Rocket Raccoon, Volume 1: A Chasing Tale

Rocket Raccoon Volume A Chasing Tale Rocket Raccoon has been a hero to the weak a champion of good a heartthrob to many intergalactic femalesbut his high flying life of adventure may be a thing of the past when he s framed for murder a

  • Title: Rocket Raccoon, Volume 1: A Chasing Tale
  • Author: Skottie Young Jake Parker
  • ISBN: 9780785193890
  • Page: 400
  • Format: Hardcover
  • Rocket Raccoon has been a hero to the weak, a champion of good, a heartthrob to many intergalactic femalesbut his high flying life of adventure may be a thing of the past when he s framed for murder and the authorities aren t the only one on his tail Get it Tail The real killer is an imposter who seems to be one step ahead of Rocket at every turnw, it s up tRocket Raccoon has been a hero to the weak, a champion of good, a heartthrob to many intergalactic femalesbut his high flying life of adventure may be a thing of the past when he s framed for murder and the authorities aren t the only one on his tail Get it Tail The real killer is an imposter who seems to be one step ahead of Rocket at every turnw, it s up to our hero and his best pal Groot to find the truth With Macho Gomez and the Ex Terminators tracking him, can Rocket make it out alive and clear his name Superstar creator Skottie Young brings his A game as writer and artist on the series we ve been waiting decades for Because really, this is the only Guardian of the Galaxy you actually care about, right Collecting Rocket Raccoon 1 6

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    1. 2.5 starsWow! I'm all alone out here, but I just didn't think the plot was all that entertaining. On the surface it sounds great.Rocket is being hunted by a slew of angry ex-girlfriends, hellbent on kicking his ass into oblivion!At the same time, what appears to be another WhateverRocketIs is running around framing him for multiple murders!There's a visually stunning prison break, tons of great shoot 'em up scenes, and even a really cute story told I Am Groot! style.But in the end, it felt like [...]

    2. Rocket Raccoon has shot more than a few people in his time guarding the galaxy, but he’s shocked to be accused of multiple murders. He’s even more stunned when he learns the real killer is another armed raccoon because he thought he was one of a kind. Rocket stages a prison break with his buddy Groot and sets out to get some answers, but he’s also got a pack of angry ex-girlfriends on his tail that are hell bent on killing him. I was a little put off by the artwork in this one at first bec [...]

    3. Last year (2013) in the run up to the Guardians of the Galaxy movie this past summer (2014), Brian Michael Bendis was given the task of re-launching the Guardians of the Galaxy comic to prep and gee up the audience in advance. His Guardians series was fairly good (at least to start with) and did the job nicely - Guardians is now a top 10 bestselling comic for Marvel AND a major hit movie. To accompany the print issues, Bendis wrote a limited run of four Infinite Comics – Marvel’s digital lin [...]

    4. This was just so much fun to read. Yes, it's pretty much exactly what you'd expect to see out of a Rocket solo (mostly a Rocket and Groot buddy book, but whatever). There's lots of action and it's far from serious. The first issue is especially fast-paced and fun to read, but I liked the entirety of the first storyline. The Groot issue is weird and funny, and I really liked that, too. But the last issue is just kind of filler. Yes, bringing in Cosmo and Knowhere was a good idea, and the running [...]

    5. Rocket Raccoon by Skottie Young is the kind of children's book that 10-12 year olds gravitate to after their fill of Hans Christian Andersen and the Brothers Grimm and would want to read about a character they've seen on cinema or on television. It's a great gateway comicbook for those not yet ready for the sex and violence of a regular Marvel comic. There's certainly no sex but it does have a load of cartoon style violence.Merged review:Rocket Raccoon by Skottie Young is the kind of children's [...]

    6. My first Skottie Young book and I loved it. Rocket (not a Racoon) is a character which surprisingly has a heap of potential. In this volume we see how Rocket is vulnerable, sensitive, but above all extremely resourceful. He is a friend you want and need to know. He'll do anything for money or for a friend and he's always got a plan. In this episode we see him framed for murder he did not commit by what looks like another Racoo.ure that looks like him, but Rocket is alone in the universe isn't he [...]

