Succumbing to the Horse Whisperer

Succumbing to the Horse Whisperer Male alpha handsome charismatic controversial and dominant the horse whisperer is an equine god to his disciples The beautiful but fiercely independent Siobhan Worthington is one of thousands of

  • Title: Succumbing to the Horse Whisperer
  • Author: Phoenix Aphrodite Hazelton
  • ISBN: 9789491951077
  • Page: 296
  • Format: Paperback
  • Male, alpha, handsome, charismatic, controversial and dominant, the horse whisperer is an equine god to his disciples The beautiful but fiercely independent Siobhan Worthington is one of thousands of young women who flock to him from around the world, drawn by his message of personal salvation through the horse Is she destined to become just another of his groupies

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    1. Updated with Disclaimer.The author contacted me and asked me to correct what she felt was not factual items in my review. I went back and re-read this book to make sure I was accurate as I would never want to give an unfair review. The issue is what I referred to as an incestious relationship between Sioblan and Wendy. While this is NOT the legal defination of incest, the way I was always taught was that incest was any sexual act between not only immediate family but 1st, 2nd, or 3rd cousins. Qu [...]

    2. Wow! Original, tough, tender and so incredibly hot!!! And if you're into horses, as I am, amazing!I could totally relate to the main character, Siobhan. As a woman, you want to be your own person and be taken seriously but you also love pretty things. You shouldn't have to choose. She enters the horse whisperer's world determined not to become just another one of his groupies, even when she falls in love with him.The horse whisperer is this god-like guru, who is so good with horses that girls co [...]

    3. Oh my god, they really do exist after all, real men that is, although they do seem to be few and far between. In the horse whisperer Phoenix Aphrodite Hazelton has created the ultimate real man, an alpha god no less. I like my men to be tough, smart and assertive along with all the aesthetic pleasures a girl appreciates, such as good looks, charm, and creativity and staying power in the sack but I also appreciate it if they have a vocabulary which extends beyond 100 words and a few grunts. Hazel [...]

    4. I am really surprised that no one seems to have picked up one of the most amazing things I have ever seen any author of an erotic romance manage to do, especially in a book this long. If I were to give you the details, I would spoil your read. So let me give you a hint instead. As you read this engaging novel, keep your eye closely monitored on the sex scenes. This may sound a bit silly because they are utterly hot, steamy, fleshy embraces that will melt a hole in your undies. But when you recov [...]

    5. If I have to be very honest, I must confess that I found the sex very confronting in this book. Although the scenes are very erotic, they are highly graphic and go well beyond the missionary position. Yet they are drawn into the overall narrative as albeit heavily weighted components which are as essential to the development of plot and character as all the other aspects that contribute to the novel. What I really appreciated about this book were the sharp contrasts within the characters themsel [...]

    6. Def 4.5 stars for Garth and Siobhan."And you wear this when you’re leaving me?”“If a girl’s going to do anything, she may as well do it in style.”“This is not style. It’s enticement and I confess to being a willing victim as I hope will you,” he adds, as he gathers her around the hips, lifts her to the stallion’s back, a helping hand on her firm satin-covered rump enabling her to mount the creature.”I just wanted to know about Jonathan more in the a future book.

    7. I've actually had to think for a while about how I felt about this book and subsequently what to say about it in my review. The author mentioned that she is trying to determine if she could make it as an author or if she should stay being a reader.I feel that she could do well as a writer. Her writing style is quite easy to follow and intelligent. The storyline is unique. Instead of being gah-gah over a rock star or an actor, these two are moon struck by a horse trainer. If you are into horses, [...]

    8. I really wanted to love this book, I love horses and I read far too many romances with dominant heroes, but unfortunately it just wasn't for me.First of all I didn't get along with the writing style. I'm not a big fan of the present tense to begin with but I found the writing awkward and I'm afraid I couldn't get into the story. If you like the present tense then you may enjoy this but I found it really off putting.The dialogue between characters also didn't sit right with me. It was far too wor [...]

    9. *I received a copy of this book in exchange for an honest review*I am struggling a bit to write this review, because I am torn about how I feel about this book. I like parts of this book a lot and other parts not so much. First, I will note the things I liked. I liked the characters. The storyline had potential to be great. The naughty parts between cousins was pretty hot in a taboo way, that I like. Garth the horse whisperer was mysterious and I wanted to know more. And, I love that the story w [...]

    10. Marie's Tempting Reads ARC Review:Succumbing to the Horse Whisperer is a different yet sultry kind of romance that will no doubt leave readers content and pleasantly surprised with this new author, Phoenix Aphrodite Hazelton.The characters are interesting, compelling, and some even feel like they could be good friends. Miss Hazelton created a story that has character, depth, and has way more oomph than the average romance. Garth is handsome, charming, and has tons of followers. Siobhan is beyond [...]

    11. *~* I received an ARC in exchange for a honest review *~*I'm not sure were to begin. For me the story was all over the place. I was really confused at first with what time period this took place. They referenced current technology, but the dialog felt very much like a historical romance. There were times when I was not sure if the story was in the 1st person or 3rd person and who was telling the story. Sometimes I felt it being told from both the h and wendy's view in both the first person and t [...]

    12. Copy received from author in exchange for an honest review2.5/3 starsIt took me while to get into the story and even then I wasn't really 'into' it. The writing style was a little too airy-fairy for my liking. I was confused half the time with connecting the characters language/voices to their age and the time in which the story takes place. I was hoping for more of the H but got pages and pages of the h and her female cousin, it was tedious at times when most of these scenes felt like fillers t [...]

    13. **I received an ARC in exchange for an honest review**I thought that "Succumbing to the Horse Whisperer" was different in the romance world and it will, without a doubt, leave you very happy with this new author. I thought it was incredibly hot, it was just amazing especially if you like horses and a real alpha male;)Garth was a very sexy, handsome, and charming man who had a lot of fans following him. Siobhan was a beautiful woman. When they meet, sparks start flying all over the place, the rom [...]

    14. I received it in exchange of an honest review And honest but diplomatic i will be!I really wanted to love this book! The idea of the story is original, it is well researched, the characters are really sexy (and sexual), witty, and highly intellectual! The heat and chemistry between Siobhan and Garth is sizzling hot when they ARE together! Especially the last scene, oh my!!!! But unfortunately, the start of this book is really slow, confusing, lacking fluidity, lacking transitions and really fail [...]

    15. I received a copy in exchange for an honest review.This was a DNF for me. I really tried to get into the story but I struggled. I gave it a fair chance and invested several hours of reading. I really didn't want to stop part way through but I lacked a real connection to the characters in this book.I have seen several excellent reviews posted already and that makes me happy for Phoenix Aphrodite Hazelton. Not everyone is going to enjoy the same booksearly this story was not for me.

    16. Good read, but did not deliver enough on the Alpha God for my taste. Far too much of this book seemed to center on the girl cousins and their playful times. I wanted more Garth - less Siobhan and Wendy. I did enjoy the descriptions of how in control he was without being forceful over the horses. I found those parts worthwhileC provided in exchange for honest review.

    17. This story is good and overall, flows well. My only challenge was that there was more relationship development, and sex, between the main character and her best friend than there was with the alpha hero. Also, and this is a minor point but did become irritating, the author would refer to the main character and her BFF as the "blond haired girl" and the dark haired girl."

    18. ***ARC given in exchange for honest review***DNF for meConfusing, not what I thought it would be too much descriptionIf I can't get into it within the first chapter I can't go on.just not for me. Respect to the author for putting their work out there though.

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