The Best Girl

The Best Girl You Are Cordially Invited your brother s wedding where he will marry rich famous Marni Shay at the River Lodge the most elite resort in Colorado the state you chose to go to college in so you coul

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  • Title: The Best Girl
  • Author: Emma Harrison
  • ISBN: 9780061228247
  • Page: 310
  • Format: Paperback
  • You Are Cordially Invited your brother s wedding where he will marry rich, famous Marni Shay, at the River Lodge, the most elite resort in Colorado, the state you chose to go to college in so you could escape your family, except they ll all be there Enjoy ten fun filled days of avoiding your mother, who still thinks you re not girly enough planning your brother sYou Are Cordially Invited your brother s wedding where he will marry rich, famous Marni Shay, at the River Lodge, the most elite resort in Colorado, the state you chose to go to college in so you could escape your family, except they ll all be there Enjoy ten fun filled days of avoiding your mother, who still thinks you re not girly enough planning your brother s bachelor party, because you are his best man, er, girl and, oh yeah, trying not to drool all over Hot Connor, who happens to be in your English seminar and work at the River Lodge Put your best foot forward, and .Don t miss the most joyous celebration of the year Yeah, right.

    One thought on “The Best Girl”

    1. Reviewed by Jaglvr for TeensReadTooHow would you like the given name Farrah? Exactly! That's why Farrah decides to go by her middle name, Jane, when she starts at Colorado University. Colorado was as far as she could get from her family. By using Jane, no one could possibly figure out that she is part of the THAT Morris family. Everything is going along perfectly for Jane. She even had a real conversation with Hot Connor the last day of the semester. Though that only happened because they collid [...]

    2. So. It was a nice read. I couldn't even put the book down. But the characters Well, I just didn't see what Jane/Farrah saw in Connor. He was annoying, superficial, biased, and a bit of a jerk at times. So, yeah, I didn't like him much. I wasn't a huge fan of Jane/Farrah either. Well, some times I liked her, most of the time I wanted to throttle her. She was a walking contradiction. She's all like "Oh my god, my skin is so dry from the cold!" and then when her mother says she should use a treatme [...]

    3. Read on Nov. '12, reviewing on Oct. '13:This was a fun and light read.The main protagonist Farrah goes to an Ivy league college if I remember it properly and has a crush on a guy over there. The vacation's are starting and she is preparing herself for her most favorite person in the world - her brother's over-the-top filthy rich marriage. As getting married in a church is too mainstream, they'll have to arrange it in a 5 star hotel, where as she finds out, her crush Connor works. Mortified about [...]

    4. Clearly, I should've judged the book by the cover.Jane's infatuation with Connor is the kind in which she acts like a total flustered dork. She's a college kid and her brother's wedding is taking place over uni holidays. Her brother's her best friend and they're super close and she's not looking forward to the wedding. It's gonna be a big bash. She feels that all that self-confidence that she built up over the semester might fade away in the face of the glitz and the glamour of a socialite weddi [...]

    5. This book was cute and an easy read. It fell victim to a lot of annoying tropes. The plain Jane being one, which is even better because she chooses to go by the name Jane. She always complains about how ugly she is, but obviously she's actually super incredibly beautiful and everyone knows it but her. Instalove, sort of. Spoiler alert, at the end of the book they're declaring their love for each other, and I thought, "Okay, calm down, you've been going out for a week."I also wasn't a huge fan of [...]

    6. This I where I want a re-reading button and the chance to rate each reading individually: While I thought "The Best Girl" was really fun when I bought and devoured it in 2008, the light rich-girl-pretends-to-be-a-nanny-to-snatch-the-working-class-boy chicklit romance for the young adult audience turns out to be slightly boring and nerve-damaging when you already know what is going to happen. I still love the winter scenery in the lush resort and the holiday feel and I still like the heroine, but [...]