    7. More like a 3.5 star read for me. Not meh like my recent parade, but not quite love at first read either. More on the subject later.FULL REVIEWIf there's any comic that I can get being whimsical, unrealistic-in-every-way artwork, it would be a comic starring Rocket Raccoon and his ever present buddy, Groot. So this time, it wasn't the art that got on my nerves. In fact there really wasn't much of anything that got on my nerves, so to speak. It was yet another case of the "mehs" for me with this [...]

    8. I know I'm doing this all backwards. I should read Guardians of the Galaxy first, or at least watch the movie. But let's face it, none of those have Skottie Young's art. The gorgeous covers grabbed my attention, so of course I bought the comics even though I've only first heard of Rocket Raccoon two weeks ago (estimated time). And I have to say that even though I barely know the characters from Guardians, RR hold up pretty well on his own. In the first four issue, RR must deal with another Racco [...]

    9. Very good! So I got this as a gift and I'm glad I got to read this; I have been a fan of Skottie Young and his I Hate Fairyland series and this one did not disappoint! So the story has Rocket framed for murder by someone who looks just like him, while he's trying to find out who, an army of his Ex Girlfriends are chasing him across the galaxy! Story wise, I really enjoyed this one, Young doesn't write Shakespeare or anything; but his ridiculous Saturday morning cartoon story style is something I [...]

    10. Much better than the Rocket & Groot book I read not too long ago. Loved that this was drawn by Skottie Young but some of the stories were lacking such as the one told by Groot.

    11. This was right up my alley. Hijinks and silliness and rocket raccoon!The art is friggin gorgeous. I'm in love with the colours and all the little clever background details. Digging a hole out of prison? Of course you need a Shawshank sound effect!The tone was pretty much perfect and all the movie and tv references were fun.Yes, please. More, please.

    12. Following the success of the Guardians Of The Galaxy film in 2014, Marvel have gone all-out in making the team a prominent feature in their comic release schedule each month. The question of whether quantity will equal quality remains to be seen, but it's a concern that doesn't apply to Rocket Raccoon's solo outing. A Chasing Tale is one of the most fun, refreshing and enjoyable books i've read in some time.Popular Marvel cover artist Skottie Young also takes on writing and interior art duties a [...]

    13. 3.5 out of 5 starsThis was a heck of a lot of fun and the bright cartoony art really worked here. Although I did tire of the "I am Groot" every other panel.

    14. Yes! This was great fun to read! Rocket has always believed he was the last of his kind, but what if he's wrong? And then there's the angry ex-girlfriends This volume has wonderfully over the top action, and plenty of humor. Skottie Young knows just the right tone to take, both with the art and the writing. There are sight gags, a guest cameo by Deadpool, and Groot. In fact there's a whole chapter narrated by Groot. Oh yes. This reminded me, in good ways, of Matt Howarth's Those Annoying Post B [...]

    15. I'm a little torn. What I liked about Rocket from the movie was how uninvolved he was in relationships. I love the part where he tells Starlord "You've got problems." (after the blacklight comment). That this comic relied on Rocket's smoozing around to establish his character didn't work for me. (Maybe that it somehow detracted from how great his bromance with Groot is). The bitter girlfriend army that went on for four issues kind of just seemed weird. Either way, I adore Skottie Young's art. I [...]

    16. Skottie Young's art is dynamic, highly stylized, energetic, and at times a bit disjointed; unfortunately, so is his writing. The story jumps around so much that at times it became incoherent, and the characters' inane babble is so relentless that one must assume they have all contracted a severe case of dialogical dysentery. I'm really not sure what the intended age group for this is. It's crass, bloody, and sexually suggestive enough that I would normally assume teens, but the plot is so random [...]

