Home Wish you could find great books for teens that don t cost a fortune Looking for good tween books that you can t put down Then try HOME A gripping tale of one girl s fight to get out of foster care and

  • Title: Home
  • Author: Brenda Kearns
  • ISBN: null
  • Page: 394
  • Format: Kindle Edition
  • Wish you could find great books for teens that don t cost a fortune Looking for good tween books that you can t put down Then try HOME A gripping tale of one girl s fight to get out of foster care and to reunite her family It s Allie s 14th birthday, and she s in her 17th foster home Suck it up, her mom says Play the game and they ll let you come home And Wish you could find great books for teens that don t cost a fortune Looking for good tween books that you can t put down Then try HOME A gripping tale of one girl s fight to get out of foster care and to reunite her family.It s Allie s 14th birthday, and she s in her 17th foster home Suck it up, her mom says Play the game and they ll let you come home And Allie s great at the game at lying about her mom s drinking, at hiding the weird things her little brother does that worry social workers, at pretending the counseling is actually helping Allie is so great at the game that she never has to stay in a foster home than three months Now Allie has a problem Her newest foster family has caught on to her game They see right through her lies, and they re trying to stop her from going back home Ever Yet the last place Allie wants to live is on a smelly old farm in the middle of nowhere But how do you fight it when everyone around you is saying that where you were born isn t where you belong HOME is a touching tale about a girl struggling to reunite her family, protect her young siblings, and gain control of her life all in the face of family problems that no one believes she can fix A Personal Note From The Author The reality is that even kids who have terrible home lives would rather live with their own families than be taken away and put in foster care You d think kids would be happier living in a stable environment where they re well fed, protected from harm and treated with respect It s not true Most kids want to go home, and they ll lie about the neglect and abuse, and hide anything that might make social workers suspicious, in order to get back to their families I fostered and then adopted four children, and I faced this struggle with every one of them It s heartbreaking to watch kids try to convince everyone including themselves that their birth families can somehow be normal If you re on the look out for good books for girls or young teens, or tween books on kindle, then this one s for you Want to read Just scroll up and click the Look Inside feature on the top left hand side of the page.

    One thought on “Home”

    1. I began this book because it was a free download (from Story Cartel) and filled with things I am always drawn to in a story: families, dogs, love, big sisters who take on too much. I knew it was about foster children and because I had just finished the Language of Flowers, I thought I would see how this book compared. I think ultimately, this book holds its own although the comparison is, it turns out, unfair since each book is probably aimed at a slightly different audience. Kearns' knows her y [...]

    2. This novella explores the drawbacks of the foster care system and the emotions of children who are its victims. The author has had first hand experience with the system and presents her story from the point of view of fourteen year old Allie. She and her younger twin siblings, Luke and Madeleine have been ripped away from their mother many times. This time they find themselves on a farm.Allie is determined to get them back to their urban home. She uses her experience to try to manipulate the sys [...]

    3. Brenda Kearns’ well-written and moving novel “Home” is an inside look at the foster care system and how one young girl struggles to hold her family together in the face of unwavering odds. Allie is determined to keep her twin siblings safe and sacrifices her own childhood to do so. Their mother seems to be in a state of shock after losing her husband, struggling with single motherhood, depression, and alcohol abuse. She makes poor choices that lead to her children being removed from her ca [...]

    4. The story is about a 14 yr. old girl, who again lands in a foster home with her young twin siblings because of her mother's extreme alcohol problem. We meet Allie as she's placed on a farm. She's already determined to get back home no matter what the cost and has a plan on how to do it.The author does a wonderful job with Allie, her thoughts, her fears and her entire character development. She starts out very hostile (and who can blame her), but slowly lowers her shields - although her original [...]

    5. I received a free download of this book from Story Cartel, thank you!As a junior-high teacher this book was pretty heart-wrenching for me to read. I have students like Allie every year. I have seen kids who have had to grow up way too soon, and take care of younger siblings. It is difficult to motivate a child to learn Algebra, when their main concern is how they are going to feed themselves and their siblings that night (and hide the fact that their parents are not doing it.)I absolutely adored [...]

    6. Home by Brenda Kearns was completely different than I had anticipated. I usually books where I actually like the main character. That is a big factor for me. Yet, I never really like Allie and I didn't need to. Allie's goal isn't to make anyone like her, it's to get her and her two siblings home. Kearns does an amazing job of getting us into Allie's mind, so that while I didn't like her, I understood her.Kearns' personal experiences have obviously given her a view into the mind of a young foster [...]

    7. I like the story premise and this is a good book that shows the strong bond between parents and children. The angst and humor are balanced in this book and I feel for the main character. Her dreams, her fears, her decisions, what it takes from her to make the decisions. It makes me think of my own family and how grateful I am to have a loving and supportive parents.

    8. This is a book that is for teens and adults alike. You connect with the main character and the plot is fantastic. I enjoy this author more and more each time I read a book by her. I was given this book in exchange for an honest review via StoryCartel.

    9. Got this book for free on story cartel; Allie sounds alot like my attitude as a young girl I always thought I had to protect my siblings. I cant wait to read it all just started it and like it so far

    10. Heart warming storyThis book is truly amazing.I liked the way the foster mum treated them well and exempted them.This book teaches you a lot

    11. *I received an ARC of Home in exchange for my unbiased opinion*Home really wasn't what I was expecting. I did not like Allie at all. I totally agreed with Jonathan when he kept calling her a witch and asking where her broom was. But I guess you weren't supposed to like her. She was just doing everything she could to get herself, Madeleine and Luke back to their mom. Her mom is an alcoholic who will do what she wants, when she wants and no one can tell her otherwise. It was all a game to her. She [...]

    12. Home is a YA novel. This story was short and sweet. Allie is 14 years old and she is about to enter her 17th foster home. Her only goal is to get back to her mother. She, along with her younger twin siblings, Luke and Madeline just want to stay together at home. Allie tries every trick in her foster care book to get them home as soon as possible. At first, her tricks work, but she will soon learn that home may not be all that it's cracked up to be. This was a really short book and a quick read. [...]

    13. This book delves into the delicate and somewhat taboo issue of children raised in foster care. The subject is dealt with sensitively and with the insight only someone who has gone through this experience could know. The older-than –her –years Allie is a wonderful protagonist who has been forced to be mother to her younger twin siblings while their mother struggles with alcohol abuse. I would give this book to a spoilt teenager to make them aware of how others are forced to live.

    14. At first I had a hard time rooting for Allie but the more I read, the more I appreciated how Kearns exposed the horrors of the foster care system, the hardships of the children living within in, and the yearning for hope. By the end of the book, I found myself proud of Allie when she made the right decisions and disappointed with her when she didn't.(I received a free copy of this novella from Story Cartel in exchanged for an honest review)

    15. I enjoyed this book but it ended too soon! I want to know more about Allie and her twin siblings and their alcoholic mother and their foster family. It was well written and kept my interest, but it's not a "great" book. It was a bit too simple and predictable, in both the storyline and how the characters behaved. But it entertained me for a few hours, which is what a book is supposed to do.***I received this free book from Story Cartel in exchange for an honest review.***

    16. For a very short book, this was a good story. The writing was descriptive and the characters believable. It ended quite abruptly though. I wish there could have been more put into the process of the kids, esp. Allie accepting their new foster home. It was still a good read.

    17. XXx This is a really good story, one most everyone will enjoy.  The characters are lovable despite themselves, and JoJo is the mother every parent wants to be.

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