    7. Probably 2.5 stars I chose not to round up because I don’t like books where the main character lies all the time. I guess “Jane” didn’t outright lie - she went along with someone else’s lie - but I still didn’t like it. Speaking of didn’t like it, I wasn’t a fan of Connor at all. He seemed really judgmental and honestly quite rude. She called him “Hot Connor” so i guess she was more interested in his looks than his personality? What I DID really enjoy were the interactions be [...]

    8. This book is a fast read. It's written wonderfully. I can relate with the main character who were a bit tomboyish. Great charcters all around. Emma Harrison managed not to make the characters to be a cliche like some of the usual chicklit novel's propensity. Story wise though there is nothing new. The usual chick lit formula. Girl has a crush. Unexpectedly meets the guy she crushes on. Stupidly lies. Gets found out. Forgive each other and live happily ever after. The end.My only problem and for [...]

    9. I loved this book! The story is just so funny and original I couldnt put it down. I recommend this book to all who love romantic comedies. Jane is a real girl that many can identify with. I really like that Jane was an older girl in college and not the typical 16 year old experiencing her first love, cause thats how it was for me. This was book was light hearted and wonderful to read. I cant wait to read another novel by Emma Harrison.

    10. I randomly found this book in my basement, and the Universe must have known I was looking for a cheesy read! I devoured this book in just a little over 2 hours.Yes, it's definitely cheesy and predictable. But it's also fun. I enjoyed Farrah, Biff, and Jonah. Usually I'm a little nervous to read quick contemporaries like this because I find that there can be a lot of problematic aspects to it, but I didn't see as much in this one.I liked Farrah's relationships with both Jonah and Biff. They were [...]

    11. "The Best Girl" by Emma Harrison was originally published by HarperCollins, HarperTeen, in 2008. But, I just came across this particular book. The title, "The Best Girl" is in reference to the fact that Farrah is going to be her brother’s best man at his wedding. Rather than be the best man, she is the best girl. After conquering her first semester at college, Farrah was obliged to visit her family for her brother’s wedding during her winter break. All she really wanted to do was go home and [...]

    12. This book had every bit of wintery fluff you'd expect from the description plus a couple defining moments that really dove into the character. There were times she'd dive into some third and fourth dimension characterizations (after she leaves her brother's room the night before the wedding - a real, honest, portrayal of human growth and connection) and you could tell it mirrored the mindset of a child-turning-adult-what-does-that-mean narrative. There were certain things I didn't quite understa [...]

    13. Honestly, at the beginning of the book it was kind of vom, but it picked up about a quarter of the way through. It was pretty cute when it all got wrapped up in the end.

    14. My rating may be biased, because I read this book a long time ago. But I remember I LOVED this book. I still remember somethings about the book, and what I remember, I totally love.

    15. Farrah is finally feeling comfortable in her own skin. After a semester at college, she has come to terms with her wild red hair, comfy sweaters, book nerd mentality and getting used toher new alter ego,Jane. But all of that may be short lived. Her brother is getting married over Christmas break, to an heiress to a clothing company bigger than Abercrombie.Farrah isn’t much into preppy, prissy girls and she’s afraid of losing her brother, who is her best friend. But when she meets Biff AKA Bu [...]

    16. A fun holiday story that ended in the New Year. Very appropriate and smile-making. Farrah / Jane is an angsty hot mess, but her world and family and friends are great. Happy holidays! Happy New Year!

    17. The Best Girl is a book that actually made me laugh because Farrah is her brother's best man. I didn't even know that was possible, but damn that's just so cute. They have that perfect brother-sister relationship that everyone is envious for. Sometimes I wish I had that kind of a relationship with my brother, but then I realise that our relationship is perfect in its own way. But whatever, this is where I get back to reviewing the book. Farrah hates her name and everywhere outside her family she [...]

    18. How would you like the given name Farrah? Exactly! That's why Farrah decides to go by her middle name, Jane, when she starts at Colorado University. Colorado was as far as she could get from her family. By using Jane, no one could possibly figure out that she is part of the THAT Morris family.Eighteen-year-old Farrah "Jane" Morris never saw eye to eye with her mother. In fact, the only solace she had at home was her older brother, and her love of sports - something her mother could never underst [...]