    17. Finally, Skottie Young returns to the Marvel Universe! Pulls most of the weight with some help from Jake Parker, a fine artist in his own right. It's guns guns and more guns but the highlight is a single issue story where Groot takes the story-telling reins. Super-violent. Fights an army of x-girlfriends. Way over the top. Nice to see Nowhere and Cosmo turn up. Good collection.

    18. I'm giving this a 4 star review because I love Skottie Young's art on the Marvel "Baby Variant" covers, and this book is full of the same humor and silliness. I'm not sure I liked it enough to keep reading it as an ongoing series, but I'm glad I checked this first volume out. Issue #5 is hilarious.

    19. The art is stunning, and the stories sound cute in outline form, but they just didn't grab me. There are three, and the first one, especially, which is supposed to have the most substance, is almost nonsensical. The second one, where almost the only dialogue is I Am Groot, is far more fun.

    20. Rocket Raccoon was the breakout character of 2014.An animated Rocket Raccoon all but stole the Guardians of the Galaxy movie from his human co-stars. The character was a vital part of the mix in the Guardians comic book. And his own spin-off comic was one of last year’s strongest sellers. The first collected volume, Rocket Raccoon: A Chasing Tale is now available.A Chasing Tale finds Rocket Raccoon suspected in a string of murders across the galaxy. Circumstances lead Rocket to think that he m [...]

    21. Note: Everything I know about Rocket and Groot I learned from the Guardians of the Galaxy movie. I've had no other exposure to these characters.There are three stories in this volume. I’ll write about each separately.The first one begins with a flashback to a time, three years prior to the story’s present, when Rocket saved Princess Amalya. Fast forward to the present, and Rocket is taking his latest date to a wrestling match starring Groot and some giant green thing. The date gets cut short [...]

    22. My introduction to Skottie Young's art came with a precious ARC of Neil Gaiman's wonderfully bizarre and charming Fortunately, the Milk that I snagged at ALA Chicago a few years ago. It was exuberant, full of expression, and perfectly imperfect. No one is modelesque or flat-out gorgeous: they have exaggerated features that are cartoonish but not distractingly so. They remind me a bit of the people in Despicable Me: they could be people, but just kind of angular people.Anyway, I'm sure many, man [...]

    23. Fun is the order of the day with this offbeat, irreverent, and funny title.Skottie Young's work seems to be polarising in the comic book world, with many finding his 'cartoonish' style off-putting, or perhaps belonging in the world of animation rather than in comic books. I am not one of them. Every page of Young's work bursts with life, energy, and innovation. Character and creature designs are off-the-wall and terrific fun, and faces and gestures are remarkably expressive.The story itself is p [...]

    24. There seems to be a consensus on here that this book, Skottie Young's fun and frantic take on Rocket from "Guardians Of The Galaxy," is a lightweight story with amazing art. I can't really disagree. But, man, that art is freakin' spectacular!Tone-wise, the book is perfect; it's rude and zippy, just like you'd expect for Rocket and, for that matter, Skottie, too. Despite the fluffy story (the plot involves Rocket being pursued by a legion of jilted ex-girlfriends while dodging a murder wrap), the [...]

    25. Read this in single issues. Loved it. My favorite issue is #5, with Groot telling a tale around a campfire, entirely in signature Groot style, with every single line of dialogue by every character simply being "I am Groot."

    26. I love Rocket, but the issue that was the best was when Groot was telling a story. Let me recap for you: I am Groot. I am Groot. I am Groot! I am Groot? I am GROOT! Best. Story. Ever. Just kidding, but this was a great trade.

    27. It's a real credit to Skottie Young and Jake Parker's respective art that I'm giving this more than 2 stars. The plots here are thin as hell, and often just lead from scene to scene based on Rocket remembering something useful or having someone else magically know an answer that will help him move to his next goal. Additionally, each premise Young sets up ends up burning itself out very quickly, and there's no real sense of "build" to be found. It's not exactly gripping.But, the art in this is s [...]

    28. Oh my, the part where Groot tells a story to the campers was hilarious. It was one of those "funny, funny, not funny, oh God this is terrible, this is funny again, this is hilarious" things.

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