Sacrificed: Heart Beyond the Spires

Sacrificed Heart Beyond the Spires Novel words Genre s Historical Fantasy Erotic Action Adventure Polyamory GayReunited once the crew of Baal s Heart must make the long and treacherous journey south to the towering spires

  • Title: Sacrificed: Heart Beyond the Spires
  • Author: Bey Deckard
  • ISBN: null
  • Page: 135
  • Format: Kindle Edition
  • Novel 127,090 words Genre s Historical Fantasy, Erotic Action Adventure, Polyamory, GayReunited once , the crew of Baal s Heart must make the long and treacherous journey south to the towering spires of the Devil s Isles The path through the mountain range is fraught with peril mayhem and tragedy plague the pirate ship, but what the men find beyond the spires is tNovel 127,090 words Genre s Historical Fantasy, Erotic Action Adventure, Polyamory, GayReunited once , the crew of Baal s Heart must make the long and treacherous journey south to the towering spires of the Devil s Isles The path through the mountain range is fraught with peril mayhem and tragedy plague the pirate ship, but what the men find beyond the spires is the most shocking of all.In this sequel to the acclaimed Caged, the pirates are dragged into a dangerous new world by Captain Baltsaros s all consuming obsession In the midst of terror and chaos, Jon learns that the captain and first mate have been keeping secrets from him But will the truth tear them apart

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    1. I just feel the need to slow-clap it out for Bey Deckard right now, because this book was fucking gorgeousIt was getting easier for the captain to see the two boys together like this; they offered each other the solace that Baltsaros just wasn't capable of, and their relationship was a much-needed bridge for the gap that had always existed, unbeknownst to him, between Tom and himself. He decided that he simply needed both of them to feel whole; it worked to soothe his possessiveness somewhat. Sw [...]

    2. Book 2 of a great series. Pirates! Love! Adventure!I am condemned to die! I laugh; For if my fates are kindly sped, My doomer from his own ship’s staffPerhaps I’ll hang instead. And if I fall, why what is life? For lost I gave it then as due, When from slavery’s yoke in strife A rover I withdrew.Before you go on, take notice this volume and this review are a bloody mess and a crazed mix.I said in book 1 I expected to see more of Tom and I did indeed. Whereas in the first book his POV was a [...]

    3. Mr. Deckard Strikes again!4.5 #TeamTom StarsSome of what I’m about to say comes with the caveat that this is book two of a trilogy and I’m not clairvoyant.Sacrificed is as swashbuckling and feverishly paced as Caged. We pick up where Caged left off with Tom trying to sort out his feelings about Bal and Jon, to a lesser extent. He’s still grappling with being tossed aside by Bal but he can’t ignore his growing feelings for Jon. It’s no secret that Tom is my favorite and the fact that we [...]

    4. Yawr?*nods* Argh!Phenomenal. Better than Caged: Love and Treachery on the High Seas and you know how I felt about that book.Our group review can be found here:I don't know how to convey my joy that is in my marrow for "Sacrificed: Heart Beyond the Spires", book # 2 of the Baal's Heart series. Forget that I thoroughly love pirates. Forget that a hero with a damaged heart, mind and/or soul will always call to me.The words.These words from this story are filled with so much heart, passion and love [...]

    5. April 27, 2017: Now available in audiobook, narrrated by Michael Ferraiuolo! geni/SacrificedABNo rating from me again, but a tiny, word-list-type review.*deep breath*Let's seeLies. Sacrifices. Redemption. Lust. Death. New scars - old wounds.The resilience of the human soul.Sex and angst strengths and weaknesses.It's a continuation - hot (or cold, rather) on the heels of Caged: Love and Treachery on the High Seas. Bad things happen; Sacrificed is darker than Caged but the good? There is so much g [...]

    6. Bloody fucking hell Da, you sure know how to put a wench through the wringer!I actually have to keep this review pretty general, if I didn’t it would be, hold on, let me check to see how many pages are in this book . . . 380. So my review would be that x 2. I’d be mostly rambling because trying to navigate the mind fuckery would take at least that and more to explain. The first three chapters were the perfect way to start Book 2 in this series. The back and forth for each character filled in [...]

    7. Reread - June 2017 -Audiobook: man these audiobooks are INCREDIBLE!!!!! I think this series makes it into my top three favourite audiobooks ever! And obviously it's only top 3 because a top 1 can never exist when talking about books! These characters come to life so much more with this narration and I loved this story even more listening to it, if that was even possible!*Continue gush*ReviewThis was a much more full on book than the first! This story mainly looks at Baltsaros and why he is a mur [...]

