites but it took me awhile to get to like Kendra, she was young and annoying at the time, most of us are when we are that young :-)I loved Bridget the most because she was sweet and loved Halloween, my favorite time of the year! I loved Holly and I bought her socks she sold at the time, the freaking tube socks I [...]

    10. I quit at about 40%. I grew weary of the "poor-little-me" routine. Get over it girl. You asked to move into the Playboy mansion because you were virtually homeless. You were given an allowance,lavish gifts,cars,etc.Now you have the unmitigated gall to write a tell all and place yourself in the role of the victim.It became a whiney trope about how horrible her life in the mansion was,how her confidence was eroded,how awful Hef was to her,how all of the other girls were "mean girls". Where are the [...]

    11. 3.5 stars. This proves that underneath the surface there’s always another deeper darker layer that is hidden beneath the glitz and glamour. It’s actually a sad portrayal that money and fame is not always the ticket to a fulfilling life or will gain you instant happiness. There’s always a price. The book doesn’t always depict the playboy lothario in the nicest kindest light but Holly manages to still keep a decent amount of respect while simultaneously cutting down the illusion. In honest [...]

    12. This is an incredibly important book. Yes, it has an interesting pick up in that Holly Madison is a former girlfriend of Hugh Hefner, star of the show Girls Next Door, and Playboy Playmate.However, this book isn't about the glories of bunny life. It's a book about the actuality of bunny life.You think everyone's so perfect and loves how they look? Holly points out the creepiness behind the cookie cutter image (and very low ages) that all of Hefner's girlfriends were pushed towards, and talks abo [...]

    13. I admit it. I loved The Girls Next Door. Their lives seemed so fun, so carefree. I loved all three girls, and especially Holly, who seemed genuine, classy, and had a good head on her shoulders. I felt when she left the show it was, again, a classy move on her part. She realized she was never getting children or a marriage out of the relationship and moved on. I respected that. So, it was rather surprising to see her write a tell-all book with the intention of 'telling her own story' and then spe [...]

    14. A couple of years ago I loved biographies, the trashier the better. This mainly meant any of Katie Price's many, many attempts. I wanted to read something a bit lighter after my previous read, and thought this would be a good 'toe dip' into light reading as I'd watched a couple of episodes of 'Girls Next Door'. What transpired was more a sad tale about domestic abuse and one woman who is clearly still struggling to mature and come to terms with what happened in her youth. I'm rather conflicted, [...]

    15. She seemed to have fried her brain somewhere along the course of her life.I might have watched a few several episodes of The Girls Next Door when it was on the air. But I never followed through until the end, and it looks like I wasn't missing much. By now, most of us know that even reality shows are scripted. Show creators are well aware that every audience has a preference of what they want to see, and the shows try to deliver this. What I didn't realize was how much Hugh Hefner (Hef) tried to [...]

    16. 3.5ish stars. When I found out that Holly Madison wrote a tell-all book about her life, I knew I had to read it. I watched The Girls Next Door when I was younger and I was curious as to why these beautiful young girls would go out with a rich old dude. Of course, now I know that I underestimated just how "desirable" a rich person was. I was completely fascinated with the playboy bunnies and Hugh Hefners girlfriends. This book was juicy. Like really juicy! It has so many details about Hugh Hefner [...]

    17. I religiously watched season after season of Girls Next Door, DVRing every episode as it aired. I fell in love with the charmed life presented on the reality series. Holly was always my favorite of the three stars. I followed her story onto Holly's World and desperately wished I could make it to a Peepshow performance.When I saw that she was releasing a memoir of her days at the mansion, in a way I felt like I owed it to her to read the story from her perspective. As an adult, I had come to the [...]

    18. I really enjoyed listening to this. I may have seen 1 or 2 episodes of Girls Next Door ever, I have never seen an issue of Playboy, and I was always creeped out by Hugh Hefner. I heard last week that Holly Madison did not sign a non disclosure agreement and used an audible credit to preorder this. The author reads it herself and does a good job, though for some reason she takes on a slight British accent (or what is probably not even a British accent) for the Lewis Carroll quotes at the beginnin [...]

    19. Wasn't sure if I was going to like this book but I actually did. I opted for the audio version and Holly reads it herself. I always thought Hef was a disgusting man with all his girlfriends and now I he is even more disgusting to me. The man wanted to be known as a man who could concur any woman and could have any woman. He never wanted to look weak. Even though he gave his girlfriends lots of money, there were restrictions about what they could spend it on and there were tons of rules on the gi [...]

    20. I have so much respect for Holly for being brave enough to write this book. I'm aware that a few other former playmates have written about similar things and have also tried to share the truth about Hefner and I also appreciate that but Holly had the most fame and therefore her stories will reach further out and hopefully reach more girls that may need this knowledge if they find themselves in similar situations. Her memoir was incredibly honest, she owned up to her own naïveté and mistakes an [...]

    21. Wow, I wonder if Holly Madison has any friends left, after trashing 99% of them and anyone she has ever crossed paths with. Mildly interesting and a fast read but seems more like revenge, even though she claims it's not. Nice try.

    22. I don't condone manipulative/abusive relationships. But are you kidding me?My opinion - I don't sympathize with what Holly went through when she didn't object to any of it until many years later. I really like her- she comes off as sweet and intelligent. But her actions were so frustrating.Pretty much she moved into the mansion because she needed a place to live. Um?Her dream was to be famous and her goal living at the mansion/being with Hef was to get in the magazine. She had an agenda so I don [...]

    23. Actual rating, 3.5If you ever caught an episode of the show Girls Next Door, you’d be well aware of the fact that Kendra was the one who wanted to have fun, Bridget was the one who wanted a career, and Holly was the one who cared about Hef…What you may not realise is that these were the roles dictated to the girls by the producers of the show, and Hef himself.A university student of twenty-two, struggling to make ends meet, Holly was about to find herself without a place to live. She took ad [...]

    24. Don't ask me why, but "The Girls Next Door" reality TV show has always been a guilty pleasure of mine. So, when I saw Holly (Heff's ex "main" girlfriend) wrote a "tell-all" book, I just had to pick it up! I did find it to be a very interesting read and I did enjoy this, though it was not as "juicy" and scandalous as I thought it would be. I also thought the writting was often repetitive which annoyed me.

    25. I always thought it would be classy to not kiss and tell but after a while you just get sick of having other people trying to tell your story for you.So follow me down the rabbit hole the truth may be stranger than you imagine.And let me just tell you, the truth is not only strange, but extremely disgusting every now and then.The reason I read this book is because of the beautiful cover. I liked it so much and I was curious about what a former Playboy girl would have to say. Since then, I took o [...]

    26. WHAAATTT?!?! 4 stars for a Playmate reality star?YES. Suck it, haters.I adored this story and behind the scenes look at Holly's experiences. I'd always loved the show the Girls Next Door, and while it was fun, girly entertainment, I remember thinking that those girls couldn't REALLY be happy in a life like that. Turns out, I couldn't have been more right. I related to Holly as she told her story, how she found herself in relationships where she was controlled and not treated right, and I loved t [...]

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