    19. Another teen romance night for me! And my heart started to race whenever I think about it. This one gripped me firmly and it refused to release me from the adrenaline rush! I love the characters created. We have Tomboyish Jane/Farrah, a socialite antagonist Connor, a hyped Biff, brotherly Jonah, materialistic Marni etc etc etc. Yes, it's teen romance, so it's always cliche, but I was caught off guard every single time. I adore the fact that Farrah/Jane is someone who would fix her own mistakes a [...]

    20. I go over this all the time, but these small books that literally only take a few hours to read are so freaking CHEESY! I love CHEESE! I know you don't really care about my obsession with cheese, but you know, these books are cheesy, in a good way, and I can't help but yelling it on the roof tops! Anyways, just like any book before it I loved this one. It was fast, fun, full of that cheesy romance teenagers enjoy reading. Though, I guess now a days I can't count myself as one of those teenagers. [...]

    21. Hmm I'm not sure what to write about this one.It was a beautiful story with a lot of wonderful personages.I just loved Jonah and Farrah relationship(brother and sister). I'm an only child so when i read about them how close are they it is just beautiful. How they are each other best friends how they know one another so well. It just keep me wanting to have someone like that, with who I can talk and to be always by my side.And Marni - Jonahs fiance she is so sweet and good. There is no way someon [...]

    22. This books was super cute! I love the bond between the main character, Farrah, and her brother who is getting married, Jonah. They have a really close relationship that is just very sweet and enviable! Then of course, there is "Hot Connor" Who is lied to by Farrah throughout the book but love prevails :) and preconceptions are dropped. Connor always held grudges against the rich people that didn't seem to have any worries in the world, but he learns after getting to know Farrah (well he knows he [...]

    23. The Best Girl by Emma Harrison is a novel about a freshman in college, named Farrah. Her brother is marrying a celebrity named Marni Shay. She is playing a big part in planning the wedding, but also has to deal with adjusting to her and her high-maintenance family. The lodge that she stays in with both her family and Marni’s family is one of highest luxury and she soon finds out that her crush, Connor works there. Farrah is a really likable girl who tries to get to know Connor better, yet she [...]

    24. If I could, I would give The Best Girl 3.5 stars. It wasn't bad as far as light, fluffy teen romance goes, but I found myself feeling disappointed. (view spoiler)[ One of the things that really confused me was Farrah/Jane lying and never once thinking Connor would eventually find out. I found myself wondering what kind of relationship she really wanted with him if she wasn't thinking about long term, though I suppose there are a million excuses for that. What disappointed me most was the ending. [...]

    25. This is just a fun, cute read. Nothing amazingly new or unique, but an enjoyable read nonetheless. It's your typical light romance novel. The main character feels a little younger than her age at times, but not drastically so and not in any way that makes her unbelievable. The characters in general are fun, especially Biff and Jonah, and I felt like the majority of them were people I could imagine. The only thing I would say is we didn't get a lot of the other guests and the bride's family (besi [...]

    26. Farrah, aka Jane, is just wrapping up her first semester of college when her brother gets married at a swanky CO resort to a girl with a famous fashion family. Biff, Farrah's future sister-in-law's sister, is an instant bosom buddy. Conner, her crush from school, works at the resort. This makes for an interesting winter break. It was a fluffy holiday read, but there were a few bothersome things. All the lying for one. There was also talk of underage drinking, crazy (inappropriate) bridal party f [...]

    27. Reading this book made me realise something. It made me realise that I will never grow out of reading teen romances because they just make me feel so happy and gooey inside.Farrah has always been close with her brother so when he asks her to be his best man(Or best girl as the title would suggest:)she accepts. Now the wedding is here and Farrah is suddenly not feeling so sure.With this book really there is not much I can or will pick on. The characters were great, the setting was magical and the [...]

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