    8. "Right in the midst of a dangerous, desperate situation was not the time to have a crisis of the heart. It felt foolish. It also felt like the most important thing in the world."Like most of you fellow bibliophiles, reading rates really highly in my life. It always has. Every time I pick up a book I am giving a portion of my life to the author. I'm letting them woo me for the time it takes me to read the book. There are books I enjoy, the ones that make me smile when I read them - but that are f [...]

    9. For a review of rambling incoherent fangirling, see my book 3 review which is a summery of heart-eyed nonsense about this series.

    10. Monique & Macky ReviewMacky: Shiver me timberstime to get piratey again Monique me hearty! Let's splice the mainbrace and get this review rolling!!Monique: Aye, aye Captain I know we’ve gushed nonstop since picking up Caged, especially about how epically superb this visually stunning series is and how it deserves a multitude of accolades. It’s become a living breathing part of us, a marvel to behold. I can’t seem to get over how much this author and his words have connected us so intim [...]

    11. Plenty of adventure, hot sex and a touch of angst! Just perfect. The first book in this series Caged: Love and Treachery on the High Seas was great, really enjoyable and a lot of fun but surprisingly for a sequel this one was even better. I loved the fact that Tom was reunited with Baltsaros and Jon - it just works with the three of them so well.

    12. Is it a tad premature to declare an author has outdone himself if he’s only published two books? Maybe, but I’m saying it anyway—Bey Deckard has outdone himself with Sacrificed: Heart Beyond the Spires, the much anticipated and more than worthy follow-up to Caged: Love and Lust on the High Seas.Unlike anything I’ve ever read before, Sacrificed packs emotion, sensuality, adventure, fantasy, and danger into every one of its chapters. Knowing that Captain Baltsaros was a more complex charac [...]

    13. A review by The Blogger Girls.This book picks up where Caged left off. Captain B and Jon are eagerly awaiting to see if Tom will give in and join them on their next adventure. Within the first few pages, I was pulled right back into this story and the fabulous world created. It felt really good being reunited with these guys again, and seeing each of them was a total feel good moment for me.There is such depth to these characters. Each one has his own issues and struggles going on inside, which [...]

    14. This series is majorly great. In the current installment, Baal's Heart of course gets into some very stressful situations. I had to stop for a breather a couple of times because I was nervous. The timeline switches from past to current, catching us up nicely. The adventures are extremely interesting. There are always clues that could possibly mean something. You never quite know where the storyline is headed. There is no downtime. This book has a bit of everything: action, mystery, angst, erotic [...]

    15. This copy was given to me in exchange for an honest review.“Sacrificed” is the second book in the Baal’s Heart Trilogy. In the last book, the action ended with the crew of Baal’s Heart planning to travel to Devil’s Isles.A thrilling read! The suspense was so intense, I found myself reading faster than I could turn the pages. Heart-warming and heart-breaking, Deckard explores the light and the darkness of love and sacrifice.Lies, deceit, and belief are aspects of the human soul that Dec [...]

    16. I couldn’t like Sacrificed as much as the first book, and that’s strange for myself because there are many moments here that I wanted to happen in the first book. The plot didn’t catch me, I wasn't interested to go on reading in spite of all the adventures they were going through. It was like I was bored where I was supposed to have fun reading about these escapades! My other problem is still Jon, I don’t like him! I truly do my best to like him but have failed so far. I was tired of all [...]

    17. I don't usually review/rate books I've edited, so it's going to be short and sweet. But I can't keep quiet on this one. The depth and emotion of this book surprised me. I laughed and I cried. I cried hard. I've been engrossed in this world for several months now, and these characters have become a part of my life. I can feel Tom's body on mine when I daydream. This book really brought all three main characters to life even more. This is so much more than an erotica. It's like a study of the huma [...]

    18. I'm not going to write a review here's not what I'm good atI'll leave that to the awesome reviewers who do an amazing job!I will say:Was it as good as the first book, Caged? OH hells ya!Did I fall in love with the main characters all over again? OH hells ya!Would I recommend it to my friends? OH hells ya!Effin' incredibly perfect followup to Caged, Bey!JLT =)

    19. 4.5 StarsWow, what an adventure! I swear, if it wasn't the hot sex making me squirm it was the action & suspense that held me to the edge of my seat.I'm so glad we got more of Tom's POV this installment; he's my favorite of the three. John is the character I think we're supposed to identify with, to be on this journey of discovery and self-enlightenment withbut while he is fascinating, Tom is the one who captured my heart.And I just have to say that OMFG Michael Ferraiuolo's accents and voic [...]

    20. The second instalment of Baal’s Heart, Sacrificed: Heart Beyond the Spires, by Bey Deckard will grab your full attention just as much as the first novel Caged: Love and Treachery on the High Seas. Once again, Bey brings us a treasure full of intrigue, suspense, and overall magnetism you will be hard-pressed to set down before the end. Reuniting with the cast from Baal’s Heart feels like coming home to family and friends. Above all, you will be left breathless in its wake. The crew come toget [...]

    21. Again, I am blown away by Bey Deckard's ability to merge amazing and ever-changing characters, a fantastic plot, and some delicious kinky sex into a story that is impossible to put down.Intense, beautiful, terrifying. all words that describe this novel. The feeling of dread that kicked in at about 30% almost never eased up. While you hope everyone makes it out okay, you're just never sure. Even if they do make it out, will their course be forever altered? I love the tone set for this novel. Ther [...]

    22. After reading the first part in this series, I couldn't wait to find out how the adventures would continue! And wow this was crazy! The story was fastmoving and definitly bloody. I was very afraid for our boys. I really liked that we got a lot more of Tom in this story; he became a real part of the relationship in my eyes and I have to say that he is my favourite MC. Jon is still great and I loved his dominant side a lot! ^^ However, Baltsaros was very difficult to like in this part of the seri [...]

    23. This was a difficult read, but worth it to see the growth and development of the characters. I'm still on board to see what happens next.

    24. 5 effing stars! No, really, seriously… Reunited once more, the crew of Baal’s Heart must make the long and treacherous journey south to the towering spires of the Devil’s Isles. The path through the mountain range is fraught with peril; mayhem and tragedy plague the pirate ship, but what the men find beyond the spires is the most shocking of all.In this sequel to the acclaimed Caged, the pirates are dragged into a dangerous new world by Captain Baltsaros’s all-consuming obsession. In the [...]

    25. Just keeps getting betterOh lordy this book is all ends up a headrush, filled with adventures, seriously disturbing violent episodes, twisted mental torture and volcanic hot menage action.I love the mixture of cultures which have been drawn upon to sit this world upon, the blood sacrifices of the old South American religions juxtaposed against an almost Inuit fishing culture and the Golden Age of English piracy in the West Indies and Caribbean.Tom, Jon and the Captain are still finding their way [...]

    26. Original Post: eARC Review: Sacrificed: Heart Beyond the Spires (Baal's Heart #2) by Bey DeckardMy Rating: (5 of 5 Stars) 5 The Multiplier Rating Takes EffectPure GoldThis was a huge read but each page was turned viciously I cramped my fingers clicking my Kindle to death. Holy Camote!!!!!!Okay, so Bey Deckard upped his bar on this one and after Caged: Love and Treachery on the High Seas (Baal's Heart #1), I thought, meh, he's good but how will his follow up make it?**eatmywordsandtongue**Damn bu [...]

    27. absolutely fantastic series!I love the author's writing style, he does an amazing job writing from the different MC's perspectives and his characters are so perfectly drawn it has been intense to see them develop in this second in the series.Very fast moving and original plot - again, just beautifully written. And so perfectly dark, I'm dreading where Deckard is going to take it (and thankfully it wasn't what I had expected, bc I don't think I could have survived it). The build up to Fated: Bloo [...]

    28. It keeps getting betterWhat a story!!! I'm finding it difficult to use better descriptive words than Amazing or wonderful. How about freakin' great!! I read a lot and don't get me wrong I love most of the m/m I do read, but there something about this series, the story is so well told, the characters are so well development and they're constantly evolving (and at times devolving and self destructive). There are times I love the characters to death and other times they frustrate me so much I want [...]

    29. Bloody Brilliant storytelling, prose, hansome pirates and some damn hot lovin'. It was just an pleasure from beginning to end. Even the really brutal parts were so captivating and brilliantly done. I loved learning more about these men, and in Sacrifice' there were some eyeopening moments, revealing their weaknesses, internal struggles, cutting away all the lies, laying their emotions bare. I think that Baltsaros, Tom and Jon really grew in this book. Now I need the last one in the trilogy -(Fat [...]

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